Wondering if Shopify Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David is worth the money?

I will spill the whole beans (in an unbiased way) on what this course is all about.

Is the Shopify dropshipping course a reap off or the magic pill you need to attain massive success in your Shopify business?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

Running a successful Shopify store is hard and takes a heck of a lot of energy

Or isn’t it?

Well, it turns out that finding a home-run product to dropship on Shopify may not be as pleasant as you’d have thought. Maybe all you need is to learn those tiny hidden tricks from someone who has been doing it a way for years with track records of successes.

I mean someone literally making millions off multiple stores…

That’s why I had to come up with the review of this Shopify course that has received tons of hype over the past years.

Can it be the ride you need for your dreamland?

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on…

shopify ninja

Okay before I proceed, here is what I will be covering in this Shopify Ninja Masterclass review:

What is Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is a comprehensive course on how a beginner or someone having a problem running a successful dropshipping business with Shopify can go from making no money to having great success with Shopify.

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass course walks you from the product research through to setting up your store, finding suppliers and drop shippers, marketing aspects and then gives you strategies on how to scale it to another level.

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass course walks you from the product research through to setting up your store, finding suppliers and drop shippers, marketing aspects and then gives you strategies on how to scale it to another level.

Kevin David who happens to be the brain behind Shopify Ninja Masterclass course is a 9-5 escape artist whose aim is to also help others (with a passion) chase their dreams and live life on their own terms.

He founded ThatLifeStyle LLC, and so far, helps thousands of online entrepreneurs and marketers gain freedom through his online programs and coaching.

He built the Shopify Ninja course mainly to ease the pain points most eCommerce business owners and enthusiasts face while trying to take control of their life via building a glorious Shopify dropshipping business.

Having said all that, I wouldn’t want you to invest in this course without properly looking at yourself if you really need it or not.

So, before I talk about those that need this course (and those that don’t), permit me to bore you a bit about who Kevin David is…

Shall we?

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is one of the few favorite online marketers (been following him since late 2017) that inspires me so much. He is a guy that went from abandoning his Job at Facebook to building multiple 7 figures and 8 figure online empire.

Ninja Masterclass creator

In Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and information products.

Also, he has taken on the mantle to help others who are caged in the 9-5 grind find their passion by creating life-changing courses on Facebook Ads, Amazon FBA, and of course this Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

Kevin David had what millions of people would consider a dream job (Working for Facebook).

Yet, his passion for entrepreneurship and the zeal to make money online couldn’t keep him behind the desk. He found his path, and not only had he stuck to what he loves doing – he helps others find theirs as well.

Kevin David has built over half a million followers on his YouTube channel where he shares insights on Facebook advertising, Shopify, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and make money online.

He also has hundreds of thousands of Ninja (students) enrolled in his courses. Fans on FB and Instagram.

Having been featured on HuffPost, Inc, Entrepreneur magazine, and few others, he has also launched several online marketing funnels that have made millions…

Winning the popular ClickFunnels 2comma award ($1million generated funnel) and also the superior one called 2comma X award for making over 10,000,000 (8 figures) with one single funnel.

Kevin David ClickFunnels award FHL


Quite impressive you’d say?

This is to tell you that Kevin knows his stuff like the back and forth.

Who is Shopify Ninja Masterclass for?

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is a course for anyone who wants a cut of the cake from the billion-dollar eCommerce and dropshipping industry.

Are you worried about the technicalities involved in setting up your Shopify store?

Or maybe you don’t have an idea on how to drive traffic and all that?

Then I think this could be the right course for you. First of all, go through the free Masterclass training on Shopify (it’s limited) to find out for yourself.

#1: For Starters Who Wants to Make Money

There is quite a lot of way to make money online, and dropshipping through Shopify has been proven to be an awesome business model that will help you make a killing.

This course will teach you the ins and outs of becoming successful online by running your own profitable eCommerce business, right from your couch.

#2: For Those Who Wants to Scale Faster

If you’ve been operating a Shopify store for quite some time and it seems obvious that you find it difficult growing beyond your current level in this business…

That’s a sure sign that you need some kind of a new strategy to expand and skyrocket. This is the stage where you need to see how Kevin makes thousands on autopilot from his multiple Shopify stores.

In the Shopify Ninja course, you will also see the right dropshipping software and resources he uses in powering his stores.

#3: Have No idea How to Drive Traffic

You know, having a Shopify design skill is something, having the technical knowledge on how to integrate and automate is another. But the ugly thing about knowing all those is that it DOESN’T make you the actual money.

There is one similar problem every online business owner encounter.


Traffic is the heart of all online businesses. It controls blood flow. Without traffic no leads and no sales.

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass course has a separate module focusing on driving traffic using advanced Facebook advertising and other tactics.

And Kevin David is already a Facebook Ads expert, so you’ll learn how to make more than double of every of your marketing effort.

Who is The Course Not for?

I will start by saying that not everyone is meant to have success in all areas. You will agree with me when I say that someone who makes thousands of dollars monthly doing SEO and have a passion for will find it difficult trying to master an eCommerce skill he doesn’t cherish.

Am I wrong?

The same applies to all parameters of life and in business.

So, if you don’t have the passion to make money online via dropshipping, building stores, and the rest, then I bet you will find it hard trying to make things work.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk said: “You Are Either Hungry For It Or You Are Not For It!”

Meaning you don’t have success on something you are not obsessed about. Period.

Eh! End of the motivational session 😊

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass isn’t for you if you are:

  • Not Interested in Shopify
  • Not ready to learn and put in the required work
  • After a “get-rich-quick” opportunity

Since you already find your way here, then my guess is that you are set to make this work out for the better. Okay, lets check out the course content.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course Content

The Shopify Masterclass Ninja comes with 5 solid modules, 65+ video training and you also have access to the private Facebook community of successful dropshippers where you can gain extra support and insights. You can click the image below to reserve your seat for the free training:

Shopify ninja free training + Cheat sheet

Here I review each and every of the course modules and what you get to learn in each.

Module #1: Finding your Home-Run Product – Research

The first module is all about researching awesome and profitable product that brings fortune, check them out:

  • How to find products that always have a ton of buyers who are ready to purchase and will continue to come back for more from your store.
  • The “80/20 rule” – Shopify dropshipping style. Will teach you the tactics you need and cut out the fluff.
  • The dropshipping dartboard affect – how you can strategically test products until you hit a massive gold mine that can make you a fortune online.
  • Kevin will show you little-known ‘diamond in the rough’ niche opportunities no one is talking about right now + how you can dominate them.
  • The “home-run product manifesto”: the winning strategy for systematically finding gold mine products every time!
  • The 95% rule – discover the only difference between 7-figure dropshippers and everyone else.

Module #2: Finding the Best Supplier

This module of Shopify Ninja Masterclass dives deep into the strategies on finding world-class suppliers and building long-lasting beneficial relationships:

  • How to use Ali-express to find only the best suppliers & what Kevin David does to make sure he’s getting the best prices.
  • Common mistakes most drop shippers make when dealing with suppliers and how to avoid making those same mistakes.
  • How to handle import taxes and Chinese customs the right way + tips and tricks to minimize any fees associated with your imports.
  • How to minimize long ship times + hacks to get your products to your customers the fastest possible way.
  • The exact filters and strategies Kevin use in finding the world’s best suppliers + how to build long term relationships to guarantee the best service.
  • How he also leverages suppliers against each other to get the lowest possible prices on all the products he sells.

Module #3: Creating Your Shopify Store + Optimization & Setup

Now is the time to create your store, select themes, graphics and everything that will make your Shopify store stand out from the rest:

  • A step-by-step video guide of how to set up your Shopify store for maximum sales. You will also see the exact same settings & Shopify apps Kevin personally uses, one after the other.
  • Guide on setting up your shipping the right way from the start (with detailed examples!)
  • How to easily find & purchase the best domain for your store that’s optimized for Search engines.
  • How to accept credit card payments & which payment system is best for your country. GOLD!
  • How to get a professional logo for dirt cheap. You’ll gain access to Kevin’s own personal graphic designer ha has been using for almost a decade.
  • The most recommended Shopify theme for the highest conversion rate (fully optimized for mobile).
  • How to automatically link products directly from Ali-express to Shopify to save hundreds of hours.
  • The proven product page template that converts like crazy. You’ll get it all word for word.

Module #4: Your Marketing Explosion

This is where we’d have to breathe life into our Shopify dropshipping business, driving traffic:

  • A complete guide to running Facebook ad campaigns for your Shopify store from start to finish (for beginners to advanced FB users)
  • The only Facebook Ad objectives to focus on (ignore the rest).
  • How to target your niche’s super-fans on Facebook and create a massive sales bump in your store – will show you how to find them on demand for any product you sell in your store.
  • The exact Ad budget & product launch timeline – when to do what & how to do it, down to the click.
  • How to avoid unnecessarily wasting money on Ads that don’t work.
  • how to scale up your winning Ads without messing them up – our scientific approach (and how you can replicate it exactly!)
  • The most important Facebook metrics you need to track in your Ad manager, and exactly how to interpret them to understand your ad performance.
  • Easily calculate your maximum “cost per purchase”.
  • How to create & use powerful “custom audiences” and “lookalike audiences” to double down on your top-performing Ads and multiply your daily revenue.
  • Mastering Instagram ads to tap into millions of mobile-centric buyers.
  • The techniques of push-advertising and pull-advertising, and how to use them both to sell products like crazy!

Module #5: Scaling and Expanding to the Moon

This was the module I learned that Instagram is a powerful tool for eCommerce. Especially when you learn how to market your products using other people’s Instagram followers & YouTube audience.

You will see how to do that here using Influencer marketing:

  • The simple friendly trick that can get you free shoutouts from powerful influencers
  • How to find the perfect influencer for your product along with their contact info
  • Access to a free software tool to easily find influencers on Facebook.
  • How to test an influencer’s audience to see if they’re likely to buy your products
  • The art of reaching out to influencers and exactly what they want from you
  • Two extremely profitable ways to get the most out of your influencer marketing relationship that no one else is talking about right now
  • A fast track to getting repeated shout-outs on Instagram for an entire week, one student used this to explode his sales!
  • How to find YouTube influencers that will go over your product in-depth in videos & link to your store
  • How to negotiate dirt cheap rates with influencers & get them to do more than just a simple shoutout
  • Email & message templates that increase reply rates when reaching out to top influencers who get a ton of attention.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Bonuses

When you enroll for the Shopify Masterclass course, you will also get 3 awesome bonuses from Kevin David as extra help to help you get the best from the course content.

-Bonus #1: ClickFunnels Sales Explosion

-Bonus #2: T-Shirt Masterclass

-Bonus #3: Email Marketing Training

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Price

Shopify Ninja Masterclass course costs $997 for lifetime access of the course, updates, private Facebook, and also offers a 14-day moneyback guarantee. You can also choose the 3 payments of $497.

The private Facebook mastermind group is where you will also have direct access to the course creator (KD) and other members of the course. This group is filled with valuable content and you will be given the link and granted access after your purchase.

Awesome community!

I do have to say that the Facebook Ads Ninja course is not cheap… and it’s kind of gets more expensive over time. You can go through the free masterclass training yourself if you’re in obvious doubt.

The thing is you won’t just be learning from a random guy in the internet space. Kevin is a trusted online marketing expert with proven success records.

Why You Should Invest In Kevin David’s Course?

Kevin started completely broke working 80 hour weeks at his dead-end job as an accountant (in Facebook). In one short year, he built a highly profitable eCommerce business, bought his dream car, moved into his dream house, and has since helped thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses and passive income.

Like I said earlier he is on a mission to help others achieve their dreams using his PROVEN methods.

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass cut’s right to the chase and reveals exactly how he was able to make millions doing dropshipping from scratch to top. So you can follow the same process and do the same thing. RIGHT NOW!

You don’t need to take my word for it…

Quickly check out the many, many testimonials and success stories of Ninja students to see for yourself.

The methods taught in the Shopify Ninja Masterclass 2021 have been battle-tested and proven with thousands of his students all around the world.

The program has created tons of six-figure earners and hundreds of people have been able to leave their 9-5 jobs behind and start a wildly successful, scalable Shopify dropshipping eCommerce business of their own.

So, it’s up to you to get started on your path to freedom.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the Shopify Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David is the most comprehensive Shopify Dropshipping course out here. I don’t think there is a course like the Shopify Ninja which gives you lifetime access to a premium group of dropshipping experts.

I don’t mind you sharing any in the comment.

As if that’s not enough you get access to future upgrades as the new strategies emerge and old ones fade away.

The step-by-step outline Kevin gives in this Shopify Ninja Masterclass course didn’t come with a day of learning. He has tested, failed, tweaked, and optimized to get to where he is now in the eCommerce space, so you just have to duplicate how he did.

Like having all the systems and strategies bundled into one piece.

I understand, yes this is not a cheap course. But hey,

You are learning from the best. (call him a guru if you like)

If you are up to it, it’s understandable. Maybe you should check out his YouTube channel for free content on Shopify or better still make out a time to >>watch the free Masterclass<< (kinda timely though). I hope you gain useful ideas there.

Wish you the best in your online business…

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