Kartra Website examples

Do you want to build a website for your online business with advanced marketing features? There’s no better solution than using the all-in-one marketing automation platform, Kartra.

There are many Kartra website examples you can steal, learn and gain inspiration from to build your business website.

Many know Kartra as a platform for hosting online courses and building funnels.

However, that is just one of the many things you can use Kartra to create. The platform can create websites, landing pages, sales pages, sales funnels, opt-in forms, and membership sites.

There are many businesses from different industries that use Kartra to create beautiful and powerful websites that can generate high traffic and sales conversions.

Rich Dad – Self-Help & Education Website Example

Rich Dad
Source: Rich Dad

If you’re a consumer of self-help books, the title “Rich Dad” will ring a bell. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is one of the most influential self-help books of the 21st century written by Robert Kiyosaki. 

And in case you didn’t know, Robert Kiyosaki has a website coined after the book: richdad.com. 

The website gives a chance for fans of the book and self-help, in general, to enroll in the Rich Dad community. You learn more about personal finances and real-time investments such as real estate and cryptocurrency.

Kartra doesn’t take credit for the brilliant content on the website but they do take credit for its component holders and other brilliant features that give the site a classic look. 

There is a list of Kartra’s resources that makes this website professional, yet classical and unique. 

  • Icons.
  • Logos.
  • Testimonial block.
  • Pop-up overflow header with an opt-in form.
  • Call-to-action buttons.
  • Lists.
  • Image holders.
  • FAQs block.
  • Hero section/testimonials.
  • Landing pages.

Richdad.com also explores the use of hundreds of Kartra features in making up this masterpiece and reaching Kiyosaki’s audience.

Some features stood out for me like the background changer and the component holder. This is because it creates a sense of uniqueness around the images and content within them, and makes them stand out. 

The spacing, images, fonts, and colors are also well executed and blend well with the theme of the page. 

The video feature in particular is refreshing to see on the site. It gives visitors the chance to understand and enjoy the content of the site much more.

Food Faith Fitness – Wellness Website Example

Food Faith Fitness
Source: Food Faith Fitness

Food Faith Fitness is a health industry site that caters to the dietary needs of its visitors. They offer numerous delicious-looking recipes that range from keto, vegetarian, health 30, paleo, nut-free, gluten-free, and many more. 

Because they provide a healthy menu that anyone can subscribe to, they have quite a wide audience. 

Every page has a common yet unique food theme and other alluring visuals that assures the visitors they are in the right place to get their health right. 

Food Faith Fitness is not only known for its rich and sumptuous recipes. It is also faith-based, offering food for the mind and soul. The website engages visitors with courses, video content, resources, and memberships that guarantee visitors a healthy lifestyle.

You will find it interesting to know that some of Kartra’s features are a part of the building blocks for this attractive website with beautiful layouts.

They include:

  • Video hosting.
  • Landing pages.
  • Opt-in forms.
  • Product carts.
  • Kartra mail.

What I love about the Food Faith Fitness website is how it looks quite organized. Despite dealing with so many dietary needs and offering numerous recipes, everything is presented in beautiful layouts. It is very easy to navigate through this site. 

You are greeted on the main page with every detail neatly organized into sections and columns.

The first landing page greets visitors with an invitation to join an email list or order a book written by the website owner. If you’re interested and you click on the link, you’ll be redirected to a sales page that links you to order on prominent eCommerce sites like Amazon. 

We Buy Black – Marketplace Agency Example

We Buy Black
Source: We Buy Black

Speaking of a large online marketplace, We Buy Black comes in as one of the largest online marketplaces for black-owned businesses. 

We Buy Black is created purposefully for black entrepreneurs to reach and sell their products to their customers directly. Prospective sellers can use the website to reach out to a wide range of audiences and sell out their products. 

We Buy Black takes a 10% commission on every sale of its shop owners. This site has a wide variety of products on their website like shampoos, cultural handmade pieces of jewelry, and cleaning agents.

Kartra features such as sales pages, Kartra agency, product cart, and Kartra Mail have largely contributed to the brilliance of this website. 

The homepage has a “what do you need to find” window that leads you to a variety of items you may desire to find from different shop owners. After clicking to buy an item, you get directed to the Kartra seller’s check-out page. 

Get The Smoke Out – Ecommerce Website Example

Get The Smoke Out
Source: Get The Smoke Out

If you are thinking of what a nice website where home gadgets are sold would look like, then you need to see the Get The Smoke Out website.

This site sells air cleaning equipment that eliminates smoke indoors to private homes and businesses. 

Unlike other previous Kartra website examples, this site doesn’t have any mouth-watering images. But it still has a standard professional look to it because its simple design matches well with the product they sell.

A product such as an air cleaner could normally come off as boring or uninteresting. But the execution of the website makes people want to learn more and buy it. 

Get The Smoke Out shows Kartra caters to every type of concept for any type of product. The site is simple, yet highly practical. Most people that go shopping for gadgets don’t go with the mindset of seeking aesthetics first, but practicality, functionality, and convenience.

Some of the prominent Kartra features used to make this a reality are video hosting, opt-in forms, and sales pages.

The video hosting feature appears on every landing page to provide engaging content that could retain visitors’ interest in the product. Videos make the landing page better than one with monotonous written text and boring pictures. 

These videos are significant because they not only explain how the product works but show customers’ reviews. We see customers discussing the effectiveness of the product and how it has changed a lot of things for them in a live interview. 

The opt-in feature comes in to gather the contact information of visitors. Due to its simple and orderly design, you can easily access your desired products.

Profit Scraper – SaaS Website Kartra Example

Profit Scraper
Source: Profit Scraper

Profit Scraper is an excellent software-as-a-service (SaaS) website that provides Amazon and eBay dropshipping.  It is a custom-built eBay scarping software that allows eBay shop owners to purchase items on Amazon and earn profit by selling at a higher price on eBay. 

The SaaS site has a well-executed structure due to Kartra’s features such as video hosting, sales pages, opt-in forms, and Kartra helpdesk. 

Profit Scraper increased the quality of the information they pass and ease the reception of their visitors by installing the video hosting feature on their sales page. 

The video hosting feature is significant because some users might find it hard to use the product. Video hosting, therefore, guarantees enough understanding of the path of the shop owners on how to get the best from the platform.

Profit Scraper uses Kartra’s opt-in forms to give users a free trial option to explore the software and make up their minds about it. However, this is not just a generous move but a means to harvest visitors’ details and keep them in touch with the site.

The website uses Kartra helpdesks to address customers’ needs immediately. It is created in a live chat format that appears immediately when you open the webpage.

Pamela Salzman – Recipe & Food Website Example

Pamela Salzman
Source: Pamela Salzman

Pamela Salzman is a business website hosted by Pamela who is an Italian foodie and businesswoman. 

She offers various recipes for wholesome dishes on her webpage. Pamela runs a membership platform for her subscribers to access her online cooking class and recipe downloads. She even runs a shop that sells cooking aids. 

You can easily spot some of Kartra’s powerful features on this businesswoman’s page. She uses Kartra’s video hosting feature for her online class with her subscribers. 

Pamela uses Kartra’s membership feature to offer subscription services to her target audience. Once you become a member, you get access to the website’s premium content.

Members get some added benefits like recipe downloads and invite to private Facebook groups. This feature is excellent because it helps Pamela increase her income and grow her popularity.

Another feature you will find on the website is the Kartra calendar. This feature helps Pamela in scheduling her online cooking class and getting her members prepped for it. 

The Kartra product carts help with her sales of cooking aids like her cookbook and the Kartra mail to keep Pamela connected with her visitors. Pamela’s site has multiple landing pages to introduce her various business offerings.

Grass Fed Salsa – Wellness Website Example

Grass Fed Salsa
Source: Grass Fed Salsa

Grass Fed Salsa is a wellness website hosted by a nutritional health coach called Anne Marie. Marie offers a lot of free content and training materials for download on her websites such as recipes and digital content. 

She uses a lead generator feature to collect visitors’ names and email addresses.

Other Kartra features also include the Kartra sales pages in which Marie offers her numerous online courses, which train students on how to run a successful wellness business.

Grass Fed Salsa uses Kartra funnels and drip content emails to improve lead generation. There are many free resources and training materials to attract and convert leads.

GERU – SaaS Website Example

Source: GERU

GERU is a SaaS business simulation for digital marketers. They get to use it to map out their numerous business areas and evaluate the performance potential before launching.

The website is quite rich in utility. Digital marketers can use it to simulate ad campaigns, SMS marketing, subscription, email marketing, content marketing, webinars, upsell, affiliate marketing, and the potential profit of any sales. 

GERU gives users the confidence to venture into their business, understanding what will and will not work for their venture. Kartra features such as video hosting, Kartra helpdesk, and Kartra agency make GERU the complete utility tool.

GERU uses the Kartra video hosting feature to offer marketing lessons and tutorials in detailed reports and aesthetical illustrations such as charts, graphs, tables, and images.

Since GERU’s clients are marketing agencies, This Kartra Agency feature comes in to help GERU manage the numerous client accounts they have. This feature centralizes all accounts under one billing profile. 

The website makes use of the Kartra helpdesk feature to support customers. Kartra helpdesk offers immediate live chat when you link to the support tab.

Living Scriptures – Streaming Website Example

Living Scriptures
Source: Living Scriptures

Living Scriptures is one of the largest Christian movie library websites. It offers users access to over 3,000 movies and shows for Christian families. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints owns the project. 

Though it is a movie-streaming website, Living Scriptures employ modest designs that make the practicality of the site prominent.

The Christian movie library website uses the following Kartra features:

  • Opt-in pages.
  • Kartra memberships.
  • Video hosting.
  • Email Marketing.

When you visit the Living Scriptures website, you see a bold opt-in form that invites you to put in your email to start a month-free trial. 

Living Scriptures uses Kartra memberships to set up a monthly subscription pricing model. Thanks to its email marketing feature, free subscribers get to enjoy access to free scripture lessons and movie thrillers in their inboxes.

The website uses the Kartra video hosting feature to show video testimonials from its customers about its products.

My Kitchen Escapades – Food Blog Website Example

My Kitchen Escapades
Source: My Kitchen Escapades

My Kitchen Escapades is a healthy living food website that uses Kartra.

Just like the name sounds, the website greets you with amazing, fun, and adventurous cooking approaches and recipes. 

The website was a result of the struggles of Carole Jones, who is a mum of six children, to eat healthily. You can expect fast and easy recipes that are still healthy and delicious on My Kitchen Escapades.

These dishes come in breakfast, lunch, dinner salad, and dessert recipes. The best thing about My Kitchen Escapades is that it gives them all out for free.

My Kitchen Escapades uses Kartra’s opt-in feature to generate leads. When visitors click on an image on the freebie page, a colorful opt-in form pop-up. This opt-in form offers free weekly recipes and other food-related articles visitors might be interested in their inboxes.

Hypeddit – Music Website Example

Source: Hypeddit

Hypeddit is a musical platform that brings musicians closer to their fans and vice versa. Musicians upload their music and receive likes, comments, and engagement from their listeners or fans. 

This musical platform is particularly good for upcoming artists who struggle to gather a following.

Hyppedit uses numerous Kartra features:

  • Animation banner.
  • Headlines.
  • Text.
  • Lists.
  • Component holder.
  • Background changer.
  • Sanitation.
  • Opt-in forms
  • Pages.
  • Icon.
  • Logo image.

The Kartra component holder and background changer improve the image quality of the website. Also, the animated headline gives the website a fun engaging look and allows for more to be seen with less space. 

7Figure Strategy Advisors – Business Services Website Example

Source: 7Figure Strategy Advisors

7Figure Strategy Advisors is a business services website hosted by Dionne Joseph Thomas. She is a business advisor and reputation marketing strategist. Her site offers business courses, resources, and coaching.

I spotted some prominent Kartra feature on the 7Figure Strategy Advisors site such as text, animation, and sanitation.

7Figure Strategy Advisors is a professional website.

However, it explores the use of easy-to-read and scan text to tell her story. This feature helps skimmers easily go through the website and not miss the message.

The site uses plenty of animation and parallax scrolling, though this does not take away the professional look of the site. 

7Figure Strategy Advisors’ product page has numerous stunning images that are properly organized. When you link to the organized images, you get information on each of the available courses. 

Visitors could also access the free eBook and training easily with the bold and striking call-to-action button.

My favorite feature is the Kartra Sanitation option. This feature protects users’ input from web attacks.

Emilie Eats – Wellness Website Example

Emilie Eats
Source: Emilie Eats

Yes, It is another food healthy living website on the list. This one is quite peculiar because Emilie Hebert, the website owner, shares exciting vegan recipes and interesting content on the blog.

Emilie Eats offers numerous Kartra features:

  • Sanitation.
  • Opt-in forms.
  • Analytics.
  • Message. 

Since the landing page forms in the website have the sole purpose of getting users’ information, they are very sensitive tools. Kartra Sanitation comes in two and four-field forms to protect users from attack.

The chosen text on this page is easy for visitors to go through and the images there are few but heavy-duty. They get you salivated enough to want to keep scrolling down the page.

Kartra’s Analytics monitors and measures the user’s interaction with the website, while Kartra messages allow visitors to subscribe using friendly and persuasive language.

Trade Room Plus – Trading Platform Example

Trade Room Plus
Source: Trade Room Plus

Trade Room Plus is a UK-based trading platform that educates its members on how to trade Crypto, E-mini, and Forex. The website allows for the flow of information concerning these trading platforms for its members to get updates on the latest news and trends.

The most prominent Kartra feature on Trade Room Plus is Kartra memberships. This feature is the website’s main attraction because its purpose revolves around trading and earning.

Although visitors can be part of the free community and enjoy free trading tips, the best offerings are open to paid subscribers.

Trade Room Plus’ paid services come in its funded trading menu. The menu redirects you to a whole new site where there are simple landing pages with a prominent call to action to use the service. 

With a community of like-minded individuals willing to support each other, money can easily flow to both members and hosts of the website. 

Kartra membership is a strong feature you can apply to your website today to get the best of a community.

Beat Cancer – Nonprofit Organization Example

Beat Cancer
Source: Beat Cancer

Beat Cancer is a healthy living website dedicated to ensuring people learn more about cancer and ways to prevent and fight it. It also assists cancer patients to live good and healthy life. 

The website uses features such as the Kartra checkout page and Kartra memberships. It provides free counseling and coaching to its visitors to execute its purpose. 

Beat Cancer uses Kartra subscription forms to offer visitors free giveaways, healthy diet tips, and lifestyle changes for dealing with cancer.

Note that Beat Cancer is a nonprofit organization that furthers its war against cancer through investments in Cancer research. Visitors can make monetary donations to the cause.

Beat Cancer has a lot of blog and eBook content. While the blog content is free, its eBooks are for sale in its digital storefront. When you link an item in the storefront, you are automatically directed to a Kartra Checkout page to complete your purchase.

Couples Therapy Inc – Counseling and Therapy Kartra Website Example

Couples Therapy Inc
Source: Couple Therapy Inc

Couple Therapy Inc is a relationship therapy website that covers relevant marriage and related areas and offers therapy sections for couples. 

The site provides its service through retreats and counseling sessions. They deal with premarital counseling, pre-divorce counseling, and affair recovery.

Couple Therapy Inc employs Kartra features:

  • Kartra memberships.
  • Kartra calendars. 

There is room for an exclusive membership that gives subscribers access to some exclusive content on the site. However, the website counseling and therapy sessions are available to visitors, whether they are members or not.

Couple Therapy Inc’s counselors use the Kartra calendar to schedule sessions and for members to prepare and look forward to them. The Kartra calendar helps the therapy website easily schedule your sessions to avoid clashes.

Megan Minns – Business and Personal Advice Example

Megan Minns
Source: Megan Minns

Megan Minns is a blogging site that takes visitors on a journey of learning and discovery. Megan Minns, the host of the site, is a mother who gives lessons on how to have a balanced life. 

She explores areas such as business, productivity, motherhood, self-care, mindset, and more. Megan draws all these lessons from her experience which she uses to create numerous pieces of content. 

Megan Minns uses Kartra features such as Kartra membership, video hosting, and checkout pages. Megan uses these features to host, promote, and sell her exclusive programs. 

She trains through video hosting or live training and built a loyal community around her blog. Megan’s training includes topics such as increasing efficiency through systems, time management, outsourcing, and work-life balance.

Nathan Nguyen – Business and Personal Development and Coaching Website

Nathan Nguyen
Source: Nathan Nguyen

Nathan Nguyen is a personal development and coaching website. The founder and host, Nathan Nguyen, has extensive financial knowledge which he uses to educate parents and college students on how to raise funds and improve their finances.

The website uses Kartra features:

  • Kartra checkout.
  • Sales pages.
  • Subscription forms.
  • Testimonials.

Nathan Nguyen uses the sales page format to engage visitors in products that they may be interested in. These sale pages tell visitors all about the products and then include testimonials and calls to action to generate leads.

The author also uses Kartra’s checkout page to sell out some of his products to his members. 

Nathana Nguyen’s page format is simple and easy to navigate. Readers can get the gist of the author’s intention and experience and easily gain access to the products he sells.

Chatmatic – SaaS Website Example

Source: Chatmatic

Chatmatic is a SaaS Kartra website example helps businesses manage their social media messages with customers. It automates direct messaging campaigns on Facebook Messenger and Instagram and follows up on the inquiries of customers about the product.

This SaaS website solves the problem of business owners disconnecting from their customers because of the numerous messages they might have to deal with.

With Chatmatic, no message is overlooked and there is increased engagement with the business product.

Chatmatic uses Kartra to create amazing page designs and improve the user experience. With Kartra’s pop-up subscription feature, the website advertises its benefit, invites visitors for a free trial, and generate leads.

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