Dean Graziosi: Net Worth, Books and Masterminds, Events, Wiki & Age

Dean Graziosi

This post contains everything there is to know about Dean Graziosi.

His net worth, his courses, books, events, new program, his social network following, records, family and love life…

…and if he is the right kind of ‘guru’ to follow and learn from.

I’m not the type of person who easily falls for the ‘gurus’ hype – as there are a bunch of fake ones out there.

I’m always careful with my selection, to be frank.

So, who’s this guy anyway? Why is it so important to want to know a few or as many things about him?

There are a lot of things about this dude I bet you never knew. And one of the reasons why I decided to write about Dean is that he has impacted my life in a little way.

And that’s of recent though.

There is a reason why Dean Graziosi is called a real estate mogul, as well as a successful author with five bestsellers to his names.


Part #1: Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi is a well-known American entrepreneur, Marketer, success-coach, business owner, real estate investor and first-class trainer.

Dean Graziosi

Owing to his exploit in the online space, he has since been on the American television for nearly 15 years now, and he’s widely regarded as a businessman, entrepreneur, blockbuster author of the New York Times and inspirational speaker.

Dean may be known for his long-standing interview-style, TV shows, making him become one of the world’s leading real estate brokers.

He has drawn millions of viewers across the United States and around the world, and Since 2006, he has written five books, which has dominated the area of successful business and real estate books, recording a sale of over 1 million copies of one of his bestsellers.

Not forgetting my favorite of his books – The Underdog Advantage.

Part #2: Dean Graziosi Biography & Wiki

Dean Graziosi in 2010, following his entrepreneurial success with his books, partnered with a company that has vast knowledge and experience in handling a live event.

He has since worked with this company to conduct live events mainly in the U.S. His personal attitude to business, excellent education and reputation mainly in the real estate sector have made his event a success to date.

In early 2011, the company was one of the largest real estate training companies in the United States.

Dean Graziosi Early life

Dean Graziosi, who is the younger of the two kids of his parents, is the son of Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post; born and raised in Marlboro, New York.

As at the time he was just 3, his parents divorced.

A bad beginning for a little promising child, if you ask me.

He was raised by his mother and grandmother until he was 13 when he later moved in with his Father.

Growing up was not a rosy one because the family faced many financial difficulties and have to move to more than 20 times at the age of 19.

Dean’s first business success story came at the age of 20, when he ventured into buying, repairing and selling of used cars, completing his first real estate transaction at the time also with little to no capital.

This experience kept him investing in real estate thereafter.

Dean Graziosi didn’t go to any formal college. However, he went to Marlboro High School.

Dean’s Career

After several successes in the real estate industry, Dean Graziosi achieved his first real success with a training course he developed based on his knowledge in the Real Estate industry.

The training course ‘Think a little different’ is based on his personal ideas. This course effectively explains his main methods of success in almost all areas of business.

In 2002, Dean Graziosi founded his own company.

The company, called Dean Enterprises, focuses on the creation and dissemination of its real estate products.

The company specializes in deploying information materials and books written by Dean. From the beginning of his career, Dean has been committed to improving the lives of those who want more or even better.

He has always wanted to fully master the industry without making any false promises, which has enabled him to provide complete success to those who has till date, benefited from his courses.

Not every expert does that…

And following the success of the previous book, the second book ‘’Be a Real Estate Millionaire’’ was published a year later by Vanguard Press.

The book was sold massively that it was among the bestsellers in 2007 and 2008. It also appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, and the giant Wall Street Journal, pushing him to become Amazon’s bestseller a few years later.

Pretty impressive!

He went on to release his third business in January 2009, ‘’Profit now from real estate”.

This book is not much different from the others as it’s more of a step-by-step guide explaining to beginners how to make a profitable investment in the real estate industry.

This was an immediate success, as it successfully achieved sales of all its previous products in just about three months.

And Dean Graziosi, being an innovative investor and trainer, he went on to release two more books: ‘’Your Town, Your Profit ‘’ and ‘’30 Days to Real Estate”.

Then followed by this latest one. The Underdog Advantage.

More details on these books soon…

Part #3: Dean Graziosi Love Life (Family, Wife, and Children)

Dean was once married to Joenelle Ward, his former wife who bore him two kids; Breana Graziosi born in 2006, and Brody Graziosi, born in 2008.

At the moment – the millionaire is in a relationship with Lisa Palacios, his 34-year old fiancee. A podcaster.

Dean proposed to Lisa on the 12th of March 2019 in Cabo San Lucas, near a beach in Mexico.

As at the time of writing this post, his family lives in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Arizona. Where Dean bought a luxury mansion.

Dean Graziosi Age and Net Worth

Dean was born on November 20th, 1968, making him 50 years old as when this post was written.

Dean Graziosi Net Worth

The multi-millionaire makes most of his income from the real estate industry not to forget his ventures as well as his sort after books, courses, and masterminds. Currently, his Net Worth is $43 million.

Part #4: Dean Graziosi Books

Here are the books he has published to date:

Book #1: Totally Fulfilled

This is an excellent book to find out how to do those things that get you fulfillment in life and get rid of the challenges with the use of some interesting techniques.

It is very motivational in its flow of words and provides very realistic ways to approach problems. It is easy to read and is filled with a comprehensive plan for interesting information and follow-up.

Book #2: Profit From Real Estate

Dean Graziosi shares a technique for securing these real estate properties in this book so that you buy them even without a down payment, and then keep or forward the offers to motivated buyers and make a profit in both cases.

This is the one and only no down payment strategy that works perfectly well in today’s changing world.

This technics and strategies are taught in many of its useful chapters, such as:

  • Profits from the current downturn in the real estate market
  • How to determine killer deals and attract a large number of aggressive buyers to find you.

Also, at the end of each chapter, there are some practical steps to take, and also, success stories from others who have achieved their goals through the book.

Book #3: 30 Days To Real Estate Cash

This book shows you how to make money right away and provides proven ways to move from zero cash to making money in just 30 days.

This is no exaggeration because the plans presented in the book are very realistic. This is evidenced in the testimonies of his students following the same plans and strategies to pocket real estate cash in less than 30 days.

Book #4: Millionaire Success Habits

The millionaire success habit gives you the tools you need to fundamentally change your daily work and open new doors to prosperity.

In this book, Dean Graziosi shared stories from his personal life and the experiences of his friends Tony Robbins, Dan Sulivan, and Joe Polish to provide successful Habits, which anyone can incorporate into his or her life.

This book will help you to dig deeper to find out the real purpose that drives you forward and the real reason you want the drive.

You will also get to uncover and defeat the “inner villains” that are holding you back from pushing forward.

Book #5: The Underdog Advantage

Being that this is the only Dean’s book I’ve purchased so far – I can’t say further but encourage you to get it!

Because I’ve gone through The Underdog Advantage myself.

And this is the newest and latest book of Dean Graziosi (released in 2019).

This is a book that helps you to rewrite your future by turning your disadvantages into your superpowers. Do you feel stuck in life or stuck in mediocrity and feeling like an underdog?

This is just like a road-map to turn it all into your favor and get the best out of life through this book.

I even put up a review about The Underdog Advantage here.

Part #5: Dean Graziosi Events, Courses, And Mastermind

#1: The Growth Summit Event

The Growth Summit event is where folks like Brendon Burchard, Ethan Willis, alongside Dean Graziosi, reach the closest and most trusted circle and ask them to come to the event and share the stage with them.

And why you shouldn’t miss this event for any reason is that these Entrepreneurs, not only have they built one of America’s most impressive education businesses over the past 20 years, they have also been fortunate to meet some of the greatest leaders in the world.

What you should know about this event:

The Growth Summit event is not only a life-changing event, but it will also inspire you to create, keep pace and achieve all your life goals and ambitions that you will want to continue to reach a new level.

#2: The Number One Way To Generate Wealth This Year By Joining A Wave Of One Trillion Dollar and How You Can Benefit Online Training Course

With this 90-minute online training course, you will learn:

  • The ‘four top secrets ‘that the most successful people in the world share and the best approach to help you utilize this tip very quickly.
  • Another thing you will learn is: ‘What I think is the best way to make money in today’s economy and why it is 10 times better than stocks, precious metals, overtime or returning to work. ‘school.
  • How you could use the unfair marketing strategy to jump in fast ahead of your competition.
  • How to put your first profit in your pocket within the first 30 days without having to borrow money, start-up funds or risk choosing your own dime.

Note that this free training, is, however, only available to a member that has bought the Millionaire Success Habits.

#3: Real Millionaire Monthly Online Course

This is an online course created by Dean and one of his top students, Matt Larson, in the real estate sector.

The course is aimed at helping those folks that think that the Real Estate Industry is already saturated…

…that they need extra strategies and top-notched tools to crack the industry, or worst still, that they need a lot of money to start up.

Mind you, Matt Larson, on the other hand, has had over 8,000 Real Estate deal to his portfolio.

He and his boss, Dean Graziosi, are with you in this course to take you by the hand to the level that you want to be in the Real Estate Industry.

One of the advantages you get from this monthly millionaire training is that you have access to a live webcast, followed by a Q&A session.

The recordings, however, are also made available to you as a subscriber on the event you didn’t make the webcast.

#4: Millionaire Monthly Habits with Dean Graziosi

This is an exclusive program, where you get to benefit from Dean’s on-site training, and also from all the archival training he has conducted over the years.

Other features of this training are:

  • Discover your unique abilities and ROI over time
  • Direct Response Marketing-How to Attract and Repel the People You Want
  • How to overcome any obstacles and ultimately take action
  • Confidence First-How to do whatever you want with confidence.
  • How to do things so that nothing prevents you from getting what you always wanted and really deserved, and of course, lots more.

Plus, you will get some of the tools Dean Graziosi uses for his mastermind students that pay               $100k per year to draw from his wealth of knowledge, for absolutely free.

#4: Knowledge Broker Blueprint Own Your Future Challenge – Project Next

Please note: The KBB has now been rebranded to The Own Your Future Challenge. Project Next (main course)

The Knowledge Business Blueprint – KBB (now called the Knowledge Broker Blueprint) helps you to straightforward and identify those of your skills, expertise or passion then when shared, will impact people in that niche.

And at the same time, making you tones of money.

This is the newest and latest course of Dean Graziosi’s course.

Oh, and he is not the only one behind the KBB.

He built this value-packed course with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an affiliate thinking of developing masterminds, seminars, summits, conferences then this is the best course for you.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online course that includes video tutorials in their modules, practical exercises, downloadable worksheets, and of course, a private Facebook group.

This course is divided into four modules, with each module having its own lessons which are further sub-divided into numerous training and bonuses.

Another component that you will find inside this KBB is the MindMint software.

MindMint is a software that helps you extract knowledge and plan into one place.

When you create a new “event” in MindMint, the software guides you through the process of setting it and scheduling the event.

In addition to helping you organize your event, MindMint also gives you the tools to help you create a sales channel that lets you sell even your knowledge to your audience.

With this software, you can also create landing pages, down to sales pages.

Part #6: Dean Graziosi Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dean Graziosi a Scam?

From all ramifications, Dean is not a scam. Everybody might not agree with that. Its fine, reason being that as with every other business venture everybody mustn’t be successful at one. This still has a lot to do with how folks apply Dean’s strategy.

But in terms of legitimacy, Dean is a very legitimate multi-millionaire whose works have impacted millions of lives – including mine.

Is Dean Graziosi Married?

At the moment Dean is not married but engaged to his fiancee Lisa. He was formally married to Joenelle Ward and later divorced and they both have two kids – Breana Graziosi Brody Graziosi.

Is Dean Graziosi an Italian?

Yes, Dean is an Italian by origin because his parents are originally from Italy.

How did Dean Graziosi make his money?

Although Dean Graziosi made and still making money with real estate properties, courses, events, etc. yet it is important to note where his entrepreneurial success all started.

Back then in 1998, he made success selling his first book on buying and selling cars, titled ‘Motor Millionaire‘. This paves way for his entrepreneurial journey. It is on record that Motor Millionaire turned out to be a very successful program while helping other Americans make money selling cars.

Is Dean Graziosi on Social media?

Dean Graziosi has over 4 million followers across all his social media accounts.

Does Dean Graziosi have a podcast?

Oh yes, Dean Graziosi’s show is called the millionaire success habits podcast. A show for those out there who are looking to achieve their highest potential on a massive scale.

Where did Dean Graziosi grow up?

He actually grew up in the city he was born, Marlboro, New York.

How do I contact Dean Graziosi?

Contacting Dean Graziosi is as easy as going to his site to fill out the contact form, or you just click on this link:

Conclusion on Dean Graziosi Biography and Life

Dean Graziosi is well known for his excellent contributions to entrepreneurship and the real estate industry generally.

He is one of the few to follow when you want to learn how to be highly successful as an investor, marketer or anything business and success related.

Another thing you will like from following Dean Graziosi is his wealth of knowledge.

From his ideas, you will also understand the best way to monetize your skills. His competent expertise will certainly offer you much-needed direction.