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Looking for the best sales funnel books to learn and understand the concept of funnels and how you can apply it to your online business and beat your competitors to their game?

Well, here you go:

Using sales funnels is probably the biggest and best change you can make to your business. They provide a clear path for your audience, help you make money, and increase conversions.

With the emergence of sales funnels, more and more business owners are turning to educational resources such as books in order to understand how best to design these all-important buying processes.

1. DotCom Secrets

Dotcom secrets book

Dotcom Secrets is literally the ultimate guide to sales funnels.

The very FIRST marketing and sales funnel book I ever read in my online marketing career.

This book was authored by Russell Brunson – bestselling author – who is seen as the pioneer of sales funnels worldwide. His software, ClickFunnels is also the go-to tool for building sales funnels for many entrepreneurs and online business owners.

As the subtitle suggests:

DotCom Secrets Is The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online With Sales Funnels.

It is an online marketing book that was first published by Russell in 2015 where he brings to light the strategies on how you as an online business owner can use a simple sales funnel process to improve your traffic, conversions, and sales online.

In early 2020, the second edition was released.

The book gives you a step-by-step actionable blueprint for anyone to completely understand how sales funnels and online marketing works.

Dotcom Secrets is split into five sections that hold you by the hand and walk you through the easy-to-understand sales funnel and online marketing processes.

Let’s go over the resections briefly:

  • Section #1: Ladders and Funnels

You’ll learn about five marketing secrets which include how to identify your dream clients, find them, attract them, create your value ladder, outline your sales funnel, and understand how traffic really works.

  • Section #2: Your Communication Funnel

The next section explains more about how you can create rapport with your audience and build your strong online following using attractive character and personal branding tactics.

You also get the exact email templates Russell uses in effectively communicating and building an instant relationship with his email audience.

  • Section #3: Funnelology

This section brings to the fore strategies behind building funnels.

You’ll learn how to reverse engineer a successful funnel (funnel hacking), sales funnel phases, sales funnel fundamentals, what you should do to make your funnel work, and more.

  • Section #4: Funnels And Scripts

This section is a bit different than other sections where Russell Brunson will dive in to show you the core funnels and exact scripts used in his business.

You’ll learn about various frontend, middle, and backend Funnels which can be used easily when you put them in ClickFunnels.

  • Section #5: Funnels (ClickFunnels)

The last section is a soft sell for Russell’s company, the ClickFunnels software.

ClickFunnels – one of the best sales funnel builders that help you build an effective sales funnel. And Russell will show you how you can implement all you’ve learned in the DotCom Secrets book using his software.

The best part about this book is that it’s actually FREE and you only have to pay for shipping/handling to receive a physical copy when you order it from the official website.

The shipping cost is $9.95 (US residents) and $19.95 (international). There’s also an audio and kindle version. Use the link below.

2. Expert Secrets

expert secrets

Expert Secrets is a follow-up to the DotCom Secrets book and is a practical playbook that teaches how to become an expert in your field, find your voice, create a mass movement of raving fans, and more.

You’ll learn how to create your brand and build up a massive loyal audience.

Forwarded by Robert Kiyosaki, said:

Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.

Just like DotCom Secrets, this book was also authored by Russell Brunson and comes with 5 sections with 22 secrets detailing actionable ways to attract a loyal following, create an attractive character, and build your brand.

Expert Secrets – the sales funnel book on how to multiply your knowledge business with marketing automation and audience hacking.

Let’s dive in and take an in-depth look at what you’re getting in each of the 5 sections of the Expert Secrets book.

  • Section #1: Creating Your Mass Movement

This section explains the importance of a loyal community and how you can create your own “mass movement.”

You’ll learn the sales process of attracting a target audience, creating a tribe, and steps you can take which include:

  • Create an “Attractive Character for yourself
  • Be an advocate for an initiative that would add value to your tribe
  • Create opportunities (products or services etc.) that will benefit your tribe
  • Section #2: Creating a Belief

This section teaches you how to have a good belief system and instill the same in your tribe which would allow them to be interested in buying your products or services.

In this section, you’ll get 6 different chapters detailing how you can instill belief in your offer which are:

  • The Big Domino
  • The Epiphany Bridge
  • The Hero’s Two Journey
  • The Epiphany Bridge Script
  • False Belief Patterns
  • The 3 Secrets
  • Section #3: Your Moral Obligation

In this section, Russell breaks down the process you need to follow when offering new opportunities to your tribe and shares insights on how to better communicate with and educate your followers.

It comes with 5 chapters including:

  • The Stack Slide
  • The Perfect Webinar
  • The One Thing
  • Breaking and Rebuilding Patterns
  • The Stack
  • Trial Closes
  • Section #4: The Funnels

After learning the process of creating your own tribe with your attractive character and how to engage them, Russell will use this section to teach you about Funnels.

In this section, you’ll be taught the ins and outs of building a sales funnel and it is organized into 5 chapters including:

  • The Perfect Webinar Funnel Model
  • The Four Question Close
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack
  • Email Epiphany Funnels
  • Epiphany Product Launch Funnels
  • Section #5: What’s Next

The last section concludes Expert Secrets and you’ll learn how to fill your sales funnels with targeted traffic and other ways to jump-start your success as an expert.

The Expert Secrets book is also available for FREE on the official website but you’ll have to pay $9.95 (for US residents) or $19.95 (for international residents) as shipping fees to get a physical copy of the book.

3. Traffic Secrets Book

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book

If you’ve ever wanted to drive insane amounts of qualified leads to your business, then lookup no further. Back in 2020, Russell Brunson launched his Traffic Secrets Book to help entrepreneurs stop worrying about traffic.

The book contains 20 of his best strategies for filling funnels with customers who truly value your product or service. These strategies are divided into three sections, helping you better understand where traffic is coming from and how to track it.

Plus, there are several valuable bonuses included in the purchasing price so that you can get going right away on expanding your reach.

Here are the sections:

  • Section #1: Your Dream Customer

The first section of the book discusses how to find your dream customer—the person who will love and appreciate your product or service more than any other. Brunson explains that it’s all about understanding who you’re targeting and figuring out what drives them.

You’ll also discover the invisible funnel that almost no one knows about but can help you get the most out of your traffic.

  • Section #2: Fill Your Funnel

Here, you’ll learn how to fill your funnel, using a variety of powerful strategies that Brunson has personally used himself. You’ll discover the best ways to drive traffic and convert it into paying customers. You’ll also learn how to leverage Google and other traffic media for free without emptying your savings account.

  • Section #3: Growth Hacking

You know the feeling when you hit a wall and can’t find any new ways to increase your business? This section is all about growth hacking, so no matter what your current situation is, you’ll be able to increase your reach and make more money.

You’ll learn new methods for finding the right traffic sources, how to create content that people will actually care about, and how to scale your business quickly with the right tools.

You’ll get to see the 5-step game plan on how Russell builds an army of marketers who spend their own dollars to promote his products.

The Traffic Secrets book is also available for FREE on the official website but you’ll have to pay $9.95 (for US residents) or $19.95 (for international residents) as shipping fees to get a physical copy of the book.

4. Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby

Sell like crazy book

Sell Like Crazy was written by Sabri Suby and is one of the best marketing sales funnel books in the market.

Sell Like Crazy is one of my best reads in 2020. Tons of practical and applicable concepts for selling online. The book details how you can get clients, customers, and sales. Like crazy!

You’ll learn about creating compelling offers, sales funnels, and getting conversions.

The author, Sabri Suby started out as a marketer doing cold calls and built a marketing agency, King Kong into a multi-million-dollar business in Australia.

He has grown to become a public figure, getting featured in magazines, such as Foundr, and exploding the growth of his own company.

Sell Like Crazy is his first book and it comes broken down into 8 main sections.

  • Phase 1#: Understand and Identify Your Dream Buyer

This section teaches how to find your dream customers by understanding who exactly they are, and details such as their age, interests, dislikes, and where you can find them.

  • Phase #2: Create the Perfect Bait for your Dream Buyer

Sabri teaches how to craft the perfect and irresistible bait – also called HVCO (High-Value Content Offers) – that over-delivers on its promise.

  • Phase #3: Capture Leads and Get Contact Details

This section will teach how to capture leads, send email sequences, and get conversions the right way.

In this phase – you’ll learn how to create killer opt-in pages, and headlines, get real-life examples, and how you should structure your squeeze pages for insane conversions.

  • Phase #4: The Godfather Strategy

This section contains a secret on how to craft an offer that prospects can’t refuse.

  • Phase #5: Traffic

This section is for generating traffic and how to get traction with organic and paid ad campaigns.

  • Phase 6: The Magic Lantern Technique

This section teaches you how to create content to get high-ticket sales from your prospects.

  • Phase 7: Sales Conversion

In this chapter, Sabri teaches you sales conversion and how you can get conversions and also eliminate the wrong customers from your sales pipeline.

  • Phase 8: Automate and Multiply

This section is dedicated to learning how to scale what’s working. Once you have a winning formula, you should constantly refine, improve, and scale your processes.

Sell Like Crazy is also a free-plus-shipping book or buy from Amazon below.

Get the book here

5. Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards

Copywriting secrets book

Copywriting Secrets is not a full-fledged sales funnel book but teaches how to write sales copy that converts visitors into buyers and increases your sales.

If you’re tired of writing boring copy, you need to learn the “secrets” in the Copywriting Secrets book.

The Copywriting Secrets book was written by Jim Edwards – the creator of Funnel Scripts software – while Russell Brunson wrote the forward.

All about discovering untapped opportunities to make your sales copy better.

Jim Edwards is a renowned copywriter and professional online marketer who reveals simple ‘plug n play’ sales copywriting formulas that will help you get more traffic, leads, and sales.

This book is a great fit for anyone who wants to improve and fine-tune their copywriting skill.

In summary, the Copywriting Secrets book contains nuggets that teach you how to:

  • How to use copywriting skills to grow your business and make your dreams come true
  • Structure irresistible offers that people will grab with both arms
  • Use secret patterns to sell to other people in your market
  • Target the right customers who are ready to buy right now
  • Capitalize on the THREE key nuggets to effectively analyze your niche market
  • Go “all in” with your sales copy
  • Uncover the TEN reasons WHY people BUY anything… especially online
  • And much more

You can get the Copywriting Secrets book for FREE when you buy from the official website.

You only have to pay for shipping which costs $7.95 (for US locations) and $14.95 (for international locations) to get a free physical copy delivered to your doorstep.

Alternatively, you can go the Amazon route and get the Copywriting Secrets book on for $10.40. Lest I forget, there’s an audiobook version that goes for $27.

6. The 1-Page Marketing Plan

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

In 2022, I bought The 1-Page Marketing Plan Book by Allan Dib and it has proven to be an invaluable asset for my online digital products businesses.

This book on sales funnels contains 9 chapters divided into three major sections:

  • The “Before” Phase
  • The “During” Phase
  • The “After” Phase

In each of these sections, Allan outlines the exact series of steps you need to take in order to successfully implement a marketing plan and reach your desired goal.

He also provides detailed guidance on how to target the right customer, develop an effective promotion strategy, create a powerful online presence, and optimize your sales funnel/web page for insane conversion.

In his book, Allan Dib unveils the essential elements of successful marketing: Acquiring customers, closing sales effectively, creating a tailored business plan, and edging out your rivals.

In my opinion, it delves in into core concepts that you need to understand to run a successful online business.

This book is now my go-to reference whenever I want to create new marketing strategies or tweak existing ones in order to improve results. After all, the goal of any marketing plan is not only to acquire new customers but also to retain existing ones and build loyalty. And The 1-Page Marketing Plan Book by Allan Dib offers ample insights that can be translated into actionable plans.

You can buy this sales funnel book from Amazon with the link below.

Get the book here

7. Network Marketing Secrets Book

network marketing secrets

This is the best book on selling MLM or network marketing opportunities using marketing funnels.

This book is not entirely the best sales funnel book out there – but shows you how to use sales funnels to grow your networking marketing business.


It’s a must-read for you if you’re in network marketing and you’re stuck trying to expand your downlines the right way.

Inside this free book, you’ll learn about MLM challenges and the 3 ‘LOST’ Funnels you need to scale your MLM team.

  • MLM Challenges

Inside the Network Marketing Secrets book, Russell will first take you through MLM traps and challenges before showing you how you can overcome these challenges using the three “lost funnels”.

Some of these challenges that the average MLMer faces as outlined in the book include:

  • Disturbing your friends and family over and over to join your network
  • Driving traffic to complicated corporate replicated websites that are not user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Building your MLM business using the same products, websites, and scripts, as all thousands of other network marketers

The better and right way to do network marketing which won’t have you chasing friends and family or using the same cookie-cutter sales page was revealed in Network Marketing Secrets.

This brings us to Russell Brunson’s three lost funnels.

  • Lost Funnel #1 – The Bridge Funnel (aka the three-way call)

The first lost funnel is the bridge funnel which is the equivalent of the old-school three-way call.

You’ll bring your prospect to your upline and have your upline share their story, explain the MLM offer, and do the selling for you.

After your upline has done the heavy lifting for you, you can plug in your own story and share your experience with your prospects.

  • Lost Funnel #2 – The Home Party

This funnel is the equivalent of home parties. You’ll set up an online party where prospects can see the products and MLM opportunity with zero pressure and encourage others to buy.

In this section of the Network Marketing Secrets book, Russell will reveal how to recreate the home party online and set everything up.

  • Lost Funnel #3 – The Hotel Meeting

The hotel meeting funnel is effective and allows you to introduce prospects to the products, business, and opportunity, and allow an actual top earner to do all the selling for you.

To get the funnels directly, you need to be a ClickFunnels member so you can upload the funnel directly into your account. If not, you can start a 14-day free trial.

  • The Viral Loop

The last section of the book talks about the Viral Loop which is a selling sequence that must happen in your funnels to effectively sell your MLM opportunity.

Russell explains the four key components of the MLM viral loop which include:

  • Epiphany Bridge – how to sell without selling
  • Demo – there’s nothing like a live product demo
  • Call-to-Action – close the sale
  • Duplication – there’s no MLM empire without duplication

Network Marketing Secrets is an excellent book and acts as a bridge between sales funnels and network marketing.

Plus, the book is available for FREE and you only need to pay shipping fees (there’s an option to pay if you’re buying multiple copies).

Why Does a Marketing Sales Funnel Book Matter?

A sales funnel book is important if you’d want to learn in detail – from an expert – what a sales funnel actually means and how to set it up.

The sales funnel is the path prospects take from becoming new visitors to your brand to customers and brand loyalists. Having one that works is probably the best thing you can do to grow your business.

You need sales funnels to convert visitors to your site and maximize conversions.

According to funnel statistics, 79% of leads acquired do not make it to the conversion stage. This report alone shows that learning what it takes to move potential customers to the conversion stage would be worth it.

This is where a book like Dotcom Secrets becomes the secret sauce.

Best Sales Funnel Book 🏆
DotCom Secrets Book Free!

I've read Dotcom Secrets exactly four times since I bought it in 2018. Over the years, this sales funnel book has given me a comprehensive understanding of how to develop an effective web presence, acquire customers and increase leads using simple and complex funnels. If you're serious about getting better at online sales & marketing, get your hands on DotCom Secrets.

Get Free Copy of Dotcom Secrets Buy on Amazon

Final Thoughts – What’re My Best Books on Sales Funnels?

If you need a guide in the form of a book to let you in on all you need to know about sales funnels, then you can’t go wrong with any of the book options above. All options listed on this page are some of the best sales funnel books you can find on the market.

I’ve read all of them!

However, I’ll recommend you start out DotCom Secrets.

In my opinion, It’s the best sales funnel book on this list. DotCom Secrets will teach you important details about the concept of the sales funnel right from the pioneer, Russell Brunson. It brought me this far!

Expert Secrets is a also great fit if you’re keen on learning how to build your tribe of raving fans.

If you want to learn how to sell like crazy, then you could pick up Sell Like Crazy (no pun intended).

Let me know which sales funnel book you’ve read or you’ll be reading first in the comment box below.

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