Unbounce Pricing 2020: How Much Does It Cost?

Unbounce pricing

In this post, I am going to be addressing the full pricing and cost of Unbounce individual plans.

How they compare to each other and what you get in each of the plans. Plus getting the BEST DEAL.

Not just that…

We shall both take a look at the best Unbounce plan for small, medium, large, and cooperate business owners.

First, here is a brief break down on the cost of Unbounce:

Unbounce pricing is divided into 3 tiers which are the Essential Plan, the Premium Plan, and the Enterprise Plan, costing $99/mo, $199/mo and $499/mo respectively after the free 30-day trial period.

There is also a yearly option for each of the pricing plans where you get a 20% discount off the monthly price.

And about the yearly discount, we shall talk about it and other special Unbounce offers at the end of this pricing review.

Even though we have done an Unbounce review some time ago, let’s do a quick recap to what Unbounce really is before we dive into what you get in each of these plans.

A Quick Recap On Unbounce

Unbounce, created in 2009 by CEO Rick Perreault and five other co-founders as the oldest landing page building tool, is a powerful tool for building professionally looking landing pages for PPC advertiser, optimized for conversions, increasing sales and getting leads.

Ever since they’ve have emerged as one of the top choices for marketers and businesses who desire to utilize landing pages in increasing awareness and sales.

In a short sentence:

Unbounce is a tool for building conversion-driven landing pages.

Unbounce Plans Cost and Pricing

As you already know, Unbounce has only three pricing plans, Essential, Premium, and Enterprise, and these plans offer different features for your specific need – as to the size of your business.

Even when you opt for Unbounce lowest plan (Essential) you’re sure to get value for your money.

Let us start with the lowest:

Unbounce Essential Plan

Costs $99/mo and $79/annual billing

The Unbounce Essential plan offers you a bunch of tools to help you build any type of pages well optimized for higher conversion.

Essential plan - Unbounce

It is perfect for choice if you’re getting started, small and mid-sized businesses and you get access to the following:

  • 75 published landing pages

These ready-made landing pages are already built to convert; however, you can twist things to suit your idea need even without writing a single line of code. The Drag and Drop tool helps you to do this.

  • 8 Popups and Sticky Bars

These are a cool offer too for your investment. How professional it is for you to display relevant messages to your blog readers and page visitors at the right time and in strategic places, very useful for e-commerce owners.

This tool helps you to design any form of Popups and Sticky Bars on your pages.

  • Customizable templates

This Unbounce pricing plan offers 100+ templates to make a quick selection from, no coding experience is needed. Just choose professional-looking templates, and you’re done.

  • WordPress integration

You can publish Unbounce landing pages to any WordPress site with just a few clicks. This can be easily accomplished using the Unbounce WordPress plugin.

  • Unlimited domains

Unbounce gives unlimited domains so you can manage all of your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars in one place.

Although you can also publish your landing pages directly on your own domain or WordPress site.

  • Free Professional Photos from Unsplash

You can access more than 850,000 copyright-free images from Unsplash and add them to your landing page directly from Unbounce Builder.

  • Dynamic Text Replacement

One of my most loved features of a landing page.

DTR increases the relevancy of your PPC campaigns by inserting specific phrases according to what users are searching for – leading to more conversions.

  • A/B Testing

With this feature, you’ll be able to split traffic between various versions of a landing page popup, sticky bars so you can decide which performs better.

  • Zapier Integration

This integration allows you to automate your mundane and repetitive tasks by connecting Unbounce to more than 60 apps and over 900 through Zapier interface.

  • HubSpot Integration

Another integration that enables you to instantly send Unbounce leads to any HubSpot campaign.

  • Infusionsoft Integration

This also works in the same manner HubSpot integration works. It allows your Unbounce leads to be automatically sent to any Infusionsoft campaign.

  • Customer Support

The customer support is available to all users on all Unbounce pricing plans. Phone, Email, and Livechat.

  • Google Single Sign-On (SSO)

No need for complicated sign-up and login processes. You can do that from your Google account.

  • Unlimited Users

This is a feature that allows you to add an unlimited number of users to have to your account.

  • Speed Boost

All the Google PageSpeed best practices are implemented on all your Unbounce landing pages.

  • GDPR Compliance

The data you collect with and on your Unbounce pages is processed and in accordance with GDPR requirements.

This makes Unbounce a more secure platform – protecting you and your customers’ private data.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This serves as extra security. 2FA allows you to require your mobile device to be used in order to log in.

  • SSL Encryption

Unbounce goes to the extra mile of protecting your landing page data by automatically creating an encrypted link between server and browser – making all landing pages display a security padlock and HHTPS address.

SSL encrpyption example

This helps in reassuring your visitors that your data comes from a secure source.

Unbounce Premium Plan

Costs $199/mo and $159 annually

Going a step further, this pricing plan comes with a lot more features plus you get everything within the Essential plan and double the size of few features.

Premium plan - Unbounce

This is the most used and recommended plan and it is perfect for fast-growing businesses and agency owners.

Below are the special features in this plan:

150 published landing pages

16 Popups and Sticky Bars

  • AMP landing page

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page reduces mobile page load and time thereby increasing mobile user experience and decreasing bounce rate.

In business, a second can mean gain or loss for you.

But with this Unbounce Premium plan feature, you are sure of Turing that impatient visitor into a customer with this feature.

The sweated part of it is that the AMP tool helps you create this Optimized Mobile Pages without needing the knowledge of coding. You really need this feature if you want to double your sales and profits.

  • Client Sub-Accounts

This is sure a perfect feature for Agency owners who serve clients.

Unbounce makes it easy to manage your customers from a single account. You can group your campaigns, set multi-user permissions, copy landing pages, popups, and sticky bars between accounts.

  • Page Redirect

This is another top-notch feature you won’t get in the Unbounce Essential plan.

You can quickly and redirect traffic from your unpublished landing page to any URL of your choice.

Or maybe for example:

Your existing campaign has ended and you no longer want to use the landing page, you can without hassle redirect your traffic to your new landing page and by that, you get to still benefit from your existing traffic, plus you keep pace with search engine ranking.

The types of redirection include – 301, 302, or 307.

  • Salesforce Integration

This plan includes every other integration in the Essential plan then, in this plan, you also have built-in Salesforce integration allowing you to automatically send your Unbounce leads to Salesforce.

  • Marketo Integration

The same thing that applies to the above integration.

  • Launch Scheduling

This lets you organize and schedule and your landing pages, popups, and bars in advance so you can launch at a specific time.

Even when you are not online or at work.

  • Advanced Popup & Sticky Bar Targeting

Another feature which gives you sophisticated options for showing/hiding popups and sticky bars, such as referral targeting, cookie targeting, and location targeting.

Unbounce Enterprise Plan

Costs $499/mo and $399 billed annually

This plan is built to give large businesses and corporations all the tools you will ever need to maximize your landing page’s goal or goals.

Enterprise plan - Unbounce

With this plan, you have access to all the Essential and Premium pricing plan offers plus some other advanced in combine:

375+ published landing Pages

40+ Popups and Sticky Bars

  • Page Migration Service

This helps you to transfer your existing page from other landing page services to Unbounce without any variation with the stats, i.e. visitors, conversions, and the likes.

The Unbounce Launch team can help you rebuild everything using the flexible builder in no time.

  • Customer Success Manager

When you go with this plan, to ensure your ROI, Unbounce places you under a Dedicated Customer Success Manager who helps you to accomplish a bunch of things such as but not limited to:

– Penalized onboarding training

– Notifying you if new Unbounce release features

– Personal support or assistance

– Ensuring best practices and the likes

Your assigned manager will give you 1-on-1 advice, guide you through advanced training and ensure you have all the VIP accesses.

  • Audit Logs

Not only do you have a record of user activity in your account, but you can also easily export reports in case you need to review any accidents.

  • Dedicated Launch Specialist

What does launch specialists do?

They are responsible for helping you see value quickly and they will guide you through the whole setup and early training sessions.

  • CTAConf Ticket Included

This gives you special or discounted access to Unbounce Call To Action Conference events where you gain actionable insights from the worlds leading marketing and conversion optimization experts.

You can get the details here.

How Do I Get The Best Deal On Unbounce?

Like I said at the beginning of the price review post, Unbounce lets you save 20% on all the pricing packages when you opt-in for an annual subscription.

Yearly plan
  • For the Essential plan, it becomes $79/mo

Here you save ($99*12) – ($79*12) = $1188 – $948

Total saved = $240

  • The Premium plan becomes $159/mo

Here you save ($199*12) – ($159*12) = $2388 – $1908

Total saved = $480

  • The Enterprise you pay $399/mo

Here you save ($499*12) – ($399*12) = $5988 – $4788

Total saved = $1200

Another Cool Offer?

I have managed to help you secure a sweeter discount from Unbounce…

Get 20% off your first three paid months of a monthly plan or 25% off the total price of an annual plan. That is what you get when you finally decide to try Unbounce from the special Unbounce link I secured.

Wait that’s not all!

I have been mailed a few times by some of my readers that the 14-day trial period given by most apps aren’t enough for them to test it out.

So, I went helped you secure full 30 days (instead of 14) to give Unbounce a whirl, free of charge. Just use any Unbounce link on this page to get these.

Is Unbounce Cost Worth it?

If Unbounce is worth it or not depends on what you really want to use this landing page creator to accomplish. I do not advise you just signup to Unbounce or any landing page builder if you don’t have a revenue-generating business.

However, in my honest opinion, Unbounce is totally worth the price if you plan to build an advanced landing page for your business.

There might be other cheaper options.

As someone who has been into the world of landing pages, settling for the cheapest isn’t always the best route.

You would always want a balance of cost and time saved, ease of use, templates, plus other features.

If your plan isn’t to build sets of landing pages accompanied with cool features – then I’d recommend you get an all-in-one platform. These are platforms that lets you build your entire business on them.

Like, creating membership sites for your courses, taking payments, managing affiliates. And so much more.

Examples of such platforms include – ClickFunnels and Kartra.

Unbounce Pricing Conclusion

At the end of it all comes down to getting more leads, bringing in more customers and making more money, right?

After all, nobody really cares about class attendance. Our main focuses are on the exam scoresheet.

Unbounce is a conversion-focused software aimed at helping you as a business owner get the best from your online marketing campaigns – focusing on making money and not all the noise.

Get on the free 14-day trial period to get full access without restrictions, and you have no obligation to continue beyond your trial.