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Running an online business can generate passive income streams. However, before you scale your online business to that level, you must consider multiple factors like designing your pages and planning and executing marketing campaigns.

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides pre-designed templates that you can use to create high-converting pages.

 With Kartra templates, you get done-for-you templates you can edit and customize to suit your unique business needs. There are templates for your website, home page, landing page, and even your 404 page.

What are Kartra Templates?

Kartra page templates help you create and design different types of pages for your website and marketing campaigns. These predesigned templates help you to personalize your design by yourself, making it suit your desired taste.

How Do Kartra Templates Work?

Kartra Pages

Kartra templates are user-friendly and easily customizable.

  • Step 1: Select the template category and your style preference, and fill up the fields with relevant details about your business.
  • Step 2: Use the accessible editor to customize your copy layout to your personal or brand taste. You get to select your desired color and fonts and incorporate logos and images.

If you are new to Kartra templates, there are free tutorials available to guide you on how to use the Kartra page builder properly. These tutorials make your designing journey simple and fun and help you achieve the design you want. 

21 Kartra Templates Categories

Kartra offers numerous template categories for users to explore. Every template comes with simple and beautiful designs that are easy to navigate and customize.

Here are some Kartra templates categories:

Squeeze Page Templates

Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages offer attractive lead magnets (free products, services, or information) to visitors in exchange for their email addresses. For example, you can create a squeeze page and offer a free newsletter about healthy living to visitors.

While Kartra has lots of squeeze page templates with catchy visuals and titles, you have to offer a great lead magnet that will interest visitors.

Video Sales Page Templates

Video Sales Pages

Videos are very essential in the marketing of a product. Advertisements have their roots in visual and audio displays. Videos help potential consumers, users, or visitors interact with the product in a way that’s guaranteed to improve sales. 

Multiple studies show that videos increase engagement with a product and help customers understand their products better than before. 

Kartra’s video sales pages have features like product descriptions and visual representations. With these features, users get the chance to make their visuals engaging and offer value. 

You could start your video with an attention-grabbing title like “Improve sales by 500% by following these steps”. Because Kantra is excellent at delivering value, its templates ensure your video quality and message have the impact you desire it to have.

There are video sales page templates where you can post videos of customer testimonials and reviews on your website.

However, if you don’t want a full-blown video, you can use minimal videos like a countdown timer with an added link to a checkout page. 

Thank You Kartra Page Templates

Thank You Pages

Thank you pages are great for making your customers see how grateful you are for their purchase or engagement. They bring a humane side to your dealings with your customers which will most likely make them come back for more or refer you. 

However, the thank you page is more than an appreciative gesture. It is a means to interact with your customers and give them a chance to explore your brand. 

You could use a thank you page to direct your customers to your website so they could see more content that they could actively engage with. You can add your social media handles to your thank you page. 

Kantra offers many thank-you page templates that help you integrate your links and logins without much technical hassle.

Long Sales Page Templates

Long Sales Pages

A long sales page gives plenty but essential details on the information that visitors need to know about a product or brand. However, this template is not a license for you to overwhelm visitors with too much information.  

Every image, icon, and segmented section in a long sales page must be captivating, deliver on quality, and promise.

An effective long sales page delivers information in easy-to-read blocks that enjoy visitors to scroll down till they get to the end. Kartra has many long sales page templates that correctly use images, infographics, and videos to break long text into digestible bits.

Coming Soon Page Templates

Coming Soon Pages

Coming Soon pages are like squeeze pages that tickle customers’ curiosity and create anticipation. When you have an upcoming product that you want to create interest around and improve engagement, using a coming soon page is ideal. 

A great idea for a coming soon page is adding a countdown or a timer to the page to serve as a friendly reminder of the upcoming product launch.

You can use this page to collect visitors’ emails so you can send them email updates. This template is an effective lead-generation tool that helps you collect high-intent leads for pre-launch sales.

Choosing an eye-catching Kartra coming soon page template is just the start. You must design the page to suit your unique needs and preferences. Use the right images, icons, and words to keep your customers interested enough to wait for the product’s arrival. 

Kartra coming soon page templates use impressive messaging, and lovely designs with attractive colors and images to keep customers. 

However, if the delivery ends up being underwhelming, it can lead to bad reviews, and less anticipation and trust when you have a new product. 

Product Launch Templates

Product Launch

The product launch template helps to provide the appropriate hype before the launching of a product. This approach is a very good campaign strategy to bring awareness and engagement to your product. 

Creativity and simplicity are vital for creating a successful product launch page. While simplicity is the easy part, creativity is the hardest and most expensive part of the campaign. 

This is where Kartra comes in. 

Kartra handles the creative part of the job by providing the best template that fits your campaign. You can pick a product launch template that supports adding videos for better content delivery.

There are product launch page templates that come with unique offers such as 50% off your first purchase and a sign-up bonus.

Product Review Templates

Product Review

Before you order a product online, after checking the price and product information, you want to check the review section. If there are no reviews, you won’t be so confident about buying the product.

The product review section is important. Your visitors want to know if buying your product is worth their money. There’s no better way to assure them than to show reviews from other customers.

Reviews can make or break a product. A whopping 93% of customers read reviews before they make a buying decision.

You need a product review section for your sales campaign and websites. Kartra provides product review templates that help you easily collect your customers’ feedback.

For example, when choosing your template, pick one that allows customers to rate the product, a product summary, the product features, the cost, the pros and cons, and the product checkout page. 

When designing your product review page, use simple designs so your users can easily navigate through and get the necessary details quickly. 

Webinar Registration Templates

Webinar Registration

Webinars are great marketing tools for hosting large video meetings with customers. Businesses use webinars to offer free online training and promote and educate visitors about their products.

Although Kartra doesn’t have a webinar tool, there are webinar registration templates you can use to direct visitors to register for an upcoming webinar.

However, failed webinars happen when the template is a mess and doesn’t draw in enough engagement. With Kartra, you don’t have to worry about failed webinars. Kartra has excellent webinar templates for you to achieve a successful webinar. 

Kartra webinar templates support the sharing of relevant webinar information, keeping them uncluttered through bullet points, and using an attractive call-to-action.

Checkout Page Templates

Checkout Pages

A checkout page plays an important role in your sales conversions. It is the final step of your customer’s journey. You must get it right or risk losing out on sales.  

As a seller, firstly, you want to ensure that as many visitors make it to this page.  Also, you do not want the majority of people who make it to this page to get confused or end up not buying your product.

A bad checkout page will increase your carb abandonment rate.

Kartra helps to avoid this disaster by offering you the right checkout page templates that can guarantee better conversions. 

Kartra templates help design a functional checkout page. Every Kartra checkout page template has a simple and minimalistic design. You won’t find unnecessary information that could turn customers off. Everything on the page has its precise functionality that aids conversion rates. 

The best thing about using Kartra checkout templates is the wealth of payment options you can offer customers. A customer will leave the checkout page without buying if his preferred payment option is not available,

Kartra checkout templates allow you to add more information about your products and the associated benefits. You can even add testimonials to it.

404 Page Templates

404 Pages

When an error occurs in an online purchase or when loading a page, the error 404 page pops up. Seeing this page when browsing online can be frustrating.

Kartra offers multiple 404-page templates that are amusing and makes light of the situation. These animated templates make the apology that comes with them easier for visitors to accept. There’s also a navigation pathway to take them to the correct page.

Upsell Page Templates

Upsell Pages

Upsell pages are great promotional pages because they are benefit driven and offer one-time offer slots to customers. Since shoppers love a one-time offer, it is a really good way to increase sales. However, you can only achieve this with an effective upsell page template.

Kartra provides upsell page templates that are customizable and increase sales. Successful upsell pages work because they don’t use hard selling tactics and leave the decision in the hands of the customer.

Each Kartra upsell page template shows other products that can complement the product the customer already bought.

Membership Login Templates

Membership Login

First impressions are very important in everything, especially for your brand. You want your Kartra membership page to attract new members and help them easily navigate your page. 

Kartra offers templates that give room for subscribers to interact with each other, and easily navigate through the products and services you have to offer. 

There are templates that have welcome videos and simple images that educate and entertain your subscribers. Some membership page templates are exclusive. They make subscribers feel special and privileged to be a part of your group.

Live Event Templates

Live Event Pages

Live events take a lot of work to set up and more tasking is the invite design. Just like the webinar hosting, if you do not get your invite right, it could be a flop. 

Kartra has templates for live events. You can add relevant event content and context to your live events page. Add a call-to-action button that directs people to the landing page where they can learn more about the event, the schedule details, and the featured speakers. 

Affiliate Page Templates

Affiliate Pages

Running an affiliate program is one of the best ways to increase your sales and promote your business brand to a wide variety of audiences. 

If you’re wondering how to create an affiliate program for your site, Kartra has affiliate page templates you can customize to suit your preferences. These templates help you create an affiliate program that can attract the top affiliates to promote your products.

Kartra affiliate page templates come with prefilled information about your affiliate program, commissions for affiliates, and the invitation to join the program. You can customize the information on these templates to fit your specific affiliate program.

Like other Kartra templates, the affiliate page templates allow for simplicity and deliver your message in a precise and clear format. 

There is a short introduction and a strong and direct call to action that invites your readers to collect their affiliate links and explore their potential benefits, customer support, and other necessary details.

This Kartra template has the necessary shades of colors, fonts, and clickable icons that will get marketing professionals interested in exploring your monetization opportunities. 

Legal Page Templates

Legal Pages

Terms and conditions are very vital in every site or agreement we want to sign up to. Most people don’t go through them because they can be technical and wordy.

With Kartra’s help, you do not have to worry about your visitors not going through your terms and conditions. If Kartra could lighten up a 404 page, you know they can lighten up the terms and condition page, even if it’s just a little bit. 

Kartra has a list of tastefully designed legal templates that makes it easier for readers to scan through the terms and conditions. There are templates with headers that you can easily format to your taste and fonts that encourage reading. 

Also, there are legal templates with space for ample images and trademarks that can help readers easily comprehend what they are reading and are signing up for.

Blog Post Templates

Blog Post Templates

A blog is an online medium through which you can educate and engage your target audience with valuable content. Successful blogs use a clear and standard format for their blog posts and post them on a regular schedule.

There are many Kartra blog post templates that allow you to customize design elements to make your posts readable. 

Some Kartra blog post templates include images and videos. There are great ways to have your readers enjoy and engage with your page. 

Kartra blog post templates have a built-in comment section that helps you interact with visitors. There is a share button that you can use to post your blog post link on social media to attract more traffic to your site.

Blog Home Page Templates

Blog Home Page

The blog home page is the first impression of your blog and houses your blog posts. Readers get to navigate from here to their preferred blog posts.

There are many Kartra templates for creating a good blog home page. They include designs for your different categories, the author’s bio, and captivating excerpts about featured posts that attract readers.

Personal Branding Templates

Personal Branding Templates

Personal branding not only helps to distinguish your business from others but also attracts potential customers to you. When choosing a Kartra personal brand template, pick the one that will get you noticed and create a good impression on your potential customers.

Kartra’s customizable personal branding templates provide the necessary details you need such as your thumbnail biography pic, other images, and your portfolio. 

You get to add in relevant information such as statistics, images, videos, and the graphics that go along with these such as statistics icons, clean lines, and grid outlay. All these are in an organized and attractive format that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Blank Templates

Perhaps all existing Kartra templates do not impress you and you wish to create your template by yourself, forgoing all of Kartra’s predesigned templates. 

Kartra has a blank template available for you to flex your creative muscles and input any of your desired input.

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