Kartra Review (2020): Helpful & Detailed Breakdown. Worth Your Money?

Kartra Review (2020): Helpful & Detailed Breakdown. Worth Your Money?

Please make sure you read this Kartra review piece carefully to the end…

To know if it’s worth the money. As I uncover everything there’s to know about this software.

You’ll ENJOY it.

As it’s off the press for the year 2020!

Imagine having a software where you could sell any type of product and services from, without the need to pay for other marketing software?

I mean an all-in-one software that takes care of your:

How would you feel about that?


To be honest with you – building and running an online business isn’t a friendly undertaking. It takes lots of EFFORT, TIME and MONEY!

And like most people…

…you probably do not have all the above three at your disposal right now. You need help (with people and or systems) to become profitable and also make things easily accomplished in your business.

In the past – it used to be very hard putting up systems and get things achieved so fast.

Not like that anymore in 2020!

You no longer need 101 different software platforms to manage your entire online business.

So, in this post, I’ll be reviewing an all in one platform and funnel building software called Kartra. We shall both take a deep look and see what this platform has to offer.

Kartra sales funnel builder
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And also see if it’s really for you or not worth giving a try.


Below is what I shall be covering in this Kartra review:

Part #1: What Is Kartra?

Kartra is a sales funnel creation tool and also a marketing platform that houses essential tools you will ever need to run your business online. This platform was birthed in 2018, and the brain behind the launch was Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime (two known online marketers).

These were the guys behind WebinarJam and EverWebinar, founded under the same Genesis Digital, LLC.

Since its launch, Kartra has served thousands of businesses globally by providing a medium where entrepreneurs could easily launch their businesses from one end.

Kartra comes with lots of eye-catching features (which I don’t think some of its competitors offer) that makes it outstanding.

Kartra tool

Talk about the done-for-you all-of-things (funnel templates, email swipes, and pretty designed pages), video hosting, mighty integrations and other sophisticated tools of the trade.

Did I also forget to mention that – there are lots of training available where you get to learn from a marketing legend, Frank Kern?

What does this mean?

It means that Kartra is backed by Frank Kern. Maybe you don’t know him. Just a YouTube or Google search will tell you that this isn’t an ordinary marketer. Frank is king in the field of direct response advertising.

He provides you with quite a number of training modules and knowledge bombs (valued to be thousands in my humble opinion) which are part of the training Kartra offers to users. (Just like what Russell does on ClickFunnels).


Part #2: Features Of Kartra

There are quite a lot of features in this all-in-one marketing suite – but we’ll only look at the outstanding ones:

Shall we?

#1: Professional Page Editor

The Kartra page editor dashboard is where you build out your pages on. As you may know, it is a drag and drop builder just like many landing page tools in the market.

But there are few areas Kartra really shines:

i. The templates

You get access to dozens of templates (sales page, squeeze page, coming soon, checkout, etc.) for any kind of business and easily customize them within the editor in matter minutes.

As to making changes (deleting and adding) to the template elements is pretty simple to do.

Editor and templates

ii. Pre-written copy samples

Most of the templates you get while using other page builders are either unoptimized or filled with Latin texts. But on Kartra – you’re being provided with well-written sales copies so you could have an idea of how to structure yours.

iii. Split testing

The flexible split testing feature in Kartra lets you test variations of your funnel, pages, headlines, colors or anything worth the tweaking.

Split test pages

Kartra will quickly tell you what’s working (and what’s not) with automated split tests and 360-degree, real-time analytics, that is connected to every aspect of your business.

#2: Kartra Mails

This is a part of Kartra which really got most of its users glued to it ever since they got on the bandwagon. There are lots of things I’m going to review here because this comprises of the full email functionality within Kartra.

Kartra mails

i. Kartra Automation

Since Kartra has an inbuilt automation capability – you’re going to find it super-simple creating and sending customized responses to your customers based on actions within your sales funnel. How cool?

Okay, guess the cooler part?

ii. The visual automation builder

Kartra provides you with an automation workflow builder just like the one you see on ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit – but not as blissful though.

Kartra sequence builder

There are quite a lot of conditions you can add in between your automation. These actions were made possible using IF, THEN statements.

Here are some of the conditions you can apply:

  • Adding/removing tags when a link is clicked
  • Adding/removing of subscribers from a sequence
  • Sending a follow-up mail after an action
  • And many more…

iii. Kartra email platform

Kartra also does the job your dedicated email marketing platform can do. Talk about creating a list, importing of your contacts, send broadcasts, design email templates.

And even more fine kinds of stuff.

Oh, and what about deliverability?

I give Kartra 99% on this! No dumping of your emails into the spam or promotion tab of your contacts. This is the same advantage you get while using the inbuilt Actionetics tool in ClickFunnels.

But that of ClickFunnels is only available on the Etison plan while on Kartra – you get it right from the startup plan.

Find out more about Kartra Mails: https://home.kartra.com/feature-mail

#3: Marketing Campaigns

This is a complete marketing funnel where each and every element (landing page, squeeze page, checkout page) are connected together to complete a whole system.

This is where every feature Kartra offers you plays and are tied in together.

Let me explain…

Kartra comes preloaded with done-for-you campaigns created by world-class marketers – complete with pre-written copy, pre-made pages, preset automation, and more – that you can easily swipe, tweak to fit your brand, and deeply in a matter of an hour.

Kartra Campaigns
>>> learn more about Kartra campaigns <<<

Uhmm… I love this!

The Kartra team are always launching new Done-For-You campaigns all the time so you can use them the second you join Kartra.

Check out a few below:

i. List-Builder Campaign

This is a simple funnel, driven by a give-away opt-in which will help you quickly build your most powerful marketing asset – your email list – fast.

ii. Quick Launch Campaign

This a campaign created by the internet legend himself – Frank Kern. The Kartra Quick Launch done-for-you campaign will help you launch a new product and make sales fast.

iii. 4 Day Cash Machine

As name sounds – this is funnel aimed at helping you make money in your business within 4 days. This was also created by Frank Kern.

iv. Book Funnel Campaign

This is where you get everything you need to instantly launch a complete promotional campaign for your book right out of the box. You’ll have access to all the pre-crafted copy and layouts which are based on the successful book funnel Frank Kern used in promoting his own books.

v. The eShop Campaign

Kartra eShop Campaign allows you to sell multiple products from a single page, and also includes email sequences allowing you to follow up with visitors to your products and with customers.

vi. Kartra MasterClass Campaign

This a funnel that allows you to send traffic through a registration process to a webinar-like, on-demand video presentation and then sell them on a product.

Those are the campaigns available in Kartra (as at when writing this) because I’m very certain that they have dozens of them in the works and to be rolled out regularly.

Find out more about Kartra Campaigns and Funnels: https://home.kartra.com/feature-campaigns

==> Read more on Kartra Funnels and Campaigns here

#4: Course and Membership Platform

This is a built-in tool inside of Kartra where you can host all of your online courses and give restricted access to contents. Honestly, I found Kartra’s membership builder finer than its closest competitor, ClickFunnels.

Everything for configuring and managing the way you wish to sell your digital products is being made available for you and there is also an easy to use wizard that walks you through the entire procedure.

Kartra membership reviews
>>> learn more about Kartra memberships <<<

And hey, if you plan using this software to sell your physical products – I personally do not endorse using it for selling physical kinds of stuff. But when it comes to all-things-digital…

  • Consultations
  • Coaching
  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Services

Kartra got you!!

And they are most interested in supporting digital entrepreneurs. If you plan on using it for tangible products – I do not recommend it.

Although there some entrepreneurs who have had success selling physical products.

You can look elsewhere at a platform like ClickFunnels or Woocommerce.

Back to Kartra membership…

You’ll fall in love with the Membership progress tracking!

No doubt that the progress bars are a powerful mechanic to visually show your users what they’ve completed and not.

Kartra allows you to enable progress tracking in the membership area to either force a linear progression for your users to follow and visualize their progress.

Kartra membership tracking

There also an option for you to display a completion badge once a user has finished. Isn’t that lovely?

Oh yeah!

I know well, the membership area in Kartra lacks some refined features you get on specially made Learning Management Systems like Teachable…

But it’s still capable of serving you well enough and unlike ClickFunnels where there’s no such thing as progress tracking and you get to host your videos on a video sharing platform.

Find out more about Kartra Membership sites: https://home.kartra.com/feature-memberships

And talking about videos, that take us to…

#5: Kartra Video Hosting

You really do not need to upload your videos on YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia, then get an embed link to be able to use them on your pages or members area.

Well, Kartra has its own marketing-oriented video hosting.

Video hosting Kartra
>>> learn more about Kartra hosting <<<

You can embed your videos directly on your Kartra pages plus other interesting features that come with it. Like:

  • Adding Call-to-action (CTAs) during plays
  • Easily organize your Kartra videos into folders
  • See videos watched by each of your customers
  • Getting detailed analytics on how people interacted with your videos

Although there is a problem with video hosting on Kartra…

The storage limitation. You have a limit (by bandwidth) to which you can host videos on Kartra, and this applies even to the highest plan.

#6: Helpdesk Tool

This is one underrated feature I see on Kartra which many of its users do not really know how much it means for their business and how to exploit it.

Helpdesk feature

Kartra Help Desk feature enables you to easily implement a customer service hub that sees to the satisfaction of your customer needs without going through a nightmare of integrating a third-party system.

This is an inbuilt tool that takes care of your customer service system and customer satisfaction.

The Kartra Helpdesk includes:

  • Ticketing System
  • Knowledge Base Management System
  • Live Agent Chat System

So, providing immediate support and guidance for your customers at all levels whenever they’re in need wouldn’t be an issue.

And there’s more to Kartra Help desk!

One enchanting aspect of Kartra’s Helpdesk is the way your whole sales platform is being integrated into it.

How do I mean?

You’ll have access to any aspect of a customer’s profile. You get to know what they actually opted-in for, what they bought, how many of your emails they’ve interacted with, lead score and lots more.

With all these unification – it’ll be easy for you to dig deep into your customers’ interest and serve them better.

The thing is:

Even though the Helpdesk isn’t as sleek as the specialized platform like LiveAgent – I can tell you that the functionalities are pretty huge.

Find out more about Kartra Helpdesk: https://home.kartra.com/feature-helpdesk

#7: Affiliate Center

The affiliate program management system inside of Kartra allows you to incentivize an army of marketers to help you generate leads and grow your business further. Just like some of these dedicated affiliate tools here.

And of course, saving thousands of advertising budgets.

Here are a few capabilities of the affiliate system present inside Kartra:

  • Creating an affiliate sign-up page
  • Approval of affiliates
  • Affiliate sign-up questionnaire
  • Configure landing pages for affiliates
  • Adding them to a special email list
  • Setting payment options
  • And a few more…

So much more I couldn’t touch…

So far in this review – I’ve touched quite a lot of things, this software does and you bet? There are many I couldn’t just name.

Before I dive into the integration part – let me mention a few other stuff you should expect when you get on board:

The awesome Form editor where you build and design diverse forms (email opt-ins, embeddable HTML forms, in-line forms and click pops).

I didn’t forget the Kartra Calendar app. A built functionality allows your clients to self-book and reschedule based on your availability, and also send automated reminders. This will come in handy if you offer a paid consultation.

Calender feature

Marketplace: A place to both find affiliates to sell your products and become one yourself.

The Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) technology is something I also find ‘sexy’. It allows you to use your contacts profile details to adapt the contents of your page dynamically for each particular visitor, creating a unique and personalized experience.

Not quite long the Kartranaut Training program was launched to help train customers on every setting available within Kartra.

You can charge for your expertise and sell campaigns and funnels built with Kartra – this is made possible with the Share Campaign feature.

The new Heatmap Analytics Tool helps you uncover how your visitors are engaging with on your pages. Like seeing the percentage of people that stayed, scrolled, dropped off a particular page.

Kartra comes with basically a large range of useful features for you to exploit. After mapping out your funnels, it only takes a little walk launching your campaigns on Kartra platform.


Part #3: Kartra Integrations

Maybe you prefer using Kartra alongside your favorite autoresponder, course platform, website/blog or make connections via webhooks…

Integrations - Kartra

You aren’t alone!

Although Kartra has almost everything you need to run your online business – they also offer you the option to incorporate other marketing tools with it. So?

You’re not constrained in any way…

Here are the third-party integrations (in sections:

#1: Payment Gateway Integrations

The Payment gateways supported are four:

  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Adding a payment gateway in Kartra is one of the first and important things you must do. It’s pretty straight forward to do from the Integration section.

#2: Email marketing integrations

Kartra has the ability to integrate with four different email systems:

  • Sendgrid
  • Postmark
  • Mailgun
  • Elastic Email

All of the above integrations require an API key from the services support or the account.

#3: Membership integrations

Kartra has the ability to integrate with only a few membership platforms:

  • Kajabi
  • OptimizePress
  • Wishlist Member
  • aMember
  • Digital Access Pass (DAP)
  • S2Member
  • WPFusion

#4: SMS

Using the below services will involve a combination of using the specific service’s SMS settings and Kartra system.

  • Nexmo
  • Plivo
  • Twilo

#5: Integrating with Zapier

As opposed to most integrations done on Kartra, this particular integration is not meant to be configured from within your Kartra account.

To establish the connection, you have to do everything from within your Zapier account, and Zapier will automatically establish the connection with Kartra in the background without you doing any further thing.


Part #4: Kartra Pricing

Kartra has 5 pricing plans which are all categorized based on the size of your business and every package comes with a $1 14-Day trial. They range from $99/mo for the Starter plan for up to 2,500 leads to the Diamond plan of $699/mo for up to 100,000 leads.

Kartra price
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The differences between the plans are the number of leads, emails, bandwidth, pages, and products. We shall take a look at all of them now:

The Starter Plan ($99)

For the starter plan, you’re limited to 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails/mo, host 100 pages, 10 products, stream 50GB bandwidth and create 2 membership sites.

The Silver Plan ($199)

If you choose to opt-in for the second Kartra plan you’re limited to 12,500 contacts, send 125,000 emails per month, stream 125GB bandwidth and you have unlimited pages, products, and membership sites.

For the Gold Plan of $299 (25,000 leads), you have access to the same features as everything in the Silver plan except for the emails and video hosting which are 250,000 emails and 200GB bandwidth respectively.

The Platinum Plan of $499 (50k leads) also comes with unlimited features present in the Silver plan then you get 500k emails/mo, 400GB bandwidth.

How about a Kartra discount?

Yes, there’s a discount available on Kartra – but that only applies when you get prepay annually. A HUGE money saver!

For the annual, you get up to a 25% discount. For more details Check out my Kartra Pricing article.

==> Get Started With Kartra Discount Here!

Part #5: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build a website with Kartra?

The short answer is YES. You can use Kartra to build websites of any kind for your online businesses, and since Kartra has made available various website templates, it’s very easy to set up your website and pages on it within a short while.

How much does Kartra cost per month?

Kartra pricing starts from $99 per month for the Starter plan which includes all the features it offers without the exception of any of its marketing-oriented features. You can scroll up a bit to see the rest of the plans.

What does Kartra replace?

As an advanced all-in-one marketing tool suite Kartra replaces the following marketing solutions – video hosting solution like Vimeo and Wistia, page builder, shopping cart software, helpdesk software, email service, automation tool, CRM tool, membership and course hosting platform, affiliate center, heatmap app, analytics, and tracking tool, calendar/booking app, and an affiliate marketplace.

How does Kartra work?

Kartra is an all-inclusive, email marketing, list building, web hosting, business management platform designed for online business owners and marketers. You’ll be given everything you need to understand and know how the platform works when you get on the 14days trial period.

Can I use Kartra with WordPress?

Oh yes, you can! If you already got a WordPress site and want to continue hosting your Kartra pages there, you can do that with just a couple of clicks. Just login to your WP dashboard and install and activate a plugin called “Blank Slate” then you can take it up from there. You can learn how from here.

Who owns Kartra?

Like we discussed earlier in this post – Kartra was birthed in 2018 by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. And ever since the platform has evolved to be one of the best sales funnel creation software.

It’s so expensive! Is Kartra worth it?

In my humble opinion, Kartra is well worth it. For the value, it’s not expensive for the type of services you get.

If you were to try and put all those individual services together on a server, you’d be spending over $500-1,500 a month.

Remember you need not to pay for:

  • Page builder
  • Email marketing tool
  • Shopping cart software
  • Membership platform
  • Affiliate management system
  • Helpdesk tool
  • Web hosting
  • Funnel building expert/course
  • Split testing software

Who is Kartra meant for?

If you’re in need of a system that acts as a virtual salesperson that walks the customer through the buying process, it gives them enough information to make an informed purchase…

Then you need Kartra!

  • As an online course creator
  • Consultant
  • Social media expert
  • Agency owner
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Any service-based entrepreneur

Who is it NOT meant for?

It is true that not all tools are targeted towards every trade and business. Same goes for Kartra, and I wouldn’t recommend Kartra to those who:

  • Are into eCommerce/physical products
  • Has a large email list (it does cost more)
  • Have no products or services to sell
  • Are after get-rich-quick opportunity

Is there an alternative?

There quite a few Kartra competitors (sales funnel tools) for sure. But below are the two closest alternatives at the moment:

  • Kartra vs ClickFunnels

They both offer an inbuilt automation tool, membership software, and affiliate management system. But you can get access to ClickFunnels only on the Platinum plan of $297 (unlimited), whereas on Kartra you have them all from the startup plan (but with limitation on all plans).

Here’s a comparison between Kartra vs ClickFunnels in detail. In summary, Kartra is better than ClickFunnels overall!

  • Kartra vs Kajabi

Kajabi is a platform specially built for online course creators. It’s one of the best software’s out here for hosting a membership site and comes with quite a lot of amazing features.

Both tools are kind of similar though. But the only difference is that Kajabi focuses on membership site experience and Kartra does it well when it comes to funnels and as an all-in-one – plus also cheaper.

See Kartra vs Kajabi comparison here. In summary, Kartra wins over Kajabi with tons on inbuilt features that can’t be matched.

How is their support like?

So far from what I’ve seen – it would probably take the critical issue before you’ll need to the support team at Kartra because there are many tutorial videos in Kartraverse training center (Kartranaut & Academy).

Either way, they have amazing support – you can contact them via email and live chat. There’s also a Facebook community and an option for you to request a feature you’d like the developers to consider adding.

Does Kartra have an affiliate program?

Yes, Kartra does have an affiliate program and pays 40% recurring commissions. You can apply to promote Kartra and earn a good income.

==> Click here to apply for Kartra affiliate program

How can I sign-up?

To start building your Funnels on Kartra, you have to take get on the 2-weeks trial for $1. You’ll be taken on an onboarding process and provided with everything you need to get the best out of Kartra.

Final Thoughts – Kartra Review

Kartra is a powerful tool. It’s definitely a cut above most of the page and funnel creation tools that most online marketers are used to.

The good news about it is that – it’s easy for a complete beginner to get started with it and I so much like how the team at Kartra has put up massive training, email swipes, and campaigns for all.

As there are new features and done for you stuffs being added every now and then, to meet up with business owners’ needs – I think Kartra isn’t that type of platform that’ll stop delivering to its customers at any time soon.

It’s definitely not the cheapest tool. But if you want a system with a flexible shopping cart, stunning pages, intelligent split testing, ready-to-go campaigns with gorgeous templates, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Kartra Pros

  • Lots of explanatory videos available
  • Inbuilt autoresponder and affiliate system
  • Done-for-you copies
  • Readymade campaigns
  • Awesome membership platform
  • Helpdesk with a tracking system
  • Internal video hosting capability
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use for beginners

Kartra Cons

  • Expensive for small business owners
  • Some Kartra integrations require a bit of workaround
  • No evergreen webinar feature (unless via integrations)
  • Not too perfect for physical products
  • Limit on all the plans
0/5 (0 Reviews)

Khris Steven

My mission is to equip and arm you with the precise marketing tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you make IMPACT, SERVE more and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

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    Great and detailed review! Thanks for the info

  2. Ro

    Hey Khris, thanks for the very interesting review of Kartra. I just don’t understand what you mean with “No evergreen webinar feature”. Don’t they have a webinar feature? Do they have it but is it outdated? I’m not really sure what you mean by that. Thanks for claryfying!

    1. Khris Steven

      Hey, Ro thanks for the kind words man.
      Okay, what that means is that Kartra does not include webinar functionality like ClickFunnels, so if you plan on hosting evergreen webinars, you will need a separate platform such as EverWebinar (Kartra sister tool).

      Its direct integration with EverWebinar allows you to create custom registration pages in Kartra that automatically send registrants to your event.

      Hope that helps.

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