37+ Sales Funnel Statistics to Know In 2021 (Ultimate Stats List)

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If you’re looking for the most up-to-date sales funnel statistics, you’ve come to the right place.

I also got sweet looking infographic at the end of this stats roundup you can use freely on your own contents.

As a sales funnel expert, online business owner, or marketer, it pays a lot to be in the know and be equipped with all needed insights when it comes to the industry’s latest sales funnel statistics.

The thing is:

Having a grasp on the most important sales funnel stats can help you to fully understand and identify holes where you can create more strategic funnel planning and optimization that’ll make you stand out in your market.

And explode your sales funnel conversions dramatically.

Analyzing the data behind what’s already working for other marketers and sales funnel experts (based on tests) can also help you detect your own funnel gaps to come up with killer ideas.

That brings results in your business or that of clients.

One of the great things about understanding the concept of sales funnels is the usefulness of visualizing your customer sales journey from the awareness stage down to the conversion stage.

Which allows you to easily ascend them up to your value ladder.

I have cultivated a list of sales funnel statistics for 2021 to demonstrate to you how powerful the different parts of a marketing sales funnel and processes can actually be.

Let’s dive in.

Ultimate List of Sales Funnel Statistics You Need to Know In 2021

I hope these sales funnel stats give you some insight and help you make healthy decisions for your sales funnel and marketing decisions.

General Sales Funnel Statistics

General sales funnel statistics

#1. The majority of copywriters are known to spend 50% of their time on just the headline of their sales funnel pages.

Sales funnel headlines are the single most important factor when creating marketing campaigns.

This is why it takes a whole lot to get the perfect headline copy that’ll grab the attention of your audience within a few seconds.

You have only eight seconds to arrest the attention of your prospect.

If the headline is poor. The copy will not be read. Ultimately, no sale will be made.

Even the greatest copywriters recommend the 50/50 rule of headlines. Spending half of the entire time required to write copy on the headline.

#2. 95% of buyers choose a vendor who provides them with sufficient content which helps them navigate each stage of the buying process.

(Source: Demandgenreport)

Apart from the incredible benefits that come with educating your target audience via content marketing.

This stat clearly shows that almost everyone who decides to buy from you should have gotten valuable information from your brand through your online assets. In one way or the other.

Which helps them in making buying decisions.

This highlights the fact that businesses should do more content publishing in every stage of their sales funnel.

It shouldn’t just be about pitching and selling at all times.

Contents that build connections, validate their problems, educates, and bring conversions.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be through YouTube videos or blog posts. Though that would be a greater advantage.

Your emails, sales pages, Facebook posts, ads are places you can employ these.

#3. Companies that create an easy buying process are 62% more likely to win a high-quality sale.

(Source: HBR)

According to a research study published on HBR. Purchase ease and the easy sales process is by far the biggest driver of deal quality.

Customers who experience swift sales processes are less likely to regret their purchase or speak negatively about a vendor.

#4. 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel.

(Source: Pardot)

It’s so sad.

That the majority of businesses and brands aren’t monitoring their sales funnel metrics. Which happens to be one of the most powerful (yet underrated practices) to skyrocket conversions.

Measuring your sales funnel helps identify where you’re losing prospects throughout your funnel so you can improve your marketing and sales efforts and boost conversions.

#5. Don’t neglect your headline! 90% of visitors who read your headline will also read your CTA.

(Source: MarketingSherpa)

#6. The top ways brands can create a positive sales experience, according to buyers are – Listening to their needs, Not being pushy, and providing relevant information.

Just as the #2 statistics above. It’s all about building content hubs that do all the selling and conversion on autopilot.

#6. A staggering 79% of marketing leads are never converted to sales

(Source: MarketingSherpa)

#7. Only 56% of companies have a system or toolset in place to qualify leads.

#8. According to ClickFunnels (a popular sales funnel software) – only 1% of its customers have generated over a million dollars using a single sales funnel.

(Source: ClickFunnels)

This was revealed by Russell Brunson himself within the first quarter of 2020. Through a presentation.

Out of over 100,000 active users of ClickFunnels, only about 800 users had generated over a million dollars using a single sales funnel.

#8. Companies that use well-defined middle-of-the-funnel (MoFu) engagement and lead-management strategy enjoy a 4 to 10 times higher response rate than generic email blasts and outreach.

The middle of the funnel is where marketing professionals try to “close” deals and convert prospects into customers.

MoFu content can be anything from a customer testimonial video on Facebook, webinars, through an email campaign with special promotions.

They are likely to convert within your sales pipeline – than email broadcasts or blasts to people who are yet to see your offer.

#9. Acquiring a new customer is 5 times costlier than keeping an existing one

(Source: Investpcro)

Not only are they 5 times more expensive, but you have to spend time and money on the arduous task of acquiring them.

The same report also has it that when the customer retention rate is raised just by 5%, profit is also increased by over 25%.

Which is way more rewarding!

New customers can be a great idea if it’s cost-effective for your business for sure.

And will help grow future revenue, but first, make sure that not all resources are being spent chasing after new prospects while old ones flee from neglect.

#10. Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.

Upselling increases the total value of orders at checkout and helps you maximize profit.

This means that upsells are not only good for increasing top-line sales but also bottom-line profits.

Sales Funnel Landing Page Statistics

#10. Companies that create 30 or more landing pages get 7 times more leads than those that use fewer than 10.

(Source: HubSpot)

Obviously, more landing pages mean more conversions for online business owners.

Source: HubSpot

It’s super-important to have multiple landing pages that are targeted towards different segments of your audience. Especially if you run search engine campaigns.

These would also create multiple entry points to your web pages and sales funnel.

In order to make it easy to convert people searching for different terms related to your products or service.

It can be:

  • Pricing page
  • Comparison pages (versus competitors)
  • Feature pages
  • Case study pages
  • Tutorial pages

#11. Companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase leads by 55%. Companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12X more leads than those with five or fewer.

This is still valid as the stat above.

#12. Using videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%.

(Source: Eyeviewdigital)

I’ve personally seen this in action on myself when making a purchase online. When videos are used on landing pages – it allows me to have a personal connection with the person selling the products.

And I’m more likely to buy even if the sales texts suck a bit.

With videos on your landing page, you’ll be conveying lots of illustrations and messages that images and texts alone cannot pass across to your target audience.

#13. Putting multiple offers on your landing page can decrease conversions by up to 266%.

(Source: Bluleadz)

To make your landing page convert more – you have to do away with confusing your visitors with different offers.

It has to be a single goal. Either to collect leads, make a sale, signup for a free trial, etc.

Remember the rule has always been:

Less is more.

#14. 48% of landing pages contain more than one offer.

(Source: Marketingexperiments)

Multiple offers confuse viewers, push them away, and, consequently, reduce conversions. Always have one offer and one goal on your pages. No matter what.

#14. A/B test Done By HubSpot revealed that removing links from landing pages increases conversion rates.

(Source: HubSpot)

Obviously, multiple links cause exits and gaps on your landing pages.

Data has also shown that removing the navigation and links from your landing pages will increase your conversion rates.

#15. Only half of the landing pages are optimized for mobile devices.

(Source: Adobe Blog)

Your landing pages need to be mobile-friendly. Above anything else.

Having a mobile-optimized landing page is a non-negotiable feature. As mobile usage has taken over within the past few years.

According to Oberlo mobile usage statistics:

There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide and 69% of internet users prefer to look for reviews on their phones.

So, it’s for the best if you make mobile visitors a priority when building and designing your pages and sales funnel.

#16. 1-sec delay in page loading reduces conversions by 7%.

(Source: Kissmetrics)

This doesn’t apply only to landing pages. Page speed is critical to every web page. Blogs, checkout pages, etc.

A one-second delay in page load times yields:

  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 7% loss in conversions

I’ve experienced this myself on my websites and pages. I had terribly slow sites until I moved from HostGator to WPX hosting a few months back.

Then I started using some image optimization tools and also enabled a CDN.

Since over 47% of consumers expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less. It’s your duty to take the necessary action to fasten page load time.

#17. The average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%, with the top 25% converting at 5.31% or higher.

(Source: WordStream)

#18. Long-form landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads.

(Source: Marketing Experiments)

This sales funnel statistics proves the point that longer sales letter works marvelously than shorter ones.

(I’ve shamelessly argued this in the past)

Although it might take more real estate. But they help reassure the visitors that they are making the right choice.

The ultimate goal of a long-form sales landing page is to build a connection with the prospects, validate their concerns, educate them, neutralize their objections then finally convert them.

#19. Testing multiple landing pages is considered an advanced and difficult methodology by marketers and business owners. –

(Source: Marketingcharts)

Sales Funnel Lead Nurturing & Email Marketing Statistics

#20. 65% of businesses say generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge.

(Source: HubSpot)

#21. 68% of B2B companies will use landing pages to nurture new sales leads for future conversion.

(Source: MarketingSherpa)

#22. Targeting and testing correctly can boost conversions by 300% or more.

(Source: Steelhouse)

#23. 65% of companies have no defined lead nurturing process or toolset.

#24. 74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority.

(Source: HubSpot)

#25. 51% of email marketers say email list segmentation is the most effective way to personalize lead nurturing.

(Source: Ascend2)

#26. Only 29% of brands nurture their existing customers beyond the initial purchase.

(Source: Demandgenreport)

Times without number, businesses do let go of their customers once the initial conversion is over.

Whereas the fact is, the easiest people to make buy your products are those who already bought from you. They trusted you once.

So, it’s much easier for you to keep strengthening that relationship and have them come back. Instead of spending more and more to acquire new leads.

#27. 57% of marketers say lead nurturing is the most valuable feature of automation software.

(Source: Ascend2)

What does this tell you as a marketer?

This means that your choice of a sales funnel building software shouldn’t just be going for a solution that has thousands of fancy features. But having an automation capability should be a huge factor.

#28. Marketers say that the biggest benefits of automation are saving time (74%), increased customer engagement (68%), more timely communications (58%), and increased opportunities including up-selling (58%).

(Source: Adestra)

#29. Segmented email campaigns also earn 100.95% higher clickthrough rates as compared to non-segmented email campaigns

#30. 58% of best-in-class marketing automation users say the most useful metrics for measuring performance are Conversion Rate and Revenue Generated.

(Source: Ascend2)

#31. On average, 96% of the people who visit a website will leave without ever converting to a lead or sale.

(Source: WordStream)

This is where smart marketers win using the power of retargeting of page visitors on various ad networks.

Remarketing to get your messages in front of people who are already familiar with your brand would increase your conversions.

It could via email, YouTube videos, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

#32. 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.

#33. Marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Segmenting your customers based on their preferences allows you to send targeted emails that resonate with them.

Absolutely this will skyrocket your sales. Because you’ll be hitting the nail on the head and be talking to your customers directly where they would relate.

Apart from an increase in conversions.

Marketers who segment their email lists experience better open rates, lower unsubscribes, higher click-through-rates, fewer spam complaints. Which all leads to a nice sender reputation.

Other Sales Funnel Statistics

#34. Targeting users with content relevant to their position along the buying process yields 72% higher conversion rates.

(Source: Aberdeenessentials)

#35. Improving SEO and organic presence is a top inbound marketing priority for 61% of marketers

(Source: HubSpot)

#36. The Average Cart Abandonment Rate Across All Industries is 69.57 Percent.

(Source:  Sleeknote)

#37. A good conversion rate is above 10%, with some businesses achieving an average of 11.45%. Earning a good conversion rate places your company in the top 10% of global advertisers, which makes your conversion rate two to five times better than the average conversion rate.

(Source: WebFx)

#38. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

(Source: HubSpot)

Video has continued to rise as the most important form of content. While the modern-day consumer wants to see a tool demo or product in action – brands need to focus their attention on what’s trending.

It has been proven over and over that videos capture audience attention than anything else.

And according to Wyzowl, 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.

Another report shows that 88% of marketers claim to be satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.

Now, what’s stopping you?

#39. Upsells are 68% more affordable than acquiring a brand-new customer.

#41. 70-95% of revenue comes from upsells and renewals on average for a business that offers them.

Final Thoughts: What Does These Sales Funnel Statistics Teach You?

So, at the end of this all, what do these sales funnel statistics really tell us?

Really, keeping up with some of these trends and statistics in the world of sales funnel and marketing as a whole may seem like an intimidating task.


Considering how the online industry constantly develops and evolves.

However, your company can easily stay up to pace by honing in on these helpful sales funnel stats.

No matter what products you sell or service you render using funnels – as an agency, course creator, eCommerce expert, brick and mortar, non-profits, coaching/consulting, network marketing, B2B, or SaaS…

Definitely, staying up-to-date on these sales funnel statistics and utilizing the data into your overall business strategy can set you up for long-term success.

I will keep updating this page on a monthly basis to keep it as fresh as possible.

With new and latest findings.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from putting up these sales funnel statistics together (I hope you learned too), is that hundreds of thousands of businesses are blooming using a systemized online funnel process.

Here’s an infographic that summarizes it all:

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