Unbounce Review

In this Unbounce review and pricing article, we shall take a look at everything single detail you need to know about this tool and its position against its closest competitors and alternatives.

Most of you aren’t aware that Unbounce was the very first landing page creator out here in the world of landing pages. Ever since its creation, there have been emerging landing page builders and sales page software.

But the question has always been “which is really the best for my business?”

I took my time and looked at several landing page creators and decided to do a review of one of the very first in the online marketing world, which has been servicing and helping business owners, marketers and freelancers for a very long time now.

Unbounce is a great platform for building and accomplishing lots of things (aside landing page creation), but few of you do not really know what you get when you jump on the 14 days free trial to start testing it out.

So, in this sincere Unbounce Review below are what we shall be covering:

What is Unbounce page builder?

Unbounce is a landing page tool with a powerful editor which allows users to create and customize their landing pages with several elements that aid conversion of visitors to customers. It’s a drag and drop builder which makes it easy for you to even create your landing page from scratch.

Unbounce comes with lots of awesome functionality which many of its alternatives doesn’t possess. This tool was created specifically as a conversion optimization tool for marketers.


drag and drop landing software - Unbounce

Pay Per Click (PPC) experts see Unbounce as the ideal landing page option when it comes to driving traffic to any of their offers from an advertising platform.

One of the things online business owners always look out for when it comes to choosing the best landing page builder is; that which will enable them to put up a conversion driven page without writing one single line of code.

That is what Unbounce is good at!

I hate coding myself so as you (I guess). To get the most out of Unbounce all you need to do is to select any of the already optimized templates and customize as desired without mastering HTML, JavaScript, CSS or anything coding related.


Complete Features of Unbounce

In this section of this Unbounce review, we shall both take a look at the cool features you get inside of Unbounce and how to get the most out them all.

Not just hundreds of templates

This isn’t really a unique feature when it comes to landing page builders, because almost all landing page creators out there offers dozens of free customizable templates to their users, yes!

But what’s the thing with that of Unbounce?

Okay, apart from the fact that Unbounce offers you hundreds of free landing page templates (which most doesn’t offer up-to that), the distinctive edge is that Unbounce templates are CONVERSION-FOCUSED.

Hundreds of templates

Meaning all of the templates available in the library are all optimized to bring you the desired results of generating leads and making sales. Nothing more.

The creators of Unbounce has already done the whole of testing and trying different variations of landing pages and came up with the high converting templates for your business. Any type.

WYSIWYG editor

The editor inside of Unbounce gives you out-of-the-box control of your ‘wheel’ when it comes designing, altering and personalization of your landing page with the aid of the “What You See Is What You Get” drag and drop editor.

With Unbounce drag and drag and drop editor, you can replace any element (fonts, images, videos, text) you want with ease and at the same time previewing it the way your visitors would see it.

Dynamic Text Replacement

This is the bread and butter for PPC marketers. This feature of Unbounce made scaling of Google Ads and Bing Ads seamless.

How does the Dynamic Text Replacement in Unbounce works?

With the help of Dynamic Text Replacement, you would be able to swap out keywords from your landing page and match it with the exact keywords that visitors have searched for in search engines.

This saves you the time of trying to create different landing pages for several keywords.

For example:

You’re an agency owner in Chicago and you created a landing page that advertises your services with the keyword “Social media agency in Chicago” and a corresponding Google and Bing Ad.

You should be aware as a marketer that there would definitely be several keywords related to that term which you optimized your landing page for, right?

There would be other keyword variations such as best social media agency in Chicago, social media agency near Chicago, Social media expert in Chicago. These are term your target audience might want to search for also.

In that case, you’d use the Dynamic Text Replacement feature in Unbounce so that your landing page uses the visitors’ search term to serve them when visited.

So that when any of those terms are being searched for, your landing page elements (headlines, texts) would be personalized based on the visitors’ search intent.

You get the point, right?

Sticky Bars

While Unbounce primary feature is the creation of a conversion optimized landing pages, it also allows you to create sticky bars on your websites.

Unbounce Sticky bars

Sticky bars help you draw the attention of your visitors in order to get more conversions for your offers. They are in the form of headers which stays at the top of your webpage even though when a user scrolls it still remains there.

Unbounce did a good job of also providing you with tons of Sticky bar templates to choose from.

Smooth Popups

There are also plenty of Popup templates to choose from, and you can always customize them the way you want. One thing about Unbounce landing page builder is that both the Sticky bar and Popup feature isn’t available on most of its direct competitors like Leadpages and Instapage.

You can integrate the Popups with your favorite email solution, CRM tool, and Content Management System platform.

Several Integrations

You should know that this is one of the considerable factors when going for a landing page tool. Ability to support third-party tools.

Unbounce Integrations

Unbounce integrates with lots of other marketing tools which lets you have the best experience when it comes to lead acquisition, sales, and customer retention.

It also offers an API so you can create more customized integration for your enterprise.

Analytics and A/B testing

Similar to its alternative (Leadpages, ClickFunnels, etc.), Unbounce comes with its very own analytics and A/B testing software which I think will help you get the best out of your landing pages through testing and optimization.

Mobile friendliness

Since the transition of the desktop to mobile first indexing by search engines, various platforms have adjusted to fit users that carry out all major online activities on mobile devices.

And it’s evident that the rise of mobile users against desktop can’t be denied. In that sense, Unbounce makes it a priority to produce landing pages that are mobile responsive using the AMP framework. So, your pages would still look dapper on both mobile and desktop device.

Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer

With this Unbounce feature, you can input any landing page URL (along with few details) and the Analyzer instantly delivers a comprehensive, personalized report with custom recommendations you can implement to increase your conversion rates and that of clients.

This grader-style tool is truly a deep dive into page performance. Not only do you get a summary of how the page compares to others, but you also see important page performance insights including page’s speed, load time, and page requests that may be slowing things down.

You can get deeper into what Unbounce landing page Analyzer can do for you.

Other Unbounce Features

Security: With the SSL encryption feature, you give your visitors a rest of mind that your site is secure to transact on.

Template Marketplace: Despite giving you access to great templates; most users still prefer to buy. You still have that option to buy templates at a very cheap price.

Build multiple pages: Hope you’re aware that you can build dozens of landings page with Unbounce? See for yourself.

Super-helpful support: You can contact Unbounce support via email, live chat and phone anytime you get stuck using the software (which is rare).

All users on any of the Unbounce plans get the same access to the support.  No special preference like most tools out there.


Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce pricing and plans are pretty straightforward with three different pricing namely; the Essential Plan which cost $79 per month, the Premium Plan which costs $159 per month, the Enterprise plan which is priced at $399 per month with all of the Unbounce advanced features. Below are the what you get in each:

Unbounce Pricing and plans

Note that these are annual pricing which you benefit 20% off the monthly subscription. Although I’ve helped you to secure a special 20% off on all the monthly plan on your first 3 months. ENJOY!

Essential Plan $79

This plan gives you access to 75 landing pages, 8 popups and 8 sticky bars plus other features

Premium Plan $159

In this plan, Unbounce gives you access to 150 pages, 16 popups, and 16 sticky, client sub-accounts bars plus other features.

Enterprise Plan $399

You’ll get 375 landing pages, 40 popups and 40 sticky bars, more client sub-accounts plus other advanced features.

There is level to which you’re given access to some of the features in the starting plan of Unbounce, like the client sub-account, integration options, etc.

To see the complete feature differences between the three plans plus other discounts, Check my Unbounce pricing here.


Unbounce close competitors

There are few Unbounce alternatives which you have to know (or might have known). What is their stand against Unbounce and how do they match up with this landing page software ‘OG’?

Let us compare:

Unbounce vs LeadPages

Leadpages is one of Unbounce’s closest competitor which is also widely known as a landing page builder with lesser features compared to Unbounce.

One distinctive characteristic Leadpages offers is that it has two different landing page editors. One for beginners which has basic customization and the Advanced version which gives users full ability to do more customization.

However, Unbounce landing page builder has greater features than Leadpages in every aspect you can think of that’s why it’s a bit pricier and better generally.

Leadpages starts from $25/mo while Unbounce starts from $79

I wouldn’t recommend you drive PPC campaign traffic to a landing page created with Leadpages because it’ll be difficult optimizing your page for various related search terms.

Unbounce vs Instapage

Instapage is a landing page tool that is somewhat similar to Unbounce in terms of features. It’s also easy to use, lots of templates with very powerful drag and drops editor.

Instapage has few cool features which I really like;  Instablocks, Collaboration and Heatmaps tool used for tracking your visitors’ behaviors.

Instapage pricing starts from $99 while that of Unbounce starts from $79.

They both have the Dynamic text Replacement feature (Gold for PPC marketers) which makes them a really competitive. Read the detailed comparison of Instapage vs Unbounce here.

Unbounce vs ClickFunnels

I don’t see ClickFunnels as a close competitor to Unbounce because it falls entirely under a different category.

Even though ClickFunnels can do almost everything you can accomplish with Unbounce, but it has few limitations when it comes to being a sophisticated landing page builder.

Unbounce is a tool specially designed as a landing page tool while ClickFunnels is a complete marketing system that does a lot more.

So, you’d have to choose whichever meets with your needs. Maybe a landing page building tool or an all in one marketing system.

Read the complete comparison between ClickFunnels vs Unbounce here to know what’s really in stock.

Unbounce vs OptimizePress

OptimizePress acts as a marketing tool for building funnels, membership sites, landing pages and etc. BUT works only on WordPress sites which makes it a bit limiting for those who prefer having their pages outside of WordPress.

Although OptimizePress happens to be the cheaper alternative to Unbounce because you only a pay a onetime fee on any of the plans chosen.

The pricing plans start from $97 (onetime) compared to Unbounce $79/mo payment.


Pros and Cons of Unbounce

Unbounce Pros

  • Dynamic Text Replacement feature for Search Marketers
  • Great analytics and automated A/B testing feature
  • Ease of use without needing coding skills
  • Tons of supported integrations

Unbounce Cons

  • Not suitable for beginners, especially if you’re new to landing pages
  • Limited number of pages
  • Unbounce can be pricey compared few of its competitors


Honest verdict – Unbounce Review

Yeah, I know Unbounce might not be the best out there when it comes to building landing pages, but it’s obviously one of the few with promising features for online marketers.

Especially PPC advertisers

While there are more than a dozen of alternatives, Unbounce has a few features a lot of them lacks. And I know it might not be the most reasonably priced but it’s totally worth it. The 14 days FREE trial gives us all a chance to test it and see if it’s the right fit for our business.

So, before you ever decide to try out Unbounce, I’ve managed to negotiate with Unbounce to help my readers secure a 20% off the usual price. Just use this link: https://khrisdigital.com/unbounce

Make sure you go through that link to claim yours (you still get 14 days free access to decide).

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