can affiliate marketing make you rich

What is your definition of rich? $10K, 20k, or even $1 million, well, affiliate marketing can make you rich.  

I am saying this because I have made quite a fortune from affiliate marketing. I had similar questions in 2018 before I started my affiliate marketing journey.  

Today, I can boldly say that affiliate marketing is very profitable. In just less than five years, I have made over $400k. That’s an average of $8K+ per month from affiliate marketing. In fact, I’ve made over $100k from one affiliate program and multiples of 10’s from dozens.

It might not seem like anything to you, but for someone from a third-world country, like me, this is a lot of money!

But being rich might be different for you. Even if being rich means another thing to you, a couple more thousand dollars would be helpful.

Whether you are looking to become a millionaire or you want a profitable side gig, this article is for you.

Keep reading to find out if affiliate marketing can actually make you as rich as you imagined.  

Can affiliate marketing make you a millionaire?

Yes, it is possible to become a millionaire through affiliate marketing alone. The internet has several affiliate marketers that have become millionaires doing nothing but affiliate marketing.

I know individuals who have made millions in commissions from affiliate marketing alone. Do you need examples? Let’s start with John Crestani.

John Crestani is an Affiliate marketer with a net worth of about $7.5 million. Interestingly, he makes most of his income from affiliate marketing. John was so successful in affiliate marketing that in 2016, he was featured on Forbes Under 30.

Another example is Pat Flynn. Between 2009 and 2014, Pat Flynn made about $3 million in passive income from affiliate marketing.  

Also, there is Andrew Fiebert, who has made $2.6M in affiliate revenue since 2018.

Adam Enfroy is another name you should be familiar with. The affiliate marketer has made a big name for himself on Forbes as he makes over $200k per month from affiliate marketing alone.

Asides from the phenomenal success with affiliate marketing, one thing these men have in common is a working strategy.

All of their success stories did not happen by mistake, and neither did they happen overnight. They all had created strategies that helped them achieve success.

Most of them, if not all, were able to perform above expectation because they concentrated on the needs of their audience by offering material that assists in resolving difficulties, pains, and obstacles their audience has.

So, yes, you can make millions through affiliate marketing. However, like all noble professions, the road to your first 1 million might take some time.

In the beginning, you will have to invest time, effort, hard work, and patience to develop your strategy. With time, if you approach affiliate marketing professionals, you will start seeing the millions.

How much do affiliate marketers make per sale?

In simple English, Affiliate marketing means promoting a product or service through a blog, podcast, website or social media platform. For every product you promote, you have a unique link.

Each time a purchase is made using your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission.

The commission rates for affiliate sales vary by firm and each offer. In most cases, affiliates make up about 3-20% of every successful transaction.  

That means if you recommend a game worth 2000 dollars to someone on Amazon for instance. If the person buys the item, you get a 2% commission which is $40.

So, imagine you sell three or four of that same product in a day. That’s like making 120 to 160 dollars per day. In a month, that is about 3,600-4,800.

With certain agreements, you might even earn as much as 50% of the transaction, often when advertising a course or event.

There are other affiliate marketing programs that provide a fixed payment per sale rather than a commission.

Generally speaking, the amount you earn as an affiliate depends on your niche and the value of the product in question.

According to research by Shopify, business-related programs had the highest average commission rate ($70.99). While books, media, and apparel generated little more than $6 per commission. According to the same report, the highest average commission was around $289.06 per transaction.

How are affiliate marketers paid?

Affiliate marketers get paid in any of these five ways:

Pay per sale  

With pay-per-sale, you get a commission for each sale you generate. This method is the most prevalent model for most affiliate programs.

Pay per action

This payment method yields a commission for a specific action. Numerous affiliate programs employ this compensation model since it is flexible and can be used for various things, such as a newsletter subscription, a click, a contact request, etc.


You get compensated for each installation resulting from website visitors. The purpose of your material would be to encourage downloads and installations of mobile applications and services.


This rewards you each time someone joins up for your service. Companies use it for sweepstakes, lead generation, and other offerings, making it a popular payment mechanism. Cost-per-lead offerings are prevalent for newcomers since generating leads is more straightforward than selling things to an audience.

Pay per click

This is an uncommon compensation model in which you get a commission for each click on your affiliate link. Large retailers use pay-per-click schemes to increase brand recognition. Customers are not required to register or make a purchase; they only need to view the merchant’s website for the affiliate to make money.

Is affiliate marketing profitable in 2024?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still profitable. Even though many people consider it a saturated market, it is still a profitable model.  

Statistics from different sources confirm that the affiliate marketing sector continues to expand.

According to Statista, affiliate marketing expenditures in the United States are expected to reach $8.2 billion by the end of 2022. Compared with the expenditure in 2017, that is about a 52% increase in 5 years.

Compared with 2010, the industry has seen a revenue increase of over 400%.  

The rapid growth in affiliate marketing is due to the rapid increase in the popularity of online shopping. In the last ten years, the internet has changed how people shop for items.

With just a few taps on mobile devices, people can buy whatever they want from anywhere in the world. This makes it easier than dragging yourself to a physical shop and making your purchase there.

Because it is so convenient and can be accessed at any time, more and more people are doing their shopping online these days.

However, the online purchase comes with issues. Many people have bought items on the internet that turned out to be different from what they imagined.

Affiliate marketing helps companies provide human recommendations for their product which is considered the best form of advertising.

Affiliate marketing is popular among publishing companies and branding agencies because it involves little to no financial input.

Because it is a marketing method based on performance, advertisers only pay for what they get.

Affiliate marketing has grown so essential to the success of companies all over the globe that eight out of ten brands now have their affiliate programs.

Tips from successful affiliate marketers to make you rich

To become a successful affiliate, you need a working strategy, much like operating your company. To get your affiliate marketing firm off the ground, make use of the step-by-step guidance that is provided below.

Choose your niche wisely

In affiliate marketing, a niche refers to a segment of the market which you wish to promote. It includes specific customers with the same qualities, wants, interests, and demographics willing to pay the same price.

Unless you are Amazon or eBay, you should concentrate your affiliate marketing efforts on a specialized niche. To understand the importance of focusing on a niche, consider this example.

Imagine you get an email recommending the latest tech gadgets to you today. Then, tomorrow, the same email sends you the best shoes for senior citizens.

Except the sender works for an online store like Amazon, the chain of unrelated items would look like they are trying so hard to sell just anything. It would seem like they are not interested in your needs; they just want to make money from their sales.

Besides, chances are that majority of the readers are probably not interested in both products at the same time. Too much variety on a blog might give readers the impression that they are in the wrong place.

Therefore, when deciding on a niche, choose a topic you are enthusiastic and educated about. This assists in establishing your credibility as an authoritative source of information among prospective clients.

Additionally, it helps you choose which items and brands to advertise.

One of the most common errors made by affiliate marketers is attempting to accomplish too much at once. They try to build hundreds of websites to market an abundance of things and then wonder why they feel overwhelmed.

Overcommitting oneself, particularly in the beginning, is a formula for catastrophe.

Begin your affiliate marketing career by selecting a handful (or no more than a half-dozen) of items you are interested in, believe you can learn about, and can comfortably advertise.

If you are an expert in tech gadgets, for example, you should hunt for an affiliate network in that sector. Concentrate your efforts on a few exceptional items and websites to advertise them.

Another reason why you should choose a niche is that your niche will determine the theme for your affiliate website and the amount of time and work required to get it to the point where you begin to see SEO benefits.

When you have too many products without a defined niche, you will need to do a lot of work to ensure each one ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs).  

The idea is to discover untapped markets where competition is not as severe and to enter them before others do. As you publish more, you can utilize affiliate marketing tools such as social listening, website analytics, and social media insights to learn more about your audience and what they appreciate.

It is essential to know your audience well enough to comprehend why they follow you in the first place. If you understand your audience’s preferences, you may suggest to them the best goods and make more affiliate commissions.

Create a valuable content asset

There is no better way to grow faster than to create valuable content assets in good quantity.

If you put together all the people that have made a significant mark in affiliate marketing, you will notice they all have this one thing in common. That is, they do their best to give people the best content.

Everyone on the internet is looking for solutions to some needs they have. As they search the internet for answers, they come across different advertisements and incentives.

In most cases, customers are not easily influenced by advertisements or recommendations. Instead, people are likely to be attracted to those who have earned their confidence.

So, your content should be directed at helping people find quality information that can solve their problems.

When people know that your channel offers actionable insights, they build trust in you over time. That way, when you provide your affiliate products to people, they can trust your judgment and ultimately make a purchase choice.

Build an email list (priceless asset)

An email list is a group of contacts that you have acquired through time and who are interested in receiving information from you.

Email lists are not just essential for affiliate marketers; they are priceless assets that help you make sales.

It is essential to compile a contact list since doing so is one of the most effective methods to communicate with others in settings outside social media.

Email marketing has the most remarkable conversion rate (66%) compared with social media marketing and other marketing channels regarding purchases made as a consequence of receiving marketing communication.

Collect email addresses from users that subscribe to your material and send out a newsletter on a monthly or biweekly basis. Affiliate marketers have several various options for what they may send to subscribers on their list, including the following:

  • A glimpse into your personal life or company
  • Free to get downloads
  • Notifications and recent updates
  • Recent updates to a blog
  • Reports
  • Special discounts
  • Stories that are enjoyable to hear

Make the most of the chance to demonstrate your value to subscribers using your email list. If they email you back, be sure you reply to it.

Maintain a regular publication schedule and high standards for the quality of your newsletter. Then, at random intervals, promote one or two products you have an affiliate relationship with to your subscribers.

There is no standard for the number of times one must send promotional emails. Simply refrain from sending them each time to avoid giving the impression that you are engaging in spam and cannot be trusted.

If you send out an email newsletter once a month advertising quality items, you’ll only be delivering value to subscribers who need such things.

Wrapping up

To wrap things up, can affiliate marketing make you rich? The short answer is yes.  You have seen a few names that have made millions from their affiliate marketing businesses already.

If they can do it, nothing stops you from making millions too, and exceeding their reach.

However, there is no replacement for hard work at anything, so be sure you don’t fall for empty promises. Affiliate marketing works in the same way as any other kind of company.

To make millions from affiliate marketing, you must be willing to go the extra mile. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of effort, including the creation of content that is interesting, the production of blog articles that rank well on Google, and the identification of the geographic location of your consumer base.

It also involves creating an email list with which you can reach your prospects and deliver sound pitches to them. At the very beginning, it might seem complicated, but then, as you try, you will gain experience and money.

You can also gain more experience by working with and learning from other affiliate partners.

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