ClickMagick Review: Features and Why is it The Best Link Tracking Software for 2021?

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In this ClickMagick review, you’ll get to find out every feature that comes with this link tracker and see if it is worth investing in or not.

Imagine being able to monitor every of your page visitor’s link clicks, tell where they are coming from, what they clicked on if they are human, or just bots?

But to be sincere with you, it’s not that easy to track and monitor clicks because it takes a whole lot of time, money, and effort.

-You’re getting good traffic

-Your landing pages? Killer!

-Your copy is on point

But how do you tell the quality of your clicks? They might just be bots and spiders wasting your PPC budget and not aware.

There you go blaming yourself for the inability to run a successful campaign.

No no… It’s not your fault!

What if all those clicks were all bots?

Okay, what if your solo ad campaign wasn’t sent to the demography you specified to the vendor?

Or maybe your visitors were actually clicking on the large CTA button and you changed its position or color thinking that is the quick fix you needed to get things working fine.


It never ends my friend!

I made a very HUGE emphasis on tracking your clicks when I wrote on some of the tools need for tracking web clicks some months ago.

ClickMagick is a tool that made it to the top of that list. In fact, one of the best!

That’s why I’ve decided to write this in-depth review and show you the bad part of this click tracker.

clickmagick logo
click logo for ClickMagick demo

In this ClickMagick review, below are what we shall be looking at:

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a powerful tool used by online business owners and marketers to measure, optimize and improve their marketing efforts through the monitoring and tracking of their link clicks so they could get helpful insights on how to increase conversions and make more money.

ClickMagick goes beyond tracking your links and giving you a report you need for improvement. It comes with lots of sophisticated features that enable you to take your online business to another level.

Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into this complete review and features inside of ClickMagick.

Part #1: Top Features of ClickMagick (and why I like them)

This link tracking software comes with more than a dozen features – but we shall take a look at the distinctive ones.

#1: Rotation of links

ClickMagick acts as a link rotator to marketers (especially affiliates) who split traffic to multiple links so that the traffic would be evenly distributed among the links.

ClickMagick Rotators

This is one of the magical powers of ClickMagic and common partnership practices in the affiliate marketing world.

With the link rotator feature in ClickMagick, you have the capability to configure more than one URL or landing page links to be under a single link, then it splits the traffic to the different pages.

There are lots of options and parameters that come with the ClickMagick rotator which makes it an ideal choice for marketers. Like:

  • The option to distribute clicks in a random manner
  • Setting separate links for mobile users
  • Ability to include or exclude clicks from certain countries
  • Adding retargeting pixels
  • Filtering of bad clicks
  • And many more…

#2: Split Testing

Every smart online marketer knows how relevant and beneficial A/B testing could be in an online business. Ads, funnels, landing pages, and so on.

ClickMagick’s intelligent split tester gives you the ability to add multiple or single links and send users to pages so you can tell which converts better.

Split testing in Clickmagick

You just have to specify the percentage of traffic you desire to be sent to each of your pages/links and let ClickMagic do the rest of the “magic”.

At the end of the test, you will be alerted to the winner and have your traffic directed to the winner all on automation. This saves you money to avoid sending lots of traffic to non-converting pages.

How cool?

#3: ClickMagick Content features (Popup, Bars, and Timers)

These are 3 elements I find very useful when it comes to getting leads and making more sales.

Clickmagick content features

And ClickMagick did not only add them so you can use them on your pages – but also exploit them smartly while running campaigns.

Let us take a look at how you can implement these 3 content-based features:

#3i: MagickPop

The MagickPop lets you create popups for your website and landing pages, meaning you don’t need extra tools, plugins or software for creating popups.

Magickpops feature

The good part about the ClickMagick popup feature is that you’ll have access to 4 different kinds of popups like – on load, delayed, exit intent, and exit redirects.

And the better part is that you don’t need to own the website or page before you display these popups.

But the bad part is that the design interface looks outdated and requires a bit of HTML skill to work your way around it.

#3ii: MagickBars

This enables you to add any type of bar (notification, promo, timers, etc.) to your pages. There are dedicated plugins and software for this – but Click Magic also has this inside its arsenal.

Magickbar feature

You can use the MagickBars on pages that are not yours as well. Same bad part as the popup feature. You’ll need HTML skills to produce something enchanting.

#3iii: Countdown Timers

The scarcity approach has been a great marketing tactic that puts a visitor in a state of “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) and this has been proven to have helped marketers to drastically increase conversion rates.

Magick timer

And I’m not talking about the FAKE scarcity here… You could end up with a bad name.

When used properly, it can urge visitors to take action fast. Meaning, fewer time-wasters, and more action takers.

#4: Bot Filtering

If you’re an affiliate marketer who buys traffic, my guess is, you know how painful it is for a solo ad vendor to send fake clicks to your affiliate offers.

Bot traffic isn’t a new thing in the solo ad industry though.

Out of the solo world…

A similar thing happens in the PPC space as well. Your ad budget wasting due to fraudulent clicks from spiders and robots or by your competitor (this is huge!).

ClickMagick does the job of a cop in the above scenarios.

It filters and blocks bot and spammy clicks and making sure that your stats are kept pure without leaving you report filled with strange visits.

You can exclude malicious clicks from your Google, Bing or any Paid Per Click Advertising platform from a certain IP address or location.

#5: Dynamic Sub-IDs

The ability to dynamically add sub-ids to any link is a feature within ClickMagick which I really love.

How it works is that it lets you create one tracking link for an offer and use it anywhere so that you will be able to track the source.

This will let you know which of the links are actually bring more traffic to that particular offer.

So, when you place links (of a single product) on the different pages and sections of your website or sales funnel – you will see from your ClickMagick dashboard various metrics for each and every one of those links.

#6: Content Locking

This is an underrated functionality – most users of ClickMagick do not really know how to exploit to the fullest.

How does content locking works?

It allows you to give access to content (article, video, guide, tutorial) only when they give their email address, share on social media, or something.

I’ve seen lots of marketers deploy this tactic on their website and it works miraculously, no doubt.

Especially when the content is so valuable and targeted towards a hungry audience – they will be forced to complete an action to access.

#7: Ad Retargeting

With ClickMagick you can create and add custom tracking and retargeting pixel from a Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Bing Ads, or any ad network and target those who click on your link.

This is one of the things you will hardly find on other link tracking software.

With the retargeting option, you’ll be able to gain more exposure and increase conversions to your offers. And It doesn’t necessarily have to point to your site. So cool?

#8: Geo-Targeting

This is a setting within ClickMagick where you can include or exclude certain countries, letting you maintain pretty excellent visitors and leads.

There is also a mobile targeting option that automatically sends mobile clicks to a separate link than the desktop clicks.

The Geo and Mobile targeting will suit online business owners whose audiences are of specific demographics – helping them to optimize traffic in a decent manner.

After all, everyone is after quality conversions, right?

Part #2: Who Needs ClickMagick?

#1: Affiliate marketers

These are the perfect audience ClickMagick was made for. There are tons of ways affiliates can get the best out of a link tracker like ClickMagick.

Talk about:

  • Buying traffic from Udimi or other solo ad platforms
  • Cloaking of affiliate links for marketing campaigns
  • Split testing of affiliate funnels/pages
  • Adding of timers, and CTAs to pages
  • Using link rotators to split traffic
  • It keeps going on and on…

#2: Bloggers

ClickMagick can serve as a very smart link tracking tool for bloggers and can be exploited in diverse ways:

  • You can dynamically append more countless subids to a single link
  • Lock contents on your blog and only give access when an action is completed
  • Retarget visitors via Ads based on link clicks
  • Cloak affiliate links using custom tracking domains
  • Use the Content features and increase blog conversions (Popups, Bars, and Timers)
  • And much more…

#3: Solo Ad sellers and buyers

Fortunately, click tracking services happens to be one of the core tools in the solo ad business. needed to monitor outgoing traffic and incoming ones giving you updated and accurate information within seconds.


  • Tracking link clicks in their email campaigns
  • Making use of the multi-mode rotators to split traffic to a single offer between several affiliates
  • For sending traffic to a specified location
  • Using the automatic link uptime monitoring to know when a link is down

#4: E-commerce owners

Link tracking and click monitoring are GOLDEN in the e-commerce world.

By using ClickMagick on an e-commerce site like Shopify – you will be able to easily tell what works and doesn’t in terms of visitors clicks, locations, interests and so many to review.

  • You can also retarget visitors who clicked a particular link on your store.
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Facebook with ClickMagick for smoother retargeting.
  • Use the countdown timer to trigger scarcity on some of your products
  • Use the Magickpop and MagickBar to build mailing lists, create awareness for your latest collection or something similar.

The possibilities are just endless…

#5: Consultants, Coaches, and Infopreneurs

Are you a digital entrepreneur or a consultant who makes use of sales funnels to drive traffic and convert leads?

ClickMagick allows you to easily track your entire marketing funnels – starting with the first opt-in all the way down to your upsells, downsells, and thank you pages.

It is capable of also tracking clicks from your follow-up emails, especially when you have it all integrated together into a single platform…

Giving you all the reports on a single dashboard.

Who Doesn’t Need ClickMagick?

#1: Newbie

If you’re just starting out on your online marketing journey and everything looks new, then I won’t advise you to use ClickMagick. You can start with a cheaper and less sophisticated click tracking tool like Clixtrac.

Or just stick with the ordinary link trackers like bitly.

#2: Not enough visitors/traffic

Keeping track, measurement, and monitoring your online activities all has to do with numbers, right?

In that sense, for you to be able to come with the right numbers – you definitely need some sort of reasonable counts so you can come up with good calculations and estimates of your marketing efforts.

If you aren’t getting enough visitors to your pages, then I don’t think ClickMagick will be of much use to your online business.

Part #3: What Else Do I Need To Know?

#1: Are there any better alternatives to ClickMagick?

Having listed and critically analyzed some other click tracking tools like Voluum, Optimizely, ClickMeter and few others (with their features) in this post, ClickMagick happens to fall under the category of tools every online business owner needs.

Although it might not be a wise choice for a beginner (with little traffic), while there are free alternatives out there.

And it might not also be an ideal option for the “BIG” guys in the internet marketing space with millions of monthly page visits. This is where I will highly recommend a superior alternative like

But for the intermediate marketers, super-affiliates, seasoned bloggers, Ad sellers – ClickMagick is indeed a considerable one for tens or hundreds of thousands of traffic.

#2: How does ClickMagick compare to Google Analytics?

Apart from the fact the ClickMagick integrates with Google analytics, most folks are used to comparing Google analytics with special link trackers.

Google analytics

Let me explain something…

Google Analytics makes it difficult for you in tracking your revenue, costs, profits and ROI from a marketing campaign – which ClickMagick can do.

GA can’t help you filter fake link clicks during a campaign. In fact,

No A/B features, link rotators, retargeting features, mobile filtering, link cloaking, content features and the rest of it.

It’s okay to use GA as an online business owner to have an interior view on how people use your site, but it shouldn’t serve as a substitute for monitoring and tracking links.

#3: Is there a WordPress plugin?

There is no WordPress plugin available for ClickMagick at the moment but you can safely configure your links on ClickMagick and use them on your WordPress site.

Then you get all your stats on ClickMagick’s dashboard.

#4: Is there any ClickMagick tutorial available?

Oh yes! One of the benefits of being a user of ClickMagick is that – you’ll be provided with training and guides on how to find your way around the tool.

ClickMagick support and tutorials

There is also a guide on link tracking which you can download here. The 1-hour Support and Knowledgebase is something I found super-helpful as well.

I didn’t forget about the new Experts Academy where you find different types of online courses worth thousands of dollars.

Part #4: ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick has 3 main pricing plans which all differ by features according to costs. The first ClickMagick plan called the Starter plan goes for $27/mo, the Standard plan for $67/mo, and finally, the PRO plan goes for $97/mo. There is also a discount option when you decide to pay based on a yearly basis (saving 25%).

ClickMagick Pricing

Each of all the plans comes with a free 14-day trial where you can check out everything within this software – before billing.

Below are the things you get in each of the pricing packages:

Starter plan – $27/mo

  • You get up to 10,000 clicks/mo
  • 2 custom tracking domains
  • 6 months of data retention
  • 1 funnel tracking
  • All core features

Standard plan – $67/mo

  • Here you get 100,000 clicks/mo
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • 5 funnel tracking
  • Up to 1-year data retention
  • Ability to track 5 websites (organically)
  • All core features

PRO plan – $97/mo

  • Track up to 1,000,000 clicks
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Unlimited organic and funnel tracking
  • 2 years of data retention
  • All core features

For the complete details on all the plans and how to get the yearly discount, check out my ClickMagick pricing post here. Or visit:

=> to learn more…

My Last Thoughts – ClickMagick Review

I know on the surface tracking your links can be pretty “unsexy”

However, it’s actually quite the opposite when you start to understand that making money online pretty much just comes down to knowing your numbers.

And tracking, monitoring, and testing your results is the only way to predictably scale your income. Faster.

Otherwise, you might be as well be shooting in the dark with a blindfold…

That’s where a cloud-based tool like ClickMagick comes in handy for all, especially being ridiculously affordable than most of its competitors.

Hardly will you get lost because they provide video training to help you become successful using their tool.

There are other things this tool does which I couldn’t add in this review, like the fanatical 1-hour support, FB sharing custom title and image, Fast link redirects, one dashboard view, and a few more…

Before the monthly commitment, I recommend you quickly give ClickMagick a try for at least two weeks for free.


Pros of ClickMagick

  • Easy to learn and use
  • It is the most affordable click tracking tool
  • Quick Stat import, export, and share
  • Split testing supported
  • Uptime link monitoring
  • Features added based on users feedback
  • Advanced postback URL tracking supported
  • New marketing called ClickMagick Experts Academy
  • Tracking of pages that are not yours

Cons of ClickMagick

  • Short trial period
  • Newbies might find it a bit difficult to use
  • No live chat support
  • You need a bit of HTML knowledge to perfectly get a good popup, bar, and timer design

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