Writesonic vs Rytr

In this post I’m going to be reviewing and comparing Writesonic vs Rytr – two awesome AI copywriting tools.

Below is a quick table comparing the two:

WriteSonic Vs. Rytr Comparison Table

Language Support:2530+
Copywriting tools and template:80+30+
Long-form Posts:YesNo
Third-Party Integrations:YesYes
Team Collaboration:NoNo
Grammar Checker:YesYes
Plagiarism Checker:YesYes
Free trial:YesYes
Refund Policy:7 days refund policyNo
Live Chat Support:YesYes
Strongest Use Case:Website, digital copy ads, article and blog, affiliate/ e-commerce, copywriting, etcBlog posts, marketing framework, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads, business idea pitch, etc
User Interface:Easy To UseEasy To Use
Starting Price:Free plan for $0 per monthFree plan for $0 per month
Chrome extension:NoYes
AI Technology Used:GPT-3GPT-3
Lifetime Deal:NoYes 
Tone Selection:YesYes
Image Generation Tool:YesNo

Language support

Rytr allows you to produce content in more than 30 different languages. But with WriteSonic, you can only produce content in just 25 languages.

Copywriting Tools And Templates

With WriteSonic, you have access to more than 80 different copywriting templates and tools, allowing you to generate content for different use cases. 

With Rytr, you have access to 30 copywriting tools and 40 writing templates.

This is less than that of WriteSonic but it is still able to deliver what you need to generate most part of your copies.

Long-Form And Short-Form Posts

WriteSonic is a great tool to create fast and lag-free long-form rankable SEO blog posts and short-form content for your social campaigns and posts.

However, Rytr is better with short-form copies than it does with long-form content. It is still able to offer long-form posts, although the quality of its output is lower than that of other AI copywriting tools.

Third-Party Integrations

Both WriteSonic and Rytr can integrate with third-party tools like SEMrush, Zapier, Surfer, etc.

Team Collaboration

Both WriteSonic and Rtyr don’t support team Collaboration, but when you get their custom plans, you can host your team on it, and can be accessed by any of your team members.

Grammar and Plagiarism Checker

Both Rytr and Writesonic have inbuilt grammar and Plagiarism checkers. You can always use these tools to check the grammar structure, spelling, and authenticity of your work. 

Errors such as run-on sentences and misspelled words can be found and corrected with the assistance of a grammar checker.

Free Trial/ Plan

Rtyr offers both a free plan that is free forever and allows you to create 5,000 characters per month as well as a free trial for the subscription plan that lasts for 14 days.

WriteSonic offers a free trial and you will have access to all of its currently available features.

As a  User of this free subscription, you have access to all 25 languages offered by Wriesonic, allowing you to test out every feature during the free trial period.

During the WriteSonic free trial period, users will be able to generate one article with a maximum of 120 words each generation, and each generation will cost one credit.

Refund Policy

WriteSonic has a 7 days refund Policy, this only applies if your credit consumption is less than 20 credits for the basic plan and less than 100 credits for other plans.

On the hand, you can easily cancel your Rytr subscription but you won’t be getting a refund upon cancellation. Instead, you will still have access to the service until that period elapses.

Live Chat Support And ChatBot 

Live customer service is available to Rtyr users, although the company takes 18 hours to answer inquiries. You can access the Rytr customer service team by e-mail and several social media sites. Their support service is exceptional, friendly, and fast.

While WriteSonic has live customer service. It takes 2hrs for the company to answer inquiries.

Moreover, WriteSonic has a new feature called CHATSONIC. It is a WriteSonic chatbot and resembles a ChatGPT chatbot only that it is faster than ChatGPT. You can get your questions answered using CHATSONIC. 

Strongest Use Case

WriteSonic has features that can enable you to create long-form and short-form posts, like website copies, blogs and review articles, digital copy ads, etc. 

On the other hand, Rtyr is best suited for short-form posts like social media captions, short blog posts, marketing frameworks, etc.

Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions are only available for Rytr. With this, you won’t have any trouble putting together any form of written material no matter where you are.

WriteSonic has no chrome extension.

AI Technology 

Both WriteSonic and Rytr make use of GPT-3 AI Technology. Using OpenAI’s GPT-3 on WriteSonic and Rytr, you can quickly create full-length, high-quality blog articles and other long-form material in a matter of seconds. 

User Interface

Both WriteSonic and Rytr have an easy-to-navigate user interface. Both have dashboards and tools that you can easily use to create content, and templates that you can customize and apply easily.

Both tools can be understood by anyone with little to no knowledge of how to use a Copywriting tool. And this software both offer videos and guides on how you can find your way around the dashboard and make the best of your plan.

Image Generator

Writesonic is a more advanced copywriting tool than Rytr. It is also an image generator. Just in the same manner, you can generate content easily for your marketing, you can easily generate images with a Writesonic image generator called PHOTOSONIC

This is not a common feature in many AI copywriting tools, and Rytr does not have this feature available. 

WriteSonic Vs. Rytr: Pricing Comparison

WriteSonic Pricing Plan

WriteSonic has three pre-designed pricing plans you can choose from. This includes the free plan, long-form plan, and Custom plan.

Now under the pricing plan, you get to choose what quality you want.

This means that you can switch quality within any plan to increase the number of words you can write on each plan. These qualities include Premium, Good, Average, and Economy. 

Writesonic pricing

Free Trial

This plan can easily be activated with no credit card needed. It grants you access to all of its capabilities for up to 25,000 words. Depending on the quality level you select, the maximum allowed word count will vary.

Its free trial gives the following quality options:

  • Economy – 25,000 words
  • Average – 12,500 words
  • Good – 6,250 words
  • Premium – 2,500 words

In this plan, you’re offered 10 credits a month.

You have access to all of WriteSonic’s copywriting tools, can create content in 25 different languages, can integrate with Zapier, have a browser extension, and many more.

Long-Form Plan

The Long-Form plan is designed for bloggers, writers, and businesses that want to create more extensive content such as blog entries, articles, books, and even whitepapers.

This plan begins at $12.67 per month when billed annually and increases to $19 per month when billed month per monthly.

However, this long-form pricing varies on the number of words you want to write with this plan per month. It starts with 47,500 words per user at $19/month, then goes up to $999 per month for 5 million words for 15 users. 

This pricing depends on how many users you want using this software with you, and how many words you plan to write per month.

Custom Plan

This is WriteSonic’s price-on-request plan. It is designed for large teams and businesses.

In this plan, you will get all the features In the long-form plan including a custom number of words and users, a dedicated account manager, some training sessions, and many more.

Also, WriteSonic is offering a 33% discount when you purchase any of its paid plans. It also gets cheaper if you are a student or an NGO.

Rtyr Pricing Plan

Rtyr offers three plans that you can choose from. These plans include Free Plan, Saver Plan, and Unlimited Plan.

Rytr pricing

Free Plan

This plan is Free forever. The free plan on Rytr only allows for 10,000 characters (not words), which can be a  low character limit. It also offers 10,000 credits per month once you sign up.

Nevertheless, you will have access to all premium features, which include the following:

  • 40+ usage cases
  • 30+ languages
  • 20+ common tones
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Membership in a premium online community

Saver Plan

The Saver plan generates 100,000 characters each month and costs $9 per month, but costs $90 yearly with 2 months free. 

In this plan, you have access to all of the tools and features that rytr offers when you sign up for this plan. This is the ideal plan for Small business owners, Freelance writers, Experienced bloggers, and affiliate marketers.

In this plan, you can generate 20 images per month, and also create your very own custom templates.

Unlimited Plan

This plan’s name gives away the fact that it allows you to generate an endless number of characters each month.

Therefore, if you own an agency or own many blogs/ websites, the Rytr Unlimited plan is the best option for you to take advantage of. If you choose to pay for this plan monthly it will cost you $29, and if you choose to pay for it annually it will cost $290 with 2 months free.

The following are some of the perks that come with the Rytr Unlimited plan:

  • Everything in the Saver plan plus more.
  • You can create an unlimited number of characters each month
  • Dedicated customer relationship manager and account manager.
  • Support via chat and email on a priority basis
  • You can generate 100+ images per month with AI

Overview Of Writesonic Vs Rytr

A while ago, I subscribed to the Writesonic long-form plan after using its free trial for a while. I also subscribed to the Rytr free plan. I was fascinated with how detailed the copywriting tool was when generating content. 

So this review is entirely based on my experience with this two software.

What Is WriteSonic?

WriteSonic is an AI copywriting software, that produces engaging marketing content that is both original and detailed for any business or individual in need of it. 

It is a copywriting tool that requires little to no skill to use, all that’s required is the idea of the content you want to generate and your creativity.


With over 60 tools and templates, Writesonic can quickly make a broad variety of advertisements, landing sites, full-length blog posts, social media posts, and product descriptions with just a few lines of text.

This software was built by Samanyou Garg and his team in 2021.

Writesonic as an AI copywriting tool was specially designed to help small businesses, writers, marketing teams, and freelancers win at their marketing efforts.

Writesonic is not just an AI copywriting tool, it is also an Image generating platform.

This means that you can use this software to generate excellent images for your content or copies just like you can do with Shutterstock.

Also, just like some excellent copywriting tools out there, you can create content in 25+ different languages. This means that if you are targeting a large audience with different languages, you can create copies/content in the language they understand.

Once you have created a Writesonic account, you should expect to be shown this when you log in:

  • Select The first step, and one of the most important ones is to select the type of content that you want to create. This step is one of the most important ones. You can produce a landing page, a blog, or a lengthy article using this platform, depending on your needs.
  • Describe: At this point, you should provide some context for your content in addition to describing what it is that you have to offer. This description will serve as a guide for the artificial intelligence algorithm that is used by Writesonic to generate ideas for your content part.
  • Produce: At this point, when everything is where it should be, we can move forward. You are prepared to proceed to the next step. Write Sonic will make use of the description and input you provide to produce several distinct content copy variations based on those.
  • Launch: Once you have finished these three

 steps, you can check your dashboard to see if Write Sonic has published the piece of content you created by confirming that it has been published.

The library contains different features provided by WriteSonic.

Bulk upload helps you upload large files that are CSV or excel sheets to create the required content. Photosonic is a new feature added that helps in the creation of images.

What Is Rytr?

Rytr is an AI copywriting tool that assists in the creation of content for virtually anything, such as blog posts, social media posts, and advertisements.

Even song lyrics can be written (or at least an attempt can be made), and it is compatible with a wide variety of languages.

With Rytr, you can create any kind of post on your computer and then publish it online through Rytr. This is the concept that underpins Rytr’s design.

Rytr AI software

As part of its advanced features, Rytr offers more than 30 different templates for users to select from. You can generate multiple contents at any time with this tool.

Just like Writesonic, Rytr was also launched in April 2021.

The founder of Rytr Mr. Abhi Godara is an entrepreneur from San Francisco. Abhi’s primary objective when creating Rytr was to reduce the amount of time and effort required for people to publish content without requiring them to do any of the necessary technical work.

Once you’ve created an account on  Rytr.me, a video explaining how to use the app. This video will help you generate content faster.

Rytr Tutorial

After that, you will immediately begin working with the AI writing software.

But before you start writing, you’ll need to fill in some details at the top of your screen. 

Then Select your choice of:

  • Language.
  • Tone.
  • Use case(the type of content you want to create)
  • Specify your keyword.

After deciding your tone, language, and use case and keyword, more options pop up:

Rytr copywriting dashboard

Each use case has a different input field. With variants, you can choose to get different versions of your work. Once you are done filling in all the required information, you can generate your content by clicking on “Ryte for me”.

The content that you have recently produced can be viewed in the history section of the page, which is located in the top-left corner of the page. Here, you can also adjust your preferences.

Rytr can generate content in 30+ languages, 24 use cases, and 21 tones which will enable you to generate various content with ease.

Key Features of WriteSonic & Rytr

Key Features Of WriteSonic 

WriterSonic comes packed with a ton of incredible features, some of which are as follows:

Keyword Research Tools 

Writesonic offers important tools to help you research keywords that your target audience is looking for. With this, you can generate more content with those keywords in it, and this will increase traffic to your website or business.

Multiple Languages 

Just like some excellent copywriting tools out there, you can create content in 25+ different languages. This means that if you are targeting a large audience with different languages, you can create copies/content in the language they understand.

Tools, Template, and Content Library 

Writesonic offers over 80 writing tools that are very helpful in generating any content of your choice. It also has over 60 types of writing templates that can be used to write different types of content and copies like business plans, product descriptions, and so on. 

Some other tools that WriteSonic has are – a call-to-action generator, product name generator, AI art generator, and landing page generator.

Also, there is a content library where you can make a selection of whatever content you would like to write.

Plagiarism Checker 

The WriteSonic plagiarism checker is a smart feature that helps in making sure that your work is authentic.

This inbuilt tool helps you look for phrases and sentences that might be similar to another post already published. Once you can spot plagiarism with this tool, you can easily rephrase or rewrite your content to avoid plagiarism.

Grammar and Spell Checker

WriteSonic comes with an inbuilt grammar checker that can help you check and correct the structure of your grammar and also your spelling to avoid errors as you write your content or copies.

Tone Checker

With WriteSonic, you can determine the tone of voice you want to write your copy or content in. These tones can be set as friendly, professional, relaxed, luxurious, etc. This means that you can still maintain the tone of voice your blog or business uses while generating content with WriteSonic. 

Key Features Of Rytr

Rytr offers a variety of services and features to its users to encourage users to create content with this tool regularly. These features are as follows:

Content/Idea Generation

Rytr helps you create content ideas for your next blog post, email marketing, social media ads, and many more. This is a feature that makes Rytr stand out among other copywriting tools. 

With Rytr, you don’t need to run out of ideas on what to write. It keeps generating more ideas to work on the more you use this software to create content and copies.

Plagiarism Checker

Rytr helps you detect plagiarism when writing your content or copies. 

Grammar Checker

While generating any content, you can take advantage of Rytr’s inbuilt grammar checker and auto-correct to check your spelling and grammar structure before publishing your work.

Tone Checker

Just like an excellent copywriting tool, Rytr helps you create content based on the tone of writing you are looking for. You can easily generate content in multiple tones like friendly, professional, luxurious, lazy tones, and so on.

Sentence Format

Rytr helps you to easily format your sentences to suit the content you are generating. 

Writing Tools and Templates

Rytr offers over 30 writing tools and 40+ templates for you to choose from. These templates are easy to apply, easy to understand and use.

Rytr vs WriteSonic: Pros And Cons

Both WriteSonic and Rtyr are incredible AI copywriting tools, but also possess a list of  Pros and Cons. I’ll be listing the Pros and Cons of each tool below.

WriteSonic Pros And Cons


  • Clear User Interface
  • Ability to produce high-quality content.
  • Free Trial available.
  • 80+ copywriting tools and templates.
  • Chrome extension for Chatsonic.
  • AI landing page generator.
  • SEO Integration (SurferSEO &SEMrush)
  • Free AI Copywriting training and Webinar.


  • No team collaboration.
  • Limited credits on the free trial.
  • Limited Characters on the content expander.

Rtyr Pros And Cons


  • Has inbuilt plagiarism and grammar checker.
  • Chrome extension available.
  • It supports over 30+ languages and 20+ tones.
  • Can produce high-quality content with PAS and AIDA frameworks.
  • It has good live chat support.
  • Beginner-friendly User interface.
  • Magic command tools help to further customize your writing.


  • It creates repetitive content.
  • Less credit limit in the free plan.
  • Blog intro use case not available.

Which Is The Best?

Both copywriting tools, i.e Writesonic and Rytr, are excellent and both tools are suitable for extensive use in commercial settings. These tools both have their strengths and weaknesses, and this depends on what you are looking for.

These copywriting tools hold some slight differences, but if you are looking for a less expensive tool to start with, you can begin with Rytr. However, if you are swayed by UX designs, like me, you can go for WriteSonic.

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