Welcome to Surfer SEO Black Friday deal and Cyber Monday 2021.

Want to create better SEO content that ranks high on search engines like Google?

You need an on-page and content optimization tool like Surfer SEO in your arsenal.

At its core, Surfer SEO helps you generate a suitable content strategy and create data-driven, SEO-optimized content for your business.

If you’re serious about winning on SERPs, getting this tool should be your next best step.

And to save money in getting the tool, you should jump in during the Surfer SEO Black Friday period.

Let’s hop in and see the available Surfer SEO deals for Black Friday!

Surfer SEO Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021

Surfer Black Friday is 30% off for 6 months for monthly plans, and 30% off fixed for annual subscriptions.

This Surfer SEO pack includes access to ALL its features with the daily limit of 10 SERP Analyzer queries, 15 Content Editor queries, and 10 NLP queries per month.

Alternatively, if you are an existing user on any of the Surfer SEO plans, there’s a deal for you. For only $29, you get 25 NLP credits and 50 Content Editor credits for only $29.

Surfer SEO Pricing Plans

surfer seo pricing

To create and optimize your content fast, Surfer SEO offers you three paid plans:

  • Basic Plan for $59 per month
  • Pro Plan for $119 per month
  • Business Plan for $239 per month

And if you choose to pay every year, you can get a 17% annual discount on all plans.

In case you’re not satisfied with the tool, they have a 7-day money-back guarantee so you could get a refund within a week from when your plan started.

Let’s take a look at each of these plans.

Surfer SEO Basic Plan

At $59 monthly, the Basic Plan features a content planner and SERPs analyzer so you can create better content.

Also, every month, you get to use:

  • 10 Content Editors
  • 20 Audits
  • Free NLP (1st month only)

And if you’re paying every year, your price reduces to $49 per month ($588 billed annually).

Surfer SEO Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is Surfer SEO’s most popular plan and offers you the usual content planner and SERPs analyzer for $119 every month.

Along with that, you also get:

  • 30 Content Editors (per month)
  • 60 Audits (per month)
  • NLP
  • Invite 3 team members

And if you pay every year, your price reduces to $99 per month ($1188 billed annually).

Surfer SEO Business Plan

The Business Plan is Surfer SEO’s biggest plan and goes for $239 every month.

It gives you all features in the Pro plan along with:

  • 70 Content Editors (per month)
  • 140 Audits (per month)
  • NLP
  • 10 team members
  • White Labeling
  • API
  • And more

Paying for your plan per year takes the price point to $199 per month ($2388 billed annually).

How To Activate Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal & Save Money?

Are you ready to save money by jumping on the Surfer SEO Black Friday deal?

Here’s how to activate the deal:

  • Click here to visit the Surfer SEO Black Friday deal page.
  • Next, sign up on Surfer SEO and start enjoying the deal.

That’s all—It’s that easy to get started with Surfer SEO using their Black Friday discount.

Hurry and get the deal before it expires.

FAQs about Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal

How Much Can I Save During Surfer SEO Black Friday?

Surfer SEO offers both new and existing users a special deal during the Black Friday period.

For new customers, you get to use the entire Surfer SEO toolset (along with extra NLP credits) for $49 only. As an existing user, you can get 25 NLP and 50 Content Editor credits for only $29.

When Is Surfer SEO Black Friday 2021 Coming Up?

The Surfer SEO Black Friday 2021 will come around usually from November 25th till November 30th. Ensure you set your reminders for this period so you don’t miss out on this awesome deal.

What Is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is an on-page and content optimization tool that helps you create and rank your pages on search engines better.

The tool provides guidelines based on NLP and machine learning algorithms for how you can create high-quality content and outrank your competitors.

My Favorite Surfer SEO Features

Here are the features of Surfer SEO:

1. Surfer SEO Content Planner

The Surfer SEO content planner lets you develop and plan content ideas that are relevant to your website, with just one click.

It lets you search for keywords related to your niche, and narrow it down based on monthly searches, CPC (cost per click), competition score, number of competitors, and domain authority score.

2. Surfer SEO Content Editor

With the content editor, you’ll be able to write blog posts fully optimized for rankings. It takes take of your entire on-page SEO, while you concentrate on what’s important: providing great content.

3. Surfer SEO Audit

Optimizing existing pages can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but not with the Surfer SEO audit.

This tool provides you with all the details you need to know: keyword distribution, word length, Title and description, page speed score, metadata, and schema markup.

4. Surfer SEO Keyword Research

Using two combined marketing research engines for finding relevant keywords that bring in traffic and conversions. This is possible using the keyword Surfer extension.

5. Surfer SEO Content Brief and Outline Builder

With this, you no longer have to brainstorm on what to include in your blog outline. This takes care of this for you, all with just one click.

Final Words

Want your content to shoot up to the first page of Google?

Then, you need a content optimization tool like Surfer SEO to take your content strategy to the next level and increase your chances of ranking high on SERPs.

Taking advantage of the Surfer SEO Black Friday deal is a great way to save money when buying this tool.

Waste no time—follow the steps as indicated in this post to claim this Surfer SEO discount deal.

Feel free to also drop your thoughts about Surfer SEO below in the comments section.