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Do you know 82% of Gen Z consumers use social media to find new brands?

Welcome to the world of Gen Z and social media!

Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, is the first generation to grow up entirely in the digital age. 

They are true digital natives, and social media is an integral part of their lives. 

From TikTok to Instagram, Gen Z is constantly connected and engaged with the world around them. 

This article covers the latest Gen Z social media statistics. 

We also explore how this generation uses social media, their preferred platforms, and what trends shape their online behavior.

Key Gen-Z Social Media Statistics

  • 54% of Gen Zers said they spend at least four hours daily on social media.
  • Most Gen Z shoppers (97%) claim that social media is now their primary inspiration for purchases.
  • 70% of Gen Z are likely to visit YouTube daily.
  • 59% of Gen Zers believe that Instagram ads influence their purchases more than TikTok (57%), Facebook (36%), and Twitter (29%).
  • 42% of Gen Z consumers say they’ve purchased a product after viewing a haul video on TikTok.
  • Gen Z finds that older platforms like Twitter and Facebook lack authenticity due to their algorithmic focus on engagement.
  • 88% of Generation Z use at least one social media network daily.
  • TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram each account for over 80% of Gen Z social network users.
  • Discord has grown tremendously in popularity among Generation Z.
  • By early 2022, TikTok usage among Gen Z had grown from 12% in January 2019 to 64%, increasing to 35% in a year and 58% in two years.

General Gen Z Social Media Statistics

1. A Morning Consult survey found that 54% of Gen Zers spend at least four hours daily on social media, and 38% spend even more time than that. 

(Morning Consult)

Gen Z is also known as the social media age. Gen Zers grew up with social media and are more drawn to it than other generations. 

Social media allows Gen Z to connect and build friendships with people worldwide. They can create a sense of community, share information, and stay connected with friends and family.

Gen Zers are digital natives who have never experienced a world without the internet. This deep integration with technology drives their extensive use of social media platforms.

2. In July 2022, seventy-five percent of Gen Z adults had used YouTube at least once a day in the previous month, with 19% using the platform at least weekly.


59 percent of respondents said they had used TikTok daily in the previous month. 

However, 72% of Gen Z adults said they had not used LinkedIn, while 86% said the same about Clubhouse.

3. 70% of Gen Zers and millennials have bought something they saw on social media. 


With just a few taps on their phone, they can easily buy the products they see on their favorite social media accounts. 

From trendy clothes to the latest gadgets, social media has become a one-stop shop for young people to discover and purchase new products. 

4. Most Gen Z shoppers (97%) claim that social media is now their primary inspiration for purchases. 


Platforms like TikTok and Instagram significantly influence Gen Zer’s buying choices. Many users make purchases based on what they see on these platforms. 

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z trusts their peers and influencers more on social media than traditional celebrity endorsements. 

They are easily influenced by individuals they perceive as relatable and trustworthy, leading them to purchase based on these influencers’ recommendations.

5. Over 70% of Generation Z probably watch YouTube videos daily. 


Gen Zers love variety, and Youtube is all about Variety. 

YouTube offers diverse content, including educational videos, entertainment, music, vlogs, tutorials, and more. This variety caters to Gen Zers’ diverse interests, allowing them to find content that aligns with their preferences and hobbies.

Additionally, Gen-Zers are drawn to visual content, and YouTube provides a platform rich in engaging videos that capture their attention.

6. 82% of Gen Z consumers use social media to find new brands. 

(Spice Works)

It’s like a treasure hunt, where they scroll, tap, and find cool, fresh brands to try. Social media platforms are their go-to spot for staying in the loop and seeing the latest trends. 

7. A January 2023 study of iOS users in the United States found that 92% of Gen Z users aged 16 to 25 used YouTube. 


Instagram and TikTok came in second and third, with 85 percent and 78 percent of Gen Z users in the United States.

8. Regarding social media brand ads, 40% of Gen Z consumers favor Reels, Stories, or TikTok videos. 

(Spice Works)

Gen Zers are drawn to short video formats, such as reels, stories, and TikTok videos, because they are visually engaging. 

These formats offer quick, versatile, and visually appealing content that captures the attention of Gen-Z users. 

Reels and stories feel more authentic because the videos are relatable.

9. Gen Z uses TikTok for 24-48 hours a month. 

(Pew Research)

TikTok offers entertaining content, including music, DIY ideas, fashion, and more, presented in short, informative videos that tell stories.

Gen-Zers favor short-form video content, making TikTok’s format ideal for their viewing habits.

Even better, TikTok hooks users by tailoring content to each user’s interests, showing videos aligned with their personal preferences.

10. 75% of Generation Z said they purchase online based on creator recommendations. 

(Brand Time)

Influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers create content on these platforms. 

They often share their favorite products or services with their followers, and if their followers like what they see, they might buy those products, too. 

11. Approximately 88% of Generation Z use at least one social media network daily. 

(Square up)

Gen Zers have grown up with the internet and social media as integral parts of their everyday lives.

They are comfortable with online interactions. 

In fact, some Gen Zers earn their living by becoming social media influencers. Almost everything this generation does is on social media.

However, it’s not a bad thing. Gen Zers have learned to speak up or form support communities through social media. 

The average Gen Zer wants to be part of a community with similar values or beliefs. Social media is an avenue to be in such communities. 

12. Most Gen Z customers (63%) use social media to follow businesses and trends. 

(Square up)

Gen-Zers use social media to discover new products, brands, and trends. They rely on content from businesses and influencers to stay informed about the latest trends and products.

With social media, Gen Zers can directly engage with businesses, brands, and influencers. 

In fact, Gen Z buys from businesses they feel connected to. 

Then, there’s the issue of social proof.

Gen-Zers value social proof and validation when making purchasing decisions. By following businesses and trends on social media, they can see how others receive products and read reviews. 

13. Both Millennials and Gen Z social media users reported being 61% addicted to their smartphones overall, while 39% did not. 

(Civic Science)

14. Comparing ten social media networks in detail reveals that Gen Z uses almost all of them more than Millennials. 

(Civic Science)

15. A Japanese survey in January 2022 showed that 77.6% of Generation Z members used the messaging app LINE. 


LINE was the top social media platform, followed by YouTube and Twitter.

16. 83% of Gen Z says social media is where most of their shopping ideas come from. 

(Insider Intelligence)

17. Forrester reported a 6% year-over-year decline in adult Gen Z’s perception of brand coolness on social media, dropping from 52% to 46%. 


Compared to the previous year, fewer Gen Zers find brands appealing and trendy when seen on social platforms. Their perception dropped from 52% to 46%. 

18. Gen Z finds that older platforms like Twitter and Facebook lack authenticity due to their algorithmic focus on engagement. 

(Synapse Sem)

19. Google feels pressured because 40% of Gen Z choose TikTok to search instead of Google. 

(Synapse Sem)

One of the main reasons Gen Zers choose TikTok for search is the video format of the results. 

They find the video format more engaging and appealing than traditional text-based search results.

Gen Zers love videos more than texts. 

Also, for product recommendations and reviews, Gen Zers trust influencers and brands on TikTok for product recommendations and trend insights. 

20. 64% of Gen Z customers anticipate a more tailored social media experience depending on past interactions. 

(Synapse Sem)

Gen Z customers value personalization and expect brands to deliver content that caters to their individual tastes and preferences.

Gen Zers have grown up in a tech-centric world where they are accustomed to custom playlists, targeted ads, and personalized content. 

They expect brands to provide seamless, personalized experiences throughout their customer journey.

Furthermore, personalization is a crucial differentiator for Gen Z. 

A significant percentage are willing to provide their data for a personalized experience. They are also willing to pay extra for personalization and are more likely to buy a product if they can customize it.

21. 61% of Gen Z customers want businesses to use their social media activity to learn more about them. 

(Synapse Sem)

This means they want companies to understand their interests, preferences, and values based on what they post and engage with on social media. 

The desire for personalized experiences is driven by the fact that Gen Z values authenticity and individuality.

22. 52% of Gen Z customers expect businesses to review and examine their social media posts. 

(Synapse Sem)

Gen Zers value authenticity, transparency, and engagement. They are known for their preference for genuine interactions and personalized experiences. 

By reviewing and examining their social media posts, businesses show they actively listen to and engage with their customers more personally. 

This allows businesses to tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to Gen Z customers’ needs and expectations.  

23. Half of Gen Z adults (50%) receive news from social media daily. 


Social media platforms offer immediate, interactive, and engaging news experiences that align with this generation’s preferences and habits.

Also, social media platforms allow users to drop comments on their opinions about the news. 

Gen Zers want their voices to be heard. Hence, they are willing to engage in platforms that allow them to give their opinions. 

24. Gen Z teens aged 14-19 get news from social media and messaging services more than 20-24 year olds. 


They prefer platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat for news and communication, while older generations may rely more on traditional news sources. 

Gen Z’s digital-first lifestyle and constant connection to technology make social media a primary source of news and information for them.

Social Media Usage Statistics By Gen Z’s

25. TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram each account for over 80% of Gen Z social network users. 

(Insider Intelligence)

TikTok’s short videos with music and effects are popular, and Snapchat’s disappearing messages and filters are engaging. 

Instagram’s photos and videos share daily life with Stories, Reels, and IGTV.

26. Snapchat has a larger share of Gen Z teen users (ages 12 to 17) than Gen Z adult users (ages 18 to 24). 

(Insider Intelligence)

27. By 2027, 80.9% of the Gen Z population will use Instagram, compared to 71.9% on TikTok. 

(Insider Intelligence)

28. 37% of Gen Z uses Facebook. 

(Y Pulse)

Fewer Gen-Zers use Facebook. Facebook is perceived as uncool, outdated, and primarily used by older generations like Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. 

Gen Zers tend to favor platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, which offer more engaging, visual, and interactive experiences that align better with their preferences and habits. 

29. Discord has grown tremendously in popularity among Generation Z. 

(Y Pulse)

Discord provides a platform for focused online communities, offers a social experience, and caters to the preferences and habits of this generation.

Discord offers a private space for Gen Zers to be themselves, connect with friends, explore their interests, and enjoy community. 

The platform’s emphasis on creating engaging online communities aligns with Gen Z’s desire for unique experiences, social interactions, and personalized content.

30. By early 2022, TikTok usage among Gen Z had grown from 12% in January 2019 to 64%, increasing to 35% in a year and 58% in two years. 

(Y Pulse)

The platform’s short-form video content, personalized experience, and sense of community have contributed to its appeal among Gen Z. 

TikTok’s success has also led to increased marketing spending and the development of similar short-form video features on other social media platforms. 

31. Between 2019 and 2022, TikTok’s users among Gen Z and Millennials increased by 14 to 17 percentage points per year. 

(Y Pulse)

32. 40% of Gen Z use TikTok when looking for a place to eat lunch. 

(Tech Crunch)

TikTok has short, fun videos showcasing different food options, restaurants, and dining experiences. 

Users can quickly scroll through and find visually appealing and trendy places to grab a bite. 

33. 56% of Gen-Zers use social media while watching TV. 


Gen Z audiences are heavy users of mobile devices while watching TV. Most Gen Zers enjoy online shopping, browsing social media platforms, and seeking entertainment recommendations. 

This dual-screen behavior allows Gen Zers to multitask, stay connected, and access a more interactive and engaging entertainment experience.

Gen Z’s Purchases Via Social Media Statistics

34. 46% of Gen Z TikTok users make impulse purchases online every 2-3 weeks. 


When they see something fun or trendy on the app, they’re quick to hit “buy” without much planning. 

It’s like they’re constantly looking for the next cool thing to add to their collection, and TikTok is their go-to source for inspiration.

35. Gen-Zers searching for products on social media has risen by 43% since 2015.


36. Gen Z/millennials spend an average of 2 hours and 44 minutes on social media daily.


37. According to Jungle Scout, 71% of Gen Z adults intend to purchase straight on Instagram. 

(Insider Intelligence)

With features like Shoppable Instagram posts and the “swipe up” function on Instagram Stories, businesses can tag products. 

They can also provide direct links to product pages, making the purchasing process more convenient for users. 

This direct link between product discovery and purchase intent on Instagram caters to Gen Z’s desire for instant gratification and personalized shopping experiences. 

38. 42% of Gen Z shoppers claim to have bought a product after watching a TikTok haul video. 

(Digital Commerce 360)

A haul video is when someone shows off the recently bought items, often sharing their shopping experience and opinions on the products. 

This trend highlights the influence of social media, particularly TikTok, on Gen Z’s shopping decisions. 

39. In August 2022, Gen Z social media users in the United States spent an average of over 1,500 minutes watching YouTube content. 


TikTok came second, with an average engagement time of 765 minutes. Instagram ranked third, with 512 minutes spent by Gen Z users.

40. 59% of Gen Zers believe that Instagram ads influence their purchases more than TikTok (57%), Facebook (36%), and Twitter (29%). 


Instagram might be the best advertising platform if you’re trying to reach this demographic. 

To target Gen Zers, create visually appealing and engaging ads relevant to their interests and values. 

Also, consider partnering with influencers with a strong following among this demographic. 


Gen Z, the tech-savvy generation, continues to shape the digital landscape with their unwavering presence on social media. 

From TikTok’s dance challenges to Instagram’s visual storytelling, Gen Zers have embraced various platforms, making them the most connected generation yet. 

With an average of 8 hours and 45 minutes spent on screens daily, their social media habits testify to their love for connection, creativity, and self-expression. 


1. What are the most popular social media platforms among Gen Z?

According to Morning Consult’s report, YouTube is the most-used platform for Gen Z, with over 80% spending time on the app. Next is Instagram at 75%. 

And TikTok (69%) and Snapchat (63%) aren’t too far behind either.

2. How important is engaging content for Gen Z on social media?

Gen Z values authenticity, relevance, and engaging content on social media. 

They spend significant time on social media, prefer video and photo content, and are early adopters of new trends and technologies.

3. How much time does Gen Z spend on social media daily?

Morning Consult reports that 54% of Gen Zers spend over four hours daily on social media.


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