Your First Funnel Challenge Review

Are you considering participating in the Your First Funnel Challenge?

Or maybe you just heard of it and want to know more about it. 

Whichever you choose, you have come to the right place. 

Your First Funnel Challenge is the intensive online training on everyone’s lips right now, and many are already signing up.

You must keep reading if you are still unsure if it is right for you.

By the end of this review, you’ll know if you should participate in this challenge or not.

In this article, I gathered all the information you need to know about the challenge.  

Let’s dive in. 

What is Your First Funnel Challenge?

Your First Funnel Challenge is a free 5-day intensive business training created by Russell Brunson.  This new virtual challenge under ClickFunnels aims to help you finally launch that business idea and start making crazy sales.

Your First Funnel Challenge
Your First Funnel Challenge

Russell and his team created this intense 5-day challenge to help you finally launch that business idea you have always had but are probably too scared to launch it. 

We have all been there. Launching a business idea can be very tough. It is filled with many uncertainties and doubts. You have so many doubts till, eventually, you give up. 

Well, Russell’s goal is to teach how to take the duce and stop procrastinating finally.

One of the best parts about the training is that it is virtual. So you can join from any part of the world. 

Event Your First Funnel Challenge 
Start Date:10th October 2022
Creator:Russell Brunson 
Goal:To teach you how to launch your business idea finally and use Sales Funnels to turn it into a very profitable business 
Duration:Five days (90 minutes per day)

How Much Does Your First Funnel Challenge Cost?

Your First Funnel Challenge costs $0.00. It costs you nothing to join the training. But you have a lot to gain from it. 

I will get into the juicy bonuses and lessons shortly. 

When you join the challenge, you get VIP access to a free 30-day trial of ClickFunnels 2.0. 

Click here to register NOW

Why Is It Free?

The challenge was made free to help people finally launch their business idea without any hassle. So the training is to give premium access to everything you need about starting a successful funnel business.

It’s a great opportunity where you get to learn and be taught by some of the world’s most successful online business entrepreneurs. Additionally, as a participant, you get first-hand experience with the newly launched ClickFunnel 2.0.  

Your idea deserves to be heard and seen by the world. 

Note: You don’t need tech skills or even a product to join the challenge. You can still join in the event even if you are new to sales funnels or don’t know what they are. 

It is a chance to start making crazy money and securing your financial future finally. 

Your First Funnel Challenge 5-Day Event (What You Learn)

Although the challenge hasn’t commenced yet, there is a breakdown of what you’re expected to learn within the five days.

Challenge Day 1: Funnel Hacking 101

Your First Funnel' Challenge - Day 1

Imagine seeing deep insights into all your competitors’ marketing funnel secrets and strategies and duplicating them to your business. 

It seems you are invincible and powerful. 

This strategy is called funnel hacking, which is what day one of this training is about. 

You will learn about the most successful and working funnels on the first day. You will see real examples of working funnels and learn how to use the most suitable one for your business. 

Challenge Day 2: Your First Funnel

Your First Funnel Challenge - Day 2

As I said earlier, this is a step-by-step training. So after learning about the funnels that work, the next step is to create your first funnel.

Day two focuses on giving you a step-by-step plan on the right way to start building YOUR funnel. 

This session is very important because you will finally know where to begin and how to do so. 

Your funnel must be catchy and attention-grabbing if you want to attract more customers. 

The second day of the challenge will teach you how to create Irresistible headlines and follow-up emails. 

Challenge Day 3: Hook, Story, Offer

Your First Funnel Challenge - Day 3

In fishing, your hook has to be solid; else, your catch will fall off after they take the bait. 

The same goes for marketing.

If your hook is not solid enough to hold your audience, they will fall off the funnel and swim away. 

Storytelling has proven to be among one of the best lead-generating and sales strategies to hook customers. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use it to sell. Worse, not everyone knows how to tell interesting stories. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to be in that category anymore. 

Day three of the challenge will teach you how to use storytelling to hook your customers and make your offer more appealing. 

You will learn to use stories that resonate with your customers and appeal to their emotions. 

Challenge Day 4: Irresistible Ads

Your First Funnel Challenge - Day 4

On day four, the lessons start getting even juicier. You will learn how to create the “ad that speaks.” 

Ads go beyond just slapping your business posters on any platform and expecting random customers to patronize you. 

The competition for winning ads has gotten even tougher over the years. Your ads can only be successful when they attract buyers. 

Day four of the training teaches you how to create video ads that attract and win customers effortlessly. 

You’ll learn the secrets to generating leads or traffic that most successful entrepreneurs use to generate traffic to their funnel and how you can apply it to yours.

You don’t have to break the bank to create these ads, either. 

Challenge Day 5: Do it Now!

Your First Funnel Challenge - Day 5

In the grand finale, you will learn how to break down limiting beliefs with some crazy mindset hacks.  Most times, the reason why you haven’t launched your business is because of the quality of your mindset. 

You must break the mindset barrier and challenge yourself to turn your idea into reality. 

Then you’ll hear the bootstrap story of one of the world’s best investors, Daymond John, himself. 

After this, you can now create your sales funnel that sells like crazy. 

Your First Funnel Challenge Guests

One thing about this challenge is that you won’t only get to learn from Russell Brunson. There are lineups of entrepreneurs ready to share their secrets on building successful businesses with funnels.

Some of them include: 

Your First Funnel Challenge Guests

1. Jamie Cross

She is a multimillionaire who went from selling her soap at local farmer’s markets to building her online eCommerce empire, entirely bootstrapped. Jamie Cross will teach you just how to get similar results within months of creating your funnel. 

2. Annie Grace

Annie Grace built an online empire helping people overcome their alcohol dependence. And she will share how to use sales funnels to build a strong business around it. 

3. Daymond John

Also known as “Shark Daymond,” John is one of the most successful business investors in the world, and he will be sharing his bootstrap story on the grand finale.

4. Kristine Mirelle

Kristine is a professional musician and businesswoman. She is the founder of Laugh My Ads Off where she teaches businesses how to create hilarious ads that generate leads.

5. Stacey & Paul Martino

Relationship coaches Stacey and Paul Martino will share their unique way of using funnels to attract clients and grow a successful coaching business. You’ll learn exactly how they maintain a steady stream of high-paying clients (this is critical info for coaches).

6. Garret J. White

Garret is a ClickFunnels legend. And he will be sharing his tips and strategies for using ClickFunnels successfully

7. Stephen J. Larsen

Stephen has his own massive funnel-building empire. However, he was not always like that. He used to be a freelance funnel-builder till he learned how to use them to his advantage.  

8. Kathryn Jones

Kathryn is a #1 best-selling author and millionaire business owner. She attributed her success to using the right funnels to grow her leads. 

9. Eileen Wilder

Being a multimillionaire, she will teach you how to add a virtual high-ticket offer to your funnel and boost your sales

Who Is Your First Funnel Challenge for?

The challenge is for anyone ready to secure a better financial future for themselves and their businesses. 

This challenge is also for various categories of people. These categories include people who: 

  • Don’t know how to build a sales funnel even though they really want to do so
  • Want to know how to create a strong hook through storytelling 
  • Are interested in creating killer ads that will drive massive traffic to their site 
  • Prefer to be doers, not just takers
  • Want to change their unsuccessful current marketing strategies 
  • Want to build wealth and advance their business 

If you fall into any of these categories, then you need to sign up now: 

Your First Challenge Bonuses & Freebies

That’s right! We have gotten to the second-best part of the article — Bonuses and Freebies. This review would be incomplete without making mention of the free bonuses you’ll get when you register. 

Bonus One: Virtual Event With The World’s Greatest Funnel Builders!

You’ll get to learn firsthand from the likes of:

  • Dean Graziosi: a multiple New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, trainer, and infomercial legend 
  • Grant Cardone: a marketing trainer, entrepreneur, and real estate mogul.
  • Jenna Kutcher: a Minnesota author, podcaster, educator, and photographer, also the number 1 marketing podcast in the country
  • Travis Chamber: a business media mogul who owns Chambers Media and has worked with big eCommerce brands.

And Russell Brunson, himself. 

Bonus Two: Make Sales EVEN IF You Don’t Have A Product!

I mentioned earlier that the challenge is also for people who don’t have products to sell yet. So you can still participate even if you aren’t selling anything yet. 

This is where this bonus makes more sense.

You’ll get to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer with the help of Anthony Morrison & Keala Kanae

They are top ClickFunnels super-affiliates, and they’ll teach you how to market other people’s products through the sales funnel. 

Bonus Three: Special Funnel Install Sessions!

You’ll learn from Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, and Perry Belcher. They will teach you how they created the best funnels that work for them. 

The bonus is that they will give you these winning funnels for free. 

You don’t have to pay anything. 

Your First Funnel Challenge Upgrades & Upsells

Your First Funnel VIP Upgrades

Upgrading to the VIP experience is limited to only 1,000, and it is free. However, after this, you will have to pay $197 to join. In this, you have access to the main experience of the First Funnel Challenge. 

When you upgrade to VIP, you’ll get a lot of amazing experiences. 

1. 30-Day FREE Trial Of ClickFunnels 2.0

This free trial is very important because you will build your funnel inside ClickFunnels, and you probably want to get first-hand experience with the 2.0. 

With your free account, you’ll be able to apply the teachings directly without overthinking. 

The upside of this upgrade is that you can cancel the free trial anytime. 

2. Private Zoom Access With Russell & Daymond With LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL training!

As a VIP member, you’ll get access to all the training even after the free challenge is over. You’ll also be able to re-watch the recording video from the VIP coaching sessions.

3. VIP Welcome Kit

Your First Funnel Challenge VIP Welcome Kit

The team will give you a welcome kit and deliver it to your house to get you ready to start your first funnel journey.

This kit includes the following;

  • 30 days book: Teachings from 30 entrepreneurs who will teach you how to start from scratch. 
  • Funnel Hackers Cookbook: This cookbook will help you build any Funnel you want from scratch and step by step, just like a recipe book will.
  • Funnel Hackers T-shirt: Just because it’s right.

4. Coaching From The Top 1% Of Online Entrepreneurs!

You’ll receive more in-depth training from 20+ high-level entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs won’t just teach you the basics. They will go deeper into the secrets no one told you about. You’ll also get to ask them questions. 

5. Your Specific Funnel Questions were Answered Directly by Russell Brunson

You’ll get to ask questions and receive a direct answer from the creator and CEO himself.

How To Get Started With Your First Funnel Challenge 

  • Step 1: Click here to join the challenge.
  • Step 2: Type in your email and upgrade as a VIP to get access to more bonuses and support
  • Step 3: Bookmark your challenge dashboard and get ready to start Day 1!

Pros & Cons of The Challenge 

The event has many great things, and if you are focused on increasing your sales and boosting your business, you’ll be as psyched as I am. 

However, I still have to share what I love about the challenge and what I don’t like so much. 

What I Like About Your First Funnel Challenge

  • It’s free
  • You get lots of insightful information from real-life successful entrepreneurs who have used funnels to grow their businesses and wealth
  • It is not just a random course. Instead, each day is a step-by-step guide on how to build a winning funnel
  • The challenge offers 30-Day FREE access to the ClickFunnel 2.0
  • You will get premium exposure to the secrets of creating a successful sales funnel

What I Don’t Like

  • Too many upsells which could be annoying
  • If you’ve used ClickFunnel and don’t like it, you’ll still be advised to use it. 


How Much Is It To Join Your First Funnel Challenge?

You join at no cost. It’s free

When Does Your First Funnel Challenge start?

It starts on the 10th of October, 2022

How Do I Get Your First Funnel VIP Passes?

You can get it after you’ve registered and upgraded to VIP

What is Your First Funnel Tool Kit?

Your first funnel tool kit consists of a funnel Hackers T-shirt, Funnel Hackers Cookbook, and 30days book.

What is ClickFunnels 2.0?

It’s a brand new platform by Russell Brunson, which is going to be launched on the 10th October 2022

How Much is Your First Funnel VIP Pass?

Depending on your location Local costs $29.95. While international costs $69.96.

Can I Still Get Access To Your First Funnel Challenge Content After 5-Days?

No, you can’t, but if you upgrade to VIP, you’d be able to access it for a lifetime.

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Final Take

If you are looking to grow your business or even start it, then you need to take up this challenge. From the review, you will see that there is much to gain from this event. 

All at ZERO costs.  All you need is some time and a mind willing to learn. 

As a huge fan of Russell Brunson, I am also anticipating the challenge, and I will update the information when it starts. 

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