Hey, welcome to my Traffic Secrets review.

My name is Khris Steven and I’m here to walk you through on some of the things you need to know about Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book (free plus shipping) and the course itself.

This post used to be a review for the traffic secrets course Russell acquired from John Reese.

But I had to give it retouch since Russell released the new book already. On the 17th of March 2020.

You can get the free book at TrafficSecrets.com it comes with quite some cool bonuses as well.

I myself have been waiting for a very long time for this book, and I’ve ordered one for myself. It’s a free plus shipping offer.

Who doesnt need traffic?

Why Traffic?

As we all know, traffic is the bloodline of every online business.

Without traffic in any business, it dies a slow cold death.

How have you been driving traffic to your sales funnel?

  • Purely organic SEO?
  • Facebook Ads?
  • Or through YouTube?
  • Maybe via Facebook groups?

There are tons of traffic sources, really.

Permit me to ask:

What if Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and all the big marketing platforms came crashing down today, would your business still have traffic?

How would you love to learn how to drive quality traffic through various sources that generate leads that turn to sales? So that when one platform crashes, your business won’t crash along with it.

The last time I checked it doesn’t make sense for you to have all your eggs in one basket. Does it?

No matter the number of sales and traffic you are getting now, I still believe you want to drive MORE traffic, leads and sales to your online business.

Who doesn’t want more btw?

Traffic Secrets book is Russel Brunson’s (ClickFunnels CEO) new book. No, the book is different from the Traffic secrets membership course that has been available for a while now.

Check out the below where he reads secret #2 of the book:

The course contains some strategies that would help you generate traffic to your sales funnel and grow your business. But it’s kinda outdated.

As for the Traffic secrets book – it just got released.

Even though I haven’t gotten my hands on the book yet, I will share with you some of the things to expect from the book.

You can see the book chapters and all the sections here.

Traffic Secrets logo

Here are some of the things covered in this Traffic Secrets review:

Part #1: What Is Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets is a book that was created to help you get more traffic (your dream customers) into your websites and funnels.

The latest Russell book lays out the proven strategies on how you can drive TRAFFIC to your online business or sales funnel to grow your business.

Traffic secrets book copy

In Russell Brunson’s words:

This book shows the simple process that we have used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to our sites every month. It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.

May I also bring it to your notice that – Russell Brunson isn’t the original creator of Traffic Secrets. Yup!

I’m talking about the course, not the book.

If it’s not him then who?!

Part #2: Who Created Traffic Secrets?

Of course for the book, Russell is the author.

The course itself was originally created by John Reese.

John Reese is a legendary online marketer who set a record by making $1 million in about 18 hours.

He set that record by selling the Traffic Secrets membership course online after he originally created it. The record set by John was a big one for marketers and it changed how marketers thought about making money online.

Russell was hugely inspired by John’s $1 million records in online sales that he began to follow John closely and even modeled his strategies.

It wasn’t long before He (Russell) offered John $1 million to purchase his Traffic Secrets course (after negotiations).

Yes, Russell bought the full rights to the full Traffic Secrets course and all its content for $1 million.

He made the course available on the ClickFunnels membership site and then brainstormed his own traffic strategies (for 2 years) in the form of a book which he just released.

Part #3: How Much Do Traffic Secrets Cost?

Now that we’ve seen the enormous value contained in the course, let’s talk about its pricing.

The Traffic Secrets book happens to be a free plus shipping offer. You only pay for shipping which costs $9.95 if you’re in the US and $19.95 for international orders.

Are there upsells too?

Yes, there are upsells presented after you buy the book, lets take a look at them:

  • Traffic Secrets audiobook for $37
  • Traffic Secrets live event for $97
  • Box set containing Traffic secrets, Dotcom Secrets (updated version), Experts Secrets (updated version) and Unlock the Secrets + OFA digital version for $197
  • Funnel tracking software for $397
Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book

How about the course?

As for the course, you can’t really buy that anywhere unless you get it as an upsell in one of Rusell’s funnel.


You can either get the Traffic Secrets course as part of a package deal or as an upsell. And the price you’ll pay for the course varies based on the package you buy it with.

Let me show you what I mean…

Package #1: Funnel Builder Secrets (free offer)

You can get the Traffic Secrets course if you buy the Funnel Builder Secrets ClickFunnels package.

Funnel Builder Secrets starts at $1,997 and comes with 6-months – 12-months of free access to ClickFunnels, Funnel Scripts along with other mouth-watering bonuses (which includes Traffic Secrets course).

Package #2: One Funnel Away Challenge (upsell)

You can also get the Traffic Secrets course as a one-click upsell (OTO) if you buy the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The price stated here is usually $297 for the course plus the other product. You can enroll for the next OFA challenge at:


Part #4: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets is a book where you’ll learn various tactics on how you can drive endless traffic to your sales funnel and grow your business. It contains 20 secrets on driving targeted traffic.

How much is the Traffic Secrets book?

The Traffic Secrets book is a free plus shipping offer. The shipping fee costs $9.95 if you’re in the US and $19.95 if you’re outside the US. You also have an option to get the audiobook.

How can I order the Traffic Secrets book?

You can get a hold of the traffic secrets book from the official website. But I’ll highly appreciate if you get it from this page so that you have access to some free traffic generation software to help you implement the book and also support my new project of helping orphans in Africa with my lifetime Traffic Secrets commissions.

Part #5: What’s Inside Traffic Secrets Course Itself?

The course is quite detailed and covers a lot of strategies discussed in 24 meaty modules.

Traffic secrets course area

Let’s take an inside look at the content of the course:

Module 1: The Foundation ($47 Value)

Just like the title says, module 1 lays the foundation for the remaining strategies discussed in the rest of the course. This chapter would welcome you to core concepts like Domain names, Branding, Investing early and Target markets.

It’s like an introduction to the whole concept of the course so you should not skip it.

Especially if you’re a total beginner or tech newbie. John would walk you through the Google Analytics dashboard and shows you how to set it up.

He also shows you how to leverage the tool in specific ways along the line in the course.

FB pixels could prove complicated to understand, especially for the tech newbies.

But fret not.

John also shows you how to set up FB pixels on your site as part of the foundational module.

Cool, yeah?

Module 2: Market Discovery ($97 Value)

This module teaches all you need to know about discovering your target market.

You’ll learn about:

  • Your  target market and what they care about
  • Where they hang out online
  • Keywords to use in finding them
  • Ad copy they will respond to
  • How to keep up with trends

John would teach you how to use the Google Trends tool to identify gaps in the market.

Generally, module 2 of the Traffic Secrets course would teach you how to spy on your competitors by monitoring their advertising and joining their email list.

Once you put these market research strategies in play and see what’s working, you won’t waste time on dead-end niches.

Module 3: Copywriting Secrets ($197 Value)

Copywriting is important in your business. If you get traffic but have terrible sales copy, the traffic won’t convert.

And you’ll end up not making sales.

This traffic secrets module would teach you secrets about writing a great marketing copy.

Although it doesn’t go in-depth, there are still some useful gems you can take away from this module.

To learn in-depth about writing great copy, you could check out the Copywriting Secrets book by Jim Edwards.

Also, Funnel Scripts is an epic piece of software you could make use of to generate copy plus it comes with a ton of incredible bonuses.

Module 4: Keyword Science ($97 Value)

This module covers the science of keywords.

You would learn the basics of keyword research, keyword targeting and recognizing keyword intent.

The module will introduce you to keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Spy, and Ubersuggest.

Although most of the info provided in the module is quite outdated, you’ll still gain some key takeaways that would prove useful.

So don’t skip it and learn about keywords.

Off to the next module…

Module 5: Email Marketing Tactics ($147 Value)

An email list is your most valuable asset and traffic source.

And you’ll need to learn how to grow it and also take care of it as it grows.

This module teaches proven email marketing tactics and strategies that work.

You’ll learn how to automate email campaigns and generate traffic from your email list to your site.

In the same module, you’ll learn ways to turn your email list subscribers into loyal ones, best email sending times plus tricks to skyrocket your opt-in rates.

I bet you won’t wanna miss out on all this value.

Module 6: Borrowing Traffic ($147 Value)

Do you think it’s possible to borrow traffic?

Yes, it is.

And module 6 of the Traffic Secrets course would show you just how you can get websites and influencers all over the internet to borrow your traffic.

And guess what?

You won’t have to pay for the traffic until it converts. It’s affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a powerful, low-cost way to generate traffic to your site.

The process is straightforward. Start an affiliate program, recruit affiliates to promote for your business and wait for sales to topple in.

You’ll learn some more concepts in this module such as:

  • 3 ways to get your affiliates to grow your list for you
  • The #1 most effective way to get new affiliates
  • How to use contests to motivate your affiliates
  • And more…

Module 7: Shopping Engines & Amazon ($97 Value)

This module contains incredible tactics that you can use to generate traffic via e-commerce.

You would learn how you can use Amazon’s product advertising API to boost the credibility of your e-commerce site.

Once you join Amazon’s affiliate program, you can then embed their product listings onto your site.

This module also teaches you:

  • Why price comparisons can send millions of clicks to your online store
  • How to leverage Amazon Kindle books to generate free opt-in leads on autopilot
  • How to get e-commerce products listed on shopping sites

Module 8: Traffic Formulas ($97 Value)

This module is important because it teaches you the driving theories behind all the other traffic strategies taught in the Traffic Secrets course.

You’ll learn the 3 core ways to grow a business which are:

  • Lower your cost per visitor
  • Increase traffic volume
  • Raise your average visitor value.

You’ll also get expert advice on how to split test and how to mine traffic inside your individual ad campaigns from John.

Module 9: Buying Media & Sponsorships ($97 Value)

In module 9 of the Traffic Secrets course, you’ll learn exactly how to buy media Ads and sponsorships.

John would show you how to get your Ads running across major news sites like CNN, Fox News, and ESPN.

Also, you’ll learn proven techniques for running all sorts of ads like:

  • Banner ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Text ads
  • Buttons
  • Interstitials
  • And more.

You’ll learn how to find the best-performing media creatives in your market by spying on your competition.

Module 10: Google Adwords ($247 Value)

This Google Adwords module is the lengthiest module in the Traffic Secrets membership course.

It contains over two dozen individual lessons on how to leverage and master Google AdWords to drive traffic to your site.

In module 10, you’ll learn how to:

  • Earn a high-quality score for your landing pages
  • Drive tons of laser-targeted traffic
  • Strategically use different keywords

John would also show you tips for optimizing ad copy to gain maximum clicks and other cool tricks.

Module 11: Podcasts & Broadcasts ($197 Value)

Do you know you could drive enormous traffic to your site with a podcast?

I guess you know now.

This module talks about how to start a podcast and use it to drive traffic to your funnels.

You’ll also learn how to hack the Apple iTunes podcast directory and rank at the top.

I know you may be thinking.

“Oh no! I have a horrible voice that sucks. No one would definitely listen if I started a podcast…”


As John would teach you exactly how you can outsource the podcasting process in this module. If you don’t wanna talk on the podcast or don’t have time on your side to run it.

When you outsource, you’ll be able to focus on making money with the podcast.

Module 12: Mobile App Marketing ($197 Value)

People use mobile apps daily.

They are used by billions of people daily. What if you had a mobile app for your business that drives traffic to your sales funnel?

This module teaches you how to use mobile apps to drive traffic essentially to your landing pages and sales funnel.

You’ll learn how:

  • To get your mobile app made
  • To use them to get more email subscribers
  • To get more buyers
  • To get your apps to rank at the top of the App Store.

John would basically teach you how to turn your mobile app to another traffic stream for your business.

Module 13: Softwares & Widgets ($47 Value)

Unlike the previous module, this module teaches you how to leverage software and widgets to drive traffic.

The major idea behind this concept is to give out software as a lead magnet and use it to generate leads. Then you can drive traffic from the software to your landing page or sales funnel.

Module 14: Facebook Ads ($247 Value)

Crushing Facebook Ads could prove challenging.

You’ll have to toil through a steep learning curve to get really good at it.

Plus it’s quite complex and you would probably need to take another course asides Traffic Secrets to master the techniques involved.

This long module teaches about running Facebook Ads.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create high-converting Facebook Ads
  • How to create Facebook Ads by demographic group
  • How to track which Ads are converting
  • Facebook retargeting strategies
  • And so much more

Module 15: Traffic Retargeting ($147 Value)

When someone visits your landing page or sales funnel and leaves without buying, you lose ad money. But with retargeting, you can show your ad again to them again at an even lesser cost.

This module shows you how to retarget properly and show your ad to people who have had previous interaction with your brand.

Retargeting would help you skyrocket conversions and keeps customer acquisition costs low.

Module 16: International Opportunities ($97 Value)

How about penetrating into untapped markets and getting traffic from other countries?

This part of traffic secrets would walk you through how to expand into other foreign markets.

You’ll also learn how you can find affordable language translation experts to help with your translation needs.

Module 17: Social Media Strategy ($197 Value)

Social media is the backbone of online marketing and advertising.

It is the major source of traffic and leads generation for marketers and online business owners. In module 17 of the Traffic Secrets course, John walks you through major social media platforms.

He talks about their peculiarities and how you can use them to drive quality traffic and generate qualified leads to your business.

Essentially, you’ll learn about the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Also, you’ll learn how to use Buzzsumo to find high-converting content and headlines.

Module 18: Traffic Recycling ($147 Value)

This module teaches you how you can turn site visitors into lead magnets that will deliver warm buyers to your doorsteps.

John discusses crafty strategies such as:

  • How to amplify your Facebook likes and shares
  • How to integrate different social media accounts to create a promotional powerhouse
  • How to run your email into a traffic-generating machine
  • How to use a Rafflecopter to host promotional contest across social media platforms
  • And much more

Module 19: Google SEO ($197 Value)

This module discusses SEO tactics and strategies. (my favorite traffic generation tactic!)

John covers the core concepts of SEO which include on-page and off-page SEO.

SEO changes pretty fast so it shouldn’t be surprising to find some of the info and tools talked about in this module outdated. But the module is quite a good one and would be useful for beginners and advanced SEOs alike.

Module 20: Building A Content Factory ($97 Value)

As a follow up to module 19, John shows you the process of building quality content that Google and your audience will love in module 20.

Quality content is what drives organic traffic (which costs far less than paid traffic) to your site by ranking new pages on the search engine.

This module would take you through tips on how to create quality content that would rank and provide value to your audience.

If you don’t have the time or knack to write, you’ll also learn how to outsource to a team of writers and build a solid content-generating machine.

Module 21: Content Curation Methods ($97 Value)

Do you know you can leverage other people’s content LEGALLY to get traffic and leads coming your way?

Well, there are ways.

And you’ll find out how you can in module 21 of the Traffic Secrets course.

This module would teach you how to:

  • Create round-up posts
  • Use someone’s infographic to get social shares and links
  • Use someone’s YouTube videos to drive traffic to your site

Module 22: YouTube Marketing ($197 Value)

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and could prove as a significant traffic stream for your business.

This module would teach you how you can use YouTube as a powerful way to reach massive audiences.

In module 22, John would show you techniques on how to:

  • Target keywords
  • Optimize your YouTube channel
  • Conquer YouTube’s algorithms so your video ranks high

Module 23: Expansion & Scalability ($47 Value)

In this module, you’ll learn the importance of branching out into other markets and other traffic sources with time.

John would teach you to try new traffic generation strategies and how to split test also.

Module 24: The Master Plan ($97 Value)

It’s the endgame here.

The final module of the Traffic Secrets sees John layout a master plan to help you stay focused and organized while you implement the strategies in the Traffic Secrets course to grow your traffic.

Final Thoughts – Traffic Secrets Review?

Now here’s the big question:

Should you get the Traffic Secrets book?

Let me ask you some questions…

Are you new to traffic acquisition and you want to start with the basics, then build from there?

Or you don’t know what traffic is but you’ve hard it is what keeps a business alive and would love to learn how to get more?

Are you a business owner (in any industry) who’s hit a rock and you need to get back on track with traffic, leads, and sale?

You don’t have your own product but would love to learn how to drive traffic to affiliate products you’re promoting and make sales?

I could go on to list more instances but you should know better – because every business needs traffic to thrive. I myself personally need consistent traffic to remain in business, make money, impact lives and live life on my own terms.


Without traffic, you get no leads and without leads, you get no sales. And without sales, you go broke, run out of business and frustrated.

(I refuse to be frustrated please!)

That was why I need to improve and scale my business by ordering the book. To scale and improve my traffic skills.

From the outline, it contains strategies that are pretty easy to implement even for a noob.

Many businesses don’t have a proper plan for generating traffic. They just create content and funnels and burn money on Ads that don’t convert with no remorse.

It should not be hard with the RIGHT tactics.

This book will show you step-by-step on how to leverage all the myriad of traffic sources. You’ll get a foundational understanding of the strategies in driving traffic.

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