Royal Q Bot Review (2021): Safe or Scam?

Royal Q bot review

In today’s Royal Q Bot review I’m going to be doing justice to the popular controversy as to whether the Royal Q Bot is a scam or not.

I understand and it’s totally normal to be skeptical if the robot is going to truly deliver as many claimed it to be.

But since you’re here, trust me, I’ll make sure this is the last piece you read on the Royal Q trading bot review in other for you to have answers to the majority of your questions about the platform.

There are so many ways to make money online.

But when there’s too much hype around a particular way, it’s only wise for you to do your proper finding before committing your hard-earned money to it.

So, is Royal Q a scam?

Can you actually make money with Royal Q?

How does it work and why is it so popular?

These and more are what I’m going to be providing justice to in this Royal Q Bot review.

At the end of this post, I’m certain your mind will be made up as to what to do about the Royal Q platform.

So sit tight and let’s dissect this together.

What Is Royal Q Robot?

what is royal q?

Royal Q is an artificial intelligence application or bot that execute automatic trading and also monitor and track real-time data algorithms.

Simply put, Royal Q is an AI robot that uses data algorithms and real-time market analysis to trade cryptocurrency automatically on your behalf.

Royal Q was designed and owned by a Chinese company but headquartered in Indonesia.

To start using the Royal Q app, you need to have an account with Binance or Huobi crypto exchange platform.  

Because the app works by linking your Binance account through API keys with the Royal Q app.

This allows the bot to trade crypto automatically using your Binance account.

You, however, need to activate the Royal Q app with 120ust before you can start using it. $100 (Trc20 usdt) is the actual fee while the remaining $20 is the gas fee for the robot trading.

So the only money that goes to Royal Q is the 120usdt which is for activation.

To now begin trading, you’ll need to deposit any mouth starting from $10 to your Binance usdt SPOT wallet for the app to start trading with.

But mind you, the bigger the trading capital the bigger the returns.

Say anything from $200 and above might generate reasonable returns based on your trade settings.

Download Royal Q Bot here for free

How Does Royal Q Trading Bot Works?

How Royal Q works

Basically what the bot will be doing for you is simply buying at a cheap price and then sell the coin at a high price.

This is why the Royal Q robot thrives while trading cryptocurrency because of it high volatility nature.

Meaning if the market is stable, you’re not going to make any money. And if you’re very familiar with cryptocurrency you’ll know the market is highly unstable.

So how does it actually work?

For you to be able to use the Royal Q robot, you need to have an account with either Binance or Huobi.

The robot integrates with these exchange platforms using API keys and uses the platform to trades crypto pairs on your behalf.

Binance however, is the recommended exchange platform because of its high-tech security wallet. And also because they are one of the most popular exchange platforms in the world.

So if you don’t have an account with Binance already you can easily create one here for free.

For crypto trading, the Royal Q robot only trades Crypto SPOT on Binance which Guarantees the safety of your money except for floating loss (When the coin drops in value after buying it).

Unlike forex trading where you can lose all your money, trading spots on Binance protect your funds because there’s no leveraging involved.

It simply buying and selling at a current price at a particular time. Let me brush this a little further for those that are yet to understand what floating loss means…

What is Floating Loss in Royal Q?

Floating loss is the normal loss you incur when a particular coin drops in value after purchasing the coin due to cryptocurrency volatility.

Take, for example, you bought Bitcoin at the value market of $100 and the value drops by 10% after buying it…

Your floating loss, in this case, is $10 which is the 10% of $100.

Normally if you’re not trading with the Royal Q app this is still the loss you incur on a daily basis if you buy crypto and hope it improves in value in the nearest future.

So using the Royal Q app is just taking advantage of the volatility of the crypto market to make additional profits on your investment instead of lying fallow in your wallet.

Download Royal Q Bot here for free

How Can I Make Money from Royal Q Bot?

There are just two ways in which users of the Royal Bot can make money with the robot and this includes the:

  •   Royal q bot trading
  •   Royal q compensation plans with MLM (levels)

#1. Royal Q Bot Trading

This being the first and primary value of the robot is a way at which you make profits based on every trade the robot does for you.

Basically, the robot buys in deep when the market drops and then sells when the market rises.

However, this depends on the trade settings you set for the robot to trade with. It comes with a default setting which also works well for any beginner.

But for advance trades, you’ll need advance settings like; take profit ratio, margin call back, etc.

So for the trading, you should be able to make anything from 0.5% – 10% of your capital on a daily basis from single trading.

This also, however, depends on the pair of coins you’re trading and the market volatility for the coin you’re trading.

#2. Royal Q Compensation Plans with MLM (levels)  

royal q reward system

If you’ve been wondering why the rapid popularity of the Royal Q bot? This exactly is the reason behind it.

Aside from the daily trading that the bot is built upon, it has a juicy compensation plan that can make you rich within a short period of time.

Depending on how well you’re willing to promote the product.

The Royal Q compensation plan comes in grades with different levels of passive rewards that pay you even when you stop promoting the robot.

The levels range from 1 to 6

Royal Q. V 1

This is the first level in Royal Q when you’ve activated the app with the 100usdt. At this stage, you’ll get an instant $30 commission whenever you refer someone to use the robot.

More so, at this stage, you’ll get to earn a small percentage on every trade carried out by your downline.

Royal Q. V 2

This is the stage from which the program starts getting juicy. At this stage, you need a total of 20 team members directly or indirectly referred by you to attain this level.

You’ll earn a direct instant $40 dollar commission when you refer someone to the platform and also earn $10 whenever your direct downline referred someone.

From the whole of your team trade, you should be looking at a 30% reward on a daily basis.

So technically you could be making around $50 and above on a daily basis at this stage if you have an active team.

Royal Q. V 3

The third level upgrades your referral commission to direct $50 per referral and a total of 40% team reward from all of your team.

To achieve this level, you need at least 5 direct referrals, three V2, and a total of 100 team members. At this level, you should be looking at a $300 and above daily reward depending on your team’s activeness.

At this level, you’ll earn $20 for every new user that joins your team through your downlines.

Royal Q. V 4

The fourth level being the V4 upgrade your account to a direct $60 whenever you refer someone directly. At this stage, you’ll get to earn a whopping 50% reward from your team member.

But you’re going to need to directly refer 8 people, three V 3, and a total team member of 300 to achieve this level.

At this stage, you’ll earn $30 on each downline referred by your team members.   

Royal Q. V 5

Your direct referral earns you a commission of $65 and 55% team reward from the whole of your team.

At this level, you must have a direct referral of 12, three V 4, and a total team member of 800. You’ll also earn $40 whenever your downline refers someone new to the team.

How to Link Royal Q Bot with Binance

To start trading with the Royal Q app, you’ll need to bind it with your Binance account. So after a successful bond, you can now start using it to trade automatically.

To do this you need to create an account first.

Head over to the Royal Q Registration Page here to create an account for yourself.

As you can see from the image above, enter your email address, then click “send verification code”.

After that, head over to your email address to copy the code and paste it into the provided box. Next, enter the code, and enter the password you want to use twice to confirm it.

After that click on the register button to create your account.

The next page will redirect you to a page where you can download the app on either Google play store or Apple store.

After downloading the app, log in to get familiar with the App.

The next step now is to link your account with Binance. For this, head over to your Binance app and log in.

After you’ve login, click on the “More” icon and scroll down to the “others” section, usually the last, and click on “API management”.

Binance api binding with royal q
Royal Q API Binding with Binance

Once there, you’ll need to create a new API key for the Royal Q bot by giving it a new name, then click on create.

the next thing you want to do now is to edit the API restriction. So to do this, click on “edit”. After clicking on edit, the only BOX you’re ticking is the:

  • Enable Reading
  • And Spot & Margin trading
Binance API restriction
Binance API restriction

With this, you should be rest assured that the robot has limited access to your Binance account. Your fund can’t be withdrawn because it doesn’t have permission to do so.

Next, go back to your Royal Q app and click on API binding as you can see from the image below.

Royal Q API binding with Binance

After clicking on API binding, choose the platform you want to bind with (Binance), then copy and paste the API keys from Binance and paste it there with the secret keys.

Finally, click on send verification code, then copy the code from your email address and paste it there.

Next, click the notification box and click on bind. The next setting now is to activate the bot to start trading.

Royal Q Bot Activation – how do I go about it?

After successfully binding the App you’ll need to activate the App to start trading and also copy your referral code in case you want to refer anyone to the platform.

To do this, log in to your royal q app and click on “Mine” as you can see from the image below.

Royal Q app activaton

After that. Click on the “Asset” Icon, then click on “Deposit” to copy your Royal Q wallet address.

Once you’ve copied your wallet address, you can then send 120usdt (TRC-20 network) to the address for your account activation.

Once the fund entered your account, click on activate, after that it will prompt you to set your location.

Choose your country and click confirm.

royal q annual activation

Leave it at “Activation Annual Fee”, then check the user agreement service box and after that click activate.

Now, to start trading, go back to the app home page and click on quantitative, from there choose the pair of coins you want to trade and the coin will start trading for you.

One last thing, make sure you tick the professional box under your profile in order to start trading.

Where Can I Download the App?

The good thing about Royal Q is that it’s supported by both the Google Play Store and Apple play store.

But I’ll recommend you create an account first via their registration page and download the app directly on Google play store or Apple store from their homepage.

The reason for this is that, there are several lookalike scam app like Royal Q on Google play store.

So it safe to create your account first and download the App directly from Royal Q homepage.

Royal Q Trading Bot for Android

Royal Q supports android device and you can easily download it on your mobile device via Google play store.

After downloading the App, you’ll need an invite code to create an account. Here’s my invite code (HWTZS)

Royal Q Trading Bot for iPhone

Royal Q support Apple device also and you can easily download it on your mobile device via the popular Apple store.

After downloading the App, you’ll need an invite code to create an account.

Here’s my invite code (HWTZS)

Royal Q for desktop

Unfortunately, the Royal Q app only works with mobile devices at the time of writing this post. Anything could change in the nearest future.

Other Things to Know About Royal Q Bot Trading

Below are answers to other questions you might be having about the royal Q trading bot and other things you might need to know about the platform.

Is Royal Q robot scam or legit?

Royal Q robot is not a scam because your trading capital is not deposited inside the app.

Rather, they only SPOT trade with the funds inside your Binance account with limited access.

So there’s no way they can run away with your money or blow the money inside your Binance account because they only trade spots.

What is the minimum investment for Royal Q Bot?

The actual activation fee for the Royal Q is $120.

Think of it as the price for subscribing to the robot every year.

For trading, you’ll need to deposit another capital inside your Binance usdt wallet to trade with. Starting from $10. But anything from $100 above is good for better ROI.

The bigger the capital the bigger the returns.

Can I trade Royal Q on other cryptocurrency exchanges?

You can only trade Royal Q on Binance and Huobi cryptocurrency exchange platform for now. Others could be added in the nearest future.

Is Royal Q safe for beginners?

Royal Q is safe for beginners because it’s primarily built for beginners with little or less experience in crypto trading.

This is because it only trades spots on Binance which is just buy and sell of coins when they are low and high.

There’s no leverage involve so it’s really safe.  

What is the best trade setting for Royal Q Bot?

My 80-20 trade settings strategy.

Reserve 20% of your money for manual buying in case of an uncertain severe dip.

Then the remaining 80% should be spread in 4 to 6 coins with the following settings:

Total number of margin calls= 3

  • First call: 3% dip x2
  • Second call: 6% dip x3
  • Third call: 10% dip x6

For 5 tokens trade for instance, first, buy in amount for each token should be 80% of your total money divided by 60.

Assuming Total fund is $750.

80% of $750 is $600.

For 5 tokens, the first buy-in amount would be $600/60 = $10.

First buy in amount = $10

  • 1st call = 2×10 = $20
  • 2nd call = 3x 10 = $30
  • 3rd call = 6 x 10 = $60

Total = $120

For 5 different tokens, that will make a total of $120 x5 = $600 (which is 80% of your total portfolio).

In the event of a massive dip then, one can use the remaining fund (20% of total funds = $150) to attack one token at a time, till all comes back to profit.

How Can I contact Royal Q Support

The royal Q support works 24/7. For you to contact them, log in to your account and click on “Mine” at the extremely lower right-hand side and click on “Royal Q FeedBack” to contact support.

How do I join Royal communities?

There are several communities you can join from inside your app and we also have a WhatsApp group for activate members in our team.

Once you’ve activated with my link, chat me up from inside the app (Counselor) and I’ll add you up to the group.

Download Royal Q Bot here for free

Royal Q Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at both the bad side and good side of trading crypto with the popular royal q bot.

Pros of Trading with Royal Q Robot

Below are some of the advantages of trading with the Royal Q bot.


Trading crypto assets using the Royal Q trading bot is always considered more efficient because You don’t have to worry about delays and most importantly errors.

So it’s always accurate so far the bot is working on suitable algorithms and correct data.

As long as the bot receives the correct data and is working on suitable algorithms, it can trade assets with a better chance of profit.


Trading with human emotion is bound to fail because of greed but when emotion is out of the equation what is remained is pure data and analysis.

So with Royal Q, you don’t have to worry about when and how to make quick profit from any market trend.

Cons Trading Cypto with Royal Q Robot

Here some of the disadvantage of trading with the Royal Q bot.

Unpredictable market

The Royal Q bot can’t be exactly perfect when dealing with a highly unpredictable market.

Unforeseen event like Covid-19 pandemic can have an unexpected impact on the market and no one can exactly tell how it’s going to turn.

Mind you, this disadvantage is general for all crypto market all together irrespective of using the royal q bot or not.

Final Thoughts on Royal Q Trading Bot

If you’d ask me, I’ll say there’s no harm in using the Royal Q bot. If there’s going to be any problem this is going to be for the whole of crypto market.

Irrespective of using the robot.

So if you can spare $120 for the robot activation and another capital around $100 and above then why not give it a trial?

You can make money in both trading and referral system of the robot.

If you are interested and ready to get started, here’s the Registration Link.

Here’s my invite code once again – HWTZS

After registration, chat me up from inside the app and let me help you if you have any challenges with your account activation.

I’ll also add you to our Whatsapp group chat for trade settings and how to grow your income.