WebinarJam vs EverWebinar

WebinarJam and EverWebinar are sister webinar platforms that allow you to host different types of webinars.

While WebinarJam is well known as one of the best webinar platforms to choose, it does not allow you to host automated webinars.

And on the other hand, EverWebinar allows you to host automated webinars.

So, EverWebinar and WebinarJam form a perfect pair that allows you to run both live and automated webinars.

Though being very similar, we can still spot some differences between the two that will be of help in making the right decision.

For your online business.

In this post, I’ll be comparing WebinarJam and EverWebinar based on their features and their pricing plans.

In the end, you’ll be able to make the best decision between the sister platforms.

Let’s get started.

What’s WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

To begin with, WebinarJam and EverWebinar are webinar platforms built and owned by Genesis Digital.

Although they’re both similar in the sense that they provide webinar solutions, there are some differences between both tools.


For starters, WebinarJam allows you to host live webinars while EverWebinar allows you to host automated/evergreen webinars.

Besides that, there are other differences and features possessed by both tools.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar – Differences

Below are some of the differences between WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Difference #1. Webinar Types

The webinar type that both software offers is the best place to start from.

There are four different types of webinars that you can host:

  • Live
  • Hybrid
  • Automated
  • Series webinars

However, WebinarJam allows you to host mainly Live webinars.

And for EverWebinar, you can host automated webinars.

But with their configuration, you can host Hybrid webinars and Series webinars on EverWebinar.

Hosting a hybrid webinar on EverWebinar is possible by integrating a live chat when hosting your automated webinar.

This way, your attendees will find it difficult to spot the difference between a live webinar and an automated webinar.

For WebinarJam, there’s a walk-around to do that. You can host a hybrid webinar thanks to their video injection that allows you to play a video for your attendees to watch.

So while the session is a live session, you can take a back seat and play a recorded YouTube video for your audience to see.

Then you can decide to switch back to Webcam and take over from there.

In the real sense, both are hybrid webinars (a mixture of live and automated webinars).

Difference #2. Attendee Spot Light

This is an engagement feature that allows you to feature any of your attendees as guest speakers.

With this feature, your chosen attendee will have access to come on air and use their webcam for recording.

You can make use of this feature to have a talk with any of the attendees instead of sticking to the live chat option.

As good as this feature is, it’s missing on the EverWebinar platform. The closest you get is the live chat that allows you to engage with your attendees without being active in the webinar room.

Difference #3. YouTube Live Stream

WebinarJam YouTube Live Stream

WebinarJam allows you to live-stream your webinars to YouTube. By doing this, your subscribers can attend the webinars without having to register.

However, this doesn’t include the engagement tools offered by WebinarJam. In other words, you won’t be able to use the live chat tool, polls, and surveys on the YouTube live stream.

Needless to say, this feature is missing on EverWebinar.

Difference #4. Always-On Room

Instead of changing and setting up a webinar from the beginning every time, you can easily dedicate a room and a link for your webinar.

This is possible thanks to the Always-On room feature in WebinarJam.

Not only will you be able to dedicate a room for a particular webinar or meeting, but you also have the flexibility of designing the room to contain your brand name and logo.

Present in WebinarJam and as expected, absent in EverWebinar.

And the best part is that the webinar room link does not change.

However, since the webinar room link does not change, this has no notification or schedule.

In other words, this is a feature meant for having regular meetings in hope that each member has the link already saved on their browser.

Difference #5. Control Room

The control room is where your administrators and moderators manage your webinars.

In other words, it’s the backend where your team manages everything that shows at the front end.

So while the webinar is going on, your moderators can make changes and also moderate the chats during the webinar.

This is only found on WebinarJam and absent on EverWebinar. Check it out WebinarJam here.

Difference #6. Scheduling

Although both platforms have flexible scheduling – EverWebinar offers more options when it comes to scheduling your webinars.

For instance, WebinarJam has three scheduling modes:

  • One single session
  • Multiple scheduling
  • And recurring presentations

WebinarJam Scheduling

A one single session webinar can be run more than once in a day. Needless to say, it would be the same content. So, your attendees have the flexibility of choosing the webinar schedule that fits their schedule.

Multiple sessions are split into different mini-sessions throughout let’s say a few days, a week, or even more. They usually feature a different episode. So in this one, your attendees subscribe to all the individual sessions.

Recurring series sessions. More like a TV show with episodes that continue from the previous one.

Each webinar starts from where the previous one stopped and leads to the next one. In this one, your attendees automatically register for the whole period that the webinar will cover.

But EverWebinar is the configuration wizard here. And largely because it is for pre-recorded or automated webinars

In addition to WebinarJam’s three scheduling modes, EverWebinar has far more options like user’s time zone, watch-replay, just in time e.t.c

In the user’s time zone, you set the webinar to the user’s time zone rather than a specific one.

EverWebinar Schedule

Instant watch replay is displayed on the registration page and allows a registrant who missed the previous webinar to watch a replay of it.

Evewebinar Instant Watch Replay

Allow late attendance allows a visitor to join a webinar that’s already in progress. Now that’s something I like about EverWebinar.

EverWebinar Allow Late Attendance

Just in time. With this setting, you can allow a registrant to see the next session! You can choose to have them displayed at intervals.

You can even hide night time schedules, block last-minute registrations, choose how many schedules will be displayed, and block certain dates for registration.

Here’s basically where EverWebinar strength lies.

Get started with EverWebby here

Similarities Between EverWebinar vs WebinarJam

Here are some of the features that both platforms excel in.

Similarity #1. Clickable Offers

Although EverWebinar is an automated webinar, it also allows you to sell to your attendees.

Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar have the clickable offers feature that allows you to display offers during the webinar.

When the offer is clicked it directs your attendees to the sales page. From there, they could make the purchase.

The offer is displayed on the right sidebar. The offer is designed to convert your attendees better. It gives you the flexibility of adding a live countdown timer to place urgency on your attendees.

Also, you can display an indicator whenever someone purchases a product. This feature is present on both platforms.

Similarity #2. Page Builder

WebinarJam is known for providing you with more customizable options to choose from.

WebinarJam page templates

You can see that when customizing your registration page and thank you page.

The same applies to EverWebinar.

You can customize just about anything. As long as it has the pencil icon it’s subject to your whims.

That includes the images, logo, color, text, and even videos—YouTube and other mp4 files.

On EverWebinar, you can also use your own landing pages or those from another software provider.

And if you’d like to err on the side of caution, you can split-test two pages to see which one would generate more leads. Available in both WebinarJam and it’s sister platform.

Thanks to the above, you can customize your landing pages and still preserve the mobile responsiveness.

Similarity #3. Polls and Surveys

WebinarJam and EverWebinar are both doing great in the way of polls and surveys

You have two options to conduct polls on your audience on both WebinarJam and EverWebinar

Either you choose the Full configuration in setting up your webinar wherein you can use the poll you configured beforehand.

WebinarJam Polls and Quizzes

Or you can decide to use Express in setting up so that you can create a new poll as the webinar is running.

WebinarJam Polls

Both webinar tools allow you to configure your surveys to create polls that require as many answers as you like or even restrict the answers to a certain length.

Try WebinarJam here

Try EverWebinar here

Similarity #4. Email automation, SMS, Notification

Both WebinarJam vs EverWebinar give you the almost absolute freedom to send any kind of email necessary.

The two platforms allow you to send a total of up to 20 notifications respectively. That means with each webinar, you can have up to 10 notifications before and 10 after.

WebinarJam Email Notification

Adding to the professional touch of the emails is the fact that they are in categories such as:

  • Welcome message: Sent automatically as soon as registration is completed and includes a copy of the live link room
  • Pre-webinar reminders: For more information about the webinar or just as a reminder.
  • Last-minute reminders: Sent by default 15 minutes ahead of the webinar.
  • Post webinar message: Sent after the webinar ends at the next period that coincides with the start time.

The protocol for setting up emails is just the same on both platforms. Neither is more complicated than the other.

When setting up a post-webinar message, you first need to click the “add email” button in the page provided, then edit the email, streamline your recipients based on their response to and behavior during the webinar, make the email fully descriptive, add a link and then test the email.

You can streamline your recipients into the following 5 categories:

  • All registrants
  • Those who did or did not attend
  • Registrants that attended and did or did not order your product
  • Those that attended but left before a timeframe you specify
  • Attendees that stayed till a timeframe you specify and did not purchase the product.

For editing the email body in both platforms, shortcodes are provided in the sidebar.

They constitute a fixed format, a kind of plan that dictates the arrangement and nature of the content of the email.

Based on the shortcodes, an email would usually contain the following:

  • Title of the webinar
  • Description of the webinar
  • The list of you and your co-presenters
  • First and last name of the email recipient
  • The email address of the recipient
  • Date of the webinar
  • Time of the session
  • The unique live room URL for the recipient to attend the webinar
  • The password to enter the live room ( if you enabled password protection for the room.

You do not need to type all of the above details yourself. In each platform, the shortcodes are automatically replaced with the relevant information when the email is sent.

All of this saves you a lot of time and stress.

What is more, you can also send your configured reminder emails through any of your integrated autoresponder platforms. That gives you even more power over the style, scheduling, and branding of your email.

For instance, emails can be sent through Zapier integrations with WebinarJam or EverWebinar.

As for SMS and phone call messages, you can choose as an option, integrating with Twilio.

Similarity #4. Live Chat

No webinar hosting platform can do without that. That’s where live interaction happens.

In a live chat, you can chat with your attendees or allow a moderator to do so.

Additionally, you can leave sticky messages on the screen for them to see.

WebinarJam Live chat

Or you can chat with only the administrator or everyone in the live room so that you can share something without your attendees knowing.

More to that, you can turn the chat into Q/A mode so that attendees’ messages are saved as questions and your messages as answers.

The chat box in the control panel is there for all those purposes. It enables you the host to edit, delete, reply to, or broadcast anyone’s messages.

In EverWebinar, it’s the only box you’ll see in the control panel.

And in both software, you can use it to invite any of your attendees to join you in the live room or ban them from it.

Amazingly, EverWebinar though being mainly for automated webinars can also feature a simulated live chat experience.

In its case, you don’t even have to go live and start responding to chats.

That’s because you can import chats from a previous webinar or draft new ones and program them to roll in the event at any given time.

And if you want to respond to live chats as the program is running, you can simply leave the panel of the software open in your browser and you will be notified of any chats coming in and then you can chat live.

With that, you’ve got a hybrid webinar, combining the stress-free experience of an automated webinar with live engagements. You could not possibly ask for more.

Host your webinar with Everwebinar here

Similarity #5. Integration

Both apps integrate hugely well with 3rd party apps to help you automate tasks and save time.

Whether you want to add a registrant to an autoresponder that’s not in the default API list or add a registrant to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, they’ve got you covered.

WebinarJam’s and EverWebinar’s integration with Zapier and other apps make automation very much easier for you.

For instance, you can send automated emails via Zapier integration.

You can easily send SMS and phone call messages through Twilio integration.

For video streaming, YouTube integration will allow you to do just that although you will do better using WebinarJam’s inbuilt streaming service due to YouTube’s overwhelming procedures.

However, EverWebinar does not integrate with YouTube.

As for EverWebinar, it also integrates well with tons of autoresponders and CRMs.

Interestingly, you can integrate WebinarJam with EverWebinar or vice-versa.

That’s why you can with EverWebinar transform your WebinarJam recording to a terrific automated webinar in just a single click complete with stats, chats, and videos.

Host your webby with WebinarJam here

Comparison of WebinarJam vs EverWebinar Pricing Plans

WebinarJam Pricing Plans

WebinarJam Pricing Plans
Click image for plan features

To start with, WebinarJam has only three annual plans:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • And the Enterprise plan

Basic: Good for the starters. Billed at $499 per year.

This plan allows you to have a maximum of two and 500 presenters and attendees respectively with a duration of 2 hours. You have access to all the features except the control center, always-on room, and the panic button.

Professional: Given to you for $699 annually.

Maximum of four presenters and 2000 attendees. You can hold webinars for a maximum duration of three hours. Only the control center is beyond you in this plan.

Enterprise: This plan demands a whopping $999 annually.

You can now have up to six presenters and 5000 in attendance. Hold webinars for up to four hours. All features are open to you.

WebinarJam also offers you a 100% risk-free refund guarantee if for any reason you are not pleased with their services.

Get started hosting your presentation on WebinarJam now!

EverWebinar Pricing Plans

EverWebinar pricing
Click image for trial access

Similar to WebinarJam, EverWebinar offers three pricing plans to choose from; Installment, Annual, and Biennial plan.

The Installment plan allows you to pay $199 three times a year (every four months).

The next is the annual plan billed at $499

The last plan is the biennial plan. In this, you can pay $799 for two years in advance

All three plans guarantee a 30 day 100% risk-free refund guarantee and include automated webinars, advanced simulation tools, pre-made landing pages, and 24/7 customer support.

Get started hosting your webby on EverWebinar now!

Pros and Cons of WebinarJam and EverWebinar

There’s no tool without a drawback. In this section, I’ll be listing the good sides and bad sides of both tools.

WebinarJam Pros

  • Allows you to host live webinars
  • Supports up to 5000 attendees
  • Offers amazing engagement features like the attendee spotlight
  • Allows you to Livestream your webinar to YouTube
  • Provides landing page templates

WebinarJam Cons

  • WebinarJam offers expensive pricing
  • Does not support automated webinars
  • The setup page can be overwhelming

EverWebinar Pros

  • Allows you to host automated webinars
  • It also provides some basic engagement features like live chats
  • Allows you to host hybrid webinars
  • Provides landing page templates to choose from
  • Offers an affordable pricing plan

EverWebinar Cons

  • EverWebinar does not support live webinars
  • It lacks advanced engagement feature like attendee spotlight
  • Does not support YouTube integration

Final Thoughts

Having used and reviewed both tools, choosing any one between WebinarJam and EverWebinar isn’t a bad idea.

Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar offers great features for different types of webinars.

If your goal is to host live webinars, then WebinarJam is meant for you. Likewise, if you’re a busy creator and would prefer an automated or evergreen webinars, then EverWebinar is the absolute best for you.

In the end, the decision is up to you.

Start WebinarJam for $1 here

Get started with Everwebinar right here ($1 also)

Hope you found this WebinarJam vs Everwebinar comparison guide helpful for the BEST decision in your business?

Don’t forget to check out my review on the Perfect Webinar Secrets on how to create, structure, and make sales with your webinar presentation.

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