WebinarJam Vs WebinarNinja

In this post, I’ll be putting WebinarJam and WebinarNinja to test.

Choosing the best webinar platform for your business is difficult, especially when there are amazing options to choose from.

And that’s the case for WebinarJam and WebinarNinja.

Both tools offer unique features for good webinar hosting.

WebinarJam is highly valued for its tons of sophisticated features. WebinarNinja offers you a clean, elegant design and intuitive user experience.

So which one?

The best, right?

Yeah, that’s it.

So in this post, I’ll be walking you through a detailed comparison of WebinarJam and WebinarNinja based on their features, pricing plans, and personal experience.

Let’s start with some introduction.

What’s WebinarJam and WebinarNinja?

WebinarJam and WebinarNinja are both webinar hosting platforms that allow you to host webinars and video conferences.

Founded in 2013 by Genesis Digital, WebinarJam has moved up the chain to become one of the best.

WebinarJam happens to be one of the solutions developed by Genesis Digital. EverWebinar and Kartra are also one of their inventions.

WebinarNinja was founded in 2014, a year after WebinarJam was founded. Needless to say, it has also climbed up to become one of the best options to consider when choosing a webinar platform.

WebinarNinja software

And the most interesting aspect is that the WebinarNinja team, work in their pajamas from their various cities. Proof of their invention.

Choosing the best between WebinarJam and WebinarNinja wouldn’t be easy without a thorough comparison.

So let’s dive into the comparisons.

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – Features

To begin with. Let’s start the comparison of both tools with an in-depth look at their features accordingly.

Feature #1. Page Building Capacity

Landing Page is essential. Your landing page must be attractive and professional to give your brand a perfect branding.

And that’s why this is coming first. After launching your webinar, your landing page is where you collect information and also signup attendees for the webinar.

Though WebinarJam comes with it’s professionally designed registration pages, you are given all authority to customize them to suit your brand.

Select from their library of templates, pick your choice. Then customize the texts, color, images, and videos as you like.

WebinarJam page templates

Even if you are unsure about the designs, you are not lost.

You can use WebinarJam’s system to automatically switch two custom templates to track which one attracts more registrations for your event.

The above feature is known as split-testing. A pretty great idea I discovered in only the WebinarJam software.

Another beautiful aspect of WebinarJam’s page building capability is the registration surveys you can conduct.

You can ask your sign-ups for their take on the problems they expect the webinar to address. This feature is non-existent in WebinarNinja.

And if I may add, WebinarJam gives you more freedom to customize just about anything than WebinarNinja

All of these are provided so you can customize your registration while preserving the beauty and mobile responsiveness.

For WebinarNinja, it isn’t all that lacking in page building features.

You can also create a great registration page and thank you page on WebinarNinja.

However, in terms of page templates, WebinarNinja is lacking. While WebinarNinja offers 3 templates to choose from, WebinarJam offers 17.

Besides, editing WebinarNinja templates isn’t without limitations. You have lesser options for customizing the landing page.

WebinarNinja Page Templates

For example, you can only change the button colors but not the text itself or the fonts. The height and width of the banner image as well are fixed. All other aspects are subject to change at your discretion.

However, lesser options could mean a neat and less clutter design. That’s what you get with WebinarNinja.

The event time and date with the countdown timer are also preserved.

The thank-you page also has two templates, images, and videos. Same thing with WebinarJam.

Winner: WebinarJam

WebinarJam has far more templates and gives you more permission to customize your pages than WebinarNinja. But as compensation, WebinarNinja’s pages look clean.

Feature #2. Polls and Surveys – WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja

WebinarJam allows you to survey the needs of your audience and quiz them as to their skills.

With the ability to pre-configure polls, WebinarJam allows you to focus on your webinar content while the polls appear at the right time based on your configuration.

You can only pre-configure your webinar when you go through the full-configuration:

WebinarJam Polls and Quizzes

For the express configuration, you can only configure your polls in the webinar room:

WebinarJam Polls

In essence, you can set your poll questions before the webinar and display them whenever you want to during the webinar.

Take note, the polls are usually displayed at the right of the webinar video.

You can send the poll results to your audience after the poll.

Likewise, WebinarNinja isn’t lacking in the polls feature.

You can run multiple polls with WebinarNinja before, during, and after the webinar and send instant results

In WebinarNinja, the polls and surveys are below the webinar video.

As is the case with WebinarJam, you can also pre-configure polls but there is an obvious downside: your polls are available to your attendees as soon as they join.

Your attendees even get a notification about the poll itself.

So in essence, once you set your polls, they all get shown together.

You don’t have the flexibility of switching on the polls whenever you like during the webinar as you have on WebinarJam.

For WebinarNinja, you create polls as you go. So you only create the polls whenever you need them.

WebinarNinja Polls

The notification for the poll appears at the top of the screen, and whenever they click on the poll, it takes them beneath the screen.

WebinarNinja Polls Notification

And your attendees will have to scroll down to access the polls (this can be distracting).

Winner: WebinarJam

WebinarJam wins here. Both tools allow you to add polls to your webinar, but the ability to control when they appear is priceless.

And that’s the edge WebinarJam has over WebinarNinja.

Get started with WebinarJam here

Feature #3. Email Automation, SMS, and Notifications

WebinarJam has a feature for alerting and giving reminders to registrants and hosts about upcoming and past webinars.

This consists of automated emails and text notifications reminding you of the next webinar or hinting you of the webinars you missed altogether.

Moreover, there are a set of email templates you can choose from to send depending on whether the webinar is yet to take place (future), about to start, is in progress or has ended(for those who missed it)

Then you can split your audience into categories depending on their response to the webinar and send specific emails to each category.

The categories are:

  • All who registered
  • Only those who attended
  • Only those that didn’t attend
  • Only those who attended and ordered the product
  • Only those that attended and didn’t order the product
  • All those that attended and viewed the whole program
  • Exclusively those who left before the program was completed

WebinarJam Email Notification

WebinarJam has probably the most comprehensive audience segmentation of any webinar software platform.

In WebinarJam, you get to customize your email templates. But WebinarNinja has an edge over this. At least a bit.

Unlike WebinarJam where you have to set up emails or customize email designs, WebinarNinja does all that work for you.

That’s because all emails are sent directly from the WebinarNinja platform.

There are default emails set up for you. Not only that, but they are also automatically sent to the registrants and attendees based on the following periods:

  • Right after registration
  • 1 day before the start
  • 8 AM on the webinar day
  • 1 hour before the start
  • 5 minutes before the start
  • 2 hours after the end (different emails depending on if you attended or not)

Nevertheless, you can deactivate some of the default emails and add some of your own. On WebinaNinja. But in terms of audience segmentation, you don’t have so much choice as in WebinarJam.

It goes this way:

  • Registrants
  • Attendees that attended the webinar
  • Registrants that did not attend the webinar

That’s just three categories. Compare that with WebinarJam’s 7.

Winner: WebinarJam

For ease of notification, WebinarNinja does better than WebinarJam. But it has fewer audience categories.

Feature #4. Live Chat – WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja

To begin with, live chat is a necessary feature for all webinar platforms.

Both WebinarJam and WebinarNinja do have it.

Speaking of WebinarJam, it gives you a variety of live chat options such as

  • Group chat
  • Private comments
  • Highlighted comments
  • Sticky announcements
  • Virtual hand raising
  • Question and answer and so more

WebinarJam Live Chat

In a live chat, as a host, you can choose to only chat with administrators so that the attendees don’t get to see what’s going on behind.

The decision to chat with the attendees or everyone general is also at your disposal.

At the same time, you can have any of your moderators chat with your attendees while you do the talking.

Aside from that, you also have the option of changing the chat mode to Q/A mode in which all messages are marked as questions.

This way, you won’t find it difficult to see the questions being asked and also provide answers to them.

This is an amazing feature!

Aside from the regular live chat feature, WebinarJam has another feature called Attendee Spotlight.

The attendee spotlight feature gives you the flexibility of turning any of your attendees into guest speakers with access to getting on the air with their video and audio.

What’s more, you can pick any of them and bring them to the stage where they’re seen and heard by other attendees in the room.

This is a rare feature on other webinar platforms, and missing on WebinarNinja.

Likewise, WebinarNinja is online with that.

Its live chat is fast and intuitive with zero latency. It also comes complete with emojis that add an extra personal touch.

Questions are not lost in the chat because of the dedicated Q &A feature.

All chat data is also saved as is the case with other webinar platforms like WebinarJam.

Interestingly, the live chat remains open for five minutes after the end of the webinar. So, you can still engage and give answers to the questions after the webinar is finished.

Winner: WebinarJam

Hard to decide. Both WebinarJam and WebinarNinja have an intuitive live chat feature alongside a Q/A feature.

However, WebinarJam is a step higher when it comes to live-chat with their Attendee Spotlight feature that brings any of your attendees to stage with their video and audio on.

Get started with WebinarJam here

Feature #5. YouTube Live Stream

Just like you would broadcast a live event to other media outlets, WebinarJam allows you to broadcast your webinars to YouTube.

WebinarJam Youtube integration

And by so doing, your webinar becomes visible to all your YouTube subscribers. In essence, without having to register for your webinar, your subscribers can easily watch the webinar on YouTube live.

However, the Live chat and other engagement tools are missing on the YouTube live broadcast. The best you can get on the YouTube Live stream is the regular comment box on  YouTube.

Needless to say, the YouTube Livestream feature is missing on WebinarNinja. The fact that WebinarNinja is fast growing with their developers doing frequent updates means that the feature would soon be added.

But, as at the time of writing this post, the feature is missing on WebinarNinja.

Winner – WebinarJam

WebinarJam takes the lead here with the YouTube live broadcast feature.

Feature #6. Integration

You need the help of third-party applications and software to host and manage webinars successfully.

To solve this, most webinar platforms come along with custom integration with other third-party software to compensate for their lack.

WebinarJam shines here. Offering a wide range of custom integrations, you can get a better result from their tool.

The missing features in WebinarJam can be integrated via third-party software like:

And with Zapier, you can integrate with over 1000 more apps.

In contrast, WebinarNinja supports payment integration with Stripe. That’s worthwhile if you want to host paid webinars.

With WebinarNinja, you can also integrate with email autoresponder apps like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, Convert Kit, Drip, HubSpot and of course any other app supported by Zapier.

What’s more, under integrations, you can generate a registration form.

You can use it in place of WebinarNinja’s native registration page. After designing the registration page, you can generate a JavaScript code that you can embed to your website.

You can design the Registration form and generate a Javascript code snippet that you can embed to your website.

Winner: Tie

Talking about integrations, this is a draw. Both WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam are both doing well on that front.

Feature #7. Scheduling  and Webinar Types

For starters, WebinarJam only supports live webinars.

However, it offers a flexible scheduling system that allows you to launch a timed webinar easily.

Whether you want your webinar right now, later in the day, or sometime in the week, WebinarJam is just perfect for you.

You can even choose to have recurring webinars at a set time. Let’s say you want to run a webinar every Tuesday and Thursday by noon. That’s no big deal with WebinarJam.

WebinarJam splits its schedule into three categories: one single session, multiple sessions, and recurrent series of presentations.

WebinarJam Scheduling

For a one-single session, it’s a webinar done just once.

It could be done in two different schedules, however, they’re similar webinars created to give your busy attendees an option to choose which time suits their schedule.

For the multiple sessions, it’s a mini-series of webinars done for a few days, every day spanning a different episode.

The recurring series presentation is a long-term series of webinars done every week.

This is a longer version of the multiple sessions.

Besides, you can choose to have a special room reserved just for you that can be used repeatedly.

The dedicated room is branded with your business name, has a link that never changes, and can be accessed 24/7. All you have to do is just log in, click the “Go Live” button and you’re on the air!

However, you cannot host automated webinars where a pre-recorded webinar video is broadcast in a recurring manner.

That’s one area WebinarNinja is certainly better.

WebinarNinja allows you to run your webinars at any time.

Whether it’s right now, a particular day in the week, or recurring at some particular days in the week. Yes, much like WebinarJam. Unlike WebinarJam, you can run automated webinars on WebinarNinja at no extra cost.

But in the automated webinar, live engagement tools are missing, which is natural and at the same not so attractive.

Aside from Live webinars and automated webinars, WebinarNinja supports hybrid webinars and series webinars.

Hybrid webinars feature a pre-recorded webinar along with the live engagement tools.

You’ll have access to polls and live chat in the hybrid webinar.

Automated webinars are great if you have a top-notch webinar that you want to show over and over again.

So if you want to choose WebinarNinja, that’s a nice incentive.

So there you have WebinarNinja’s four great features in terms of webinars: live, automated, series, and hybrid.

Winner: WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja has more scheduling options than WebinarJam. It supports more types of webinars.

Get started with WebinarNinja here

Feature #8. HD Video Quality – WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja

Talking about that, WebinarJam promises amazing HD quality and they live up to it. WebinarJam offers HD quality for their webcam and screen sharing features.

However, having a strong internet connection is a necessity.

Without a strong internet connection, your attendees might be booted out sometimes because of your internet connection.

And when this happens, your attendees see a black screen.

However, with the panic button, you can automatically transfer everybody in the webinar room to another room immediately.

In contrast, WebinarNinja, due to the WebRTC engine for webinars, HD quality is guaranteed for both hosts and attendees.

Moreover, WebinarNinja did a recent update on their software, adding a multi-stream feature.

The multistream feature allows WebinarNinja to serve your attendees with different video quality based on their internet connection.

And by so doing, you don’t have to suffer a poor quality based on an attendee’s poor internet connection.

Winner: WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is the winner. It wasn’t an easy decision but it has an edge over WebinarJam for video quality.

Needless to say, with the multi-stream feature, WebinarNinja offers a pretty much better video quality.

Feature #9. Webinar Analytics

You definitely know the importance of analytics. To your best interest, WebinarJam allows you to track nearly everything concerning your webinars.

You can track the number of attendees, the average time spent in the webinar room, conversion rate, number of sales made, tickets bought, and many other data.

Here’s a screenshot of the sales analytics dashboard on WebinarJam:

WebinarJam Analytics

For WebinarNinja, it provides a basic analytics dashboard that allows you to track the number of attendees, replay attendees, viewing time, and engagement.

Here’s a screenshot of WebinarNinja dashboard:

WebinarNinja Analytics

Winner – WebinarJam

With the ability to track sales, email notification, and other advanced metrics like split-testing, WebinarJam sure has an edge over WebinarNinja

WebinarJam and WebinarNinja Comparison of Pricing Plans

WebinarJam Pricing Plans

WebinarJam price
Click image for price discount


To be candid, WebinarJam isn’t the cheapest you can get.

In contrast with WebinarNinja, WebinarJam is expensive. But it has much value for the money.

However, the annual billing is another shortcoming I see in the tool.

Also, there’s no free trial, Webinarjam offers a paid trail which costs $1 for 14 days on all plans.

The plans are in three categories:

  • Basic

This costs $479 annually. This is the least plan WebinarJam offers.

Features are,3 presenters per webinar, 500(max) attendees per webinar

  • Pro (for professionals)

You can get this plan for $783 annually. The plan allows you up to 4 presenters and max attendance of 1000 per webinar.

  • Premium (for experts)

This plan costs $997 when billed annually It includes 6 presenters per webinar and 5000 attendees per webinar.

All plans also offer 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click here to get started with WebinarJam for $1

WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarNinja pricing
Click image to expand price

Much more affordable, unlike WebinarJam where you can only pay annually.

The plans are:

  • Starter Plan

At $39/month, you get, 100 live webinar attendees, unlimited recorded webinar attendees, live webinars, and automated webinars.

  • Pro Plan

At 79$/ month, WebinarNinja offers, 300 live webinar attendees, unlimited recorded webinar attendees, Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, Webinar Series & Summits, Facebook Ad Tracking, Hybrid Webinars

  • Plus

Billed at 129$ monthly, you get access to all Pro features alongside 500 live webinar attendees.

  • Power

Billed at $199/ month, you get access to all Plus features alongside 1000 live webinar attendees.

Winner: WebinarNinja

Thumbs up to the WebinarNinja hosting platform for its monthly options. All it’s plans also allow for a free trial, unlike WebinarJam.

Click here to get started with WebinarNinja free

Pros and Cons of WebinarJam and WebinarNinja

Pros of WebinarJam

  • It supports up to 6 presenters per webinar
  • WebinarJam offers a browser-based webinar solution that does not require any download to use.
  • It offers more page templates to choose from
  • Offers advanced polls and survey feature
  • Offers a panic button to transfer you and your attendees to another room in case of technical issues.
  • Allows you to record your webinar and also replay them (maybe for attendants to watch)
  • Supports live broadcasts to YouTube.
  • WebinarJam can support up to 5000 attendees

Cons of WebinarJam

  • WebinarJam does not support on-demand and automated webinars
  • Their user interface is clunky because of the various options and features
  • Setting up a webinar via the full configuration can be tiring
  • Compared to WebinarNinja, WebinarJam offers an expensive pricing plan.

Pros of WebinarNinja

  • WebinarNinja offers a clean and neat user interface
  • Offers an affordable pricing plan
  • Excellent customer support
  • WebinarNinja allows you to host different types of webinars including on-demand webinars
  • Offers a multi-stream feature for better overall video performance.
  • Can support up to 4 presenters

Cons of WebinarNinja

  • WebinarNinja can only support 1000 attendees
  • It has a limited number of page templates to choose from ( 4 at the time of writing).
  • It lacks a panic button to transfer everybody in the room to another room when there are technical issues.
  • Lacks the attendee spotlight feature
  • Does not support YouTube Live stream

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja – Which is Best?

Having gone through an in-depth review of WebinarJam and WebinarNinja, choosing the most suitable for you might still be a daunting process.

If you have a tight budget and you need a webinar platform for the short-term, then WebinarNinja would be a better option.

However, if you’re into this for the long-run and need a bigger room, then WebinarJam is the best for you.

All things being equal, I highly recommend WebinarJam over WebinarNinja.

For starters, you can easily get started with WebinarJam for just $1 and have a look at the inside.

Let me know which of the above webinar solution you’ll be started with, in the comments below – WebinarNinja or WebinarJam?

Finally, don’t forget to check out my review on the Perfect Webinar Secrets on how to create, structure, and make sales with your webinar presentation.

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