Shortly AI review

We are now in the age where AI writing software is becoming as creative as the humans who design them.

Writing assistants are now advanced enough to draft content that stirs emotion and informs others in a perfect and relatable way.

The implication is that content creators can now trust them with more work than before. 

This means less stress and time spent in thinking about which words and sentences will better appeal to readers. 

One such software is Shortly AI.

It is designed purposely to ease the job of content creators. It allows its users to set up the ideal format of their article and as such, allowing for the software to do the heavy lifting.

Shortly AI promises to banish any experience with poor formatting and writer’s block and be the only writing assistant you’ll ever need without eating deep into your budget.

In this Shortly AI review, you’ll see how it fares given the high standard it claims to have set for itself. 

Let’s dive in.

What is Shortly AI? – Overview

shortly ai

Shortly AI is writing software that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate text. The app is designed to help content creators and marketers write better content using a simple but surprisingly powerful user interface (UI).

It is similar to other AI writing tools and requires you to input some data before the tool can generate any piece of content. 

In addition, Shortly AI has AI-styled content assistant features.

These features make everything about article writing and content creation look easier.

For instance, when you write a few lines, let’s say an introductory part using the app, once you click on the ‘write for me’ feature, the AI writer will take over from where you stopped. 

Few other AI writing tools in circulation take this fascinating approach. It makes a revitalizing change.

So worry no more about either content writing or article formatting and focus your attention on something else.

Shortly AI can generate creative and original text in a short while and also tailor it for a variety of audiences.

Writer’s block is nothing but misery, let Shortly AI help you out of the dreaded blinking cursor!

Who is the brain behind Shortly AI?

Qasim Munye is the brain behind Shortly AI. He specifically created this AI article writer to assist businesses and copywriters who are finding it difficult to write content.

In August 2020 he created Shortly AI.

And within six months we grew to over 3,000 businesses using Shortly AI as their writing assistant.

He made the tool useful for all categories of people who want a better, faster, and easier way to create content.

Qasim also designed the tool to be as easy to use as possible so that anybody can use it to create content without any struggle.

Then around June 2021. Conversion AI team (now Jarvis AI) acquired Shortly AI.

Jarvis acquires Shortly AI

According to ShortlyAI’s founder – Qasim Munye:

For the past few months I’ve been speaking to Dave (Founder @ We’ve been discussing the future of AI-powered writing. AI writing is the future. We both agree that these AI’s will serve as super useful assistants to help us write faster and better.

The team at are really talented and in our conversations it became clear that we are headed in the same direction. This is why I’ve decided to combine forces with to become the biggest and best AI writing tool out there.

So now, the Shortly AI platform is now a product owned by Dave.

Shortly AI Review – How Does Shortly AI Work?

There are two ways to get Shortly AI machine to write for you:

How to use Shortly AI
  • Using Write for me:

The Shortly AI ‘Write for me‘ button. Whenever you are stuck or want your AI to take over the writing, click the ‘Write for me’ button, and the AI will continue your writing for you.

  • Using Slash commands:

The Shortly AI Slash commands provide a more powerful way to work with your AI.

The easiest way I’ve you can use this command is by highlighting text and using the relevant keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, you can type the command, with your text in square brackets, and then click the ‘Write for me’ button, e.g. /instruct [write about…]

Shortly AI is a writing tool that leverages the GPT-3 model to create awesome content.

If you haven’t heard of the GPT-3 model, it is an acronym for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 and it makes it easy to generate content in minutes.

With the help of the model, Shortly AI works exactly like a personal assistant. 

It helps you curate and format your blog posts and website copy.

The more you use the app to write, the more it works and understands you better. 

Also, Shortly AI knows how to catch the reader’s attention. It’s trained on several article writing styles using prototypes of content that have captivated people’s attention in the past.

In the same vein, it knows what words or phrases are commonly used in titles, headlines, subheadings, etc., and it understands how and where to use them uniquely and smartly.

There and then, it’s equally designed to understand what topic the writer is trying to write on and then generate beautiful and value-added content ideas.

Shortly AI Features – What It Offers?

Having explicitly explained the concept of ShortlyAI as a copywriting tool with lots of potential and amazing features, it is time to highlight some of the benefits it offers.

These features to be discussed are interesting and useful.

And as a content writer with years of experience, the following are features of Shortly AI that I find to be fascinating. 

1. Simple User Interface

One of the fascinating features of Shortly is its simple but surprisingly powerful user interface (UI). The interface is simple and it exclusively revolves around their text writing and editing app.

When you log in to your dashboard, you’ll only see a simple page and a link to “start writing”

Comparing this to other writing software I have reviewed, ShortlyAI has the simplest writing interface which is one thing I love about the software.

There is no long list of menus and options to scare you out of your wits, no several buttons, just a snippet of recent work done on the app, and the “New” button to start a new work.

This interface would make you think that ShortlyAI doesn’t have lots of features, whereas it does have.

Rather than the long list of options, ShortlyAI gives you two options regarding the type of content you want to work on; blog and story.

And so far, it produces the best quality of long-form content compared to the rest in the industry.

2. Article Brief

Another interesting feature of the Shortly writing app is its ability to understand your brief.

In the course of creating new content in the app text editor, you’ll see a small box meant for adding an article brief.

The purpose of the box is for you to write a few lines or a brief description of the article you want to write about; that will give the AI some insight into your desired blog post and will provide you with potentially better outputs.

3. Output Length

While writing an article with the Shortly AI editor, there’s room for you to use a slider to change your preferred article word count or the amount of text to be generated whenever you click on the ‘write for me’ feature. 

This particular feature is very vital these days as most AI writing tools are not good at generating longer text for content at once.

So if you realized that your ShortlyAI output word count or text quality is below your expectations, you can change the output length and this helps a lot.

And my preferred way to use it is to reduce the output length per section and do it step by step till you have a complete long-form article.

This way, you’ll obtain a better quality. 

4. Shortly AI ‘Write for me’ feature

Interestingly, the ‘write for me’ feature is there to come to your rescue whenever you hit writer’s block. 

All you have to do is to press ‘write for me’ and the ShortlyAI text generator will come to you and continue from where you stopped in your voice.

What’s more, if you are not satisfied with what the tool generated for you, you have the luxury to undo the work or even press the ‘regenerate’ button for a better result. 

The text editor is very similar to Google Docs, so you’ll not have a hard time using the software. 

5. Availability of Text Commands

In addition, there is the availability of text commands feature on Shortly AI.

This feature enhances the user to subject the writing app to deep research on a particular keyword instead of using the writing functions in the main menu.

For instance, by writing or instructing the Shortly AI to — write about the present weather situation in Colorado —  you are obviously telling the AI article writer what you want. 

In that case, you can refine your instruction further by including any sign (let’s say plus or minus) at the end of the root keywords you want the ShortlyAI writing tool to talk or write about. 

So if you typed, “write about the present weather situation in Colorado. + Raining – Sunny” – etc., you are asking the app to talk more on rainy weather and less on Sunny!

Not limited to that, there are several other text commands on Shortly that can be used to the writer’s advantage.

These commands include  /expand , /rewrite, /shorten, etc.

6. Unique and original text output

Another noteworthy feature of this AI article writing application is its ability to produce unique, value-driven, and original text output regardless of the user’s desired word count.

That is to say, whatever the output of your text is on the Shortly writing app, it is utterly original and purely unique.

You won’t ever find any red flag there when you run a plagiarism check on it.

7. Availability of handy slider

There is also what is called a handy slider on the Shortly app.

With this feature, you will be able to adjust how much of the article is being generated or the exact word count to generate each time you run the tool. 

Shortly AI Copy Examples

Now, I’ll show you some ShortlyAI copy examples.

These examples are real contents generated via this interesting tool. Without further delay, I will start typing now:

/Instruct (I need a blog post on: do bees sting all the time?)

The screenshot below is the result generated:

You can make use of Shortly AI to write absolutely any part of your content.

The text commands are also there to make the job easy.

Who is Shortly AI For?

Be informed that the Shortly AI is a writing tool and it can generate anything you so wish to write. Specifically, it is meant for everyone who uses words or deals with content. 

So irrespective of whether you are a business owner, freelance writer, affiliate marketer, or the likes,  ShortlyAI is there to cut you some slack in terms of content creation.

Without further ado,  highlighted below is the class of people who Shortly AI is meant for:

1. Content Writers and Bloggers

Shortly AI app is a popular GPT-3 based software that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate and write good articles and content copy. 

Premise on the above, as a content writer, you can use this writing AI to your advantage without putting your client in danger. 

How will you feel if you use ShortlyAI to write an article of about 5000+ words that are supposed to take you 4-5 days to complete within 2-3 hours?

I guess you’ll feel relieved and fulfilled.

Yes, that’s how I used to feel too. So if you are a content writer or blogger, then you should try this tool out. 

2. Copywriters

Tired of writing sales copy that neither converts nor brings sales?

What will be your reaction if you can use Shortly AI to produce a better copy with a high conversion rate?

Well, with the help of ShortlyAI, you can generate a plethora of copies that will be pleasing.

Ads copies will look like they were written by one of the best copywriters.

More so, since AI writes faster and better than a human copywriter, you can use the instruction command to ask the app to generate ads or sales copy for you.

3. Author or fictional writer

Fictional writers or authors of any kind can make use of Shortly in the course of writing a book.

As a fictional writer or author, open the Shortly app and click on the “create a new document”. There, you will be redirected to the ideal place where you can “write a story”. 

Once you are at the “write a story” corner, click on the button and start putting your idea down. Before you know it, your first book will be ready with Shortly AI.

Shortly AI Pricing

How much does Shortly AI cost?

shortlyai pricing

Below is the breakdown analysis of Shortly AI pricing and subscription plans.

Shortly AI comes with two distinctive pricing plans; monthly and yearly plans.

The monthly subscription plan costs $79 for an unlimited number of words throughout the month.

This particular plan is recommended for freelance writers with few clients or business owners with limited resources. 

On the other hand, the yearly subscription plan will cost $65 every month ( to be multiplied by 12 months).

Since you’ll be paying yearly, a 40% discount will be given to you.

Also, this subscription payment equates to two months of unlimited access to Shortly AI for free. Perhaps, there’s no better way to save costs than going for the yearly plan.

The plan is great for copywriters, bloggers, and top business enterprises.

Get started with Shortly AI here

Shortly AI Pros and Cons

Having used and got myself acquainted with the Shortly AI app, the following are what I consider to be the ups and downs of this leading article writing tool.  

Pros of Shortly AI

  • It is easy to use
  • Availability of simple but powerful interface
  • It can be used to generate different kinds of content that are suitable for different purposes
  • Regardless of the subscription plan you are using, Shortly AI offers unlimited words credit
  • It’s very fast
  • Minimal interface
  • Complete freedom
  • It has human-like quality and creativity
  • Shortly AI has a very strong bond with Grammarly
  • Availability of powerful commands for making the tasks a lot easier; etc

Cons of Shortly AI

  • It always provides wrong statistics and inadequate pricing data and as such, you’ll have to correct it
  • Lack of integration
  • Limited features (it is mostly suitable for long-form content and stories)

Final Verdict – Is Shortly AI Worth It?

The obvious fact that the technology behind the powerful Shortly AI article writing app is incredibly impressive cannot be denied. 

On several occasions, I have tried to find a trace of plagiarism on content written by Shortly AI but couldn’t find one. 

All of the articles I have generated using the application appear to be unique and completely fresh. So I give Shortly AI an A+ in this regard.

However, when it comes to writing technical articles or blog posts like tutorial topics, ShortlyAI can only offer little value here because a robot will always be a robot.  

Absolutely, all AI writing tools are just not perfect enough to figure out what the audience needs 100%, they only talk about the subject matter and even go off-topic sometimes.

Even where the points are reasonably related to the topic, the content could be repetitive. You can’t get away from all these messages if you use Shortly AI to craft your content.

As good as the ShortlyAI tool is, you still have to spend a tremendous amount of time proofreading, cleaning up, editing the mess or useless text output it produces.

Either way, I strongly recommend ShortlyAI to creators, bloggers, authors, and other professionals that create long-form content.

It offers a free trial which is the best place to start from, to test out the software yourself.

Click here to claim your Shortly AI account here

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