Who is Dan Meadors? (The Brain Behind the Wholesale Formula)

Dan Meadors

Have you heard about the Wholesale Formula, a step-by-step online course teaching how to sell productively on Amazon? If you have, the name Dan Meadors will ring a bell.

Dan Meadors created the Wholesale Formula with Dylan Frost, a course that helps you to make money from Amazon FBA. Dan Meadors along with his partner Dylan Frost has grossed over $30 million in combined sales.

Like many online entrepreneurs, Dan Meadors started from scratch. Gradually, through testing different Amazon FBA strategies and receiving mixed results, he stumbled upon the Wholesale Formula.

If you want to start an online business and you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Dan Meadors.

How Dan Meadors Created the Whole Formula with Dylan Frost

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost launched their Wholesale formula in 2015. The Wholesale Formula has a great impact on those venturing into selling the eCommerce industry. It teaches people strategies for getting massive sales on eCommerce sites like Amazon. 

The wholesale formula makes use of the reverse sourcing wholesale approach. Reverse sourcing wholesale means bypassing distributors and purchasing goods straight from the manufacturer. 

The Wholesale Formula

This course helps students with three things:

  • Scouting: How they get to locate products that do well on e-commerce sites. 
  • Sourcing: How they get connections and make contact with the items’ brand owners. 
  • Scaling. The administrative part of the business like managing, developing, and regulating all aspects of the company.

Dan and Dylan started eCommerce with an original investment of only $600. Using the reverse sourcing wholesale approach, they worked nights and weekends getting their produce straight from the manufacturer and selling it on Amazon for a profit. 

After they left their jobs and went full-time, they were able to generate over $30 million in sales on Amazon. 

Because of their success, they created the Wholesale formula. The course contains the unique system they used to take advantage of the reverse sourcing wholesale opportunities.

Dan Meadors Early Career and Entrepreneurial Adventures

Dan Meadors

Earlier in his career, Dan Meador seemed like your average Joe. He had a well-paying blue-collar job that was sufficient to support his wife and his daughter. 

All was going well till a few days after Christmas when Dan lost his job. What seems like the end for him was in disguise the beginning of a new journey.

Dan Meador didn’t have a fun childhood. He grew up in a very poor community in Williamsburg, Kentucky. At the age of five, his parents divorced, leaving his mum to raise him and his two brothers alone. 

Despite the odds seeming against his mum, Dan’s mum fought to ensure she and her children survived and had a stable life. 

Therefore, the fact that he got sacked brought back taunting memories of his childhood years of poverty and deprivation. 

Before he got fired, however, Dan had started an Amazon business as a side hustle. 

With his job gone, the Amazon business was his only hope. He had to devote all his energy to his Amazon business. After so many challenges and tough times in the business, Dan finally struck gold. 

Dan realized that the traditional wholesale approach did not produce the results he required. While seeking a way out, he stumbled across the reverse sourcing wholesale business model. 

The reverse sourcing wholesale business model was the game changer for Dan and led to the birth of the Wholesale formula.

But Dan could not do it alone, he teamed up with Dylan Frost. Together, they created the Wholesale Formula course and have grossed $30 million in sales on Amazon.

Dan Meadors Social Media Profiles

Dan Meadors LinkedIn

Dan Meador is currently on LinkedIn and has 500+ connections. Dan offers his problem-solving skills to his followers and encourages them to keep going on the journey to success.

What’s Inside the Wholesale Formula?

As I mentioned earlier, the program is designed to teach individuals how to start and grow a wholesale business on Amazon.

The Wholesale Formula typically covered the following key aspects:

  • Sourcing Wholesale Products: The course guides how to find and establish relationships with wholesale suppliers. This includes strategies for negotiating deals, understanding minimum order quantities, and building a reliable supply chain.
  • Amazon Marketplace Strategies: The program covers how to list and optimize products on Amazon for maximum visibility and sales. This may involve understanding Amazon’s algorithms, creating effective product listings, and managing inventory.
  • Business Operations: The Wholesale Formula likely includes guidance on the operational aspects of running a wholesale business on Amazon. This could involve order fulfillment, customer service, and managing the day-to-day activities of an Amazon business.
  • Scaling Your Business: The course may offer insights into scaling your wholesale business, exploring ways to increase product offerings, reach new markets, and optimize processes for growth.
  • Legal and Compliance Considerations: Understanding the legal aspects of running an Amazon business, including compliance with Amazon’s policies and other relevant regulations.
  • Community and Support: Many online courses include access to a community of learners where participants can share experiences, ask questions, and get support from both the creators and fellow students.

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