WebinarJam vs Clickmeeting

I presume you’re having a hard time choosing between WebinarJam and ClickMeeting.

WebinarJam or ClickMeeting?

This is a common occurrence when it comes to selecting a suitable tool for your business.

To your best interest, I’ll be walking you through a detailed comparison of WebinarJam vs ClickMeeting with a look at their differences and similarities in features alongside their pricing plans.

In the end, you’ll be able to make a better decision for your business.

So, let’s dive right in. Now!

What’s WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a browser-based webinar platform that was launched in 2013 by Genesis Digital.

Having gone through a series of updates, WebinarJam has climbed up to become one of the best.

Unlike most other webinar solutions, WebinarJam only supports live webinars. And that has made it, maybe the black sheep among other webinar platforms.

Although it’s a shortcoming on their part, the attractive features on the dashboard have made the platform one of the best in the industry.

More on WebinarJam here… (review link)

What’s ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting webinar platform

ClickMeeting is one of the earliest webinar platforms in the industry.

Founded in 2011 by GetResponse as a side project before spinning off as a separate company in 2016.

Built to run both live and automated webinars, ClickMeeting has been updated several times to provide a better webinar experience for their customers.

Both WebinarJam and ClickMeeting have their unique features and shortcomings, which will be highlighted in this post.

Starting with…

Differences Between WebinarJam and ClickMeeting

This is the best place to start. Right here, I will highlight the differences in features between WebinarJam vs ClickMeeting.

Difference #1: Webinar Type

Comparing the two platforms, this is the most conspicuous difference between WebinarJam vs ClickMeeting.

WebinarJam allows you to host live webinars only.

And on the other hand, ClickMeeting allows you to host both live and automated webinars.

As said earlier on, this is the major difference between WebinarJam and other webinar services.

However, to compensate for this, Genesis Digital launched a separate webinar platform for only automated webinars.

So, while WebinarJam serves for live webinars, EverWebinar serves for automated webinars. But, getting access to EverWebinar requires additional cost.

So in this case, ClickMeeting has an upper hand when it comes to the types of webinars.

Winner – ClickMeeting

Difference #2: Page Builder

To begin with, you need a registration page and a thank-you page after registration.

For WebinarJam, you’ve got a lot of templates to choose from when creating your registration page.

To be exact, WebinarJam offers 17 templates to choose from. Besides, you have the option of customizing any of the templates to fit your brand.

Each of the details that has a pencil icon can be customized. Title, form field, images, and videos can be customized.

Interestingly, WebinarJam allows you to survey your registrants at the point of registrations by asking them a few questions.

Most probably, you would want to ask them their expectation from the webinar to know the things your attendees are expecting from you.

Also, after registration, there are thank you page templates that you can customize to fit your business.

As expected, ClickMeeting is not lacking when it comes to registration and thank you pages. However, there’s no library of templates to select from.

While you get this on WebinarJam:

WebinarJam page templates

This is best you can get on ClickMeeting:

ClickMeeting registration page

Instead, you customize the default page template. You have the option of adding custom fields to make the registration details more inclined to your niche.

After the registration, ClickMeeting will automatically redirect registrants to the default thank you page on ClickMeeting.

If you want to redirect your registrants to another page after registration, you can also achieve that by adding a custom URL you want to redirect the registrants to.

Finally, unlike Clickmeeting that does not allow you to embed the signup forms on your website, you can do that on WebinarJam.

Winner – WebinarJam

Difference #3: Live Chat and Q/A

All webinar platforms offer live chat features to make webinars more engaging.

WebinarJam allows you to chat with your attendees with real-life experience.

You have the option of choosing who sees your chat. You can choose to chat with the administrators and moderators without bringing your attendees into the picture.

As a host, you have the flexibility of turning the chat mode to the Q/A mode where all messages are marked as questions.

Quite healthy to separate a period for questions and answers to make the best out of this feature.

In contrast, ClickMeeting also provides live chat. You can choose to have a group discussion or a private chat.

Besides, ClickMeeting has a separate Q/A mode where participants can type their questions and obtain answers from any of the presenters.

The best part is that ClickMeeting provides instant chat translation to different languages depending on your language.

Winner – ClickMeeting

This was a tight decision to make. Both tools have advanced live chat features alongside private chat.

But, ClickMeeting took a step further by including an instant chat translation to different languages depending on your language.

Get Started with ClickMeeting.

Difference #4: Email Notification and SMS

WebinarJam and Clickmeeting do offer email notification automation. However, there’s a big gap in the service they both offer.

For starters, ClickMeeting provides a basic email automation series.

Upon registration for a webinar, Clickmeeting does not send a confirmation message to registrants.

However, Clickmeeting allows you to send automated reminder emails (max of 3 emails), two follow-up emails after the webinar; a thank you email for those that attended, and another email for those that missed it.

In total, you can automate 5 email notification series on ClickMeeting.

Here’s what you get:

ClickMeeting Email Notification


On the other hand, WebinarJam allows you to automate a whole lot of email series, 20 in total.

Immediately after registration, WebinarJam automatically sends a confirmation email.

WebinarJam Email Notification

Before the webinar, WebinarJam allows you to send a total of 10 notification emails before the webinar.

And after the webinar, you can also send a maximum of 10 notification emails.

That said, exhausting all these will put you in the hard-sell category, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to sound like a hard-sell.

Needless to say, WebinarJam excels in its notification.

Besides, WebinarJam allows you to also send SMS reminders to your registrants through the help of a third-party tool.

Winner – WebinarJam

Difference #5: Event Scheduling

As said earlier on, WebinarJam only supports live webinars.

However, WebinarJam provides three scheduling options for your live webinar; one single session, multiple session, and recurrent series session.

WebinarJam Scheduling

The one-single session is a one-time live webinar.

However, the webinar can be run twice to provide flexible scheduling for busy registrants. But the content of the webinar is the same.

So, you have to pick one session to attend.

The multiple session allows you to host a mini-series of webinars for a few days with each day spanning a different episode.

For the recurrent series webinar, you host a long series of webinars spanning different episodes of the webinar.

Although ClickMeeting allows you to host live webinars and automated webinars, it does not offer any advanced scheduling system for their live webinars as is the case of WebinarJam.

They only allow you to schedule automated webinars. For the automated webinars, you can decide to make it a series that is, every week, every day, depending on you.

It has no special name, the default option is None.

Aside from the automated webinars that include flexible scheduling, WebinarJam has a better scheduling system.

Winner – WebinarJam

Difference #6: HD Quality

Obviously, both platforms promise a high definition of video quality.

But do they live up to it? Not so sure.

WebinarJam does live up to it. WebinarJam offers a good video quality and audio quality provided that you have a strong internet connection.

Also, WebinarJam provides a real-life experience view for your attendees.

While on the other hand for ClickMeeting, it has been reportedly poor in audio and video quality.

If you’re running a large webinar, there’s a tendency of audio lagging behind the screen share.

Besides, there has been a whole lot of complaints about the screen sharing feature. Complaint being that attendees see a blank screen when the host shares the screen.

WebinarJam lives up to its promise and for ClickMeeting, the quality flops when hosting a large conference.

Winner – WebinarJam

Difference #7: Webinar Analytics

Your analytics dashboard is where you get to know the performance of your webinars. Both WebinarJam and ClickMeeting provide a webinar analytics dashboard.

However, the difference is in the features of the dashboard.

ClickMeeting offers a basic analytics dashboard. With the ClickMeeting analytics dashboard, you can check attendee analytics (the number of people that attended and their browser).

Also, you can check the performance rating of your webinar and survey analytics.

In contrast to ClickMeeting, WebinarJam offers an advanced webinar analytics dashboard. You can track more than attendee analytics.

WebinarJam also tracks the sales of your offers and your paid webinars. You don’t need third-party software to do this.

Here’s what WebinarJam analytics looks like:

WebinarJam analytics

Needless to say, WebinarJam takes the lead here.

Winner – WebinarJam

Give WebinarJam a shot here!

Difference #8: Free Trial

Nearly all webinar software offer free trials to test their software.

While some might require that you put in your credit card details, some are without any commitment.

However, for WebinarJam, there’s nothing called a free trial. To give their tool a trial, it comes at a cost, $1 for 14-days.

And on the other hand, ClickMeeting offers a 30-day free trial that does not require any commitment. In other words, you don’t need to enter your credit card details to sign up for their free trial.

Obviously, ClickMeeting takes the lead here.

Winner – ClickMeeting

Difference #9: Integration

You might not be satisfied with some of the built-in features in both webinars. And that’s where integration comes in handy.

With the integration, you can easily use third party email automation tools to handle your notifications and email marketing.

Likewise, you can also integrate a payment processor for your offers and paid webinars.

Both WebinarJam and ClickMeeting offer a fair amount of integration. However, WebinarJam offers more integration options to choose from.

A conspicuous advantage is an integration with multiple payment gateways to handle payment on your webinars.

Winner – WebinarJam

Similarities Between WebinarJam and ClickMeeting

Similarity #1: Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys are an essential part of all webinars. To your best interest, these features are present on both platforms.

And not just, they have nearly the same capability in terms of their functions.

WebinarJam allows you to pre-configure polls before the webinar and then put them in action while the webinar is going on.

Also, you can survey your attendees at the point of registration to know what they’re expecting. After the polls, you can display the result with your attendees.

Each of the polls and survey features on WebinarJam can be replicated on ClickMeeting.

On ClickMeeting, you can set up your webinar and save them.

During the webinar, you can put them into action by opening the poll.

To survey your attendees at the registration point, there’s no direct means or a function stated like that.

However, ClickMeeting allows you to add custom fields in which you can add multiple choices, text boxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

With that feature, you can survey your attendees at the registration point.

In addition to the polls feature, you can assign points to the answers to make it similar to a class test.

On WebinarJam, you can pre-configure your polls before the webinar:

WebinarJam Polls and Quizzes

And you can also configure it in the webinar room:

WebinarJam Polls

Similarity #2: Attendee Spotlight

In addition to the traditional live chat feature added to all webinar platforms, WebinarJam and ClickMeeting allow you to turn any of your attendees to become a guest speaker.

By so doing, you can have a video and audio chat with your attendees in order to answer their questions and also make them feel included.

If there’s a need to do a live case study or consult for one of your attendees, this tool will come very handy.

Absolutely, a win-win for WebinarJam and ClickMeeting.

Similarity #3: Paid webinars

Both WebinarJam and ClickMeeting shine in this area.

They both allow you to charge your attendees a fee to attend your webinar.

You have the option to choose if you want to host a paid webinar or a free webinar. For ClickMeeting, your payments are processed via PayPal.

On WebinarJam, there’s a similar process too but offers more payment option flexibility.

You can choose to use Kartra as your payment processor. Likewise, PayPal, Stripe, and some other processors can also be integrated.

Pricing Plans

WebinarJam Pricing Plans

WebinarJam price
Click image to see the yearly plan

To begin with, WebinarJam offers three different pricing plans; basic, professional, and an enterprise plan.

The basic plan costs $499 per year offering a 500-attendee room, supports 2 hosts, and a max of 2 hours webinar duration.

The professional plan costs $699 per year offering all the features of the basic plan alongside 2000-attendee room, supports 4 hosts, a max of 3 hours, always-on live room, and a panic button.

Finally, the enterprise plan costs $999 per year offering all the features of the professional plan alongside 5000-attendee room, supports 6 hosts, a mac of 4 hours, and the control center.

Get started with WebinarJam here…

ClickMeeting Pricing Plans

ClickMeeting Pricing
Click image to enlarge

To begin with, ClickMeeting offers a 30-day free trial on all their plans.

Offering three pricing plans; live, automated, and enterprise; ClickMeeting does not have a fixed pricing plan.

Their pricing plans increase based on the number of attendees for your webinar.

The live pricing plan starts from $25 per month offering features to host a live webinar.

The automated webinar plan starts from $45 per month offering similar features for running an automated webinar.

The enterprise plan does not have a starting price.

It’s a custom solution for organizations in need of more features or a larger room. As at the time of writing, the highest that ClickMeeting room can occupy is 1000.

Pros and Cons of WebinarJam vs ClickMeeting

Pros of WebinarJam

  • Offers a large webinar room (5000)
  • Offers page templates to choose from (17)
  • Advanced email automation notification
  • Good video and audio quality

Cons of WebinarJam

  • Does not allow you to host automated webinars
  • Lacks free trial ( trial costs $1)

Pros of ClickMeeting

  • Allows you to host Live and automated webinar
  • Provides a free trial
  • Offers a satisfactory customer support
  • Provides email automation series

Cons of ClickMeeting

  • Does not support more than 1000 attendees
  • Has poor video and audio quality
  • It’s expensive

Conclusion: WebinarJam vs ClickMeeting

There you have it – a detailed comparison between ClickMeeting vs WebinarJam.

It was a tight comparison between the two for sure.

I suppose you already have a better idea of which to go for. And if you’re still finding it difficult to settle for one – here’s my take on the two platforms:

WebinarJam offers a robust number of features to run live webinars alongside promote your webinars. It’s the absolute best for online creators looking to sell offers via webinars. And for ClickMeeting, it isn’t best for commercial use.

I recommend going for ClickMeeting if you are looking for a platform to host organizational meetings or onboarding.

If that’s not you, then you should by all means go for WebinarJam.

Click here to try WebinarJam.


Get started with ClickMeeting free trial here.

That’s it for this WebinarJam vs ClickMeeting battle!

Let me know which you’d be settling for in the comments below.

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