LearnDash Black Friday

LearnDash is offering a Black Friday deal that’s catching the attention of many business owners and educators.

This leading LMS plugin for WordPress simplifies creating, marketing, and selling online courses.

Learn Black Friday Deal | 40% OFF

LearnDash is offering Black Friday deals for 2024, with discounts of up to 40% on all their plans. This presents an ideal opportunity for educators, entrepreneurs, and business owners to save BIG. The sale is available for a limited time, from November 21st to November 29th, 2024.👇

With the addition of LearnDash Cloud, users get a fully hosted website with essential plugins pre-installed, streamlining course management and enhancing user experience for both course providers and learners.

How to Activate the LearnDash Black Friday deal?

LearnDash is offering a fantastic 40% discount on their entire range of products and plugins during the Black Friday season. To take advantage of this generous offer, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the LearnDash website through the exclusive Black Friday deal link provided.
  2. Once you find yourself on the right page, look for and click the Buy Now button to begin your purchase.
  3. You will be presented with various plan options. Choose the one that best suits your needs:
PlanRegular PriceBlack Friday Price
1 Site$199.40/year$119.4/year
10 Sites$399/year$239.4/year
Unlimited Sites$799/year$479.4/year
LearnDash Cloud (Starter)$25/month (paid annually)$15/month (paid annually)
  1. Select your desired plan. No need to fuss with a discount code; the discount will be automatically applied to your cart at checkout.
  2. Follow through with the checkout process, and you’re set to enjoy your LearnDash products at a reduced cost.
LearnDash Black Friday pricing

Remember, this Black Friday sale is active only from November 20, 2024, to November 29, 2024. Don’t miss this chance to save on LearnDash’s robust e-learning tools.

Act fast because these savings are just for a limited time!

Black Friday offer on LearnDash add-ons

LearnDash is offering an enticing Black Friday sale for their add-ons, ideal for those looking to bolster the functionality of their online courses.

For those with an existing LearnDash setup, the offerings include a variety of plugins designed to enrich the learning environment.

The MemberDash plugin, for instance, is essential for establishing a membership component and fostering community interaction on a LearnDash site.

Each plugin is currently priced much lower than usual for Black Friday:

  • ProPanel for $29.4/year: Enhances site analytics, facilitating better engagement and oversight.
  • Gradebook for $29.4/year: Tailor’s report cards and integrates weighted grades, perfect for academic applications.
  • Notes for $29.4/year: Provides a means for students to take notes within courses and communicate with teachers.
  • Groups plugin for $29.4/year: Offers robust group management tools, including team leader assignments and message boards.
LearnDash Addons

LearnDash is also presenting special bundles that provide even more value.

The standout offering among them is the Ultimate Course Creator Bundle. This comprehensive package includes various add-ons like ProPanel, Groups Plus, Notes, and Gradebook, not to mention the core LearnDash LMS. Typically priced at $299, it’s now available for just $179.4 for the year—a 40% savings.

Buyers receive a comprehensive suite of tools for an improved educational experience at a substantial discount.

For those considering enhancing their online courses, this is an optimal time to invest in these tools. Purchasing bundles can result in significant savings over individual add-ons, making it a smart move for users looking to get the most out of LearnDash.

Key Features Of LearnDash & Why I’d Take The Offer

LearnDash stands out as a robust WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) designed to facilitate online course delivery. It’s embraced by educators and organizations seeking an efficient e-learning platform.

The LMS plugin excels in course creation, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies building and managing online courses.

Course Creation: Instructors can create interactive and engaging courses using LearnDash. The drag-and-drop course builder allows for seamless incorporation of lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments.

Pricing Plans: LearnDash offers competitive pricing plans tailored to varying needs.

The Basic plan at $199/year, suitable for individual educators, includes a license for one site. The Plus plan jumps to $399/year, expanding support to up to 10 sites, while the Pro plan at $799/year caters to larger operations, with 25 site licenses.

PlanPriceSite Licenses
Plus$399/yearUp to 10
Pro$799/yearUp to 25

Demo: LearnDash offers a full-featured demo, giving prospective users a taste of the functionality and ease of use of the LMS.

E-Learning Capabilities: As an e-learning platform, LearnDash comes replete with advanced features that support the latest in instructional design.

Support: From an educator’s standpoint, prompt support and a comprehensive knowledge base make LearnDash a reliable partner in delivering online education.

Considering the combination of detailed features, cost-effective pricing plans, and the adaptability of LearnDash to suit different institutions, one could confidently consider it an investment worthy of the price, especially when looking to scale or diversify e-learning offerings on WordPress platforms.

LearnDash Plugin

LearnDash is a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS) plugin for WordPress, celebrated for its intuitive course builder that incorporates a drag-and-drop feature.

This enables creators to swiftly assemble courses, spiced with an array of content types. It mirrors the WordPress Gutenberg editor, which is a boon for those accustomed to the WordPress environment, facilitating easy lesson editing.

The plugin boasts a unique focus mode to enhance the course experience, creating a clutter-free environment by hiding unnecessary elements and fostering student concentration.

However, the focus mode’s compatibility is limited, as it’s ineffective with standard WordPress pages.

A standout aspect is the content-dripping capability that allows for the strategic release of course material either incrementally over time or on predefined dates, enhancing learner engagement. Additionally, LearnDash addresses course prerequisite needs, ensuring students complete required lessons before advancing.

Automation is at the core of LearnDash’s functionality with automation triggers that serve numerous operations such as enrolling in courses, lesson completion, and quiz interactions, streamlining the administrative workload.

Version 3.0 ushered in a transformative translation feature. With this, course content is effortlessly translated, ensuring accessibility to a diverse, global audience.

Below is a table summarizing key LearnDash integrations:

CertificatesGenerate personalized completion certificates for students.
GradebookMonitor student performance with an integrated grading system.
Course BuilderBuild and customize courses with an easy-to-use interface.
Focus ModeA distraction-free learning environment for course engagement.
Membership PluginsCompatibility with several plugins for creating membership sites.

For video enthusiasts, LearnDash provides robust video content support, enriching course material and offering a more immersive learning experience. Users can also bask in the creative liberty through front-end course creation.

Educators wishing to expand their offerings to membership sites will find LearnDash’s compatibility with a slew of membership plugins invaluable, including but not limited to MemberPress and PaidMembershipsPro, augmenting the plugin’s versatility.

In the context of user progress, analytics, and recognition, LearnDash doesn’t disappoint. It provides comprehensive analytics to track learner progress and offers advanced quizzing features, badges, and certificates to reward achievements, all the while maintaining the ease of managing and customizing the user profile page.

LearnDash’s amalgamation of efficiency, flexibility, and power in course creation and management makes it an excellent choice for educators and institutions seeking to deliver a high-quality learning experience.

LearnDash Integration & Extra Addons

LearnDash offers a variety of add-ons to enhance the capabilities of educational sites.

These add-ons cater to diverse requirements, from e-commerce integration to membership management and community building.

E-Commerce Integration and Payment Gateways

To monetize courses, LearnDash seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce plugins and payment gateways. Here are some of the options:

  • WooCommerce: Connects LearnDash with the WooCommerce platform, allowing for the sale of courses using extensive WooCommerce features.
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Facilitates selling digital products including courses.
  • Stripe & 2Checkout: Process payments directly on your site with Stripe or offer global payment options with 2Checkout.
  • SamCart & ThriveCart: These cart solutions specialize in optimizing the checkout process for higher conversions.

Membership and User Management

Enhance user engagement and control access with these membership plugins:

  • MemberPress: Offers extensive membership features and content control.
  • Restrict Content Pro: Restricts access to content based on membership levels.
  • Paid Memberships Pro: Provides a flexible membership platform with multiple billing options.

Community and Forums

Building a community around your educational content can increase student interaction and engagement.

  • bbPress: Integrates a bulletin board system to create forums where users can interact.

Page Builders and Design Flexibility

Customize course layouts with page builder compatibility:

  • Elementor: Offers drag-and-drop building features to design your course pages with ease.

Additional Features and Support

Many add-ons focus on specific feature enhancements:

  • Groups Plus & Group Registration: These add-ons improve management for users enrolling as groups, ideal for corporate training scenarios.
  • ProPanel: Enhances the admin experience with better reporting and management tools.
  • BuddyPress: Integrates social networking features allowing users to create profiles, form groups, and engage in private messaging.
  • Translation & Multiple Languages: Addons that support different languages broaden your reach to non-English speaking learners, ensuring inclusivity and access to a global audience.

Considering the unlimited potential of these add-ons, users can create a comprehensive and interactive learning environment tailored to their unique course delivery and management needs.

LearnDash Cloud

LearnDash Cloud offers an integrated environment for individuals and educational institutes to deploy their learning management system (LMS).

It is equipped with a range of functionalities to enhance online learning. Users receive the convenience of dedicated hosting for their LMS, ensuring their courses are accessible with minimal setup.

Features Included in LearnDash Cloud:

  • Quizzing Engine: Engages learners with robust quizzing capabilities.
  • Drip-Feed Content: Releases lessons according to a schedule.
  • Embedded Video Support: Incorporates videos directly into courses.
  • VIP Support: Provides priority assistance.

Additionally, every LearnDash Cloud subscription includes ProPanel, which elevates the reporting experience by offering clear insights into user engagement, progress, and performance.

Subscription Options:

  • Single Site License: Ideal for individual educators or small businesses starting with one WordPress site.
  • Multiple Site License: Suitable for expanding educational enterprises, upgradable for up to 10 sites.

Users do not need a separate hosting service, as LearnDash Cloud handles all aspects of site hosting, streamlining the LMS deployment process. The upgrade path also allows growth-aligned scalability, ensuring that as an educational venture expands, LearnDash Cloud’s services can grow in tandem.

This ensures that LMS administrators can focus more on content creation and teaching rather than technical maintenance.

LearnDash Academy & Webinars

LearnDash offers comprehensive webinars designed to help users master the platform’s capabilities.

These webinars are led by knowledgeable product specialists who provide in-depth demonstrations of LearnDash’s features. They ensure that users can leverage the full potential of the tools available within the system.

These sessions are ideal for both new and experienced LearnDash users who want to enhance their skills and understanding of the platform.

In addition to webinars, LearnDash invites users to participate in their Academy.

It is an educational resource aimed at helping individuals become proficient course creators. By enrolling in the Academy, participants have the opportunity to achieve certification in course building. This certification can be highly beneficial for individuals looking to demonstrate their expertise in creating effective and engaging online courses.

Here’s an overview of what to expect from the LearnDash Academy and Webinars:

  • Webinars:
    • Frequency: Regular sessions
    • Content: Feature walkthroughs
    • Expertise: Led by LearnDash specialists
  • Academy:
    • Program: The certification process
    • Objective: Cultivate skilled course builders
    • Advantage: Professional recognition

Engaging with these educational opportunities provides users with the guidance and recognition needed to build successful courses on the LearnDash platform.

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New LearnDash MemberDash Plugin

The MemberDash plugin emerges as a versatile solution for those aiming to manage a membership website or integrate an exclusive community around their LearnDash courses.

Exceptionally user-friendly, MemberDash is designed to function flawlessly either as an independent platform or in conjunction with LearnDash.

  • Compatibility and Integration:

The plugin is impressively adaptable, effortlessly aligning with any WordPress theme that adheres to the official coding conventions. While Kadence is the recommended theme for optimal performance, users have the flexibility to operate with a multitude of other themes.

  • Payment and Revenue:

With direct support for Stripe and PayPal, the plugin facilitates smooth transaction processes. In a significant move to empower content creators, MemberDash establishes a zero-commission structure, ensuring that users retain all income generated.

Transaction fees, as dictated by Stripe and PayPal, are the sole responsibility of the users, maintaining a transparent financial environment.

  • Features and Support:

By incorporating integrations with a range of tools such as MailPoet and WPML, the plugin extends its functionality to cater to diverse needs.

The built-in WP Recaptcha support underscores a commitment to security. Users should note that access to support and ongoing updates is contingent upon the maintenance of an active annual license, which can be managed directly from the account dashboard.

  • Hosting and License:

Upon purchasing MemberDash, users can select their preferred hosting service provider, enabling a tailor-made experience.

The license is conveniently structured on an annual basis, offering the ability to cancel at any time, adding a layer of flexibility for the user’s peace of mind.

FAQs on LearnDash Black Friday

When can customers expect the LearnDash Black Friday deal to be announced?

The LearnDash Black Friday has already started. It is set to expire on the 29th of November 2023.

How long will the LearnDash Black Friday offer last?

The promotion period lasts for about 9 days.

Who should consider using LearnDash?

Individuals with an existing WordPress website interested in incorporating a learning management system would find LearnDash beneficial.

What are the capabilities of LearnDash?

Users can create and sell online courses, building a platform to share knowledge and potentially generate income through LearnDash.

Will there be support available for LearnDash users during the Black Friday event?

LearnDash traditionally offers support to their customers, and it’s reasonable to expect assistance during promotional periods as well.

Does LearnDash have a money-back guarantee or refund policy with their Black Friday offer?

LearnDash has previously offered a money-back guarantee, and customers can look for similar terms to apply to the Black Friday deal.

My Final Take on LearnDash Black Friday Discount

The Conclusion part of the LearnDash Black Friday promotion emphasizes the significance of considering LearnDash, a reputable Learning Management System (LMS) that offers extensive customization options.

LearnDash stands out as a versatile choice catering to various users, from prestigious universities to smaller educational initiatives.

The holiday shopping season, marked by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offers a prime opportunity to invest in this feature-rich LMS. During this period, LearnDash traditionally provides substantial discounts, making it more accessible for businesses and institutions. Importantly, no coupon code is required to avail these discounts, presenting a hassle-free acquisition opportunity.

Key Benefits:

  • Customization: LearnDash empowers users to tailor educational content, accommodating diverse learning needs and styles effectively.
  • Reputation: The platform is trusted by significant institutions and enterprises globally, highlighting its reliability and credibility in the eLearning sphere.
  • Savings: Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals provide an economical entry point to state-of-the-art eLearning tools, allowing users to access premium features at discounted rates.

Who Should Consider This:

  • Educational institutions aiming to bolster their online offerings and improve the learning experience for their students.
  • Businesses seeking to implement comprehensive training programs for employees or clients.
  • Website owners interested in venturing into eLearning, delivering courses or educational content through an online learning platform.

In summary, individuals or entities contemplating adopting LearnDash should seriously consider taking advantage of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

This limited-time offer allows users to acquire the LearnDash LMS, including LearnDash 3.0 with features like unlimited courses, detailed reporting, custom report cards, advanced quizzing, and the ability to share scores.

Moreover, the deal includes future updates, premium plugins, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for reassurance. This discount season presents the perfect time to gain complete control over an online course platform with LearnDash, benefiting from huge discounts and seizing the opportunity to enhance the online learning experience without compromising on quality or customization.

By joining LearnDash’s email list or keeping an eye on their website during this Black Friday & Cyber Monday period, interested parties can secure a lifetime deal with LearnDash at significantly reduced rates, ensuring access to an exceptional learning management plugin packed with features designed to elevate the eLearning experience.

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