Shortly AI Alternatives

Are you looking for the best alternatives to Shortly AI?

Then your search has come to an end. 

While Shortly AI is one of the best AI copywriting software, it does have its own catch and possible reasons to seek an alternative.

For instance:

  • Shortly.AI doesn’t provide flexible plans (just one!)
  • It is not perfect for other types of content (major on long-forms)
  • No chrome extension (most of us are Google Docs fans and would only use these tools as an extension like Grammarly)
  • Not multilingual (multiple language is a factor)
  • You can add yours (you sure have your reasons for seeking Shortly AI alternatives)

Now here’s the thing, all tools come with their benefits and shortcomings.

None of the tools on this list are perfect, but they are better alternatives to ShortlyAI and also solve some if not all of the shortcomings.

In this article, I highlighted the 7 best Shortly.AI alternatives listing out their features and pricing packages.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Overview of the Best Shortly AI Alternatives

Jasper AI5 days (plus, 10k credits)$29/month
Copy AI7 days$35/month
Snazzy AIForever free plan$25/month
Rytr$0 free$29/month
Copysmith3 days$19/month
Funnel ScriptsN/A$797 (lifetime deal)
WriteSonic10 credits$11.25/month

1. Jasper AI (#1 Best ShortlyAI Alternative)


Jasper might be famous in the MCU franchise as a fictional software that fights aliens, robots, and whatnot, but it is a copywriting tool in the content creation universe – and one of the best there is. 

Just like its acronym, Jasper AI is powered by artificial intelligence, in this case, known as GPT-3 technology.

Thanks to Jasper AI, content creators can articulate complete, reasonable sentences within seconds using a few starter words. 

Jasper AI can create all sorts of text content, but what makes it truly special is its command feature that allows users to instruct the tool to create content without any template words. Amazing, right? 

Many individuals and companies worldwide have testified to Jasper’s content creation prowess, so this isn’t guesswork or hearsay. 

That said, the best part is that JasperAI just acquired ShortlyAI which makes it the perfect alternative and best AI copywriting software in the industry.

It not only complements the shortcomings of Shortly AI, but it also adds amazing features to it.

Both software complement one another making the JasperAI software a force to reckon with.

Key Features

  • Jasper AI can create long-form content like emails, articles, blog posts, and even letters in ways other copywriting tools can only dream of. 
  • It can also generate other content such as landing pages, product descriptions, taglines, and social media ads. 
  • A user-friendly and highly efficient interface packed with various creative tools for users to explore. 
  • Content creation and translation in 25+ languages, including English, Japanese, French, and German. 
  • Jasper creates plagiarism-free content.
  • Thanks to a partnership with SurferSEO, Jasper AI can create SEO-optimized content that drives brand exposure and website traffic. 


jasper pricing

Jasper AI offers two pricing plans.

The Starter plan costs $29/month with a limit of 20,000 words.

Finally, its Boss Mode plan costs $59 per month offering all the features on the Starter plan alongside the Jasper Command and unlimited runs.

Grab Jasper.AI 5-day free and 10k copy credits

2. Copy.AI


Every discussion about game-changing copywriting software will include, and for good reason. 

Just like Jasper AI and most copywriting tools, is built on GPT-3 technology, but it adds some elements to its framework that make it stand out from the rest. 

It comes with several features that let you create unique and high-converting content automatically.

This amazing Shortly AI alternative comes packed with a couple of features that help eliminate writer’s block and unlock ideas that probably wouldn’t have come to mind otherwise. 

With, you can create product descriptions for Amazon Wish List or Merchant Center listings, unique landing pages for your PPC campaigns, meta descriptions, productions, Instagram ads, landing pages, and many more! 

Key Features

  • supports translation into 25+ languages, including English, Spanish, German, Polish, French, and Japanese. 
  • users have access to 30+ templates for different content groups for inspiration.
  • A superb user interface that makes it quite simple to use. 
  • A framework that lets users import, export, organize and save files seamlessly.
  • This software, just like others, utilizes copywriting frameworks such as the Before-After-Bridge (BAB), Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA), and the Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS) to create compelling copy. 
  • Best of all, it creates unique content that will pass most plagiarism checkers. 


CopyAI price offer starts with a free trial that doesn’t require your credit card. 

At the end of the free trial, you can subscribe to its Solo plan which costs $35 per month and $420 when billed annually. 

For more features, you can subscribe to the custom plan which comes with custom pricing.

Grab Copy.AI free account here

3. Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI also gets a mention in this discussion, and why not? It is a relatively new copywriting software (launched in February 2021).

But it is already competing with the top guns. 

Of course, it is built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 tech, but it also employs other frameworks and software to create mind-blowing content. 

One of the best things about Snazzy AI is that it changes the narrative of the inhuman nature of AI-powered copywriting tools by generating top-notch content filled with human elements. 

Another shocking revelation to this free Shortly AI alternative dynamics is that it is free for all users.

However, you should note that it also comes with a premium package that unlocks more high-end writing features. 

Key Features

  • Snazzy AI features an innovative remix tool that can create multiple variants of designated content. 
  • Capable of converting bullet points into comprehensive and engaging content, courtesy of its content expander tool. 
  • Ideal for creating landing pages, viral growth ideas, facebook headlines, Amazon ads, and mission statements. 


SnazzyAI price

Snazzy AI offers a free plan with limitations.

The free plan is best for getting a feel of the software. 

Besides that, you can subscribe to its Growth plan which costs $25/month and $300 per year. 

Yearly subscribers enjoy a 49% discount. 

Get started with Snazzy.AI free here

4. Rytr


Rytr is one of the most under-rated AI copywriting software in the industry and is fastly becoming the best of its kind.

Launched in April 2021, Rytr now boasts over 60,000 global users and a fast-growing list of amazing features it brings to the table.

Rytr allows you to create all types of content including landing page copy, product descriptions, youtube descriptions, and long-form content, to mention a few.

An amazing feature to love about Rytr is its friendly user interface that offers a seamless experience just like Google Docs.

If you’re a fan of Google Docs, then you’ll love Rytr more as it mimics its interface.

Rytr beats the majority in the industry by offering custom APIs for developers and companies who need custom solutions.

It’s also language-friendly, offering over 30 languages for users to choose from.

To crown it all, it has a forever-free plan that you can get started with at no extra cost.

Key Features

  • It uses the GPT-3 model like many other AI software
  • Rytr supports content creation in about 31 languages
  • It has a forever free plan 
  • It offers Magic command feature which is similar to the Jasper command on Jasper AI
  • Rytr recently added a plagiarism checker to its list of features
  • Rytr offers a chrome extension (this is running but still in its beta testing mode)
  • Supports collaboration with your team by allowing companies and agencies to create company accounts (where you can add team members)
  • Offers advanced and flexible support for its users alongside use cases
  • Users can apply Rytr in creating Google ads, production descriptions, meta descriptions, copy, facebook headlines, and blogs, among several other content types.


Rytr pricing

Rytr is one of the most affordable AI copywriting software in the industry.

For starters, it offers a forever-free plan that provides 5000 credits which are approximately 5000 characters (about 1000 words).

Once you’re satisfied with Rytr, you can opt for its premium plan which costs $29/month and this offers you unlimited usage.

Get started with Rytr free here

5. Copysmith


Copysmith runs on GPT-3 and some proprietary tech, so it is no surprise that it makes this list.

Its ability to generate compelling copy and other text content within seconds is quite impressive, and it gets even better with every update. 

Copysmith represents everything its creators wanted it to be – one of which is to be a standard for AI-powered content creation. 

With Copysmith, content creators can outsource their busy work – not to other copywriters, but to AI. 

No more sitting for hours at a computer to do your research, write your copy, or format your content – all you have to do is decide what information you want to include or what inspiration you wish to articulate.

It’ll take care of everything else.

Key features

  • One of Copysmith’s most impressive features is its translation system. It can convert and switch between over 100 languages – more than anything most copywriting software has. 
  • Content creators will find Copysmith handy in generating a wide range of text content, including product descriptions, landing pages, slogans, social media ads, meta descriptions, sales copy, and many more. 
  • It supports third-party integrations and chrome extensions. 
  • This software features in-built plagiarism checkers that vet and confirm the uniqueness of text material. 
  • Copysmith expands simple bullet points or single sentences to whole, engaging paragraphs. 

It is everything a content creator needs and more – except for its user interface that many have described as relatively poor. 

Also, it is better suited for creating short-form content as long-form content generation on this tool is still a work in progress. 


Copysmith price

Copysmith offers its new users a 3-day trial, with no credit cards required. After the free trial, it offers three paid plans to select from. 

The Starter costs $19/month.

The Professional costs $59 per month, and the custom plan comes with custom pricing.

Subscribers that opt for the yearly payment package are eligible for a 15% discount.

Try Copysmith.AI here for free

6. Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts

You can refer to Funnel Scripts as the black sheep of AI-powered copywriting software – not because it creates terrible text material (of course not), but because it doesn’t run on GPT-3 technology like others. 

Many sources claim that Funnel Scripts might make you a lazy copywriter and content creator because of its elite content creation efficiency.  

This software was designed using proprietary technology by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards to help content creators develop exceptional copy and other text content in minutes. 

It eliminates writer’s block and time wasted on extensive research on subject matters, which makes it a no-brainer tool to have. 

In addition to this, it is also incredibly versatile, so you can create copy, landing pages, and pretty much any text material. 

The best thing about this tool is that it could make an amateur copywriter sound like a pro. Imagine what it would do for experienced copywriters! 

Key Features

  • Funnel Script comes packed with tools for creating all forms of marketing and advertising copy. It can generate everything from video sales letters, headlines, CTAs, emails, social media ads, lead capture pages, and many more! 
  • Fast Funnels and Funnel Blueprints
  • It can be used both offline and online.
  • This software is also designed to convert bullet points and simple sentences to engaging long-form content, courtesy of the Brunson and FBM Bullet Scripts. 
  • Some of its in-built scripts for creating top-draw content include story idea scripts, call-to-action scripts, email scripts, sales letter scripts, headline scripts, social media ad scripts, auto email follow-up scripts, and many more. 
  • Funnel Scripts supports 6 Downloadable Wizards:
  • The Easy Survey Script Wizard for setting up surveys.
  • The Master Class Wizard for creating promotional material and content for your workshop or training session. 
  • The Star Story Solution Script Wizard for creating catchy sales stories.
  • The Easy VSL Wizard for whipping up phenomenal video sales letter scripts.
  • The Podcast and Facebook Live Interview Wizard for creating incisive interview questions.
  • The Perfect Webinar Wizard for generating promotional emails, ads, and webinars. 


You can access all these features and more with a one-time payment of $797.

This payment absolves you of any future costs or subscription renewal whatsoever. 

Learn more about Funnel Scripts here.

7. WriteSonic


Last on our list of ShortlyAI alternatives is WriteSonic, another AI-powered copywriting tool built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 tech. 

Since its inception, WriteSonic has been utilized by content creators and entrepreneurs globally to generate high-performing landing pages, product descriptions, meta descriptions, social media ads, sales copy, YouTube video copy, and other forms of written content. 

Key Features

  • Accessible in over 20 languages, including Danish, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, and of course, English. 
  • Content rephraser and expander
  • Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA copywriting frameworks
  • Readability checker
  • Grammar Fixer


Writesonic price

WriteSonic offers three pricing plans; Starter, Professional, and Business.

The Starter Plan costs $13.05/month.

The Professional plan costs $44.55/month, and the Business plan costs $224.55/month.

When you switch to annual billing, you get to save some dollars. And on top of this, WriteSonic has a free plan for users to start with.

Grab Writesonic free plan here.

What’s Shortly.AI? 

Shortly.AI, popularly known as an “autocomplete for your thoughts,” is a next-generation content creation tool built on GPT-3 technology, the world’s greatest language model. 

It confers writing superpowers on all its users with the way it spills out unique content using simple sentence templates.

In addition, this superb software features a user-friendly interface and an article brief section that allows you to guide the AI on your content preferences. 

Shortly AI is undoubtedly one of the most efficient copywriting tools on the planet.

However, it does come with glitches and cons which other alternatives do better at as aforementioned. 

In this article, we’ve dived into the best alternatives to Shortly AI. 

But on the other hand…

Why Should You Consider ShortlyAI Alternatives?

While Shortly AI is undeniably one of the most efficient AI-powered copywriting tools out there, you can’t but agree that some of the discussed AI tools offer some high-end features that it lacks. 

What Shortly AI lacks in some areas, other copywriting tools have it figured out.

So it’s only smart to explore these alternatives to improve your writing and spend less time brainstorming ideas. 

Of course, this isn’t suggesting that you ignore or boycott Shortly AI.

You’ll also find out that Shortly AI also comes with some features that other copy tools lack. 

Final Verdict

Every copywriting software on this list is a beast at copywriting, but if it comes to the best of the best, Jasper AI and Copy.AI come up top. 

They’re the standard for AI-led content creation, not just because of GPT-3 technology but also because of their user interfaces, copywriting frameworks, creativity tools, accuracy, and the proprietary software that make it all possible. 

And if you’re looking for something specific for your funnels and landing page copy, Funnel Scripts will make a good addition to your toolset.

However, my overall and recommended AI copywriting tool is Jasper.

I’ve been using Jasper.AI for months. And it has been an absolute lifesaver in my business: They have the best customer support, copy templates, regular updates, and ease of use.

Claim your free 10k copy credits here (limited offer)

Got any questions regarding the above Shortly AI competitors or alternatives? Let me know in the comments.

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