Is Pinterest good for affiliate marketing

Pinterest has over 447 million users as of last year. If you’re looking for a way to increase your affiliate income, Pinterest might be just the thing that you need. Is it worth it for promoting affiliate products?

While Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are the usual go-to platforms for affiliate marketers, there are other lucrative social platforms like Pinterest that tend to go under the radar.

Pinterest stands out because of its unique product search feature, especially its visual search.

Is Pinterest good for affiliate marketing? Sit back and enjoy as I answer your Pinterest affiliate marketing questions.

Is Pinterest Good for Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest is an effective social media tool for affiliate marketing. It is one of the most effective tools that affiliate marketers use to promote their products and service to their targeted audience.

Here are some vital facts that prove that Pinterest is good for affiliate marketing.

Pinterest Has 447 Million, Monthly Active Users

This is a large number of active users who are potential customers for every affiliate willing to use the platform to promote products and various services.

Pinterest has witnessed significant growth since the inception of the pandemic. The platform has successfully grown its user base from 335 million MAUs at the end of 2019 to 444 million MAUs in the third quarter of 2021. 

These figures indicate that Pinterest has more monthly active users than Twitter and Snapchat.

Pinterest is the Only Social Media Platform to Offer Visual Search

Pinterest is the only platform that offers an effective visual search among the various social media platforms. This special feature makes it an effective tool for specific types of affiliate marketing.

Pinterest offers a unique feature, a special type of search engine primarily focused on helping users find products.

With this feature, users can easily locate the products that they require, and in turn, it helps to push sales for affiliate marketers. This feature has made Pinterest one of the most valuable and effective social media platforms for affiliate marketing.

Pinterest has Placed Its Focus on Shopping

Pinterest is a dynamic platform that regularly adds new and improved features to make the platform more appealing to users. 

For example, in October 2020, Pinterest included various new features primarily focused on helping merchants from various industries maximize their sales. Pinterest also made another push on this front in December 2021.

Additionally, the company published a detailed guide on effectively setting up product listings on the platform using Pinterest’s Catalogs UI. This special guide was published towards the end of 2021. 

According to Pinterest, about 83% of weekly Pinners buy based on the appealing content they saw from various brands on the platform.

This fact implies that the platform offers more value than just a place where users can access information about new products, ideas, and inspiration. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can leverage this fact about this platform, use it to your advantage, and increase your sales.

How to Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing?

To become an effective affiliate marketer on Pinterest, you must diligently follow certain vital steps. These steps include:

Launch a Pinterest Business Account

On Pinterest, a user can open various profiles on the platform. These profiles have different features and are used for different purposes.

You would require a business account or profile to function as an affiliate on Pinterest. This account allows the owner to perform certain commercial or business-related activities on the platform, including affiliate marketing.

You can convert your private account to a business account or open a new one for your affiliate marketing activities.

An additional advantage of using a business profile is that it offers the users access to certain features such as analytics, ads, and audience insights to aid their marketing activities and boost sales.

pinterest business account
Source: Pinterest Business

After you have set up the account, the next course of action is for you to gain proper exposure regarding affiliated content.

This process requires creating beautiful photos, videos, infographics, and other visuals for the affiliate offers and products.

Sign Up as an Affiliate for a Product Category

As an affiliate marketer, your primary job is to help brands and organizations sell their products for a commission. You must strategically pick a niche you want to target with a website or blog.

The selected niche might be fashion, home, technology, travel, or B2B. There should be an affiliate program associated with your selected niche. 

Create Blog Content to Promote Affiliate Links

Create engaging content that contains affiliate links. You can use this carefully designed content to promote what you do as an affiliate and gain vast numbers of followers who are also potential customers. 

You can also publish this content as blog or video posts on a website.

Create Multiple Pins for Each Content

Creating multiple pins for each post is the next step after creating and uploading your blog content or video posts on your website.

By creating multiple pins for each piece of content, you create a system that enables you to display your content to a vast number of people every day on the platform. The advantage of creating multiple pins is that you can drive more traffic to your content.

Maximize the Potentials or Group Boards

Imagine having the opportunity to reach ten times the number of people you would be able to reach normally via your board.

Group boards enable multiple users to share their content on a particular board which naturally promotes great awareness.

An upside to using group boards is that various users are allowed to promote pins to each other’s audience. Your role is to conduct in-depth research on group boards related to the niche your affiliate products fall into.

Relevant tools such as Pingroupie can be used to achieve this goal. A simple example is the “group beauty, hair, nails” board designed for affiliates in the beauty industry. 

pin board

Best Tips for Using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing 

These listed factors can be referred to as the golden rule every affiliate marketer should consider when using Pinterest for affiliate marketing.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to mastering or excelling in anything. You must keep going even when it gets tough and strive to remain at it and not jump to something else.

You may get a different response than you want the first time you attach a link to the picture of your promoting product. As long as you are consistent with your activities, in no time, your engagement will increase. 

Being consistent has nothing to do with attaching various links to every post or that you should bombard your board with various pins. Instead, aim to consistently post engaging content every day without missing a day in the calendar.

The implication is that users will unconsciously develop a liking and trust for the product or service you upload and will be willing to purchase it. 

Constantly adding pins to your board will help boost Pinterest followers and create better brand awareness for affiliates.

Have Detailed Information About Both the Market and the Latest Trend

As an affiliate marketer, it is wise to have detailed information on what products or services appeal to the needs and desires of your audiences.

You can get this information through market research and by following the latest trends and news regarding the products and services you intend to promote on Pinterest.

You should also listen to your audience to find out the products and services they are most interested in. Also, follow relevant boards that offer similar products, services, or competitors.

It would help if you searched for closely related content that gets the audience’s attention and made the necessary adjustments to engage your audience.

Make Your Content Look Good and Attractive

You must be conscious that Pinterest is a solely visual medium, which means audiences are exposed to various amazing content designed to get their attention.

Your pins must always look good, stand out from your competitors, and be attractive enough to get you the engagement you want.

You can take advantage of the various design Appletons to create an attractive graphic design to get the attrition of your target audience when browsing Pinterest. 

By creating beautiful and compelling pins that stand out and bring value to users, you will have a greater chance of maximizing your conversion rate.

Tap into SEO

Approach the Pinterest algorithm with a mindset of search marketing to maximize the platform’s potential. 

With this unique mindset, you tend to focus more on significant phrases and keywords applied while creating the pin to ensure it reaches many users.

An effective search optimization tip is to organize pins into boards. It helps search engines easily recognize the structure and return the most relevant pins when a user searches.

Promote Affiliate Products on Group Boards

Strategically promote affiliate products by using different group boards where various people in these groups can view your content. 

When an individual joins a particular group board, simultaneously, everyone that individual’s followers will also join the boards and see every uploaded pin on the group’s board. 

The option allows you as an affiliate to extend your reach beyond a particular group to go beyond and reach more people, which will result in more engagement and higher sales.

Finding a group board is not difficult—use the search function to search “[topic] group board.” If the picture of the owner of the profile has multiple people, then it’s a group board.

Analyze and Make the Necessary Adjustment

To optimize any market activity, the bust means to carry out a proper analysis and, with the acquired information, make the necessary adjustments so you can get the best from the market.

There are certain key areas you should pay close attention such as: 

  • Which pins and boards drive the most traffic to the blog or website?
  • Which pins and boards do the target audience engage with most? E.g., pins with the most comments or shares.

You can use Pinterest Analytics, available to business accounts, and other analytical tools to carry out the necessary analytics.

Furthermore, it would be best if you also considered using Google Analytics. Use UTM links to track clicks from individual pins.

Suppose you follow these pro tips regarding your affiliate marketing activities on Pinterest. In that case, you will certainly produce the desired result and earn a lot of money.

Analyze and Make the Necessary Adjustment

Carry out proper analysis to optimize any market activity. With the acquired information, make the necessary adjustments so you can get the best from the market.

There are certain key areas you should pay close attention such as: 

  • Which pins and boards drive the most traffic to your blog or website?
  • Which pins and boards do the target audience engage with most? E.g., pins with the most comments or shares.

You can use Pinterest Analytics, available to business accounts, and other analytical tools. Consider using Google Analytics. Use UTM links to track clicks from individual pins.

If you follow these pro tips regarding your affiliate marketing activities on Pinterest, you will certainly produce the desired result and earn a lot of money.

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog?

Pinterest is a platform that is well known for helping website owners to harvest traffic on their blogs. But when using Pinterest for affiliate marketing, if you don’t have a blog, will your activities still be effective? 

The answer to this mind-boggling question is Yes, you can run affiliate marketing successfully on Pinterest without having a blog or website.

However, having a blog will greatly benefit you as an affiliate marketer operating on Pinterest. But if you don’t have one, you don’t need to worry.

There are various ways you can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing without a blog.

  • Create pins that are linked directly to the affiliate product but ensure that this move aligns with your unique overall Pinterest strategy.
  • You can create pins for proms or giveaways such as webinars and ebooks, which are designed to help you drive traffic to your email list. In this way, you can promote your affiliate links via email without a blog requirement. 

Having a blog is not a prerequisite for Pinterest affiliate marketing but it is an effective strategy for improving your income. Before creating a blog, you need to carefully pick the best affiliate website builder and affiliate web host.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing FAQs

How to Add Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

To get started, you must create Pinterest pin images for a post and post them on your profile. You begin by creating a pin as normal from the profile page. For the technical aspect, click the plus sign in the bottom right corner of your device screen and hit Create Pin.

Can I Earn Money from Pinterest as an Affiliate Marketer?

Earning money from Pinterest as an affiliate marketer is possible and not as difficult as it may seem. You earn commissions when you share your affiliate link on the platform and get users to make a purchase through your link.

Does Pinterest allow ClickBank Links?

Pinterest allows affiliate marketers to share their links on the platform for various affiliate networks which includes ClickBank. As long as you follow Pinterest’s community guidelines regarding sharing affiliate content, you should have no issues.

How Do I Promote an Affiliate Link on Pinterest?

Selecting the best out of the two available options is largely dependent on the terms of the affiliate program you are subscribed to.

1) Link directly from pins to the brand’s website.

2) Link from pins to an affiliate website and convert from there.

Can I Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest?

Yes, Pinterest allows affiliate marketers to share affiliate links from Amazon Associates, allowing users to execute amazon affiliate marketing on the platform.

Are there Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Courses?

There are several Pinterest affiliate marketing courses on Udemy such as Pinterest Passive Affiliate Marketing For Beginners and Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing Organically Sell Grow

Is Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest worth it?

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is definitely worth it if done correctly. In order to successfully and profitably use affiliate marketing on this platform, you must first understand the basics of how it works.

Pinterest users are highly engaged with content that contains images, short videos, infographics, and much more which makes it an ideal platform for promoting products through visual assets. Just like any other social media network though you need to create content that will engage with an audience in order for them to click through via links embedded into the post about a product or service.

If you are still doubting if you should use Pinterest as an affiliate marketing platform, the various information in this article should have answered your questions.

To take full advantage of this platform, it is important to pay close attention to how Pinterest works and how target users engage with content.

Remember that Pinterest is a visual channel—make pins eye-catching and interesting, or they won’t drive traffic or sales.

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