Underdog Advantage review

In this The Underdog Advantage book review by Dean Graziosi – we are going to cover everything about this book.

I personally bought the book myself – so this is from a buyer perspective.

You’ll also see all the upsells in The Underdog Advantage book funnel and other hidden things you should know before purchase.

But first,

Let me ask you…

Do you feel stuck and helpless in life?

Do things look good on the outside but on the inside, you feel like a prisoner trapped in mediocrity?

Or maybe you feel like you missed your chance, or you can’t find your starting point and no matter what you do, nothing moves forward?

You feel that way because you’re an UNDERDOG!

You’re not privileged, unsupported and you lack the right resources to solve your problems.

Life is really not fair to all.

Not everyone was born wealthy, privileged and into rich families (I’m from the worst of sides). Some people struggle and are known as underdogs in society.

Do you know all your disadvantages and negative experiences in life are actually your hidden superpowers?

I think this book would help you flip that success switch in your life.

With the knowledge I found contained in this book, you can leverage your Underdog Advantage to achieve limitless potential.

How is this possible? 

Let’s jump into this Underdog Advantage review to see how.

Part #1: What Is The Underdog Advantage Book?

The Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi is a book that shows you the success road-map for ‘underdogs’. It is a guide to rewriting your future by turning your disadvantages into your superpower.

Underdog Advantage book

If you’re not privileged, unsupported and you lack the right resources to solve your problems…

You’re an UNDERDOG!


Khris is an Underdog!

This book would help you flip that success switch in your life. It takes you on a journey and shows you what successful underdogs have discovered on how to attain success.

You’ll learn how to turn your disadvantages to the fuel and hidden superpower to achieve anything you want to.

The book will show you the bright sides to begin an underdog. You’re limitless as an underdog and won’t have to worry about what public attention or opinion.

You have motivation for self-improvement and growth and can get momentum to take action easily.

In the book, you’ll learn that being an underdog is your ultimate unfair advantage to freedom, wealth, prosperity, happiness, and the life you desire!

Part #2: Meet The Creator of Underdog Advantage, Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, business speaker, and runs various multi-million, real estate business ventures.

Underdog Advantage Dean Graziosi

He is on a mission to help people become financially free and achieve happiness and success in all areas of their lives.

Dean has created several successful programs and books, one of which is a bestseller, the Millionaire Success Habits.

I think you must have also heard about the value-packed Mastermind course he did with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

You can find the free KBB webinar here.

Dean wrote the Underdog Advantage with a goal to equip you with the tactics and wisdom to turn whatever you think is a disadvantage in your life into the Ultimate Unfair Advantage.

He understands that not everyone was born wealthy and privileged.

And he wants to show you how to turn your challenges into your greatest advantage so you can attain the success and fulfillment you desire.

Part #3: What’s Inside The Underdog Advantage Book?

The 7-chapter book focuses on giving you the mindset that makes you ultimately unstoppable.

Let’s dig in and see what it entails:

Chapter #1: Underdogs Have Nothing To Lose

Wealthy people often have a lot to lose. They are rich and are usually contented with what they have and end up not doing anything.

On the other hand, underdogs are free to try bold steps and take risky solutions to solve their problems.

Dean explains this concept in this chapter and as he rightly said, underdogs have nothing to lose and can use this to do anything they want.

Chapter #2: Underdogs Can Use “The Power Of You Can’t”

Has someone ever told you you CAN’T do something?

How did it feel?

I bet you’ll feel that burning desire to prove the person wrong and achieve what they say you can’t.

That burning desire is a powerful motivator and would serve as fuel for your continuous action and growth.

Dean Graziosi talks more about the power of YOU CAN’T in chapter 2 of the Underdog Advantage book. He opined that underdogs are in luck to have a source of fuel for all their needs with the power of can’t.

One the other hand, privileged people lack motivation since they have what they desire.

Chapter #3: Underdogs Act Fast And Improve Quickly

Underdogs are likely to think fast, act fast and grow fast.


They don’t have much time to do everything possible to get out of their problem as fast as they can.

They take more quick shots at success and would eventually attain it.

On the other hand, rich people are often contented and satisfied with their privileges.

They hardly seem to make any effort to do stuff quickly. Privileged people don’t rush and could try out one idea for months, even years.

Chapter #4: Underdogs Are Relentlessly Resourceful

Underdogs are resourceful people. They are free to take risks and do whatever they can to get to where they want to be.

They aren’t rich yet so they have so they end up using every useful resource at their disposal to solve their problems.

On the other hand, rich people are bound by different standards. They don’t behave differently due to the privileges they have.

Chapter #5: Underdogs Can Self-Educate

Rich people are often too lazy to keep learning and improving.

They have MONEY along with privileges and could get whatever they want. There’s no point in learning stuff since they already have a good life, right?

However, to stay afloat and in the game, underdogs have to keep learning and improving themselves to get better.

They must indulge in continuous self-education and self-growth to survive.

Chapter #6: Underdogs Don’t Have To Care What Other People Think

Underdogs don’t attract public attention and opinion. They are free from that and can do what they see fit.

Even if they fail, no one will know or even care. They are not popular and not one person knows or cares about what they do.

And hence, they can fail as many times till they attain desired success

However, being rich and privileged attracts public eyes and attention to you.

You’ll be on the move to satisfy public opinion and expectations. You can’t fail and must act to satisfy the public.

Chapter #7: Underdogs Can Turn Desperation Into Persuasion

The ‘power of you can’t’ isn’t the only source of motivation available to underdogs.


Underdogs can turn their desperation into fuel for taking action and growth.

When you’re broke, hungry and sick, you’ll be forced to do whatever you can to solve your problems and achieve desired results.

Part #4: The Underdog Advantage Price & Bonuses

Dean Graziosi’s Underdog Advantage is a free plus shipping offer. You only need to pay shipping and handling and this would cost you about $8.97 for local and $16.97 for international shipping.

Dean is interested in helping you attain financial independence and smashing your goals.

He is giving you all the necessary resources you need to get set up for success with the book.

Going through this book is like drinking from a fire hose and the same time downloading all ENERGY required to conquer in a battlefield.


Here are some free bonuses along with the Underdog Advantage book so you can boost your success.

Bonus 1: Free Seat at Dean Graziosi’s LIVE online training

In this workshop, Dean will reveal how you can get paid for what you’re already GOOD at doing from anyone, anywhere in the world.

This workshop will ultimately serve as your entry point into the profitable knowledge industry.

He will show you the exact way to take advantage of the unique skills and expertise you have and start making money with it.

Bonus 2: Access To The Better Life Challenge

As part of the bonuses for buying the Underdog Advantage book, you’ll gain the life-long secrets to more FREEDOM, MONEY, and HAPPINESS in 2 minutes or less a day.

You’ll get access to a better life challenge and stand a chance to win cool prizes like a new car.

Bonus 3: Go Through The Book With Dean

You’ll get advanced video training where Dean goes through every chapter of the book and lets you experience a total underdog immersion.

This bonus helps you make the most from the book as you read through the book with Dean and get his thoughts on every chapter.

Bonus 4: Professionally Designed Digital Version Of The Book

You’ll get a digital copy of the Underdog Advantage which allows you to read on the go, from any device.

Bonus 5: Access To Dean’s Productivity And Journaling Training

Learn secrets to productivity and outcome journaling from Dean in closed-door training to scale your life and career.

Bonus 6: Invitation To The Private DG Family Facebook Group

Joining a community of like-minded folks is important when pursuing success. As part of the bonus for getting a copy of the book, you’ll get access to the DG Family Facebook Group.

Here you can interact with other followers of Dean Graziosi and get inspiration from other ms to take action.

Part #5: The Underdog Advantage Book Order Bumps & Upsells

Now lets take a look at some of the backend offers or upsells in the Underdog Advantage book funnel:

After filling in your shipping details from the order page – you’ll be taken to the next page where you input your credit card info.

Then DOUBLE order bump offers upgrades for extra values…

The Underdog Advantage Order Bumps

Order Bump #1: The Success Bundle

Underdog Advantage bump

  • The Underdog Advantage Hardcover Book + Ebook ($19.97 value)
  • 2 Better Life Journals ($49.94 value)
  • Millionaire Success Habits book ( $19.97 value)

The entire success bundle is sold at $37 instead of $89.88 for a limited time.

That’s a whopping 58% discount and a chance to save over $50 when you buy the success bundle as an upgrade to the Underdog Advantage book.

Order Bump #2: Jumpstart Your Success Course

This is an in-depth course by Dean Graziosi and Brendon Burchard (high-performance coach) that dives deep into the tools and strategies you can use to crush PROCRASTINATION and jumpstart your SUCCESS with massive action.

The course works in synergy with the Underdog Advantage book. It would do great to get this course at a discounted price.

The $127 valued course comes at a discounted price of $29 when you buy it as an upgrade to the book.

The Underdog Advantage Upsells

There was about 2 core upsells after my initial checkout of the book. Then at the end of the upsells I got the below invitation:

Underdog advantage upsell kbb

That was an invitation to the free KBB webinar by Dean and Tony.

About the first two upsells:

Upsell #1: The Underdog Advantage Audio Book

This is where you get the full recording of the book – read by Dean himself. Maybe you’d like to listen to the audio version of the book.

Underdog Advantage audiobook Option

This upsell is the only place and opportunity you have to get the audio version of the Underdog Advantage book, and the audiobook costs only $47.

The better part?

When you add this to your purchase – you get 4 Other Courses FREE.

Upsell #2: 1 Year INNER CIRCLE Monthly LIVE Coaching With Dean

This is a no-brainer offer!

In the second book upsell you get 1 year of VIP access to Dean’s online inner circle. Plus a bunch of The Unstoppable Confidence mini-courses by 6 experts.

You’ll literally work together with Dean every month to scale your marketing – mindset & momentum!

This upsell costs $97 for a 95% discount. Only found inside the Underdog Advantage book funnel.

Part #6: The Underdog Advantage Testimonials

There are thousands of testimonials – all around the web on the impact this book has brought to lives – including mine.

But below are only a few ones from familiar names in the entrepreneurship industry:

Here is a testimonial from Tony Robbins (who created the Knowledge Broker Blueprint) along with Dean.

Dean Graziosi is a dear friend and an absolute genius in the area of human potential. In his new book, Underdog Advantage, he’ll show you how to turn challenges and failures into your greatest unfair advantage, unleash your drive and hunger to push your way to the top, and create the level of success and fulfillment you desire and deserve. A must-read for anyone looking to tap into their true potential. – TONY ROBBINS

Here is another testimonial from Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels)

What if everything that you thought was weakness was actually your superpower? What if the things that you thought were holding you back were the exact things you were given to make you great? Dean’s new book not only shows you that being an underdog can be your unfair advantage, but it also gives you a powerful framework that will help you turn your ‘weaknesses’ into your greatest strengths. – RUSSELL BRUNSON

And here’s one from Jenna Kutcher about The Underdog Advantage Book.

We’ve all felt like an underdog at some point, right? Underdog Advantage will make you feel seen, heard, and understood, but beyond that, it’ll help you to see that the things that have made you feel ‘less-than’ are the exact things that will propel you to the places you’ve been dreaming of. – JENNA KUTCHER

More testimonials from here.

The Underdog Advantage Book Review – Final Thoughts

In the Underdog Advantage book, Dean Graziosi will show you how to rewrite your future by turning your disadvantages into your superpower.

It details the positive sides of being less privileged and shows you how to turn those weaknesses into incredible sources of motivation to take action and change your life ultimately.

We’ve all being underdogs at a point in our lives. This isn’t our fault, really.

With this book, you would know how to channel being an underdog into your growth and success.

The book is FREE (you cover shipping costs only) and comes with other incredible bonuses! Unless you decide to buy the awesome upsells too.

Click Here To Get Your Own Copy Now!

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