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Imagine having a trustworthy sidekick for your marketing adventures – that’s what ClickMagick has been for me over the past 4 years. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with accurate click analytics, SubID tracking, automatic bot filtering, A/B split testing, and the captivating MagickPop options. ClickMagick links tracking is a breeze, even on external websites, offering valuable insights for top-notch campaign performance.

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Best Foradvertisers, affiliates & agencies
Price$69 for 10,000 clicks/mo
Promotion14-day free account

In this ClickMagick review, you’ll get to find out every feature that comes with this link tracker and see if it is worth investing in or not.

Plus, why it is better than the 'almighty' Google Analytics and other tools for tracking, monitoring, and optimizing your link clicks.

Imagine being able to monitor every of your page visitor’s link clicks, tell where they are coming from, what they clicked on if they are human, or just bots.

A dream come true for every online business.

In this post, I'm going to review ClickMagick and see how it can help you increase your affiliate marketing income.

I will also show you:

  • how I use it
  • how it work
  • the pricing
  • a complete overview

Overview of ClickMagick

ClickMagick DetailInformation
FounderPatrick Kelly
Year Founded2014 (10+ years!)
Free TrialYes (14-day free trial)
Refund Policy30-day money-back guarantee
Real-Time TrackingYes
Mobile AppYes (App Store & Google Play)
DemoYes (watch here)

ClickMagick Review: What is It?

ClickMagick tracking

Launched in 2014 by Patrick Kelly, ClickMagick has evolved to become the most popular performance marketing software for online businesses.

This link click/tracking software has emerged to be a formidable ally for entrepreneurs and marketers, propelling their campaigns to new heights. Imagine it as the seasoned navigator guiding a ship through uncharted waters, not merely tracking link clicks but orchestrating a symphony of insights to enhance conversions and boost earnings.

ClickMagick transcends conventional link tracking.

It's your strategic partner, equipping you with sophisticated features to propel your online ventures to unprecedented success. Think of it as not just a tracker but a wizard's toolkit, where every feature is a spell to transform your marketing strategies.

This web-based software is your virtual marketing compass, ensuring you stay on course and optimizing every click for maximum impact. It's more than a tool; it's the seasoned captain steering your ship through the intricacies of the digital sea.

With over 10 years of expertise, ClickMagick is the unrivaled leader in performance marketing tracking and analytics.

ClickMagick doesn't just offer reports; it provides a panoramic view of your marketing landscape, enabling you to discern what's working and what needs adjustment. Consider it as the keen-eyed strategist on your team, tirelessly working to ensure your success in the vast and ever-evolving realm of online marketing.

Some of my favorite features include:

  • Dynamic affiliate links and link cloaking
  • A/b split testing (with automated winner alerts)
  • Add retargeting pixels to any link
  • Click fraud monitoring & traffic quality analysis
  • Multi-mode link rotators
  • Geotargeting & mobile optimization
  • Smooth integration with affiliate networks

And many more.

ClickMagick Pros

  • Pretty easy to learn and use
  • Real-Time Stats & Reports
  • Quick Stat import, export, and share
  • Uptime link monitoring
  • Bot filtering to distinguish between clicks
  • Advanced postback URL tracking supported
  • Tracking of pages that are not yours
  • A new marketing class called ClickMagick Experts Academy

ClickMagick Cons

  • Not the most affordable link tracker
  • Live chat support is only available to advanced users

Best Features of ClickMagick (and why I like them)

This link-tracking software comes with more than a dozen features – but we shall take a look at the distinctive ones.

1. ClickMagick Link/URL Rotator

ClickMagick acts as a link rotator for marketers (especially affiliates) who split traffic to multiple links so that the traffic would be evenly distributed among the links.

ClickMagick Rotators

This is one of the magical powers of ClickMagic and common partnership practices in the affiliate marketing world.

With the link rotator feature in ClickMagick, you can configure more than one URL or landing page link to be under a single link, then it splits the traffic to the different pages.

There are lots of options and parameters that come with the ClickMagick rotator which makes it an ideal choice for marketers.


  • The option to distribute clicks in a random manner
  • Setting separate links for mobile users
  • Ability to include or exclude clicks from certain countries
  • Adding retargeting pixels
  • Filtering of bad clicks
  • And many more…

2. A/B Split Testing with ClickMagick

Every smart online marketer knows how relevant and beneficial A/B testing could be in an online business. Ads, funnels, landing pages, and so on.

ClickMagick’s intelligent split tester gives you the ability to add multiple or single links and send users to pages so you can tell which converts better.

Split testing in Clickmagick

You just have to specify the percentage of traffic you desire to be sent to each of your pages/links and let ClickMagic do the rest of the "magic".

At the end of the test, you will be alerted to the winner and have your traffic directed to the winner all on automation. This saves you money to avoid sending lots of traffic to non-converting pages.

How cool?

3. ClickMagick Content Features (Popup, Bars, and Timers)

These are 3 elements I find very useful when it comes to getting leads and making more sales.

Clickmagick content features

And ClickMagick did not only add them so you can use them on your pages – but also exploit them smartly while running campaigns.

Let us take a look at how you can implement these 3 content-based features:

  • MagickPop

The MagickPop lets you create popups for your website and landing pages, meaning you don’t need extra tools, plugins, or software for creating popups.

Magickpops feature

The good part about the ClickMagick popup feature is that you’ll have access to 4 different kinds of popups – on load, delayed, exit intent, and exit redirects.

And the better part is that you don’t need to own the website or page before you display these popups. But the bad part is that the design interface looks outdated and requires a bit of HTML skill to work your way around it.

  • MagickBars

This enables you to add any type of bar (notification, promo, timers, etc.) to your pages. There are dedicated plugins and software for this – but Click Magic also has this inside its arsenal.

Magickbar feature

You can use the MagickBars on pages that are not yours as well. It same bad part as the popup feature. You'll need HTML skills to produce something enchanting.

  • Countdown Timers

The scarcity approach has been a great marketing tactic that puts a visitor in a state of “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) and this has been proven to have helped marketers to drastically increase conversion rates.

Magick timer

And I’m not talking about the FAKE scarcity here… You could end up with a bad name.

When used properly, it can urge visitors to take action fast. Meaning, fewer time-wasters, and more action-takers.

4. ClickMagick Automatic Bot Filtering

A standout feature in ClickMagick's arsenal is its built-in bot filtering, a digital superhero that automatically sifts through and blocks 90% or more of the bots and automated clicks you encounter.

This robust defense mechanism guarantees that your stats remain a true reflection of genuine user engagement, sparing your reports from the clutter of peculiar visits.

If you've ever felt the frustration of solo ad vendors flooding your affiliate offers with fake clicks or witnessed your PPC budget dwindling due to fraudulent activity, you understand the pains of battling bot traffic.

ClickMagick steps in as your vigilant guardian in these scenarios, playing the role of a digital cop to filter out the noise.

Just as a cop maintains order in a bustling city, ClickMagick filters and blocks bot and spammy clicks, ensuring your affiliate marketing endeavors or PPC campaigns aren't marred by fraudulent activities.

With the bot filtering feature, you can exclude malicious clicks from your Google, Bing, or any Paid Per Click Advertising platform from a certain IP address or location.

5. Dynamic Sub-IDs

One standout feature that sets it apart is the Dynamic Sub-IDs capability, a tool I truly adore.

Here's how it works: ClickMagick allows you to create a single tracking link for an offer and dynamically attach sub-ids to it. It's like having a master key that unlocks the door to understanding the sources of your traffic. Think of it as tagging each link with a unique identifier, akin to labeling different instruments in an orchestra.

Now, as you strategically place these links across the various pages and sections of your website or sales funnel, ClickMagick becomes your conductor, providing you with a harmonious dashboard of metrics.


For example, if this is your regular tracking link: https://yoursite .com/linkSlug

If you want to add a Sub-ID with the value of “homepage”, add it to the end like this: https://yoursite .com/linkSlug/homepage

Or a Sub-ID with the value of “top_banner” like this: https://yoursite .com/linkSlug/top_banner

You can add up to 5 Sub-IDs to the end of any tracking link just by adding them one after the other, separated with a “/”.

It's as if each sub-id is a musical note, contributing to the overall melody of insights, helping you discern which links are virtuosos bringing more traffic to your particular offer.

Cool isn’t it?

Your tracking becomes more like an art form - allowing you to fine-tune your marketing symphony for optimum performance. It's the conductor's baton in your hands, turning the chaos of data into a beautifully orchestrated masterpiece.

6. Content Locking

This is an underrated functionality – most users of ClickMagick do not really know how to exploit it to the fullest.

How does content locking work?

It allows you to give access to content (article, video, guide, tutorial) only when they give their email address, share on social media, or something.

I’ve seen lots of marketers deploy this tactic on their website and it works miraculously, no doubt.

Especially when the content is so valuable and targeted towards a hungry audience – they will be forced to complete an action to access it.

7. Ad Retargeting

With ClickMagick you can create and add custom tracking and retargeting pixels from a Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Bing Ads, or any ad network and target those who click on your link.

This is one of the things you will hardly find on other link-tracking software.

With the retargeting option, you’ll be able to gain more exposure and increase conversions to your offers. And It doesn’t necessarily have to point to your site. So cool?

8. Geo-Targeting & Geoblock Blocking

This is a setting within ClickMagick where you can include or exclude certain countries, letting you maintain pretty excellent visitors and leads.

ClickMagick Geo targeting and blocking

There is also a mobile targeting option that automatically sends mobile clicks to a separate link from the desktop clicks.

The Geo and Mobile targeting will suit online business owners whose audiences are of specific demographics – helping them to optimize traffic decently.

After all, everyone is after quality conversions, right?

How Does the Geotargeting Work?

When promoting offers, you might find certain countries convert better or that an offer only accepts traffic from specific regions. In these scenarios, every click counts, and geotargeting ensures you make the most of each one.

To set up geotargeting, simply navigate to the "Geo" tab for the link or rotator you're working on.

ClickMagick Geoblocking

Here, you have two options: specify the countries you want clicks from or implement geoblocking for countries you wish to exclude. Clicks that don't align with your settings automatically reroute to your "Backup URL."

This feature ensures your traffic's maximum value by directing each user to the offer most likely to yield a positive outcome, be it an opt-in, a lead, or a sale.

9. Seamless Tracking for Phone and Offline Sales

In the realm of phone orders, wire transfers, and other offline payment methods, tracking accuracy has traditionally been a formidable challenge.

ClickMagick, however, presents a game-changing solution. A simple tweak to your opt-in or lead capture form unlocks the ability to effortlessly and accurately trace all offline sales. This means you can trace each sale back to its origin, pinpointing the specific ad and even keyword that generated the sale.

With ClickMagick, offline sales tracking becomes a streamlined and insightful process, giving you a comprehensive view of your campaign's impact.

Who Can Benefit from ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is perfect for anyone who wants to know exactly where their visitors came from so that way can focus more time on making content available to them.

Instead of worrying about tracking down all those external sources which could produce better results than just being upfront with people right away.

Let's break down how it specifically caters to different online business owners:

  • Affiliate Marketers:

If you're an affiliate seeking to elevate your campaign performance, ClickMagick is your tool. It provides comprehensive stats, and tracks clicks, conversions, and earnings, giving you the edge in optimizing your affiliate endeavors.

  • Bloggers:

For you, the blogger, ClickMagick is a smart link-tracking companion. It not only consolidates your campaign data but also enhances your blog traffic and improves conversion rates. Leverage features like dynamic subids, content locking, and retargeting to make the most out of your blog's potential.

  • Solo Ad Sellers and Buyers:

If you're a solo ad vendor or you're someone who buys solo ads, ClickMagick can help you with that. It'll help to monitor outgoing traffic and incoming ones giving you updated and accurate information within seconds.

The Sub-ID tracking feature of ClickMagick lets you track conversions and earnings from solo ads in one place.

  • E-commerce Owners:

As an e-commerce owner, you understand the importance of tracking link clicks, locations, and interests. ClickMagick not only improves your site's conversion rate but is also compatible with leading shopping carts like Shopify WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento. It gives you actionable insights for retargeting and integrates smoothly with Google Analytics and Facebook.

  • Consultants, Coaches, and Infopreneurs:

If you're a consultant or coach using sales funnels, ClickMagick is the tool to track your entire marketing process. From the first opt-in to upsells, downsells, and follow-up emails, it provides integrated reporting on a single dashboard, giving you a comprehensive view of your marketing performance.

ClickMagick is designed to cater to your specific needs, whether you're an affiliate marketer, blogger, solo ad professional, e-commerce owner, or digital entrepreneur. It's your tool for clear and actionable insights, ensuring you make the most of every click.

Who Doesn’t Need ClickMagick?

If you're not an already established online business owner and not generating consistent traffic, then DON"T sign up for ClickMagick.

Here's who might not find it essential:

  • Newbies:

If you're just starting your journey into online marketing and on-click optimization, ClickMagick might be a bit overwhelming. I'd recommend you look into other link-tracking software tools.

Its robust features are designed for those with some basic understanding of tracking links. While ClickMagick simplifies the process, it's recommended to gain a fundamental grasp of link tracking before diving into this platform.

  • Not Enough Visitors or Traffic:

For those struggling with low website traffic, ClickMagick may not provide immediate benefits. Effective tracking, measurement, and monitoring rely on substantial numbers. If your website lacks sufficient visitors, ClickMagick might not offer the insights you need in the short term.

Patience is key – consider focusing on increasing your website traffic through other methods like SEO or paid advertising before fully exploring ClickMagick's capabilities.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans

ClickMagick pricing

ClickMagick has 3 main pricing plans which all differ by features according to costs. The first ClickMagick plan called the Starter plan goes for $69/mo, the Standard plan for $149/mo, and finally, the PRO plan goes for $299/mo.

Each of the plans comes with a free 14-day trial where you can check out everything within this software – before billing.

Below are the things you get in each of the pricing packages:

STARTER – $69/month (For new marketers on a budget):

  • Up to 10,000 Clicks per month
  • TrueTracking® Platform
  • Real-Time Stats & Reports
  • Basic Bot Filtering
  • Shopify Companion App
  • 1 Website or Ecom Store
  • 1 Team Member
  • 6-Month Data Retention
  • Basic Online Support

STANDARD – $149/month (Optimize and scale with ease):

  • Up to 100,000 Clicks per month
  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • 5 Websites or Ecom Stores
  • 3 Team Members
  • 1-Year Data Retention
  • Fanatical Support PLUS Kickoff Call
  • Auto Cost Update
  • Audience Optimization™
  • Bot & Click Fraud Protection
  • Cross-Device Tracking
  • Track Recurring Revenue
  • Advanced Attribution Models
  • Phone/Offline Sales Tracking
  • API & Zapier Access
  • Mobile App

PRO – $299/month (For power users who want more):

  • Up to 1,000,000 Clicks per month
  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Unlimited Websites or Stores
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Ad Accounts

No signup fees, cancellation fees, contracts, or minimum terms. You can use ClickMagick for as short or as long as you want, and you can cancel at any time.

=> to learn more


Any better alternatives to ClickMagick?

For beginners, ClickMagick may be overwhelming, but it's ideal for intermediate marketers, super-affiliates, bloggers, and ad sellers. If you're a high-traffic business, could be a worthy alternative.

Is there a free alternative to ClickMagick?

I'd recommend a basic click-tracking tool like ClixTrac or if you're looking for a free alternative to ClickMagick. Check out my link tracker list to see other options.

What is ClickMagick conversion tracking?

ClickMagick conversion tracking is a feature that uses the ClickMagick Campaigns to monitor and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It provides insights into conversions, helping optimize strategies for better results.

Does ClickMagick have an app?

Yes, ClickMagick has an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is available to all users on the Standard and Pro plans.

How does ClickMagick compare to Google Analytics?

ClickMagick offers real-time, accurate stats with features like A/B testing, link rotators, and mobile filtering. Unlike Google Analytics, ClickMagick tracks revenue, costs, profits, and ROI during campaigns. Google Analytics has delays and lacks support, while ClickMagick provides instant live chat support.

Is there any ClickMagick tutorial available?

ClickMagick provides training, guides, a comprehensive knowledge base, and the Experts Academy with valuable online courses. A dedicated guide on link tracking is also available for download.

How does the ClickMagick free trial work?

Simply create a free account, and you get 14 days to explore all of ClickMagick's features without any charges. Cancel anytime during the trial with no signup or cancellation fees. If you decide to continue, you can use ClickMagick for as short or as long as you want, with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade.

Final Thoughts - Is ClickMagick worth it?

Yes, ClickMagick is worth it for intermediate marketers, affiliates, bloggers, and those dealing with significant traffic. It offers robust features like A/B testing, link tracking, and real-time stats, making it a valuable tool for optimizing and improving online campaigns.

I know on the surface tracking your links can be pretty “unsexy”

However, it’s quite the opposite when you start to understand that making money online pretty much comes down to knowing your numbers.

Tracking, monitoring, and testing your results is the only way to scale your income predictably. Faster.

Otherwise, you might as well be shooting in the dark with a blindfold.

That’s where a cloud-based tool like ClickMagick comes in handy for all, especially being ridiculously affordable than most of its competitors.

There are other cool things this tool does that I couldn’t add in this review, like the fanatical 1-hour support, FB sharing custom titles and images, Fast link redirects, one dashboard view, and a few more.

If you're not satisfied with your current website analytics, or if you want to learn how to track and analyze different types of data I recommend checking out ClickMagick.

Before the monthly commitment, I recommend you quickly give ClickMagick a try for at least two weeks for free.

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