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In this post, I covered a detailed WebinarJam review.

But to start with, hosting webinars has now become a norm in the marketing world. And the reasons aren’t far-fetched. Webinars have records of generating leads and converting smartly.

Besides, webinars can also be repackaged or sold outright as a product. That said, there are more benefits your business stand to gain from hosting webinars.

However, you need the best webinar platform to get a wonderful experience.

So you must be wondering, is WebinarJam the best webinar tool? Is it suitable for your business? You’ll find out in this guide.

In this post, I reviewed WebinarJam’s features, pricing, pros, cons, and other critical WebinarJam FAQs.

Stay glued.

Here’s what we shall cover in this review:

Let’s get into it!

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam software

WebinarJam is a webinar platform that allows you to host live webinars.

Founded by Genesis Digital in 2013, WebinarJam is in the good company of its sister software; EverWebinar and Kartra.

As of the time of writing, WebinarJam has grown to over 50,000 users (that is, businesses).

Here are some of its key offerings :

  • Pre-designed webinar templates
  • Automated recording of webinars
  • Allows you to invite an attendee as a guest presenter during the webinar
  • Creating paid webinars is seamless
  • Offers a control center for businesses with teams
  • Direct live streaming to Youtube
  • Advanced analytics
  • and a lot more

However, there’s no tool without its glitches and shortcomings. In the next few sections, you’ll find the shortcomings and see if it’s a fit for your business.

Let’s dive in.

WebinarJam Review – Features

Here are some of its core features offered:

1) Webinar Type

There are two basic types of webinars you can host, Live webinar and Evergreen webinar.  However, WebinarJam ONLY supports live webinars.

WebinarJam performs excellently when it comes to hosting live webinars. But as the case may be, you might want to host evergreen webinars sometimes.

And that’s because you create a webinar once and keep reusing it to drive leads to your sales pipeline.

So, is there a way around hosting evergreen webinars on WebinarJam?

Absolutely. Two ways, to be precise.

The first is to play a pre-recorded video during a live webinar. You can start with an introduction to the webinar, then play a recorded video during the webinar.

And the other way is to integrate with WebinarJam’s sister software, EverWebinar. This is a software created solely for hosting evergreen webinars, the same thing as WebinarJam (live webinar).

However, integrating WebinarJam with EverWebinar does come at an additional fee which would be added to your chosen WebinarJam pricing plan.

By using WebinarJam with EverWebinar, it opens you to a new array of features.

2) Simple & Advanced Webinar Set Up

To start with, WebinarJam offers a simple and advanced webinar setup configuration. You can decide to go the flexible way or go the full webinar setup way.

WebinarJam Webinar Setup

It offers Express and Full configuration.

The express configuration helps you get your webinar set up within a minute. And for the Full configuration, it takes about 10 minutes to set up your webinar.

You can choose to host your webinar right away, schedule for later, or keep the room always-on.

The Always-on feature is best for businesses that host regular meetings with their team.

If you plan to schedule your webinar, WebinarJam offers a flexible scheduling system. You have three webinar scheduling options:

  • One single session
  • Multiple sessions
  • Recurrent series of presentations
WebinarJam Scheduling

As its name implies, one single session is a webinar that each attendee only signs up for a session.

A better example is a movie. The webinar could be in multiple sessions, but it’s the same content, so you only sign up for one session.

For the multiple sessions, you can host multiple sessions of webinars over a couple of days sparring different content per each session. For this, it’s like a conference or a mini-series.

You register for all sessions.

Lastly, the recurrent series of presentations is an episode-like webinar that takes place regularly featuring new episodes every session.

3) Page Builder

Speaking of your registration page, WebinarJam offers a level of flexibility in design.

There is a library of registration page templates to choose from.

webinarjam registration templates

Besides the page templates, it offers a drag-and-drop page editor to customize the page to fit your business.

The A/B split testing tool is a golden tool to analyze two pages against each other.

That said, WebinarJam also offers a library of templates for the thank-you page and the webinar room design.

Here are the webinar-room templates:

WebinarJam webinar room design

4)Webinar Engagement

Another amazing feature offered by WebinarJam is its bundle of engagement tools.

Starting from the registration point to the very end of the webinar, it features several engagement tools.

First, on the registration point, WebinarJam allows you to survey your audience. The survey questions at the registration point leave you with four options:

  • Poll allowing only one answer
  • Poll allowing multiple answers
  • Questions for short answers
  • Questions for long answers

Absolutely, with the information collected during webinar registration, you can learn more about your attendees and plan the webinar to address their needs.

WebinarJam Polls

Moving forward, during the webinar, you can display polls and quizzes.

These polls and quizzes can be pre-configured before the webinar or configured right away in the webinar room.

The quizzes and polls during the webinar spice up the conversation with your attendees.

Besides that, there’s a chat tab for your attendees to drop chats and engage with others in the webinar room.

WebinarJam Live chat

As a host, you can decide to chat only with your administrators and hide chats from your attendees.

There is some level of privacy in the chat mode.

What’s more, WebinarJam allows you to change the chat mode to Q/A mode where messages in the chat are marked as questions and yours as answers.

What makes WebinarJam one of the best webinar services is its attendee spotlight feature, another engagement feature.

The attendee-spotlight allows you to turn any of your attendees into guest speakers where their microphone and camera are switched ON.

They are brought to the stage to speak to other listeners.

The best part of it is that you have control over this feature. You can decide to only switch ON the microphone alone without the Webcam.

Where it finds its application is, for instance, to create a live case study with one of your attendees. Needless to say, this feature is scarce among other webinar software.

5) Advanced Automation

Among the added features on WebinarJam is email marketing automation. WebinarJam offers automation to a certain degree.

The inbuilt email marketing notification tool allows you to set up automated notifications to your email list.

WebinarJam gives you the option of adding a maximum of 10 notifications before and after the webinar.

That said, there are four pre-configured notifications to which you can add more:

  • Welcome message
  • Pre-webinar reminders
  • Last-minute remind
  • Post-webinar message – follow-up emails after the webinar

What’s more, WebinarJam automatically records your webinar. You can choose to share the pre-recorded webinar with your contact list.

6) Easy Monetization of Webinars

Paid webinars are becoming a norm in the industry. Interestingly, WebinarJam caters to this.

It supports paid webinars. You have the option to choose between a paid webinar and a free webinar.

If it’s a paid webinar, WebinarJam asks for basic information like the cost of the webinar and a link to your checkout page.

WebinarJam Paid Webinars

You can make use of any checkout software like Kartra or use a payment processor directly (Think: PayPal, Stripe, etc).

While that’s great, monetizing webinars don’t have to mean selling webinars, right?


You could sell other products during the webinar to your participants. For instance, you can sell a premium product to your attendees while the webinar is free.

Thanks to WebinarJam’s active offers, you can add your premium offers alongside a countdown timer during the webinar to prompt your attendees to take action.

WebinarJam Active Offers

The Active Offers is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen without interfering with the webinar.

To make it possible to track the number of sales made, WebinarJam offers a sales tracking code that improves communication between your checkout page and WebinarJam.

7) Powerful Presentation Tool

An element of webinar hosting that cannot be neglected is the presentation. Presentation matters a lot and could influence your attendees’ impression of you.

Using WebinarJam, there are a lot of presentation tools to make your presentation top-notch.

Starting from the obvious, WebinarJam allows you to import and share your PowerPoint presentation on keynote slides with your attendees.

WebinarJam slides presentation

Besides, you can upload handouts to the webinar room for your attendees to download.

Irrespective of the file formats, once you upload the document or file to WebinarJam, it automatically appears on the screen of your attendees for them to download. Quite easy, right?

What’s more, WebinarJam offers a drawing board to add more life to your presentation.

While, displaying pre-designed and formatted PowerPoint slides is good, making a life drawing and illustration on the screen is great.

With it, you can analyze details and make the webinar room more engaging.

Lastly, the screen share feature allows presenters to share their screen.

8) Marketing Webinars

It’s important to make it clear that most webinar software doesn’t have any provision in place for marketing your webinar including WebinarJam.

Once you create your webinar, it’s’ expected of you to promote it to your audience via your email list, website, social media accounts, influencers, ads, literally any other marketing channels you can leverage.

However, WebinarJam has gone a step forward compared to other software to ease the process of marketing your webinar for you.

First and noteworthy, WebinarJam recently added a marketplace to its pool of features.

Known as OnDemand, you can easily enlist your webinar to the OnDemand portal and get some registrants directly from there.

webinarjam ondemand

While the OnDemand doesn’t have a whole lot of users for now; it’s bound to get better and bigger.

Another marketing tool is the direct Youtube live stream. Well, a couple of webinar platforms have caught on to this.

The direct Youtube live streaming allows you to promote your webinar to your Youtube subscribers.

webinarjam youtube stream live

Another advantage is that it’s an alternative for subscribers who didn’t get the chance to register for the webinar or if the webinar room is full to the maximum.

However, viewers on Youtube wouldn’t be able to enjoy the engagement tools offered by WebinarJam.

That said, it offers an advanced analytics dashboard that tracks everything from how many people attended, the percentage of people that stuck to the end, and the number of sales made.

9) Control Center

The Control center is a premium tool offered by WebinarJam. It’s the backend where you get to control what happens on the stage.

The control center allows you to build a team and assign duties to each of your team members.

While the presentation is going on, your moderators/staff can help to:

  • Moderate comments
  • Respond to comment
  • Delete comments
  • Ban attendees
  • And a lot more.

10) Integrations

WebinarJam integrates with popular marketing tools in the industry.

It integrates with popular CRMs and autoresponders like:

  • Aweber
  • Kartra
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Infusionsoft / Keap
  • Mailchimp
  • GetResponse
  • Ontraport
  • iContact
  • ConvertKit
  • Drop
  • Constant Contact, etc.

Notably, it integrates with Zapier which unlocks over a thousand marketing tools.

Another integration worth mentioning is with Twilio.

Twilio allows you to send SMS and phone call reminders to your contact list. This helps your contacts get the notification directly on their phone.

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

Before we look at how much WebinarJam is going to cost you and what features you get on each pricing package, let’s dive right into the pros and cons of this platform.

WebinarJam Pros

  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Offers visual drag-and-drop page editor
  • Offers a 5000-attendee room
  • It streams lives to Youtube directly
  • Allows you to host live and hybrid webinars
  • A powerful library of page templates
  • Flexible scheduling system
  • Offers powerful engagement tools like chat mode and Q/A
  • HD video quality
  • It’s a browser-based application
  • Powerful integration with email CRMs, shopping cart applications, and many other popular apps
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic recording of webinars
  • Excellent marketing features
  • Powerful analytics tool for sales webinars

WebinarJam Cons

  • Doesn’t support evergreen webinars. It requires you to integrate with EverWebinar
  • Premium plans are heavily priced
  • Overwhelming user interface
  • Customer support needs improvement

WebinarJam Pricing – How Much Does WebinarJam Cost?

WebinarJam price

To start with, WebinarJam offers a $1 14-day paid trial.

The trial gives you access to try both WebinarJam and EverWebinar before committing to any of its plans.

WebinarJam offers three paid plans; Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Basic plan costs $499 per year offering:

  • unlimited webinars
  • supports 2 presenters
  • a 500-attendee room, and
  • 2 hours max duration

On the other hand, the Premium plan costs $699/year offering:

  • unlimited webinars
  • Supports up to 4 presenters
  • A 2000-attendee room
  • 3 hours duration
  • The always-on live room, and
  • panic button

Finally, the Enterprise plan costs $999 per year offering all features in the premium plan plus:

  • A 5000-attendee room
  • Supports 6 presenters
  • 4 hours max duration, and
  • A control center

NOTE: On each of the plans, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

Feel free to check out my WebinarJam Pricing guide for a comprehensive analysis of all packages.

Some WebinarJam Alternatives

1) EverWebinar


EverWebinar is a sister software to WebinarJam.

It allows you to host evergreen webinars. Compared to WebinarJam, it costs less.

Built by the same parent company as WebinarJam, EverWebinar has similar features to its sister platform.

As expected, it offers flexible scheduling, page templates, polls and surveys, a live chat simulator, clickable offers, and a lot more.

In short, the features are very much alike to WebinarJam.

EverWebinar Pros

  • Allows you to host automated webinars
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Offers live chat simulator that allows you to import your chat history
  • Clickable offers to promote your premium offers
  • Powerful page builder with templates
  • Allows you to add urgency and scarcity
  • Polls and surveys
  • Advanced & detailed analytics dashboard
  • Flexible pricing plans

EverWebinar Cons

  • Doesn’t allow you to host live events. If you have to, you need to integrate with WebinarJam
  • Customer service can still be improved

EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar pricing

Similar to WebinarJam, EverWebinar offers a 14-day $1 paid trial.

This gives you access to both EverWebinar and WebinarJam for 14 days.

That aside, EverWebinar offers three pricing plans; Installment, Annual plan, and Biennial plan.

The Installment plan is a 3-times payment of $199 per year. The Annual plan costs $499 per year. And the Biennial plan costs $799 per two years.

Interestingly, you get access to all the features on any of the plans.

Read my full WebinarJam vs EverWebinar comparison guide here.

2) Demio

Demio webinar software

Demio is also a browser-based application for hosting webinars.

Founded in 2014, Demio has moved up the chain to become one of the best platforms.

Compared to WebinarJam, Demio allows you to host all types of webinars.

You get to host live, evergreen, hybrid, series, and on-demand webinars.

Unlike WebinarJam, Demio has fewer registration pages templates (3 templates). And it offers limited customization.

However, it allows you to embed your registration form to your website.

Where Demio excels is its attention-grabbing CTAs. The Polls, Surveys, and other offers are shown at the top of the chat area.

Where it doesn’t do well is the questions and answers feature. There’s no such feature to filter the questions from the chat messages.

The only option is to “star” the question messages and filter them to be able to manage the questions and attend to them.

Another major drawback is that Demio automated webinar recording only gives a video at the end of the webinar.

In short, the experience of attending a live event isn’t recorded at all. To be precise, the chat history isn’t recorded and other engagement features that make the experience similar to a live webinar are missing.

While Demio offers cheaper plans compared to WebinarJam, there’s something worth pointing out.

Demio can only support a max of 500  webinar attendees. And the 500-attendee room is for the most expensive plan.

If you have a larger audience/ viewers, it would be impossible for Demio to fit in for you.

While Demio supports live streaming to Youtube, you want the majority of your audience to get the full webinar experience to be able to make more money from the active offers.

Demio Pros

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Affordable platform. Pricing starts at $34 per month.
  • Demio supports both live and evergreen webinars
  • It allows a direct live stream to Youtube
  • HD video and audio quality
  • Built for sales webinars and marketing
  • Automatic recording of webinars
  • Offers page templates
  • Offer a free trial
  • Excellent customer support

Demio cons

  • Limited webinar room. Doesn’t support large audiences.
  • The automated recording is an ordinary video with no resemblance to a live event
  • Lacks a Q/A section
  • Limited landing pages templates
  • Limited customization

Demio Pricing

Demio Pricing

Demio offers three pricing plans; Starter, Growth, and Business plan.

Before the paid plans, Demio offers a free trial to test the tool out.

The Starter plan costs $34 per month offering a 50-attendee room, 3-hour session limited, standard support, live events, limited 1 host, and other features.

The Growth plan on the other hand costs $69 per month offering everything in the starter plan plus a 150-attendee room, 5-hour session limit, standard customer support, live events and evergreen events, room & email branding, custom form fields, and limited 1 host.

Finally, at $163 per month, the Business plan offers everything in the Growth plan alongside a 500-attendee room, 8-hour session limit, priority customer support, Marketo integration, dedicated account rep, and 4 hosts.

Read my ultimate Demio vs WebinarJam comparison here.

3) Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another software offered by Google.

It’s a free webinar platform.  Unlike Webinar Jam, it is best for holding small meetings.

To make use of Google Hangouts, you need to have a Gmail address, Youtube channel, and a chrome browser. Correspondingly, your participants need a Gmail address to attend the webinar.

Not a big problem because it’s rare to find anyone without a Google email address. Besides, it’s free.

Supporting up to 30 people, once the meeting is done, it gets saved to Youtube as a video. You can then choose to make it private or public.

Here are some of its core features:

  • HD video calls and audio calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Group chats of up to 150 people
  • Inbuilt screen sharing
  • Integrates with other apps in the GSuite
  • Intelligent muting
  • Custom control for admins


  • Simple and easy to use
  • There are training videos
  • It’s free.
  • Automatic recording to Youtube
  • Good video and audio quality
  • Supports Youtube live stream


  • Lacks advanced marketing features
  • Lacks email marketing automation
  • Limited and small webinar room
  • Poor for sales webinars

WebinarJam Review – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Who Owns WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is owned by Genesis Digital, the parent company of EverWebinar and Kartra. Their founder, Andy Jenkins (who is late now ) was the brain behind these Saas marketing tools.

2) Does WebinarJam have a free trial?

WebinarJam doesn’t have a free trial. Instead, its trial costs $1 for a 14-day trial. It’s affordable and can be regarded as near free. But there isn’t a free trial.

3) Can I Mute Attendees on WebinarJam?

At your will. By default, Webinarjam mutes all your attendees. And if you unmute them, you can always mute your attendees.

And for the presenters, you have the full-control to mute them, turn off their camera, and also maximize them.

4) Can I Fast Forward on WebinarJam?

To be precise, it doesn’t allow you to fast-forward a replay webinar. And it’s an essential feature to add. Many times, there are some sections you have listened to before dropping off.

Painfully, you’ll have to watch the webinar all over again.

5) How Many Attendees Does WebinarJam Support?

The Basic plan supports 500 participants. The Professional plan supports 2000 participants. Finally, the Enterprise plan supports 5000 webinar attendees.

6) Is WebinarJam Secure?

While WebinarJam and EverWebinar don’t promise 100% risk-free, there are proper measures to keep the software safe for users.

Here are some of the proper measures that have been taken:

  • Infrastructure Access:

WebinarJam is a Cloudflare enterprise user. Thanks to that,  it is protected against brute force attacks, hacks, data breach, malicious bot abuse, etc.

Hosted on Amazon’s secure cloud, WebinarJam runs under a private IP address that isn’t known to the public world.

To crown it all, the backend server is restricted to only their senior programmers at the same time using two-factor authentication.

  • Data Privacy:

To protect the data of users, Genesis Digital provides some advanced data protection.  For starters, it serves all requests via SSL encryption.

Each user has a separate database to prevent data breakage.

All webinar recordings have a uniquely generated key containing 30 characters. Not ruling out the factor but it’s difficult to locate the link to the recordings.

In addition to encrypted storage, all webinars are protected via Amazon’s secure cloud service.

  • Outage Protection:

You won’t ever have to experience downtime with WebinarJam. Besides storing all data on the Amazon cloud, it updates backups multiple times a day. So if it ever happens, a live-like backup is ready to save the day for you.

  • Compliance:

Genesis Digital complies with necessary bodies and policies including PCI & ASA and GDPR. In addition to that, Webinar Jam partners with other leading apps in the industry.

7) What is the Difference Between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

WebinarJam is for hosting live webinars while EverWebinar is for hosting evergreen webinars. At your will, you can integrate the two software to get more functionalities.

WebinarJam Review Summary – Conclusion

It’s a long walk.

Great, to see you make it to this last section. Without a doubt, WebinarJam offers one of the best features most especially its marketing tools.

With so much to offer, WebinarJam is absolutely the best webinar software in the industry.

Before concluding so fast, I decided to check out some of the software reviews on different review platforms.

Here are some WebinarJam reviews I found:

webinarjam reviews

Here’s another review I found:

Webinarjam reviews

That said, I also found some negative reviews too.

However, the number of positive reviews I found are way more than the negative reviews. Plus my personal experience with the software, WebinarJam will be a great addition to your arsenal.

To crown it all, with $1 you can try out WebinarJam for 14 days.

So try out WebinarJam yourself.

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