Snazzy AI review

Wondering if SmartCopy AI by Unbounce writing assistant is what it is, as you might have heard?

Here’s a detailed SmartCopy AI review where I put the tool to the test.

As a content creator and business owner, you will agree that the struggles surrounding content creation are real. 

Speaking of the amount of time and money we spend on content every month plus the endless fight against writer’s block when there are deadlines to meet.

But there’s good news.

With the introduction of AI copywriting software, copywriting has never been this easier.

Copywriting software like SmartCopy AI makes it possible to write your copy in less than a minute. 

As attractive as this sounds, these tools aren’t yet perfect because this is just the beginning; some features can be improved to make it better – another way to say SmartCopy AI comes with its benefits and glitches. 

But despite that, these tools can be a solid weapon to wield as a content creator to create as fast as possible.

In this SmartCopy AI review, I dive into its features, pricing, benefits, and, most importantly, shortcomings.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the review.

What’s Smart Copy AI by Unbounce?

SmartCopy AI by Unbounce

SmartCopy AI is an AI copywriting software that auto-generates original copy and content.

It requires you to input some words to help the AI tool generate the right content for you.

Needless to say, It’s a relatively new software in the industry.

Launched in 2021 by Chris Frantz and Adam Kaczmarek, SmartCopy AI has built quite some reputation and buzz so fast.

Its acquisition by Unbounce (a landing page builder SaaS company) is also a sign of future developments for SmartCopy AI. This was when it was renamed from Snazzy AI to Smart Copy.

The Unbounce team has now worked on integrating both software (Unbounce and SmartCopy) to help marketers run successful campaigns.

And what this means is that we can expect more third-party integrations and new features added to the software later in the future.

For instance, in the near future, Unbounce will create landing pages and pre-fill the pages with content.

And the same thing goes for SmartCopy AI; it will generate many more types of content and serve as the one-stop-shop for businesses and entrepreneurs that create content.

How Does SmartCopy AI Work? 

SmartCopy AI uses a technology known as GPT-3 to create original content that fits your needs.

GPT-3 is an acronym for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3. It’s a model that uses deep learning to produce texts.

It isn’t the first of its kind; we have GPT-2, a model which failed to generate human-like texts.

Its shortcomings were solved and improved in GPT-3, making it better.

Besides SmartCopy AI, several other AI writing tools use the GPT-3 technology as the backbone of their software to generate good content.

And this is why the majority of AI copywriting tools work in the same manner.

That is, they require you to input some words that describe the type of content you need, the topic, and your target audience.

Using this information, SmartCopy AI then generates the copy for you. This is how SmartCopy AI works.

SmartCopy AI Benefits – What It Offers?

Having used a number of AI copywriting assistants, one thing I notice is that they all have similar features which revolve around the content style they offer.

Unlike several other software solutions with fancy feature-name, AI copywriting tools focus on simplicity and a better user interface, including SmartCopy AI.

And you shouldn’t be surprised by common marketing terms enlisted as features on these tools.

Let’s dive into the major features of SmartCopy AI by Unbounce.

1. Landing Page Copy

All businesses that sell products online need landing pages to convert their cold leads to sales.

The traditional style is to outsource your landing page copy to copywriters or agencies or better still, spend days working on it yourself.

With SmartCopy AI, you can save countless hours by letting the AI tool generate ideas for your landing page copy.

It is capable of creating an effective landing page headline, descriptions, and page copy itself.

By providing details for your landing page, SmartCopy auto-generates ideas while you get to choose your preferred copy.

One thing I love about this feature is that it doesn’t just provide the bare text but creates it with a page structure like a landing page builder would do.

Snazzy AI landing page

One can tag this as a result of the acquisition by Unbounce.

And of all the copywriting tools I have used, SmartCopy AI is the first to implement this kind of result page that even gives an idea for page structure and content format.

It also includes a CTA for your landing page alongside footer link ideas.

2. Content Templates

Besides landing page copy, SmartCopy by Unbounce can create other content styles, which are described as content templates.

It has about 27 content templates at the time of review, and the number will only keep rising as they work on more content templates.

Here is a quick breakdown of the content templates they offer:

  • Emails Copy

Writing emails can be very time-consuming, and this is why many email lists are near death.

The cause of death is most probably the inability of creators and businesses to consistently engage with their email list.

As a blogger myself, I know what it takes to write an email copy for my list.

Even though I’m better at it now than when I started, having an AI tool do the job for me is a no-brainer.

Thanks to AI copywriting tools like SmartCopy AI, you can create email copy with ease. And the best part of this is that this AI software has templates for different email types.

Most importantly, it has templates for sales outreach, pitching a VC, and pitching an Angel.

  • Paid Ads Copy

Another essential type of copy most businesses deal with is paid ads copy.

If you run lots of paid ads campaigns, then SmartCopy has you covered.

It has content templates for Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn text ads, and Amazon ads, and the list will only grow longer.

  • Website Copy

Whether you’re starting a brand new site or already have a website, there are always website copies to write.

SmartCopy offers several content templates for the different types of website copy businesses need, like a mission statement, brand statement, product description, features, benefits, header, and description, to name a few.

3. Content Expander

The Content Expander is one of the notable features of SmartCopy AI. Just as it is called, it expands the bit details you provide and generates better content ideas.

It requires you to provide a topic and a summary that helps the AI bot understand the angle of your content.

Snazzy AI content expander

You can create blog post intros, landing page copy, and product descriptions with the content expander.

4. Remix Feature

The Remix is another notable feature of SmartCopy by Unbounce. It serves the function of a paraphrasing tool.

It remixes your words to make them better. For instance, if you need more ideas to adjust your copy, Remix is the right tool to leverage.

One drawback of this feature is that it doesn’t allow you to select words you want to change and lacks several options to select from.

Instead, it auto-generates the paraphrased versions and switches the words without any option to choose words to replace.

Below is an output:

5. Languages

This is an essential feature all copywriting tools must-have in the support of multiple languages.

I would love to speak all-rosy about SmartCopy AI, but it doesn’t perform that well at this. It supports only six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Dutch.

We can only expect them to add more languages to the list. But then, do ensure it supports your preferred language.

6. Chrome Extension

SmartCopy AI’s chrome extension is by far one of its enticing features. With the chrome extension, you are not restricted to the software’s dashboard but can use it across different sites and interfaces.

SmartCopy AI Chrome extension allows you to use it similar to how you use Grammarly or even better.

The Chrome Extension allows you to either expand the highlighted texts or remix them by highlighting a text.

Below is a screenshot of how the chrome extension works:

Snazzy chrome extension

So with this, you can survey your competitors’ sites and use SmartCopy AI to generate better website copy by highlighting and remixing it.

The extension finds its application when writing on Google Docs or any other writing and editing apps, including WordPress post editor.

7. Training Resources

SmartCopy AI isn’t quite difficult to use and understand as a beginner.

It took me less than a minute to find my way around the software (well, I have already used several other AI tools before so it might be quite easy for me to adapt).

But even at that, SmartCopy has some helpful training resources to help you get the best out of its software.

First, on signing in, there are quick demo arrows to direct you on using the features in the software.

Snazzy AI resources

Also, it provides a demo video that covers everything you find in its interface.

And for a comprehensive resource, you can check out their help guide, which is on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

8. Customer Support

An important feature to always look for in software is its customer support system.

When technical problems arise, how reliable is their customer support?

You should go with a software company that provides top-notch customer service to its users, and SmartCopy AI is one of them.

It offers live chat support, which is right on its website. You can chat with the support without leaving the dashboard. 

Snazzy AI support and chat

Besides that, you can contact the support via email, which is at the bottom of their website.

A significant drawback here is that it doesn’t offer a Facebook group community where users can connect. While it has a Facebook page, it isn’t entirely effective.

But then, the live chat is quite effective as I got a response in less than 10 minutes which is helpful.

SmartCopy Copy Examples (a look into it)

Wouldn’t you want to see an example of content generated by an AI copywriting bot, specifically SmartCopy?

I tried out the majority of the features on the software to see how it performs, and here’s how the test went:

Using the SmartCopy AI Content Expander:

Here’s the test input:

Topic: Snazzy AI Review

Summary: Snazzy AI is an AI copywriting software for creating content.

On clicking the “Create” button, SmartCopy returned three different results:

  • Output #1:

SmartCopy AI is an AI copywriting software for creating awesome content. The software will create awesome, effective content for you in less than a minute. 

The software reveals two key features: idea generation and writing. It combines an awesome keyword research tool and an awesome content creation tool to create awesome written content. This awesome software reveals awesome, awesome content for your awesome website.

This awesome software will write awesome content for you on any topic you choose. With SmartCopy AI, you’ll never have boring, bland content on your blog again. It even writes titles and subtitles for you. If you are looking to make money with affiliate marketing or make blog posts quickly, Snazzy AI is the software for you. Snazzy AI also helps you boost your SEO with awesome content creation.

The Snazzy AI review will reveal how SmartCopy AI helps you boost your profits with awesome, effective content.

  • Output #2:

Join over 1,000 marketers who are already seeing the power of SmartCopy AI in action

  • Output #3:

If you are a content marketer, you have had the experience of being totally worn out from writing articles. What if you had a tool that relieved some of this burden?

Meet SmartCopy AI, a revolutionary AI copywriting software that can help you automate your content creation. SmartCopy AI has a total of 9 templates at the moment and these templates are easy to customize.  

These templates were carefully crafted with some of the best content on the web. The templates can be easily customized with your own name, images, etc. As soon as you create an account on SmartCopy AI, you can immediately begin using one of these templates.

Users will be able to enter their own information, including keywords, meta descriptions and also short descriptions. This data will then be used to write content.

To be sincere, this is nothing but fantastic. SmartCopy seems to be pretty accurate with this.

I also used the content explorer for other content unrelated to SmartCopy, and the output is quite good.

However, there are a couple of times when SmartCopy. goes off-topic, especially when using the chrome extension.

Also, while I used a single sentence in my summary, I recommend you be as detailed as possible for topics with different meanings and angles.

What I Dislike about SmartCopy AI

I know there’s no perfect tool out there. Whether we like it or not, there are always things that product creators can improve, which applies to SmartCopy AI.

But then, here are some of the things I dislike about SmartCopy:

#1. Limited Languages 

SmartCopy AI has very few languages (exactly six), which they can still improve on.

Jarvis AI, one of the industry’s leading AI software, offers about 25 languages, and some offer more languages.

While I create content in English alone, more language options will make it more global-friendly to non-native English speakers.

#2. Absence of a Plagiarism Checker

All AI copywriting tools promise 100% plagiarism-free content, but you can’t always be sure.

While SmartCopy AI passed the Grammarly plagiarism test, there are possibilities of plagiarism in future content.

For this reason, there’s a need to double-check with a plagiarism checker, and an inbuilt one is the best and most accessible.

Sadly, SmartCopy doesn’t have a plagiarism checker, and you would have to use a third-party plagiarism checker.

#3. Lacks Long-form AI writer

Another big downside (I wish SmartCopy AI has) is the lack of a long-form editor.

If you have needs or plans to create long-form or SEO-oriented blog posts – then, sorry, this isn’t a feature you’ll find here. I recommend you look elsewhere for this.

Who is Smart Copy by Unbounce For?

SmartCopy AI is for everyone who works with content, calling all content creators and business owners.

Whether you run a business or are a freelancer, you deal with content.

Here’s a breakdown of the category of people SmartCopy is best suited for:

#1. Bloggers and YouTubers

The main product bloggers create is content. Content is the lifeblood of a blogging business.

If you want to be successful with blogging, you need to create as much content as possible.

But then, if you’re to outsource, you need hundreds to thousands of dollars to scale your content creation process.

This is where AI copywriting software like SmartCopy AI comes in. With SmartCopy AI, you can create blog post intros and get the motivation to create content for your business.

This way, you don’t have to get stuck with writer’s block. For YouTubers, creating videos is already a hell of a task; there’s always the urge to do a lazy job with video descriptions.

SmartCopy AI will make it possible to create optimized youtube video descriptions for your videos so you can focus on creating and publishing your videos.

#2. Freelancers and Agencies

Freelancers and agencies have one thing in common; they create content as a commodity. So it’s effortless to get stuck with new ideas for your next content project. 

If you are a freelance writer, then SmartCopy is a no-brainer deal to scale your business.

Agencies can incorporate AI copywriting tools for creating content outlines and generating copy drafts.

#3. Ecommerce Brands

E-commerce brands have always had a problem with copy creation because it costs a lot to generate product descriptions for hundreds to thousands of products.

You need a custom product description and sales page copy for every new product added to the store.

And for brands that add new products to the store every day, this could mean hiring an entire copywriting team to do that in-house.

Thanks to copywriting tools like SmartCopy AI, brands can now create product descriptions, sales page copy, and ad copy for an eCommerce store with ease.

Smart Copy AI by Unbounce Pricing

Smartcopy AI pricing

Smart Copy by Unbounce has a straightforward pricing package.

It starts with a forever free plan which offers five credits per day.

A little about the credit, for every task you carry out on SmartCopy, you are charged a credit.

So the five credits will only allow you to do five different tasks on SmartCopy per day.

For instance, using the content expander to write the intro for a review blog post will cost you one credit.

On the other hand, the Premium plan costs you $25/month, and it offers unlimited credits, which means there’s no limit to the tasks and projects you can do per month.

I recommend the Premium plan as it gives no restriction to the features on the platform.

Click here to grab a SmartCopy AI free lifetime account!

SmartCopy by Unbounce Pros and Cons

Having used some other AI copywriting software, here are some of the thumbs up and thumbs down from my SmartCopy AI experience:


  • Has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • It offers a forever-free plan
  • It offers a long list of content templates
  • SmartCopy AI’s generated content looks good
  • The Chrome extension allows you to use the software on any website (Google Docs and WordPress included).
  • SmartCopy AI is very affordable
  • Has a built-in paraphrasing tool (though very basic)


  • It has limited languages (just six)
  • SmartCopy AI goes off-topic sometimes, and there’s a need to double-check on the information.
  • Lacks a plagiarism checker
  • Lack of long-form AI writer

SmartCopy AI Reviews – What Others are Saying

You know where the review is headed at this junction, whether I recommend SmartCopy AI or not.

But then, we should look into what others have to say about SmartCopy AI.

I dove into the review platforms like Product Hunt to find out what others have to say about the product and below is a snapshot:

Snazzy AI reviews

Wrapping Up on Smart Copy AI Review

From my experience in using SmartCopy by Unbounce with others’ reviews, SmartCopy AI is worth the hype.

And we can only expect this tool to get better at what they are doing. While it has limited languages, one cannot neglect the other benefits and features it offers.

The tool is consistently updated with new features, so there’s nothing to worry about.

If you’re still on the bench about whether SmartCopy AI is worth trying out, then this is my go-ahead confirmation for you.

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