Funnel mapping and visualization tool

What is the best funnel simulator and visualization software out there?

There are quite a number of platforms claiming to be the best funnel visualization tool. But just a few are worth looking into.

Below is my favorite funnel mapping software – after trying out 10 tools:

As an online business owner, it’s essential to be able to visualize and map your sales funnel and track its progress. Without this visualization, you can’t tell where your leads are coming from or how close they are to converting into customers.

So it looks something like this:

visualized funnel
Web design service funnel mapped with Funnelytics

Luckily, there are a number of great tools available to help you do just that.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best funnel visualization and mapping tools currently available. We’ll also discuss the features of each tool and how they can help you improve your sales funnel.

Best Sales Funnel Visualization Tool & Simulators

Now it’s time to take a look at my recommendations, and I’m starting off with the best overall tool that I’ve used in my business:

1. Funnelytics (my recommended pick)

Funnelytics funnel mapping simulator is the best sales funnel mapping software in the market for marketers and online business owners. It comes with the greatest features of all among other funnel visualization tools on this page.

I’m a big fan of Funnelytics myself.

It has clean visual mapping software for funnels with conversion tracking, easy to use drag and drop builder plus a few features that would definitely help you optimize your funnels and boost revenue.

With the help of Funnelytics, you take all your sales funnel ideas and place them on canvas and bring them to life.

Then also allowing you to insert your tracking analytics into your funnel maps.

Using Funnelytics basically starts with Mapping Your Funnel Strategy by starting from scratch or tweaking a proven funnel template from the 6 free essential templates.

Then followed by, Setting Your Funnel Goals by calculating your ROI, estimating your conversions, traffic, and ad spending, and setting marketing KPIs.

Easy navigation and customization make it simple to map out customer journeys while having full visibility into how they interact across channels. This funnel simulator allows you to test, measure, monitor metrics and get insights to narrow down what works and what doesn’t for better targeting in the future.

Other Funnelytics Features

  • Very easy to use with drag and drop builder
  • Comes with free funnel templates library for ideas and quick execution
  • Automatically track your pages and traffic sources
  • You can quickly share and export your mapped funnels
  • Funnelytics vault which contains a collection of the biggest marketer’s funnel
  • Unlimited seats for your team members
  • Segment and filter audiences based on their actions
  • Great support, documentation, and an active Facebook group

Price of Funnelytics

Here’s a quick rundown of Funnelytics pricing:

Funnelytics pricing
  • Funnelytics starter plan: Free mapping here
  • Funnelytics Performance Lite plan: $160/mo
  • Funnelytics Performance Plus plan: $400/mo
  • Funnelytics Performance Max plan: $1000/mo

You can get started for free by grabbing the free Funnelytics plan to start mapping, tracking, analyzing, and drawing your sales funnels.

>> Try

2. Kartra Funnel Simulator

Kartra funnel mapper

Kartra is known to be the best funnel-building software (in my opinion), however, not long ago they decided to launch an inbuilt Funnel Simulator that enables marketers, agency owners, and funnel experts to map their funnels with ease.

Inside of their Kartra account.

This tool offers a comprehensive solution that includes over 50 building widgets and a powerful funnel simulator that enables users to map out and see if a funnel can be profitable before it is launched.

Unlike other standalone funnel simulation tools like Funnelytics – Kartra Funnel Mapper is an inbuilt feature.

This means that users can create all the pages, emails, tags, segments, automation, videos, and products they need without having to buy other software or leave the platform.

Benefits of using Kartra Funnel Mapper include:

  • Ease of use: Kartra Funnel Mapper is user-friendly, making it easy for beginners to plot each step of their marketing funnel using visualization.
  • Comprehensive solution: This feature provides a one-stop solution that eliminates the need for a separate funnel simulation software or external tool.
  • Impact simulations: Kartra Funnel Mapper offers impact simulations that allow users to identify metrics necessary for creating a profitable funnel.
  • Revenue breakdown: This feature provides a breakdown of revenue per visitor, revenue per lead, cost per visitor, cost per lead, and overall ROI in seconds.
  • PDF Export: Users can export an entire mapped-out sales funnel in PDF format to share with customers. This enables them to communicate their marketing strategy and expertise to potential clients.

Using Kartra Funnel Mapper offers an easy and powerful way to visualize, plan, and simulate marketing funnels, making it an invaluable tool for any marketer looking to create successful campaigns without paying extra for funnel software and a simulation platform. Free access here.

Kartra Funnel Mapping Pricing

Kartra Funnel Mapping is included as a free feature with all Kartra subscriptions. Therefore, if you have a Kartra subscription, you can use Kartra Funnel Mapping at no extra cost.

The cost of Kartra subscriptions varies based on the plan you choose and the features included in the plan.

Kartra offers several subscription options, including:

  • Starter: This plan costs $99 per month with an inbuilt free mapper and Kartra funnel builder
  • Silver: This plan costs $199 per with free mapper and Kartra funnel builder
  • Gold: This plan costs $299/mo + an inbuilt free mapper and Kartra funnel builder
  • Platinum: This plan costs $499/mo + an inbuilt free mapper and Kartra funnel builder

Get Kartra mapper

3. GERU – Best funnel simulation

GERU funnel simulator

GERU is another funnel mapping tool or simulator that also comes with pretty cool features. GERU allows you to quickly and easily make visual diagrams of any marketing funnel from scratch.

It also has a sort of template called premade blueprint project library which saves you time.

Utilizing the latest technology, the GERU funnel simulator is revolutionizing the way people plan their funnel. From A/B testing and customer segmentation to user journey mapping and performance tracking, this rich platform is packed with features to give businesses an edge in the highly competitive digital marketplace.

Although GERU is not as powerful as Funnelytics.

But still, this funnel mapping software also accompanies a lot of features that are worth looking into. Talk about the powerful built-in login engine that helps in calculating the potential revenue and profits of your sales funnel, the reporting features, and lots more.

Just like Funnelytics – you can add and create as many complex diagrams as you want on your funnel. Traffic entry points, condition statements, sales page, bumps and upsells, email sequences, etc.

I didn’t forget to mention that the prebuilt visualized funnels are for different industries, which makes it easy for you to get started easily. Lead gen, webinar, product launch, high ticket, survey, and many other types of funnels.

Features of GERU

  • It calculates/forecasts everything your funnel would make
  • Comes with more than 30 funnel blueprints
  • Perfect for agency owners and team members
  • Easy to use with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Great reporting functionality
  • You can use it on your favorite device
  • Great support and community

Pricing of GERU

  • Geru Standard plan at $37/mo
  • Geru PRo plan at $79/mo
  • Enterprise plan – contact support

As you can see, GERU’s pricing model is excellent value for the money, but that’s only part of what makes this company stand out. Geru goes even further by allowing users to make changes, recalculate performance and test different scenarios in order to run A/B tests with their funnel maps. With this feature, users can input hypothetical data or import existing customer, marketing, and sales data to ensure more accurate results.

On top of all this, Geru offers comprehensive support when it comes to running simulations, ensuring that users can get answers quickly and accurately when they encounter any issues or problems while creating their funnels.

All things considered, Geru provides a comprehensive suite of features designed specifically for funnel mapping that offer excellent value in terms of both money and time saved – giving businesses an invaluable resource in setting up successful campaigns.

4. – Funnel mapping free

Marketplan io funnel mapping is an innovative software platform that helps businesses understand the complexity of their digital sales funnels. It leverages funnel mapping, planning, forecasting, and projections to provide businesses with the tools they need to maximize their online business potential.

With, users have valuable insights into the success of their current strategies, as well as actionable steps for making changes that can help immediately increase revenue. No matter what size or type of business, can be a key tool in optimizing your entire marketing strategy all from one powerful place.

With the MarketPlan funnel visualization tool, you’ll be able to see all of the pages for your whole campaign or funnel in one place, and effortlessly manage, project, and track your visitors, leads, and sales from start to finish.

Although, claims to be an all-in-one marketing platform – I see as more of a funnel mapping software trying to help marketers accomplish other mini-tasks.

Other Benefits of

  • Write and organize your emails within the software
  • Visual drag-and-drop campaign planner
  • Chat app management for communicating with team members in real-time within
  • Team collaboration feature
  • Live analytics to track the performance of your funnel
  • Kanban for project management and assigning tasks
  • Free Funnel Vault Templates
  • Ability to export and share funnels

Apart from being a pretty good funnel mapping software and marketing funnel stimulator – can also be amazing when it comes to collaborating with teams.

With the collaboration functions you:

Keep your team all on the same page (literally). Assign tasks, create comments, chat and send files, get progress notifications, and update to-do’s on the Kanban, all without leaving the app.

MarketPlan Pricing

  • Solo Free-forever plan
  • The starter plan at $19 per month
  • Pro plan at $29 per month
  • Agency plan at $79 per month

5. Lucidchart


Lucidshart is not specifically designed to be funnel visualization software – but it does help with the diagrammatic representation of your sales funnel.

Lucidchart is an incredibly helpful online tool that allows users to visualize their ideas quickly and effectively. It has a simple user interface, making it easy to get up and running immediately. With its drag-and-drop simplicity and comprehensive library of templates for almost any diagram, Lucidchart makes creating visually compelling visualizations easier than ever before.

From brainstorming a project to tracking multiple processes at once, Lucidchart empowers users to design complex diagrams with just a few clicks.

And if you need help along the way, you can reach out to the Lucidchart support team who are always willing to lend a hand. Lucidchart can make all the difference in organizing the chaos of your projects!

These great features make Lucidchart a mind-mapping tool that you also serve as an alternative to sales funnel mapping software for marketers with drag-and-drop functionality, group chat, and comments.

Lucidchart also features a vast library of templates and tutorials that enable users to customize funneling processes for their own unique needs, eliminating the need for custom code or outside development services.

Other Benefits of Lucidchart

  • Lucidchart is a great way to visualize complex data
  • Makes it easy for teams to work together on diagrams and flow charts
  • Lucidchart is perfect for creating process flows, mind maps, and org charts
  • Cloud-based so you can access your diagrams from anywhere
  • Has a collaboration functionality
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from
  • Lucidchart makes it easy to collaborate with others by allowing multiple people to work on the same document at the same time

Lucidchart Pricing

  • Lucidchart free plan
  • Lucidchart individual plan – $7.95/mo
  • Lucidchart team plan – $9/mo

6. Funnel Flows

Funnel flows funnel mapping software

Funnel Flows is another dedicated funnel visualization tool for mapping out your entire sales funnel in a visualized manner before needing the services of a sales funnel-building software.

Funnel Flows has most of the funnel mapping elements you need to represent your pages, traffic sources, follow-up icons, and a few more…

Funnel Flows is the definition of simplicity when it comes to sales funnel visualization software. It comprises basic funnel mapping features and is not as sophisticated as GERU or Funnelytics funnel simulator tools.

It also helps you visualize the customer journey, so you can see how people move through your marketing and sales process. This can help you identify bottlenecks and areas where you can improve customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Funnel Flows is easy to use and it is affordable for all. You can create as many flows as you want, and there are a variety of templates to choose from. You can also add your own custom steps and track the progress of each lead or customer through your funnel.

Features of Funnel Flows

  • Simple funnel mapping editor
  • You can create unlimited projects
  • Done-for-you templates available
  • Ability to share links
  • 200+ Funnel Elements built-in
  • Free Done-For-You Templates

Funnel Flows Pricing

Funnel Flow usually costs $19 per month. But for a limited while, you can use the Funnel Flows Editor when you grab their lifetime deal of $47. This means that you don’t have to pay anything every month.

7. MindMeister


MindMeister is an online mind-mapping application that allows you to visualize, share, and present your thoughts visually through texts. This tool can also function for project planning, brainstorming/idea management, note-taking, and presentations. It can also serve as a funnel mapping and visualization tool.

I do not really see MindMeister as a marketing funnel visualization software because that wasn’t what it does best, unlike Funnelytics, GERU, and Funnel Flows. But it can also serve you in mapping out your sales funnel.

MindMeister is a powerful and versatile tool for creative minds.

It allows you to easily create and share visual mind maps, turning all those ideas in your head into a cohesive plan that’s easy to follow. Whether you’re working on a personal project, writing a paper, or collaborating with colleagues, MindMeister offers the perfect space to capture your thoughts and transform them into reality.

Its intuitive user interface ensures that any user regardless of technical level or experience can begin to use it right away. With MindMeister at your fingertips, getting started on your project has never been easier!

Other Benefits of MindMeister

  • Sharing and collaboration features with clients and teams
  • Ability to add external attachments/multimedia
  • Export and import features to different formats
  • Can be used on mobile devices
  • Custom branding, team domains, and themes
  • It increases productivity – by allowing you to brainstorm, plan and track your thoughts in one central location
  • Boosts creativity – with its unlimited mind-mapping potential
  • Saves time – by automating common tasks, such as creating backups or exporting to PDF or HTML

Price of MindMeister

  • Basic plan – free
  • Personal plan – $4.99/mo
  • Pro plan – $8.25/mo
  • Business plan – $12.49

8. Google Drawings

Google drawing is a free, web-based diagramming software developed by Google that allows you to collaborate and work with others in real-time to create flowcharts, mind maps, concept maps, organizational charts, and other types of diagrams.

This also means that you can map out your sales funnel using this free Google tool.

As you may know, this free funnel mapping tool isn’t as sophisticated as the ones above but it can in a way, and also lets multiple users open and edit drawings simultaneously in real-time.

Google Drawings is an innovative and powerful tool that allows users to quickly and easily create professional-looking visual images.

From illustrations to presentations, this program is perfect for anyone looking to spruce up a report or create an eye-catching design. Its easy-to-use interface also allows users with beginner-level graphic design knowledge to customize their documents and drawings.

With a few clicks, you can add various shapes, colors, fonts, and lines, and can even embed images from your Google Drive.

Plus the drawing can be exported in multiple file formats making sharing them with colleagues or classmates simple. Whether you’re creating something for work, school, or just for fun – Google Drawings will allow you to bring your ideas to life in no time at all.

Benefits of Google Drawings

  • It is free to use
  • Supports multi-users or teamwork
  • Also works offline
  • Allows editing of images the way you want
  • Available on mobile devices
  • There are no funnel templates
  • Not a special funnel mapping app
  • You can use it to create flowcharts, diagrams, illustrations, and more.
  • It’s easy to use and there are a variety of templates you can choose from.
  • You can also collaborate with others on drawings in real-time

Price of Google Drawings

Free to use funnel visualization tool

9. Creately


Creately is an online diagramming tool and falls under the same umbrella as Lucidchart and Microsoft Visio. It lets you create flowcharts, collaborate, and visualize ideas. Not a special funnel visualization software though.

With lots of diagrams and thousands of examples and libraries, Creately allows its users to quickly bring out their ideas using the prebuilt templates. This also serves as a mind-mapping tool for business owners.

This user-friendly platform provides an innovative approach to brainstorming and organizing ideas, collaborating with teams, and presenting data in ways that are simple and engaging.

The site offers drag-and-drop components with hundreds of templates and millions of shapes to choose from, meaning creating new visuals is almost always just a few clicks away.

Whether used for business projects or simply for fun, Creately provides an easy way for its users to bring their ideas to life.

Features of Creately

  • Importing and sharing capability
  • Unlimited templates to choose from
  • Ability to work offline
  • Creately is easy to use. You don’t need any special training or software to get started. Just create an account and you’re ready to go
  • You can create diagrams in minutes, not hours
  • Creately is affordable. You can create unlimited diagrams for free and only pay for the features you use
  • They’ve been online since 2009 and have never had an outage

Creately Pricing

  • Creately free plan
  • Creately Starter plan – $8/mo
  • Business plan – $149/mo

10. Miro

Miro software

Miro is software for drawing a variety of diagrams. These include flowcharts, data flow diagrams, organizational charts, process flows, building plans, 3D maps, and many more.

Miro software is an intuitive, versatile, and powerful open-source platform for collaboration. At its core, the Miro software suite enables team members to work together in real time while still maintaining a sense of independence within their unique areas of expertise.

Whether you are working on digital whiteboards, creating flow charts, or organizing projects, the Miro platform can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

With built-in chat, videos and file sharing capabilities, and robust customization options, Miro makes it easier than ever to plan complex projects with groups of all sizes.

Furthermore, the drag-and-drop intuitive user interface allows for instant collaboration with easy access to the tools you need for success. With all the advantages that come from using Miro software, it’s no wonder why more teams are finding creative ways to utilize this powerful tool every day.

Features of Miro

  • Used for complex kinds of stuff
  • Create all kinds of diagrams, maps, and chart
  • The ability to download and watch videos from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Hulu, and TED Talks
  • The ability to create and share playlists of your favorite videos
  • he ability to embed videos into your website or blog
  • The ability to cast videos to your TV or other devices
  • Free and easy access to a large library of documentaries, educational videos, and classic movies

Miro Pricing

Starts from a free plan.

  • Miro Starter plan – $10/mo
  • Miro Business plan – $20/mo

Why Is Sales Funnel Visualization & Planning Important?

Funnel mapping has to do with visualizing your funnel on a raw piece to see each of the processes your visitors would go through before buying from you.

Or lets just call it drawing out the entire journey of your visitors before you start connecting and building the pages with an online sales funnel software.

Sales funnel mapping gives you clarity on the processes – from the traffic generation phase, lead acquisition, landing page, checkout, retargeting phase, etc.

Instead of building your sales funnel blindly, you get a clear roadmap and have a clear vision of where you heading and what comes after what.

You save a great time by laying out your sales funnel ideas, plans, and strategies before creating them. But the problem is that a lot of online business owners see funnel mapping and visualization as a time-waster.

To be frank with you, sharpening the ax won’t delay the work.

Reminds me of the old Abraham Lincoln quote. That says:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax

Abraham Lincoln

You can be the best sales funnel expert, designer, or builder in the entire universe, but with a dull funnel strategy, planning, and mapping – I doubt if you could come up with a good sales funnel.

Even reading the best sales funnel book may not save you.

You get to save more time by laying out your plans and creating diagrams, or visual representations of your sales funnel.

Through mapping your funnel, you:

  • Keep your funnel ideas orderly and organized
  • Track and monitor your results accurately
  • It enables you to spot a fault and see what a campaign is capable of before building
  • Share your sales funnel idea (diagram) with clients or teams
  • Quickly make changes when everything is drawn on a board
  • Deploy a quick win without taking down pages
  • Avoid workflow stagnation
  • Know the exact numbers to hit your profit

Final Thoughts on Marketing funnel simulator

It is always said that ideas without proper planning and execution mean nothing but a dead dream, right?

You got sales to funnel ideas, but you need clarity on how to put all the pieces together, get it off your head, and execute quickly before it vanishes into thin air.

With an easy to use, drag, and-drop sales funnel visualization tool, you can build out a plan for your funnels without needing a degree or taking a special funnel building training.

And there you have it all – funnel mapping tool options to choose from.

By the way, in my opinion on which is the best I would say Funnelytics is the Beast (currently comes with free templates and stuff) on this list followed by GERU.

If we’re to compare Funnelytics vs Geru head-to-head, I would say a few areas where Funnelytics outshines Geru is funnel tracking, free funnel templates/vault, collaboration, and community access. Geru lacks these.

As for Funnelytics vs, I’d give a lead when it comes to team collaboration and project management. That said, Funnelytics remains my favorite because of the free templates and my ability to share and export funnel maps.

If you’re not in for a sophisticated solution like funnel tracking, advanced reporting, etc, then settle for something like Funnel Flows.

But if I’m to place a bet on any of the above – it’d be hands-down.

Those are special tools for visualizing your sales funnels without having to complicate your funnel creation processes.

Like I always say, at the end of the day, it boils down to your preference, level of business, and what you wish to achieve.

Which of the funnel simulators or funnel visualization tools are you starting with first? Let us know in the comments.

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