Yes, GoHighLevel offers a 30-day free trial that allows agencies to experience its suite of marketing and sales tools without any financial commitment. This is the best deal HighLevel offer available right now. 👇

The sweet thing about the HighLevel free trial is that you get full access to the Agency Pro plan and can extend, cancel, or downgrade your plan whenever you desire.

30 Days Trial:Available ($0 trial for 30 days)
Discount:20% OFF on all plans (save $994/year)
60-Day Trial:N/A
Special Offer:30-day free trial
Lifetime Deal:N/A

Signing up for the GoHighLevel 30-day free trial is a straightforward process. It requires no contracts and can be canceled anytime, offering a no-risk opportunity to assess the software’s fit for your business needs.

This trial period is designed to let you explore the platform’s various features and capabilities, such as automating communication, streamlining processes, and managing client relationships effectively.

Now, let’s get to the business of the day.

GoHighLevel 30 Day Free Trial – How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for the GoHighLevel 30-Day Free Trial is straightforward and provides full access to the platform’s features.

Here’s how you can activate your trial:

Step 1: Visit Official Website

Navigate to the GoHighLevel official website where the 30-Day Free Trial.

GoHighLevel 30day Free trial home

Step 2: Locate the Trial Offer

On the homepage, look for the offer for the 30-day Free Trial.

Step 3: Start the Sign-Up Process

HighLevel 30days free

Click on the offer to begin your sign-up process.


No charges will be processed until after your 30-day free trial period. After the 30 days, GoHighLevel will process a charge you unless you decide to cancel before the end of your 30-day trial.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Details

A sign-up form will appear, prompting you to enter the required information to complete your:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

After filling in these details, click the “Go To Step #2” button – where you will be asked to enter your credit card details.

GoHighLevel input card

Step 5: Submit Your Information

After filling out the form with accurate details, click on the button to proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Confirmation

You will likely need to confirm your email address or phone number through a verification process.

Step 7: Access the Dashboard

Upon completing the sign-up and verification steps, you will be granted access to GoHighLevel’s dashboard, where you can explore the features available during the trial period.

Congratulations! Your 30-day free account of GoHighLevel has been activated.

What Is Included In The HighLevel 30-day Free Trial?

During the HighLevel 30-day free trial, you gain full access to the Agency Pro plan. This is the most comprehensive plan, typically priced at a monthly fee of $497.

Below is an overview of the features included in the trial:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

HighLevel’s CRM feature empowers you to manage all aspects of your customer relationships efficiently.

By centralizing customer data, it provides a comprehensive overview of interactions, allowing for seamless communication and personalized follow-ups.

With tools to track sales pipelines and manage deals, HighLevel’s CRM ensures that no opportunity falls through the cracks, enabling you to optimize your sales process and foster stronger customer connections.

  • Email Marketing:

With HighLevel’s email marketing tools, you can create, send, and track engaging email campaigns effortlessly.

Access a library of professional templates to craft compelling messages and leverage automation to deliver timely communications. Detailed analytics provide insights into campaign performance, allowing you to refine your strategies and maximize engagement.

Whether nurturing leads or reconnecting with existing customers, HighLevel’s email marketing feature helps you drive results and build lasting relationships.

  • Text Messaging:

HighLevel’s text messaging feature offers a direct and effective way to engage with your audience. With higher open rates than email, text messages ensure that your messages are seen promptly, making them ideal for time-sensitive promotions or reminders.

Personalize your communications to strengthen customer relationships and drive meaningful interactions.

Whether delivering important updates or exclusive offers, HighLevel’s text messaging feature helps you stay connected and drive engagement.

  • Pipeline Management:

Visualize and manage your sales pipeline with ease using HighLevel’s intuitive tools.

Gain clear insights into your sales process, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows for maximum efficiency. With customizable stages, you can tailor your pipeline to match your unique sales process and ensure consistency across your team.

Analyze pipeline data to forecast future revenue and make informed business decisions, driving growth and success for your organization.

  • Appointment Scheduling:

Simplify the appointment booking process for both you and your customers with HighLevel’s appointment scheduling feature.

Allow customers to book appointments directly through the platform, reducing back-and-forth communication and streamlining the booking experience.

Automated reminders help minimize no-shows and ensure that appointments are kept, while integration with your CRM keeps all customer interactions organized and accessible.

  • Website Builder:

Create stunning websites effortlessly with HighLevel’s easy-to-use website builder.

No coding knowledge is required, thanks to the intuitive interface and customizable templates. Showcase your products or services and reflect your brand identity with ease.

  • Marketing Automation:

GoHighLevel’s marketing automation feature revolutionizes your marketing efforts by automating repetitive tasks and delivering personalized experiences at scale.

Save time and increase efficiency by automating tasks such as email follow-ups, lead nurturing, and social media posting. Personalization tools enable you to deliver targeted messages that resonate with your audience, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • White-label/SaaS (Software as a Service):

GoHighLevel’s White-label/SaaS feature allows you to customize the platform with your branding, providing a seamless experience for your clients.

With white-labeling capabilities, you can remove HighLevel branding and replace it with your own, reinforcing your brand identity and building trust with your customers.

This feature is particularly valuable for agencies and resellers who want to offer a branded solution to their clients.

What Happens After the GoHighLevel 30-Day Free Trial Ends?

After the 30-day GoHighLevel free trial ends, GoHighLevel will process a charge to your card on file unless you cancel before the trial’s conclusion.

Don’t worry; their payments are 100% safe and secure, and they ensure the protection of your financial information.

No action is needed if you’re satisfied with the platform’s performance and wish to continue accessing its features. However, if you choose not to continue with a paid subscription, cancel before the trial expires to avoid any charges.

If you choose not to subscribe after the trial period, your access to GoHighLevel’s features will be limited or discontinued, depending on the platform’s policies.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

GoHighLevel pricing plans comes in 3 tiers.

The GoHighLevel Starter Plan offers basic features to get agencies started, with a monthly fee of $97. This could be your entry point into the GoHighLevel ecosystem, providing essential tools to manage a small-scale operation.

Your next step up is the GoHighLevel Unlimited Plan, priced at $297 a month, which includes boundless features and the potential for unlimited sub-accounts, making it suitable for agencies looking to scale.

For those seeking a more custom experience, the GoHighLevel Pro Plan provides a white-label option. This plan costs an additional $497 monthly to create a more tailored solution for your branding needs.

Each plan is structured to cater to different stages of business growth, with the Starter Plan serving as an entry point, the Unlimited Plan supporting your expanding requirements, and the Agency Pro Plan providing advanced functionalities tailored for high-volume agencies.


How can I sign up for the GoHighLevel free trial?

To sign up for the GoHighLevel free trial, visit the official website and follow the registration process. You’ll need to provide your name, company name, email, and contact information to start using the platform during the trial period.

Are there any extensions available after the initial GoHighLevel trial period?

After the initial 30-day trial period, there are no extensions available. It’s important to utilize this time to fully explore the capabilities of GoHighLevel and decide if it fits your agency’s needs.

What features are included in the GoHighLevel free trial?

During the free trial, you’re given access to many of the features available in paid plans. This includes various tools intended to help in marketing automation, customer relationship management, and sales.

Can I access full platform capabilities during the free trial of GoHighLevel?

You indeed have access to the full platform capabilities during the GoHighLevel free trial. This allows you to gauge the full potential of the software and how it can benefit your business operations.

Is customer support available to users during the GoHighLevel trial period?

Customer support is available to you during the GoHighLevel trial period. You can reach out for assistance and get the most out of your trial experience.

How do I cancel my GoHighLevel free trial?

You can cancel your GoHighLevel free trial by navigating to your account settings and following the instructions for cancellation. Remember to cancel before the trial ends if you decide not to continue with a paid subscription.

Does GoHighLevel have a money-back guarantee?

As of now, GoHighLevel does not offer a money-back guarantee. It’s advised to utilize the free trial to make an informed decision before purchasing a subscription plan.

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