Podia black friday

In this post, we are presenting you with the Podia Black Friday deal and price.

Get 15% off your Podia plan for the next year.

Deals like this only come around once a year. The Podia Black Friday sale starts November 23rd! Starting at 12:00 am ET on Wednesday, November 23rd through 11:59 pm ET on Monday, November 28th — get 15% off for one year when you sign up for a new paid account or upgrade your current Podia plan.

Podia is an all-in-one digital commerce platform empowering creators with tools to sell more courses, webinars, services, and digital products.

They have been in the industry since 2014 and are keen on helping creators sell their work without gluing multiple tools together.

On a regular day, Podia charges $39 – $179 per month depending on the plan you choose.

But when you get locked in during the Black Friday period, you can enjoy an awesome discount and save money.

And I’m sure you love to save money — everyone does!

Let’s dive in and see the available Podia Black Friday deals so you can save money on the digital commerce platform.

Podia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021

For Black Friday, Podia will be offering new and existing customers a 15% discount on new subscriptions and upgrades. (Plus a chance to lock in current pricing!)

This discount offer is only available for a LIMITED time during the Black Friday period.

The sale starts November 23rd! Starting at 12:00 am ET on Wednesday, November 23rd through 11:59 pm ET on Monday, November 28th — get 15% off for one year when you sign up for a new paid account or upgrade your current Podia plan.

Super awesome!

Podia Pricing Plans

podia pricing

While getting started with Podia, there’s a 14-day free trial that lets you test out all of its awesome creator-friendly features.

No credit card is required.

After that, you get to upgrade your subscription to any of their three plans:

  • Mover Plan for $39/month
  • Shaker Plan for $79/month
  • Earthquaker Plan for $179/month

During the Black Friday period, here’s how much you can get each of these plans for:

Podia Mover Plan (15%+ OFF)

On a regular day, the Podia Mover Plan goes for $39 per month.

And you get regular features to launch your digital business store and sell products.

During the Podia Black Friday deal, you’ll be able to pay $33.15 per month using the 10-50% discount.

The Mover Plan lacks a ton of advanced features including paid community, coaching, course certificates, and affiliate marketing.

So if you’re looking for all these, the next plan is the best bet for you!

Podia Shaker Plan (15%+ OFF)

Normally, the Shaker Plan goes for a monthly price of $79.

But when you jump on the Podia Black Friday deal, you can take advantage of the 15% discount and pay around $68 monthly.

This plan is great for you if you desire advanced Podia features such as the ability to sell coaching services, course certificates, embedded checkout, third-party code, and affiliate marketing.

Podia Earthquaker Plan (40% OFF)

The Earthquaker plan is a NEW addition to Podia’s pricing lineup that offers you ALL the best of Podia to scale your digital products.

You get all from the Shaker plan including a dedicated account manager, personalized onboarding call, monthly group creator call, and team seats.

On a regular day, the Earthquaker Plan goes for $179 per month.

But this price reduces to $152.15 when you take advantage of the Podia Black Friday deal and enjoy a 15% discount.

Don’t forget that when the Podia Black Friday deal 2021 comes around, it’s a one-time offer and the discount will only be available for a LIMITED time during this period.

And if you’re new to Podia, you can use the free 14-day trial to test out the platform (no credit card required).

You can also cancel your plan anytime. Just go to “account settings” in your Podia account, and visit the “billing” section to cancel your plan.

No questions asked.

How To Get A Podia Black Friday Deal & Save Money?

Now that you’ve seen the best deal to save money in getting Podia, I’m pretty sure you can’t wait to grab this juicy offer.

Here’s how to activate the Podia deal:

  • To activate the Podia Black Friday deal, you need to first sign up here for the Podia Black Friday.
  • Fill in any necessary details and get your creator account started on any desired plan.
  • If you choose an annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription, you’ll get a higher discount and be locked in for a long time. It’s advisable to do an annual subscription.

Waste no time again!

Get Podia today at the right price and save money.

FAQs about Podia Black Friday Deal

When Is Podia Black Friday 2021 Coming Up?

The sale starts November 23rd! Starting at 12:00 am ET on Wednesday, November 23rd through 11:59 pm ET on Monday, November 28th.

How Much Can I Save During Podia Black Friday 2021?

During the Black Friday period, you can get up to a 15% discount on ALL Podia plans when you take advantage and get locked in.

What is Podia?

Podia is an all-in-one platform built for creators with tools to sell ebooks, webinars, online courses, memberships, and digital products easily.

Does Podia Come With a Money-Back Guarantee?

Of course! If you realize Podia isn’t the right tool for your online business, you can request a full refund within 72-hours of your monthly (or annual) renewal or upgrade on all Podia plans. No long-term contract so you can cancel your subscription anytime.

My Favorite Podia Black Friday Features

Here are the features of Podia:

#1. Online courses

Building online courses are easy with Podia. You can host courses on your website or blog.

#2. Digital downloads

Digital downloads can be made instantly and sold or distributed for free. You can also give away a few of your items as a lead magnet to earn more people on your list.

#3. Digital membership programs

Podia membership gives you access to all Podia tools in one place, including your courses, allowing the organization of content through multiple chapters or “steps” and E-commerce features for selling digital products.

With Podia, you will have access to all the templates that are required to build your own digital membership platform apart from having support from their team.

#4. Webinars

Podia makes creating live webinars very easy for everyone, giving you the tools required to do the job.

#5. Email marketing integration

With Podia, you will have access to their email marketing software, giving you a complete communication platform to use.

#6. Community

The Podia community feature allows you to join other Podia users and collaborate on projects, share ideas and even build your own network.    

#7. Social media integration

You can use Podia for content marketing or building your email list using social media profiles or RSS feeds, giving you the power to create newsletters directly from the platform.

#8. Custom website design

You can use Podia to create a complete website to represent your brand or products, edit everything from fonts and colors to even upload custom graphics.

#9. Analytics tracking

You will be able to track the traffic your website gets, including how many people are visiting and what pages they are looking at.

You will also be able to track how many people are signing up for your list.

#10. Affiliate marketing

You get access to affiliate marketing tools that will help you build your own pages or even share links to other people’s products. Using their simple tracking system, you can easily track the success of your campaigns.

Final Words

Podia is a great platform for creators to do what they love best, and showcase and sell their work. The all-in-one digital commerce platform makes it easy for you to make a living selling your creations.

You get easy-to-use tools to sell online courses, webinars, memberships, and digital products.

If you’re looking to get ahead in the creator industry or want to scale your business, you should give Podia a spin.

Take advantage of the Black Friday deal and save money when grabbing their discount