SEO tools are the swiss army knife of every search engine domination strategy.

They help you know exactly what your target audience search for, monitor your competitors, and get better rankings.

And two of the most renowned ones are SEMRush and Serpstat.

Both SEO tools are incredibly useful and used by bloggers, SEOs, marketers, and agency owners to get better keywords and rankings.

In this post, I’m going to compare both tools and bring an end to the ultimate SEMRush Vs Serpstat battle.

If you’re searching for the better tool for your SEO (and PPC) strategy, you’re at the right place.

Stick around till the end and let’s get the battle started.

What is SEMrush?


SEMrush is an SEO tool with features to help you generate useful keywords, run PPC campaigns, and spy on your competitor’s rankings.

They started as a keyword research tool (which is their core strength) but today, you can use SEMrush for:

  • Content optimization
  • PPC campaigns
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • And more…

Overall, SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for running your SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and competitor research campaigns.

Over to Serpstat.

What is Serpstat?


Serpstat is an SEO platform built to help you get better results with SEO, PPC, content marketing, and competitor research.

The tool was built for SEO professionals, in-house SEO teams, content managers, PPC specialists, and marketers in mind.

Serpstat was founded by Oleg Salamaha initially as a keyword research tool.

But now, they’ve evolved into a complete growth hacking tool with various in-built features for technical SEO, link building, PPC, and a lot more.

Let’s take a look at the features of both tools.

Keyword Research – SEMrush vs SerpStat

As I said, SEMrush was primarily built for keyword research from the start.

And that’s their core strength.

When you open your SEMRush dashboard, you can search for specific keywords and get in-depth keyword data for keywords.

Semrush keyword research

You can see the search volume, competition, and a list of related keyword suggestions based on what you searched for.

Asides that, SEMRush also shows you an estimate of how much organic traffic sites ranking on the first page gets from their first-page rankings.

Plus, you also get to see Google PPC data for each keyword which is SEMrush’s unique side.

If you’re doing SEO and PPC campaigns together, SEMRush will be SUPER useful to you.

For Serpstat, you can also do keyword research to generate top-performing keywords.

On the Serpstat dashboard, you can generate keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns and analyze keyword trends.

serpstat keyword research

You also get SEO data like search volume, CPC, and competition level to determine the value of keywords.

Plus, Serpstat shows you keyword variations and suggestions to empower you to create high-quality, optimized content.

Keyword research on Serpstat can be adapted keywords to any country and you get data from various languages.

Backlinks Analysis – SerpStat vs SEMrush

SEMRush allows you to compare domains of your competitors, and analyze their backlinks profile.

Using the Backlink Gap tool on SEMRush, you can easily analyze the backlink profile of your competitor, find the link building gaps, and discover more backlink opportunities.

With SEMRush, you can reverse engineer your competitor backlinks (for up to 5 domains) by:

  • Checking your competitors’ profiles
  • Identifying the referring domains of your competitors
  • Assessing their backlink profile and check the quality of links
  • Identify the most prospective outreach targets for link building
  • Filter out the results to see link building opportunities
  • Export data them in an excel or CSV file

You can do backlinks analysis for your website as well as your competitors with Serpstat.

The SEO tool provides you with a detailed backlink analysis report containing all your backlinks in one click.

You also see data about your anchors, along with referring domains and pages.

Serpstat gives you backlinks data collected over 120 days and saves data so you can monitor your site’s backlinks and your competitors’.

You can also monitor your competitors’ backlink strategies to stay abreast of changes that make them rank better.

Plus, Serpstat gives you a chance to find pages with the best content that attract the most links.

Finally, Serpstat has a special Trust Rank and Page Rank that allows you to know the quality scores of referring domains. With these signals, you can identify the domains that will provide you reliable and quality backlinks to avoid penalties!

Site Audit – SEMrush vs SerpStat

SEMRush allows you to perform a detailed technical SEO audit on your site. With its robust site audit tool.

Site audits are critical to the effectiveness of any SEO strategy.

With SEMRush, you can find and fix on-site issues to improve your Google rankings.

The tool scans your sites for over 130 technical and SEO mistakes.

Some of these issues SEMrush checks your site for includes:

  • Issues with robots.txt
  • Broken links
  • HTTP status code errors
  • Crawl errors
  • And more…

And they also show you which errors need quick attention.

These issues would be prioritized into three groups based on their severity: errors, warnings, and notices.

You also get to fix crawl issues and ensure that GoogleBot can crawl and index your site.

Other technical aspects of your site you can fix with the help of SEMRush audit include site performance, page loading speed is a major ranking factor internal Linking, site structure, HTTPS, hreflangs, and more.

You can schedule a weekly technical SEO audit and get regular progress reports to monitor your site.

How does Serpstat do SEO technical site audit?

You can do an on-page audit and perform an instant in-depth analysis of your site pages using multiple ranking factors.

Serpstat will show you data to help you identify errors and fix them.

You can discover errors on your site including:

  • Duplicate content
  • Robots.txt settings
  • Image optimization issues
  • Links verification
  • Correct interlinking verification
  • Missing Pages
  • And more…

You also get to discover gaps in a domain’s optimization, find and fix off-site issues and improve your domain’s crawl rate.

Rank Tracking

SEMrush has an accurate rank tracker. This rank tracking feature helps you know your ranking position for various keywords at any time.

The tracking data for keywords are updated every day so you’re getting updated ranking positions at every point in time.

You’re able to:

  • Monitor your keywords as they move up or down in national, regional, and local search engine
  • Track your keyword positions
  • Identify local competitors
  • Group your keywords with tags
  • Target different devices
  • And more

Plus, SEMRush gives you a “Visibility” score and you can create multilingual tracking campaigns for any location you’d like.

On the other hand:

Serpstat helps you track your ranks and monitor your site and your competitor’s site rankings daily.

It allows you to select keywords you want to monitor and get top results for each one. Thus, you’ll get advanced analytics to look at the complete research of SERP.

Also, you can find out your keywords rankings in Google (or Yandex) for any city, country, or language you specify using Serpstat Global city-based tracking.

Serpstat allows you to track unlimited keywords and give you daily results with fresh data to monitor your web improvements and your competitors’.

Your clients and team members can also view the rank tracking data and reporting with their own unique login when you add unlimited users at no additional cost

PPC Advertising Analysis

SEMRush has a complete paid search software suite.

This feature empowers your PPC campaigns and helps you to do search competitor analysis to maximize the results of your Google Ads campaigns.

You get a PPC Keyword Tool that allows you to discover PPC keywords via multiple channels.

You can filter the keywords, remove duplicates, build a perfect keyword list for your PPC campaign.

After then, you can optimize your list by choosing the best keywords based on CPC, volume, difficulty level, and other relevant metrics.

Click here to see SEMrush PPC tool in action

Serpstat allows you to research your competitors’ search advertising campaigns and optimize your PPC activities.

The tool lets you know relevant keywords your competitors bid for in AdWords that you may have missed out on in your PPC campaigns.

You can sort each keyword by the position of their ads in the SERPs and know the highest-performing keywords that earn them the top spots in the SERPs.

Serpstat also empowers you to discover your competitor’s search advertising strategies, activities, budget, keywords, ads, CPC, keyword competition, and more.

If you’re running PPC campaigns for various locations, you can localize your advertising campaigns and adapt your ads to the target countries using Serpstat.

Click here to see SerpStart PPC tool in action

Support Of Both SEO tools

SEMrush has a customer support link in the footer where you can relay your complaints.

Once you scroll down to the footer and click the “Contact Us” link, you will be directed to a page where you’ll fill some details about your queries.

On the plus side, I got a response about 30 minutes after I submitted my question.

And you get a got a helpful response back after some minutes.

Asides the SEMRush blog, it also has a robust knowledge base, an academy where you can take marketing courses.

Serpstat provides support to its users via chat.

Just go into the and type in your questions. You wait for a few minutes and get a response.

Along with the live chat, they provide a knowledge base, help center, and the Serpstat Academy which is a free learning center on Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, and SEO.

Getting into the pricing of both…

SEMRush Pricing

SEMrush pricing

SEMRush has three pricing options with each plan having some limitations. They let you save some money by offering you a 16% annual discount on all plans.

Really cool; Especially if you plan to be with them for a long time.

Here are the SEMRush plans:

Pro Plan for $99.95 per month

This plan is ideal for freelancers, startups, and in-house SEOs and marketers on a limited budget.

You can use 40+ advanced, in-built SEO tools to run your SEO, PPC, and SMM projects and know your competitors’ SEO strategies on the Pro plan.

You get to pay $83.28 per month ($999.36 billed annually) for the Pro plan on a yearly basis.

Guru Plan for $199.95 per month

This plan is suitable for SMB, SEO, and marketing agencies it comes with all the features on the Pro plan along with branded reports, content marketing platforms, extended limits, and historical data.

You get to pay $166.62 per month ($1999.44) when you claim the yearly discount.

Business Plan for $399.95 per month

If you run a large SEO/marketing agency, e-commerce projects, and businesses with an extensive web presence, this plan screams your name.

You get all the features on the Guru plan plus Google Data Studio Integration, white-label reports, API access, Extended limits, and sharing options.

When you claim the yearly discount, you pay only $333.28 per month ($3999.36 billed annually) for the business plan instead


SEMRush also has a custom solution on the Enterprise plans for enterprise users.

You’ll need to contact the admin with your special marketing needs and demands of your business.

Learn more about SEMrush plans

Serpstat Pricing

serpstat pricing

Serpstat comes with four pricing plans to access to the all-in-one SEO platform.

Its pricing depends on the amount of data you need and the number of websites you manage.

They also offer you a 20% discount when you pay for your Serpstat subscription annually

Lite Plan for $69 per month

This plan is great for SEO-individuals, freelancers with a limited budget.

You get access to over 20 in-built SEO tools to run your SEO, SEM, PPC campaigns, and research your competitors to identify their best online strategies to improve your efforts.

The price reduces to $55 per month ($660 billed annually) when you claim your yearly discount.

Standard Plan for $149 per month

The second plan is best for established in-house teams and marketing agencies. It comes with all the features in the Lite plan along with 3 admin users, branded reports, extended interface, and API credits.

Your bill reduces to $119 per month ($1428 billed annually) when you claim the yearly discount.

Advanced Plan for $299 per month

The third plan provides the best value for large marketing agencies and in-house SEO teams than need extensive search data.

It comes with all the features in the standard plan plus 5 admin users, API credits, and extended interface.

You get to pay $239 per month ($2868 billed annually) when you claim your 20% discount and pay for the advanced plan yearly.

Enterprise Plan for $499 per month

This is the last plan and is perfect for really large companies, organizations, and industry leaders.

It comes with all the features in the advanced plan along with 7 admin users, extended interface, white-label, and API credits.

If you need much more data than each of these plans to provide, you can reach out to the Serpstat admin team and they will set up special enterprise plans and services based on your specific demands.

Learn more about SerpStat plans

Final Words…

So there you have it.

Both tools are similar in functionality and a good fit for running your SEO and PPC campaigns.

They have in-built tools and features for almost every part of SEO including:

  • Keyword research
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Site audit
  • Competitor research
  • PPC research
  • And much more…

If I was to pick a winner, personally, I’d go with SEMRush.


You can’t go wrong with SEMRush.

It sufficiently has every feature you need to run search marketing and advertising campaigns. Plus, it gives you accurate data on search and shines greatly over Serpstat in user interface and experience.

Serpstat is nice. It only shines over SEMRush on pricing points since it costs lesser, and provides almost the same number of features.

But obviously can’t be matched to SEMrush when it comes to features.

Personally, the SEMrush keyword magic tool is breathtaking.

Worth dying for.

If you’re able to spend the few extra dollars, I’ll strongly recommend you go for SEMrush for your SEO and PPC campaigns.

You can start your free trial here (no CC required!)

My Best Pick
SEMRush is Awesome!

From content planning to link building strategies, site audits, rank monitoring, getting insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic, and paid search - SEMRush fast track your SEO success.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

What are your thoughts on the Serpstat vs SEMrush comparison?

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