ClickFunnels Awards List

This post is all about all of the ClickFunnels Awards.

ClickFunnels is one of the world’s leading sales and marketing funnel software, used by thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. It has revolutionized how marketers drive sales leads, capture leads, and build landing pages with its intuitive drag-and-drop platform.

As if it wasn’t already impressive enough, ClickFunnel has also been recognized for its innovation in offering a variety of prestigious awards to its users, affiliates, and clients.

I mean, awards like:

  • The ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award
  • The ClickFunnels Dream Car Award
  • The 2 Comma Club X (2ccx award)
  • Two Comma Club “C” Award
  • The “2 Heart” Award

And everything else you need to know about them.

List of ClickFunnels Awards and Winners

First, we’re getting started with:

ClickFunnels Award #1: 2 Comma Club Award

Two comma club award winners

The ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award is given to any entrepreneur who has used ClickFunnels to grow their business to the 7-figure mark or made over 1 million dollars through a single sales funnel built on ClickFunnels.

Russell created this award to encourage, inspire and drive funnel hackers to build the business of their dreams.

The Two Comma Club Award started in 2017 when Russell saw that a lot of entrepreneurs in diverse niches were crossing the million-dollar mark with their funnels. So, he decided to create this award to celebrate and acknowledge them for their efforts.

Today, as I’m writing this, the total number of 2 Comma Club Award winners is around 900 funnel hackers.

List of some of the Two Comma Award winners with their industries:

  • Joe McCall: Real estate investing – podcast, products, coaching, and marketing services
  • Dan Henry: Digital courses and info products
  • Myron Golden: Personal Development, sales, and marketing
  • Trey Lewellen: Physical products
  • Liz Benny: Life and business and transformation
  • Garrett White: Coaching and consulting
  • Raoul Plickat: Sales and marketing
  • Akbar Sheikh: Coaching
  • Pat Rigsby: Fitness Business
  • Rob Kosberg: Publishing and Media
  • Natalie Hodson: Fitness expert
  • John Lee Dumas: Podcasting
  • Anissa Holmes: Dentist practice
  • Jaime Cross; Organic Skincare
  • Jeremy McGilvrey: Instagram Expert
  • Tyler Shaule: Non-profit Children’s Summer Camp
  • Rachel Pedersen: Digital marketing and social media
  • Stephen Larsen: Funnel building & Network Marketing
  • Stacey Martino: Relationship Coaching
  • Ed Osburn: Health Professionals /Chiropractors
  • Alison Prince: eCommerce business
  • Julie Stoian: Marketing and coaching
  • Rhonda Swan: Personal Branding
  • Jason Caine: Sport nutrition products
  • Cole Humphus: Photography coaching
  • Bryan Dulaney: Coaching and consulting
  • Anthony Morrison: Digital products, coaching, and masterminds
  • Kevin David: Digital courses and info products
  • Shawn Lynam: Real estate marketing
  • Dean Graziosi: Personal development, marketing, and sales
  • Dan Lok: Courses and masterminds
  • Colin Wayne: Steel manufacturing company
  • Pedro Adao: Life insurance and financial advisor coach
  • Daniel Dasilva: Software and info products
  • Alex Hormozi: Gym business

The above list is part of the 900+ marketers and entrepreneurs who have made over a million dollars with their ClickFunnels account and received the Two Comma Club plaque.

ClickFunnels Award #2: Two Comma Club X Award (2ccx)

Two Comma Club X award

The ClickFunnels Comma Club X Award is the next milestone for those who have attained the Two Comma Club. It is also called the 8-figure club award.

The 2 Comma Club X entrepreneurs have earned over eight figures (that’s $10 million dollars) inside their ClickFunnels funnels.

As of when writing this, ClickFunnels has awarded a total of 46+ funnel hackers this 8-figure award.

Here are some of the Two Comma Club X Award winners:

  • Jim Edwards: Funnel Scripts software
  • Kevin David: Digital courses
  • Myron Golden: Personal Development, Events, and coaching
  • Dan Henry: Digital courses and masterminds
  • Brandon and Kaelin Poulin: LadyBoss supplements
  • Anthony Morrison: Coaching and digital products
  • Blake Nubar: Funnel coaching and consultation
  • Alex Homorzi: Gym and Consulting

ClickFunnels Award #3: Two Comma Club “C” Award

Two Comma Club C Award winners

I had never heard of this award myself, until recently.

The ClickFunnels Two Comma Club “C” Award is superior to the 2 Comma Club X Award. It is awarded to any funnel hacker who has earned $25-$100 million or more inside their ClickFunnels funnel.

This is a brand new ClickFunnels Award that was created for Funnel Hacking Live back in 2020.

The Two Comma “C” award plaque is made up of four milestones along the entrepreneurial journey:

  • $25 million
  • $50 million
  • $75 million
  • And finally, $100 million

This award plaque has four segments.

So, each time a business owner reaches one of the above milestones in sales inside their ClickFunnels account, the corresponding segment will be filled.

Here are some of the recent winners of the Two Comma Club “C”:

  • Bryan Dulaney: Funnel Coaching and consulting
  • Peng Joon: Digital products and live events
  • Anthony Morrison: Coaching and digital products
  • Alex Hormozi: Gym and fitness business
  • Brandon and Kaelin Poulin: LadyBoss Supplements

ClickFunnels Award #4: The ClickFunnels Dream Car Award

ClickFunnels dream car contest

The ClickFunnels dream car award is the award specially made for and given to ClickFunnels affiliates who brought in or referred 100 or more active users to use ClickFunnels software.

Not just the award…

When you qualify (having 100+ users under you), ClickFunnels will keep sending you a $500 USD check monthly to reimburse your payment on your dream car.

If it’s up to 200 or more active users, they’ll keep sending you $1000 every month.

So far, there have been over a hundred dream car winners since the inception of the ClickFunnels dream car award.

Here are some of the ClickFunnels Car Award List:

  • Stephen Esketzis
  • Todd Brown
  • Bryan Dulaney
  • Ben Cummings
  • Justin Verrengia
  • Josh Rhodes
  • Anthony Morrison (#1 affiliate)
  • Greg Jeffries
  • Nate McCallister
  • Spencer Mecham
  • Tim Felmingham
  • Franklin Hatchett
  • Dan Frigo
  • Rachel Lee
  • James Hurst
  • Laury Gonzalez
  • Blake Nubar
  • Chris Fong
  • Jacob Caris
  • Jet Saini

ClickFunnels Award #5: The ClickFunnels “2 Heart” Award

The ClickFunnels “2 Heart” award is an award given to entrepreneurs who have donated $1 Million or more to charity through their sales funnel income generated via ClickFunnels.

This is one of the latest and newest ClickFunnels awards.

As of when writing this – only a single funnel hacker has attained this award – Alex Hormozi.

ClickFunnels Award #6: One Comma Club Award

ClickFunnels One comma club award
source: onefunnelaway

This is the least of all the ClickFunnels awards on this list.

ClickFunnels One Comma Club Award is a virtual award given to a funnel hacker who has made at least $1000 from a single funnel.

FAQs on ClickFunnels plaque and awards

How many people are in the 2 comma club?

Currently, there are more than 10,000 members of the 2 Comma Club from all across the world. These individuals have gone above and beyond to create highly successful companies with seven-figure revenues. Their success is something to be admired and encouraged by aspiring entrepreneurs.

How do you get a 2CC award?

The 2CC (Certified Double Comma Club) award is a prestigious recognition given to digital marketers who have achieved the pinnacle of success in their field by selling over $1,000,000 in digital products or services with their sales funnels. To qualify for the award, you must demonstrate a minimum of 1 million dollars sold and verified through your sales funnels. Additionally, you must provide evidence that your current marketing efforts are actually generating measurable results and making an impactful difference in people’s lives.

Is there a two-comma club award fake?

Though there have been reports of fake Two-Comma Club Awards being circulated, there has been no confirmed evidence that such awards are real or exist in any form. The only authentic Two-Comma Club Awards are those given by ClickFunnels directly.

How do I become a top ClickFunnels earner?

To become a top earner with ClickFunnels you must learn from the expert himself, Russell Brunson. He has created an amazing system, coaching, and platform that is used by thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe. His books like Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets are must-reads that provide valuable insights into the marketing funnel philosophy he has developed over the years. I’ll also recommend taking this challenge to learn how to create your first million-dollar funnel.

ClickFunnels Awards Winners- Conclusion

One of the main goals of ClickFunnels is to help entrepreneurs like you build long-term, life-changing, and transforming businesses. To impact lives and make the world a better place.

That’s why they provide business owners in every niche the best resources, software solutions, free training, and support to grow their business beyond measures…

Then whenever you reach a milestone in your online business, they, recognize, acknowledge, and encourage you.

By bringing you up on the stage of over 4000 funnel hackers to present you with an award.

And in return, you become more motivated to impact lives further with your products or services. While ClickFunnels claims to be a website and funnel builder company that helps existing businesses sell their products and services online…

As an active user myself, all I can say is that they’re much more than what they claim to be in my opinion.

Final Step: Get the FREE Dotcom Secrets book (you cover a tiny shipping cost)

Have questions or comments regarding this ClickFunnels awards list? Let me know.

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