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Spin Rewriter is a revolutionary powerful article spinner that uses ENL Semantic Spinning to understand the meaning of your text and produces unique content. It's the cheapest out there. Loved by 181,394+ Users.

The Best Spinner is the most affordable article rewriter tool that allows you to rewrite your articles in seconds. Although looks old-fashioned, it is simple and easy to use.

Quilbot is one of the most user-friendly and cheapest writing assistants out there. It provides an effortless way to create and spin content with no fuss, effortlessly. The best part about Quilbot is that it's ethical and friendly.

Overall Best 🏆

Spin Rewriter is a revolutionary powerful article spinner that uses ENL Semantic Spinning to understand the meaning of your text and produces unique content. It's the cheapest out there. Loved by 181,394+ Users.

Most Affordable

The Best Spinner is the most affordable article rewriter tool that allows you to rewrite your articles in seconds. Although looks old-fashioned, it is simple and easy to use.

Best Free Spinner

Quilbot is one of the most user-friendly and cheapest writing assistants out there. It provides an effortless way to create and spin content with no fuss, effortlessly. The best part about Quilbot is that it's ethical and friendly.


In this post, we shall delve into the details of my favorite and best WordAI alternatives.

Spinning is the process of rewriting a text to be readable and applicable to a specific topic.

Spinning is a perfect solution for content writers who have a large workload or want to publish quality content without spending their entire day writing.

An Article spinner or article rewriter is a website or platform that allows anyone to rewrite articles on any topic.

Some spinners are free, while some cost a small amount of money.

However, most of them are easy to use and can generate unique content for your blog or website in minutes.

Several article spinners have been in the market for a while, but the ones to consider in this scene are Word AI, Quillbot, Spin Rewriter, and Spinbot.

They have gained popularity because they offer high-quality content and competitive output.

Word AI article spinner is a popular article-spinning tool and easy to use.

You can use it to create unique content or to pre-process your content for your website.

However, Word AI is a premium product, costing about $57 per month.

Other services such as Spin Rewriter offer similar functionality for a fraction of the cost.

Today we’re reviewing some of the best content-spinning software to use if you’re looking for Word AI alternatives to writing articles on your own.

Here are the top alternatives to Word AI:

1. Spin Rewriter (best WordAI alternative)


Spin Rewriter has many features that make it one of the best content rewriter software and the best alternative to Word AI.

Spin Rewriter supports ENL technology using convolutional neural networks to generate accurate and unique content

Spin Rewriter is a powerful online article-spinning tool that can generate unique human-readable content.

The Spin Rewriter tool is a web-based article spinning software that leverages artificial intelligence.

It can make edits to improper sentences automatically. 

Spin Rewriter software lives in the cloud, which means it will be accessible from any device you use.

Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone – Spin Rewriter will adapt to any device you are using.

Without a doubt, Spin Rewriter is one of the best spinning software in the market. It can rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and articles into high-quality, human-readable content.

You can be reassured that your article never has any repeating words when you use the spin rewriter, which effectively avoids repetition in your work.

What Makes Spin Rewriter the Best WordAI Alternative?

  • Generate 1,000 variations of spun articles

The Spin Rewriter sentence structure engine is powered by deep learning and can massively multiply the number of variations you can get from just a single article.

This way, you can generate up to 1,000 variations of every article you spun from the same content.

You can use this feature to sell unique content to people who need help in content writing.

The most effective way to make money with spun content is by selling many variations of it.

The Spin Rewriter can help you do that in a matter of seconds.

  • Side-by-side comparison between the original and spun article

Spin Rewriter has a comparison feature that makes it straightforward to compare the original and spun content side-by-side.

This will allow you to see how different they are, making it easy to tell whether the content is uniquely yours.

  • Over 8 million databases of free stock images and images

Besides time-saving features, you can also make your article more interesting for readers by adding relevant public-domain images and videos to your content with a single click.

Spin Rewriter has a Video Collection Database of over 8 Million videos that you can add to your article.

You just have to drag or add the video into Spin Rewriter. Spin Rewriter will automatically import it into your article.

  • Bulk spinning

With the Spin Rewriter bulk spinning feature, your content creation possibilities are unlimited! This software has made it simple to create an infinite number of unique articles concurrently.

Spin Rewriter has a high level of flexibility that allows you to manually or automatically spin articles.

You can either do the spinning task manually or on autopilot—the choice is yours.

  • Automatic saving

Spin Rewriter saves work when a writer takes a break from editing.

It automatically saves all work and ensures nothing is lost.

  • Create HTML and Non-HTML versions of your blog post

Spin Rewriter is designed to create text in blog-friendly formats.

However, If you want HTML formats, you can switch it on, and you’ll receive a fully formatted HTML version of your text.

  • ENL semantic technology

With this feature, you can create synonym-spun content without having to change the context of the sentence.

The spinning tool will automatically read the whole content and add relevant synonyms without deviating from the context of the article.

And also fill in any missing content, creating a longer, more detailed article.

Error-free spun content

You can’t afford to have errors in your content as it will reflect poorly on your business.

Human beings are prone to mistakes from time to time.

That’s why this spinning software is the perfect solution for all of your problems!

The “Spin Rewriter” software will analyze and correct any spelling and grammatical errors within your post, ensuring that it reads flawlessly and without mistakes.

  • Create unique content with the help of Copyscape

With Spin Rewriter, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism again. 

Spin Rewriter now has an in-built feature that allows you to check your article’s uniqueness with the help of Copyscape integration.

All you need to do is connect your Spin Rewriter account to Copyscape.

  • Brands keyword filter

Spinning articles is a great way for content marketers to get high-quality articles without spending time and money on writing them.

However, there is a technique that you can use to spin articles without deviating from the context of the content.

When you’re spinning an article, it’s important to exclude your target keywords from being spun.

With the Spin Rewriter settings, you can swiftly ignore brand words when spinning to exclude your target keywords from being spun.

  • Free seed articles from the “Articlebuilder.net and Big content search website”

Scraping articles and using them as a source for content is shared among content writers, but it can be time-consuming and even unethical.

Spin Rewriter has made the process easier by automating the article-spinning process and making it possible to scrape free content from the “big content search” website.

The software enables spinner to insert an article from the “big content search” website and rewrite it in just a few seconds.

All you need to do is input your target keyword and click on the “fetch articles” button to insert an article that interests you.

Fetch article Spin Rewriter

The tool then provides the spinner with an option for rewriting it as per your preferences.

  • Exporting And Downloading Capability

Export and Download your spun articles as a Doc file. With Spin Rewriter, you can export your articles as a Doc file, which you can then download onto your computer. 

  • Unlimited Spinning feature

There are no limits on how many times you can spin a word with unlimited spinning.

Unlimited spinning is a simple but powerful feature that removes the need to worry about running out of spins. Spin as many as you could.

  • Document editor

This can be used to edit any text, including blog posts, social media content, articles, and more.

You can even use it to write a book or essay by manually spinning it within the document editor.

You can try Spin Rewriter on free here

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Spin rewriter pricing

Spin Rewriter has three pricing plans: monthly, yearly, and lifetime. You can choose whichever one fits your budget.

  • MONTHLY PLAN: $47/month
  • YEARLY PLAN: $77/year
  • LIFETIME: $497/single payment

There’s also a 5-day free trial + bonuses to test the platform before you get started.

2. The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner rewriter

“The best spinner” is another superb Word AI alternative with excellent features such as the ability to pick up the latest neologisms and slang. 

It can understand grammar, and punctuation and can create original content.

The best spinner works on a variety of different devices. You can use it on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

The new Visual Spinner v4 of The Best Spinner is a revolutionary new update that allows you to create original content super fast on a compelling interface.

The software uses statistical analysis to create content that is up to 99% unique and captivating.

Without a doubt, the Best Spinner is one of the best article-spinning software in the market.

What Makes The Best Spinner The Best WordAI Alternative?

  • Multilingual ability

With “the best spinner”, you can translate your articles into 15 significant languages without hassle.

With the best spinner, you don’t have to worry about translating your article into different languages.

This feature is perfect for international businesses and individuals who need to reach a broad audience.

The Best Spinner can save you a lot of time when translating documents in different languages.

  • Free seed articles

The best spinner is a web app that has been helping people create articles in any niche.

This spinner has an extensive database of over 130 PLR articles.

The Best Spinner allows you to get seed articles to spin without copyright infringement from the “articlebuilder.net” website.

  • Article to video ability

You can spin your article automatically and convert it to audio using the state of art text-to-speech technology.

  • Plagiarism-free spun article

You can ensure your spun content is unique by using the Copyscape API in your dashboard.

Copyscape is a web-based service that allows you to verify the uniqueness of your content.

With their integration with Copyscape, you will know if any of those articles are duplicates.

  • Create unique 100 articles from one spun article

You can create up to 100 spun versions of your article at a time with just one click.

It is not always necessary to create a completely new article from scratch.

In the world of SEO, it is often more practical to create spun copies of an original article and syndicate them on different platforms to rank organically without duplication.

  • Head-to-head article comparison

An innovative feature of the best spinner is comparing two articles: their spun & un-spun form.

One of the new features in the best spinner is to compare your spun article to the original one. This allows you to catch errors and make changes before publishing.

  • Thesaurus feature

If you need a thesaurus, you’ll want to check out the best spinner software.

The Cloud Thesaurus offers an interactive tool for looking up words and synonyms.

  • Unmetered spinning

One of the reasons why over 92,000 bought this software was because it has unlimited spinning capabilities — spin as you could.

  • Publish spun content to your WordPress blogs instantly

There is a wide range of benefits to using this software.

For one, it can be used to spin your content for you. In addition, the software also includes the ability to publish your spun content directly from the dashboard to your WordPress blog, saving you time and energy as a marketer.

  • Bonus

Sweet! As a new member, you can get 1,000 reusable stock images for free

Get started with The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner Pricing

The Best Spinner Price

The best spinner has three pricing plans.

  • Basic Plan/$67/year

Same as Standard but with half the service credits (30 credits) for audio conversion & translations.

  • Standard plan: $127/year

You get access to the full Access to The Best Spinner 4, 60 monthly credits for audio conversion & translation, and access to the full seed content database.

  • Pro Plan: $297/year

The Pro plan is the same as the Standard but with 240 more credits (300 credits) for audio conversion & translation.

3. Quillbot – WordAI Alternative

QuillBot software

QuillBot is one of the best free Word AI paraphrasing tools that make content creation easy.

It’s easy to rewrite your whole blog post with this nifty tool. This tool also provides accurate paraphrasing every time to produce content with better meaning and less plagiarism risk.

QuillBot is an article-spinning tool that can paraphrase any given text for free.

The free plan allows you to rephrase 700-character articles, which is a great way to save time and energy when writing social media content or mini-article.

People who would not have the time or ambition to write an article from scratch can utilize the features of Quillbot to create new content.

QuillBot is for those who want a refresh on their writing skills; It is a writing assistant that helps content writers produce quality content on demand.

Core features of QuillBot

  • Content shortener and expander

Quillbot spinner provides you with a constant text shortener and expander feature. You need to upgrade to Quillbot’s premium plan to take advantage of these functions.

  • Different tones and synonyms settings

Additionally, the premium service gives you access to all modes and synonyms settings. You can now control how to rephrase phrases to suit your needs.

  • Inbuilt grammar checker

This spinner has inbuilt grammar-checking software that will catch any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your work.

With one click of the button, the bot will scan your article and effortlessly enhance it with a more robust vocabulary that boosts engagement rates and makes readers share your content.

  • Text summarizer

The spinner can also summarize any text you need by restating the sentences and providing an overall summary of it.

  • Advanced settings

The QuillBot Spinner gives you the freedom to choose if you’d like to paraphrase quotes or not, which most spinners don’t do.

QuillBot supports American, British, and Australian English.

Get started with Quillbot for free.

QuillBot Pricing

  • Free plan

In this plan, you get a 5000 Summarizer character limit, 700 Paraphraser character limit, 2 Sentences processed at once, 3 Synonyms options, 3 Writing modes, and Google Chrome & Doc Extensions.

  • Premium plan

Access to all Synonyms settings to get maximum control over how you paraphrase makes it a no-brainer!

You can save keywords and prevent critical words or phrases from rephrasing (to ensure that the output text is faithful to the input text).

You also get a 25000 Summarizer character limit, 10000 Paraphraser character limit, 15 Sentences processed at once, and other advanced features.

4. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI copywriting assistant tool that helps content writers get rid of writer’s block.

Jasper AI uses cognitive computing to write original, creative content for business owners.

With Jasper, writing a blog post, an article, a marketing copy, an ad copy, a social media post, or an email newsletter is a no-brainer!!!

Artificial intelligence writing assistants can help copywriters complete their tasks in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

For example, the Jasper AI can write blog posts in less than 60 minutes, articles in less than 30 minutes, marketing copy in 5 minutes, ad copy in just over 3 minutes, or a social media post in just under 1 minute.

Jasper AI allows people with no experience in copywriting to create engaging content.

Jasper’s core purpose is not for content spinning, but it has a content rephrasing template that can rewrite an existing article at a glance.

Core features of Jasper AI

  • Jasper recipe

With the “Jasper AI boss mode” feature, you can spin longer articles using the “recipe commands.”

The Jasper AI boss mode is a feature of the software that allows you to generate longer articles.

Using the “recipe boss commands,” it is possible to spin a higher volume of text, which is as high quality as content written by humans.

  • Write and translate your content into 26 different languages

Content translation is essential for companies that want to reach a global audience.

In this case, automatic translation tools come in handy for translating or rewriting content from

English into other languages or from one language to another with a high level of accuracy.

Jasper ai writing assistant makes it easy for companies interested in expanding their business internationally to quickly prepare content with a high accuracy level without hiring a translator.

  • Write SEO-optimized content with the help of surfer SEO integration

Search engine optimization is a critical component of any marketing strategy.

The more opportunity you give your site to be found on search engines, the more chances you have of success.

However, SEO is more than just backlink building.

You need to use SEO tools that will help you determine what keywords are most appropriate for your content and provide insights into how those keywords are likely to rank on the search engine result page.

Jasper allows you to create SEO-optimized content within your dashboard.

  • Templates for any content

Jasper is a copywriting assistant with over 50 popular copywriting templates available to create any type of content for you automatically.

  • Profound machine learning ability

Machine learning is artificial intelligence that enables a computer to learn from data without being explicitly programmed. 

It is also a collection of algorithms that can do complex tasks. Jasper learns from your input to generate engaging content for you.

Get started with Jasper AI for free + 10k credits

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI has three pricing plans which you can use for free on trials.

Jasper AI pricing
  • The Starter plan: $49/month

You can generate up to 35,000 words on this plan and write short-form content using over 50+ copywriting skills and short-form templates.

You can also add unlimited users to your account, add 5 Project Folders, 25+ Supported Languages, and the AI Copywriter’s Community.

  • Boss Mode: $59/mo

Unlike the Starter plan, you get access to write long-form posts. And you write 2x faster and gain more control using Jasper Command to direct the AI to write the exact thing you need. The Jasper Boss Mode gives you access to all the juicy features.

5. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter - The Best Article Rewriter Software

Chimp Rewriter is a word AI alternative that can generate quality blog content for you.

There are many benefits to using Chimp Rewriter, including saving time and energy.

Chimp Rewriter is an automated AI spinning system, meaning you don’t need to do any work to get an article rewritten.

All you need to do is give it a piece of article, and it will automatically generate original content for you in a short period!

Chimp Rewriter is a desktop application that runs on a computer, meaning you can’t use it on your mobile or tablet.

It’s not easy to master the interface of chimp rewrite if you are new to it.

The company has created a complete guide to the software, so there is no need to worry.

Chimp Rewriter can produce up to 100% unique content in no time at all using artificial intelligence.

 It also offers many features such as auto-scraping and syntax checking to ensure quality content every time.

Core features of Chimp Rewriter

  • API integration

The Chimp Rewriter API makes it easy to generate and spin text for your business needs, connect with other SEO tools, and seamlessly integrate with other content creation suites.

  • Plagiarism checker

Copyscape integration makes chimp rewriter one of the best spinners in the market.

Since the inception of the internet, plagiarism has been a pressing issue. 

Copyscape was created to help combat this problem. It quickly became the go-to plagiarism-checking service for many internet users, which you can use within the Chimp rewriter dashboard.

  • AI auto rewriter and unlimited content generation

With this AI auto rewriter, marketers can generate unlimited content faster; This leaves more time for other projects while still providing customers with a steady stream of new information.

  • Rewrite in multiple languages

The Chimp Rewriter is the ultimate content-spinning tool.

It provides a simple interface that lets you enter text, select the language of your choice, and click the ‘spin’ button. Instantly, you will have rewritten content in the target language.

  • Five thousand free niche-relevant articles

Bloggers and small businesses, rejoice.

You can now access 5,000 free niche-relevant articles by searching for them in the free articles section.

These articles are categorized by topic and designed to be more unique than ever before.

  • Submit your article to WordPress automatically

After writing, you must manually submit your article to an online content management system such as WordPress.

With this spinner, you can automatically submit your article to WordPress with one click!

  • 60-day money-back guarantee is an extensive risk-free guarantee

All orders are processed with a 60-day money-back guarantee; This means that customers can get a refund, no questions asked, for up to 60 days.

  • Chimp rewriter comes with two free licenses

Chimp Rewriter is an AI-assisted content writer for PC. It utilizes artificial intelligence to create compelling content at a fraction of the cost. 

It comes with two free licenses to use on two computers.

With these two free licenses, you can use this software on two different computers.

Chimp Rewriter Pricing Plans

Chimp rewriter price

Chimp Rewriter has two pricing plan options; a lifetime offer and a recurring yearly plan.

You can buy the full version for a one-off payment and use it for the rest of your life.

If you’re unsure and want to test things out first, the monthly option might be more suitable.

You’ll have to pay $69/year for the chimp rewriter yearly plan.

Otherwise, you can pay just $139 at a time for the software that comes with lifetime updates.

6. Spinbot (the best free WordAI alternative)

Spinbot rewriter - alternative

Spinbot is a free, automatic article spinner that is very popular in the industry.

Spinbot is an article spinner that uses state-of-the-art technology to give you great content in a short period.

You can use its easy interface to create unique content quickly and easily by spinning your text with just a click of your mouse button.

Core features of Spinbot

  • API integration

There is an API integration for Spinbot to integrate Spinbot to your app, website, or other web-connected software, such as WordPress with Spinbot (for developers only).

  • Keyword filter

The team at Spinbot designed a solid algorithm to help filter out your keywords from being spun.

If you use Spinbot, you won’t have to worry about your target keywords being rephrased.

  • Advanced settings

Spinbot will spin your text by replacing words with relevant synonyms. This way, you don’t need to go through the sentence to find repeating keywords manually.

You can choose whether or not to paraphrase your capital letters in the output text.

Spinbot is free with ads on the site. You have a free 10,000-character limit in the free plan.

Exciting, right? As a premium member, you can enjoy great benefits with a small monthly or yearly cost.

However, if you want to remove the ads and the ReCaptcha, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Spinbot is a helpful article rewriter, free to use. No sign-up or registration is required to use the free version.

Spinbot Pricing

Spinbot is free to use. The free plan is limited to 10,000 character usage at a time with ads and Recaptcha verification.

You’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan if you want to get rid of ads and annoying Recaptcha.

Spinbot has two pricing options:

A premium plan for non-developers.

And a subscription for developers who want to integrate Spinbot into their app or website.

  • The premium plan for non-developers would cost you a minimum of $10/month.
  • The premium plan for developers would cost you a minimum of $5/month.

Then you’d need to pay for extra credits.

For example, 1,000 Credits for $5.00 USD while 2,000 Credits for $10.00 USD.

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Article spinners save you time by providing an enormous amount of articles at your disposal.

They are developed to make content creation easier and faster.

With article spinners, you’re always able to stay productive. 

Whether you’re stuck with writer’s block, these spinners are always on hand to get you up & to run.

Below is a recap of the best WordAI alternatives

Spin Rewriter: Spin Rewriter is a tool with AI capabilities that can generate unique content. 

It’s an online tool with an easy-to-use interface and can generate content in bulk in no time. Spin Rewriter is the best-known alternative to Word AI.

The Best Spinner: The Best Spinner is another famous AI-based article spinner that generates unique content quickly. It has a clean interface and is accessible for most computers or devices. 

The Best Spinner has an easy-to-use interface, making it easy for people of all skill levels to use it effectively.

Jasper AI: Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that provides writers with various features and templates to ease their content writing workflow.

The software allows for endless variations of new content, which one can generate in a few minutes. 

Thus, eliminating writer’s block and taking the pressure off of tedious content-creation tasks.

Jasper is a well-known AI writer assistant that offers writers advanced features.

Which of the above WordAI alternatives are you going to be starting with?

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