Hot Guide For (2021) on How to Promote ClickFunnels as an Affiliate

Hot Guide For (2021) on How to Promote ClickFunnels as an Affiliate

I’m feeling so excited and SUPER-PUMPED today as I’m about to unleash proven strategies on how to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

…and make passive income $$$

Since ClickFunnels has really changed my life in diverse ways…

So, I have decided to contribute in the little way I can to help YOU start earning as fast as possible by coming up with this guide so you could start making serious money with ClickFunnels.

Even though it hasn’t been long I figured out how to make few hundreds with this program, I’m very sure you gonna get massive value from this and start making something reasonable at least:

Clickfunnels affiliate dashboard

If you’re new to ClickFunnels and have no idea how powerful this tool is, open this my ClickFunnels review in another tab and digest later.

Or check out my latest post on using ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing here.

There are few Frequently Asked Questions about the ClickFunnels affiliate program at the end of the in-depth article. Don’t forget to check it out

Below is what I’m going to be covering in this Epic Guide:

Part #1: Promoting ClickFunnels Using Facebook

To promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate using Facebook requires different strategies and tactics which have been proven to work effectively for several top ClickFunnels affiliates.

As a matter of fact, most of its dream car winners used and still uses these tactics and it works marvelously.

Check them below:

How to promote ClickFunnels on Facebook

There are three (3) distinctive ways, which are:

  • Using Facebook group
  • Using your personal profile (Attraction Marketing)
  • By running Ads

Promote ClickFunnels using Facebook

#1: Promoting ClickFunnels With Facebook Group

There are basically TWO methods by which you can promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate on Facebook groups.

The first method is by:

i. Creating Your Own Group

Create Facebook group

This method involves creating a group and positioning yourself as an expert in a particular field (It doesn’t necessarily have to be an affiliate marketing group).

Having a Facebook group is like having a powerful asset that pays you whenever you desired to be paid!

Before you decide to create a group, you need to decide why and how you’ll use that group.

You must be ready to provide unlimited value to members which will enable them to trust you.

And buy into any ClickFunnels affiliate offers (or even your own products) which you may decide to promote going forward.

You must also try everything possible to keep the group on a very high level of engagement.

I wouldn’t go into how to create a group, as there are FB growth experts to help you with that.

But here are the hints you should bear in mind that would help you make more ClickFunnels sales:

  • Customize Your Group

After creating your Facebook group, make sure you brand it to fit its purpose. Such as adding a well-detailed description that tells new members what the group is all about and the next line of action to take.

Also, add an amazing group banner that depicts what your group is all about.

For example check-out this banner used in ClickFunnels N0. 1 affiliates’ group, Spencer Mecham:

Automation Nation Facebook group

  • Add a Group Resource Section

This is one of the great ways to make sales on autopilot without even trying to sell your group members to any offer.

Here, you can create:

A how-to guide on carrying out a specific task

Downloadable cheat-sheet that includes your affiliate links

Links to your personal website, blogs or product funnel

  • Get a Group Lead Generation Software

We’re still in the group customization part.

The importance of having Facebook cannot be overemphasized!

Like I said earlier this is an asset where you can build another asset around it and with it.


While building your group, you can at the same time generate tons and tons of leads for free.

Let me explain how

During the process when people are about joining your Facebook group, you get to ask them 2 or 3 questions.

One of these questions should be asking them for an email address so you can send them a free GIFT or something like a valuable incentive.

So, instead of copying and pasting their email address individually to your autoresponder which is painful..

With just A CLICK of a button, you can easily approve members and collect their email address straight to your list email list.

How awesome does that sound?

Group Funnels

Group Funnels is a chrome extension software is a tool that can help you accomplish that for your Facebook group.

No need to worry about manual collection of email or approval of members.

To learn from a Facebook group expert on how growing, building, and monetization of groups – Check out this great training

ii. Using a Group Not Yours

Some you might see the whole group creation thing as a very hard task. No problems

You can use other people’s Facebook groups to get people to sign up with your link…



Provide massive value.

When you join groups, always introduce yourself as a new member and let the members know:

  • How you got to know about the group
  • What you do
  • Who you serve
  • What you desire to achieve with the group ‘n’
  • How you’re going to bring impact to the group

Not everybody does this though…

Then, it’s not a bad idea for you to stand out, you know?

stand out

Be that glowing bulb.

Just keep posting contents that aids with the purpose of the group and always answer questions asked by other members…

You will be seen as an expert, thereby getting messages and friend requests from similar people who might have seen your level of interaction.

That’s called “Attraction Marketing” technique.

Don’t ever try to post your affiliate link in such Facebook groups or try to promote any offers indirectly.

You shall get banned for life!

Value first!!! REMEMBER?

Here are some of the best affiliate marketing Facebook groups you can join to gain insights and help your journey as a ClickFunnels affiliate.

#2: Promoting ClickFunnels With Your Personal Facebook Profile

Facebook has given each and every one of us a personal profile for us to market and sell whatever we wish to. But that grace shouldn’t be abused one bit.

Overdoing it might kill your brand and business on your profile.

You don’t want to keep spamming your friends feed with affiliate links or “BUY ME BUY ME” posts.

It can never be done in a more sensible pattern than providing value and educating your friends on a given product.

Which at the backend narrows down to an affiliate offer.

i. Optimize your profile for easy leads and CF trials

Here is what you should know:

Your Facebook profile is your online business storefront.

Always treat your profile as a business card… Whatever business you do, it should portray on your profile.

You want to get people to sign-up with your ClickFunnels affiliate link right?

Solve business-related problems, provide a valuable post on how ClickFunnels can help them solve a problem in their life and business

ii. Perform an audit on your profile by:

  • Making sure your COVER photo serves the purpose of drawing attention to what you do and what you offer. It must relate to what you’re trying to promote.

Alex S Elliot profile

This is one of my friend’s profiles, Alex Elliot who runs her online and affiliate marketing businesses with her group. DMHOEs.

She is the brain behind One Group Away Challenge.

  • Put a good clean headshot photo of you as your PROFILE photo. It must be your face. Not a bucket of fruit or your pet.

Khris Steven - profile

  • Optimize your BIO to send a message to your ideal customer to what you can do for them. Then followed by a CTA rich image on what action you want people to perform.

Like this:

Alex S Elliot CTA

It’s so easy to get FREE leads from your profile especially when you go into the Facebook groups and engage, most of them will check your profile.

Seeing how it tells so much about you, they will so much opt-in to whatever offer you’re trying to promote on your profile.

Make sense?

Note: Desire to learn how to market organically on Facebook and get hundreds of HOT leads and sales?

Then CLICK the image below:

Go here:

#3: Promoting ClickFunnels with Facebook Ads

Promote clickfunnels with Facebook Ads

This is a paid promotion strategy on getting people to sign-up with your ClickFunnels affiliate link.

There couples of ways most experts use Facebook Ads to generate leads for any affiliate offers, but here is one of the productive tactic you can model to get affiliate sign-ups:

P.S: This approach was shared by Catlin Bettridge, a ClickFunnels dream car winner.

Affiliate Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs with Catlin Bettridge

He shared this in his affiliate marketing group some time ago and it still works!

Step# 1:

Create a 3-4 minute ‘video views’ campaign Ad with no call to action or external link which targets a highly specific niche (i.e. real estate agents, chiropractors, dentists, interior decorators, etc…)

Then, the video content should explain in a high-level overview of the difference between a website and a Funnel in an entertaining way.

Step #2:

Re-target everyone that watched at least 50% of the first video with another video views campaign that does a screen-share walk-through of a high-quality share Funnel that you built for that SPECIFIC NICHE.

This time, you will include a Call-To-Action in the Ad, offering to build similar Funnel or share that particular Funnel to them as a lead magnet.

The link should lead to an email capture page, which further redirects them to a ClickFunnels sign-up page.

Step# 3:

Re-target everyone that watched 50% of the second video (using a pixel standard event to exclude everyone who already opted into your email list).

This should definitely be with another video view campaign with you being on camera carrying out some entertaining Funnel building skit until they opt-in.

Step# 4 (Backend)

Craft a high converting and valuable email sequence to follow up with your leads.

Warm them up with few Soap opera sequences then upsell and cross-sell various ClickFunnels affiliate offers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re new to Facebook Ad or find the Ad promotion strategy above a bit COMPLICATED…

You can learn everything about Facebook Ad (Beginner to Expert) to ease your pain, start with this powerful Facebook Ad training by Kevin David:

You can also check out his paid FB Ads course in this Facebook Ninja Masterclass review post.

Part #2: Promoting ClickFunnels Using YouTube

Promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate using YouTube

Not just ClickFunnels alone! But you can utilize the world’s second most used search engine to promote any kind of product.

Promoting ClickFunnels offers on YouTube has become one of the free and reliable ways you can use to generate leads, get sign-ups fast without spending a dime.

To make money on YT promoting affiliate products requires A LOT of inputs from your end, but before we get into that…

Let me share with you the type of content you can create on YouTube so you can have an idea of what to create and how to create them.

#1: Promoting ClickFunnels Using Video Reviews

This is the most commonly used tactic used by marketers to sell affiliate products.

All you need to do is for you to record a YouTube review, showing and telling people everything they need to know about ClickFunnels…

Check the video example below, by Spencer Mecham:

ClickFunnels Review - YouTube

Just like a walk-through showing A-Z of ClickFunnels covering its features and inside view.

#2: Promote By Comparing ClickFunnels With Competitors

In this case, you shoot a video comparing ClickFunnels and a rival product and then end up promoting ClickFunnels as the better option and give honest reasons why it is better off.

Your video must be of high quality and optimized around a keyword (will dive into how to do this very soon).

Check the video example below:

Clickfunnels vs Instapage

Your comparison might go like this: ClickFunnels Vs BuilderAll – which is the better Sales Funnel builder?

#3: Get Affiliate Sign-ups Using “How to” Videos

Since ClickFunnels happens to be a good product fit for all, promoting it as an affiliate shouldn’t be something you have to overthink.

Once you’re constantly educating and providing value.

Producing a “How To” video on YouTube showing a step-by-step process on sales funnel building is another seamless way to market ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

A tutorial type of thing.

Try to make it informative and entertaining, so it would seem like one on one tutorial with your audience.

You can as well record your computer screen where you are demonstrating how to integrate third-party software into ClickFunnels.

Here is another example below:

How To Build A Sales Funnel With ClickFunnels - YouTube

There are so many things you can teach about ClickFunnels and upload to YouTube.

#4: You Can Also Do a “Top 10” Video

Recording a video where you explain and list out the TOP 5, 7, or 10 sales funnel software or landing page builder is another type of video you can record and upload to YouTube.

I consider this type of video, the simplest of all.

As you’ll have nothing teach, all you have to do is talk about the overview of the tools, pricing, and plans.

Then after that, you can explain to them how they can choose the best software and criteria to watch out for.

I hope that makes sense?

#5: YouTube Checklists To Rank Your Videos

YouTube Checklist

i. Perform keyword research

This is the first task you must carry out before you can even think of getting in front of the camera.

Keyword research involves getting into the mind of your prospective viewers and knowing the exact phrases that they are typing and searching for on YouTube.

To uncover such terms, there are free and paid tools you can use to dig out these Keywords so you can use them in the rightful places.

Here are a few of the tools:

ii. Choose a title for your video with high ranking keywords

YouTube video title

After you might have completed your keyword research, the next step is for you to shoot your video or record your PC screen while building a funnel or showing doing teaching anything that relates to ClickFunnels.

Use a software called Screencast-o-matic (20% off) to record your PC screen.

Make sure your video TITLE/HEADLINE is named with the highest-ranking keyword phrase that you discovered during your keyword research.

iii. Optimize your Video description

YouTube video description

Make sure you write a thorough description with several keywords in it.

A YouTube video description is where you simply tell people what your video is all about, so adding keywords and multiple variations of your keyword are vital.

Don’t stuff them; just put them naturally to look human-friendly.

iv. Optimize your video tags and add keywords

You should also use most of the high ranking keywords here as well.

This will also help greatly for your ClickFunnels affiliate marketing video to get a high ranking for your targeted keywords.

v. Design charming custom thumbnail for your video

Make sure your video thumbnail is eye-catching and engaging. I recommend using Canva to make your thumbnail or hire a freelancer from Fiverr to get one done for your ClickFunnels affiliate video.

Use the dimensions. 1280×720.

For inspiration – check out the Buildapreneur Youtube handle.

vi. Use call-to-action overlays and annotations

CTA overlays

Use CTAs on your videos to create links where there is an actionable step you want your viewers to take.

Like directing them to a:

vii. Share your video on your other social media platform

Make sure you do what it takes to have your video shared on several social media platforms!

Use any of these cool social media tools and share your YT vids at intervals.

Ask your friends and followers to like, comment and share.

The more eyes and places your video gets to within the FIRST 24 HOURS of uploading, the more likely your video will rank and get seen by searchers.

Hack Tip:

Try as much as possible to embed your new video to your blog and also get backlinks from many websites.

Web 2.0s or free Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly, Blogger and so on are all good places to embed your video.

That is one of the SEO hacks you can apply so your video can be quickly indexed and ranked.

viii. Use shortened URLs

When inserting your ClickFunnels affiliate into your video description, make sure it’s a shortened one.

The usual ClickFunnels link will look as ugly as this:

That doesn’t look pleasing to the human eye…

Use to shorten your affiliate links…

Or preferably what a smart marketer should do, use a link tracking service like ClickMagick to track and monitor your links effectively.

Part #3: Promoting ClickFunnels Using Share Funnels

promote clickfunnels using share funnels

Using share funnels to promote ClickFunnels has been proven to be the best free way to make money with ClickFunnels as an affiliate marketer.

Funnel sharing is one of the great inbuilt features that we know ClickFunnels has which other sales funnel building software don’t possess.

And this can dramatically boost your commissions if done well.

How does share funnel work?

Every funnel you build on your ClickFunnels account has a unique URL called share funnel URL. Once you copy that link, it can be shared with others.

The cool thing here is that when someone visits that link you shared, they will be taken to a ClickFunnels page to either login or sign-up for them to have access to the FREE funnel you’ve built for them.

How wonderful does that sound?

Cool, right?

If the person happens to be a CF user, the funnel will be downloaded straight to their account.

If they aren’t, then they have to sign-up for the 14-day all ClickFunnels features trial. All free.

Once they become a paying member, you keep getting 40% commission of any ClickFunnels product purchase.

For example here is an affiliate funnel you can download and share right away:

Let us cover the various ways to utilize the power of share funnels generally.

Method #1: Promote an affiliate business in a box share funnel

This is a self-contained ClickFunnels share funnel that has been already built.

All you have to do is to edit the BIB funnel by swapping your affiliate links, and other products contained.

Method #2: Use the share funnel as an incentive for a content upgrade

You can build your funnel and tell people how legitimately it helps your business in making great sales.

This will get people excited and tempted to sign-up to your list in order to get the exact sales funnel that brings sales.

You’re therefore building a list and making money at the same time with ClickFunnels.

My friend Chris Fong uses this method himself and uses a membership course funnel by one of ClickFunnels 2 comma members and also dream car winner Rachel S. Lee.

Method #3: Promote by creating funnels for local businesses in your area

This is the exact method a very good friend of mine who happens to be an Agency freelancer used to reach his first $1k in less than 2months as a ClickFunnels affiliate without spending a penny on paid Ads.

What he did was that he provided funnel building services to local businesses and few organizations that needed the services of a sales funnel creator.

He built the funnel for them, and then shared the URL for them to use with their new CF account.

Like this real estate share funnel:

Click funnels sales Funnels

There are tons of ways you could get creative with this funnel sharing thing… Just think of places and methods where you can apply this.

Because share funnels happen to be one of the best ways to have your “cookie sticky’d”, so whenever they purchase any ClickFunnels product… You still earn commissions.

Part #4: Promoting ClickFunnels as an Affiliate Through Blogging

Promote Clickfunnels as a blogger

Update: Here is a video walkthrough training on how to build a highly profitable blog site from scratch without any experience.

You can promote and market ClickFunnels as a blogger by easily setting up your blog with a Content Management System such as WordPress and get a free customized domain name from Bluehost, and then you only pay for hosting.


#1: Perform keyword research of terms related to ClickFunnels

This is actually the first and the most important step every blogger must perform before drafting out his content plan and content outline then followed by writing.

Below are the keyword research tools you can use:

The BEST way to really get an easily rankable keyword is to target a long-tail keyword. Because longtails are the exact phrases people look for during a search.

And so most bloggers don’t really target these keywords.

So, you should look out for terms that are up to 3-5 phrases long.

i. Let’s get practical using

When I input the term “ClickFunnels” Look below to see the key phrases I got…

Keywordtool ClickFunnels kw research

As you can see there are up to 306 keyword suggestions, you can also check for question terms and prepositions.


ii. Using KwFinder

Kwfinder ClickFunnels review

Kwfinder shows you the possibility (keyword SEO difficulty) of a keyword to rank…

I always go with KD of less than 25… So I can be able to rank easily

You can also use any other keyword research tools out there…

There are tons of them

Promoting ClickFunnels as a blogger is also one of the ways you could market ClickFunnels for free without spending any bucks on paid Ad.

Unless you wish to spend on link building or other SEO techniques.

Most of the ClickFunnels dream car winners reached that milestone by writing contents related to ClickFunnels on blogs and at the same time they establish themselves as an expert.

Although organic traffic in affiliate marketing via SEO takes pretty much time…

But it’s so far my favorite.

But it’s worth the effort over time if done properly by applying some SEO tips and tricks and a few other link-building and advanced SEO strategies from Backlinko.

#2: Blog Posts Types To Make Money Promoting ClickFunnels

Post type #1: A review post

This is a type of affiliate post that talks about every feature of ClickFunnels and how it works.

  • Use the product
  • Frame it
  • Mention the downsides and upsides
  • Be usual with your reviews
  • Leverage your attractive character

Post type #2: A comparison post

This is a type of affiliate post comparing 2 rival products. I.e. ClickFunnels vs. Unbounce, Reasons why ClickFunnels is better than Instapage.

Just do your research, and maybe you could come up with something better to write about.

  • Then use points 1-5 in post type #1 above.
  • Make sure you share your personal experiences on both

Post type #3: A case study post or “How to”

This is just like sharing your amazing or unfavorable experience with ClickFunnels (or any software) and how it has made you unproductive.

Or super-productive. lol

Here, you can make a visual post with lots of screenshots and short clips showing the best methods to use the products.

Share your best tips and secrets discovered while using ClickFunnels.

Post type #4: A roundup post

This is a type of post where you collect experts and influencers’ opinions about ClickFunnels or any affiliate product you wish to promote.

Here you collect data and answers by asking questions

Gather relevant articles and incorporate them to these responses as blog articles

Share on various social media platforms.

For example:

Here is an interview I did with a friend of mine on how to use ClickFunnels for network marketing.

Part #5: Promoting ClickFunnels as an Affiliate using Solo Ads

Promote ClickFunnels with Solo Ads

In a simpler term, Solo Ad is a type of email marketing promotion tactic where your affiliate offers are being sent to an email list owned by someone or a vendor, and you pay per each link click.

There are lots of affiliate marketers who use solo Ads to make front-end and back-end sales depending on how both the offers and email sequences are being crafted.

Without tracking using an affiliate tracking tool like Clickmagick, you’ll find it difficult to measure and track your Solo Ad clicks.

There are lots of Solo Ad marketplaces out there, but the most highly recommended for affiliate marketing is Udimi.

Click here to register on Udimi

Udimi solo Ads

It’s a popular marketplace to buy solo ads. Use THIS LINK and get your $5 gift after your registration on Udimi.

#1: Tips for using solo Ads to promote your ClickFunnels affiliate offers

Tip #1: Never use a direct link

Do not send your Solo Ad traffic directly to the affiliate product itself.

Endeavor to send them to a squeeze page, so that you can build an asset of controllable traffic and at the same time (probably) making front-end sales.

Most of the Solo Ad traffic doesn’t usually convert initially, but when you capture their email and send them several follow-up sequences at the back-end.

You can cash out indefinitely.

Tip #2: Start small

Always buy small number (50-100) of Clicks from a solo ad seller, if that was your first time. If it converts well, buy again!

Tip #3: Test Test Test

It’s all about testing and tweaking until you find out what finally works perfectly!

  • Try different email swipes
  • Split test squeeze pages
  • Different affiliate offers
  • Different solo ad vendors
  • Test the email and make sure everything is set perfectly

Part #6: Promoting ClickFunnels using Google Ads and others


Google ads

You can also use Google Adwords to drive sales to your ClickFunnels offers, all you need to do is to bid on the keywords and set the necessary targeting options.

What you should bear in mind here again is; to never drive direct traffic to your affiliate link, but rather build a list during the process (maybe giving out an incentive) and then redirect to the main ClickFunnels sign-up page.

I’ll advise you to hire an Adwords expert to do this for you if you aren’t good at this. The best training I so much recommend where you can learn Google Ads is:

==> The Ultimate Google Adwords course by Isaac Rudansky.

That’s the most advanced course on Google ads on the planet. I have gone through it myself!

For example, when I inputted the term ‘ClickFunnels review’, check below to see the ad result:

ClickFunnels review Adwords result

Here are other Ad networks you can promote your ClickFunnels offers on:

  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo
  • Adroll
  • YouTube Ads

But I recommend you to start with Google Ads if you plan to go the PPC route.

Part #7: Promoting ClickFunnels as an Affiliate using Quora

Actually, it was through Quora I made my first affiliate sale ($4.5). Not ClickFunnels.

Quora is a question and answer platform and also serves as a site to indirectly promote blog posts and products.

How it works is that you look for questions related to ClickFunnels and provide thoughtful and helpful answers to them.

Promoting ClickFunnels using Quora

Do not put your affiliate links indiscriminately into your answers!

That’s against Quora’s Acceptable Use Policy. 

But (preferably), add links directing to your blog post review, YouTube video, Social media post or Lead magnet that will lead to more better conversion.

How I do it at times is that I when I’m to add my affiliate links to my answer on Quora, I make sure that it isn’t the NAKED LINK…

…rather a shortened link

Haha, I get lucky at times… With my links

Just deliver enough value to the platform and it will favor your hustle! Big time.

Part #8: The Fastest Alternative to Make Money As A ClickFunnels Affiliate

I know most of you who do not like the slow and steady process like me, will prefer what I call an idiot-proof walk-through. Where you prefer to learn directly from an expert and replicate their successes.

That’s fine. I got good news for you!

ClickFunnels No.1 affiliate marketer Spencer Mecham who started out with no list and no following made $10,000 in his very first month and $100,000 in his first year as an affiliate of ClickFunnels.

As at the time writing this post, he has made over $1,000,000 from the program.

Spencer Mecham affiliate dashboard

He has a course plus free training where he teaches everything and secrets involved in promoting ClickFunnels!

==> Get His Free Masterclass Training Here

==> Check Out His Course Review Affiliate Secrets

Not just tactics to promote ClickFunnels, but you can use what’s inside that course to promote any affiliate product on planet earth.

The course is kinda expensive but totally worth every penny. You are learning from the best, you know.

Spencer covered almost all the tactics on this guide (except blogging and websites) which makes it the most valuable course on promoting ClickFunnels out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ClickFunnels pay affiliates?

ClickFunnels pays its affiliates a 40% commission on any of the products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem. The main software is where you earn recurring income because it’s billed on a monthly basis.

While others are only a one-time commissionable product.

Is the ClickFunnels affiliate program free?

Yes, to become an affiliate of ClickFunnels is free to join. You just apply and grab your links. Also, make sure you follow any of the strategies on this list.

How do I sell affiliate products with ClickFunnels?

Once you’ve decided on an affiliate product/offer you wish to promote with ClickFunnels, choose your desired traffic source and create a simple squeeze page for collecting emails. Which then leads to your affiliate offer.

Can you promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate without having an account?

The short answer is yes! But if you want to be a successful affiliate, in the long run, it’s advisable to be a ClickFunnels subscriber.

A customer sells a product easily than just a viewer, this will enable you to guide and educate your referred affiliates better.

What is the best way to promote the ClickFunnels affiliate program?

For me the best way so far has been writing ClickFunnels related posts which I already broke down in the blog promotion aspect, there you also see a tutorial post on how to start an affiliate blog fast.

For other affiliates, it could be other promotion strategies though. I would say just start with the platform you are more comfortable with.

What are the advantages and good reasons to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate?

  • You get unlimited training and resources on how to easily make sales
  • A two-tier program. You get paid for referring affiliates
  • Getting paid for life as long as your referred affiliates remain a user of ClickFunnels
  • All you need to do is send traffic to CF funnels and Russell finishes the job
  • Extra bonuses that’ll make you more money when you join under the right sponsor
  • The sticky cookie feature allows you to get affiliate credit when a prospect clicked your link last or when he had already opted in for any front-end offer (free or paid)

What is the Cheapest method to promote ClickFunnels?

The cheapest way to sell and market ClickFunnels software and other of its complementary products is through the use of an organic or free traffic source such as attraction marketing technique, Facebook groups, Blogging and YouTube SEO.

However, these cheap methods of promotion are more of a longer-term approach but more sustainable. It involves more of building a personal brand, content publishing and adding value where people get to know and trust you.

I so much prefer those 101%.

A faster way is the paid traffic route. Udimi, Google Ads, and Facebook ads

ClickFunnels Promotion Strategies – Conclusion

ClickFunnels promotion conclusion

My final thoughts on this guide are that no matter the tactics you choose to use in promoting any ClickFunnels products as an affiliate marketer, whether:

  • Through Facebook (Ads, Group or profile)
  • YouTube videos
  • Share funnels
  • Blog posts
  • Solo Ads etc

The best way to easily market ClickFunnels and get signups to have them retained at a longer period of time (so you keep earning) is to incentivize them by offering irresistible bonuses.

As an incentive to make them take action.

Make building of your list your number one priority cus this gives access to own your personal traffic. You can market to them whenever you desire. Forever!


The best and the most recommended email marketing software for affiliate marketing is GetResponse.

Note: If you’re new to the affiliate marketing space or Internet marketing as a whole, and you find it difficult to implement the strategies in this guide.

And also can’t afford the Complete Affiliate Marketing Course by Spencer Mecham.

Then, I recommend you go through the new affiliate Bootcamp practical training and learn for FREE on how to promote ClickFunnels.

From experts.

Just start with any of these traffic generation strategies (where you’re good at) and stay consistent with that until you begin making good commissions with the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Khris Steven

My mission is to equip and arm you with the precise marketing tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you make IMPACT, SERVE more and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

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    I noticed that the anchor in “Promoting Adwords” doesn’t actually takes over to the promoting adwords section though! 🙂
    Other than that, really epic. Awesome job

    1. Khris Steven

      Hey Pablo,
      Thanks for the nice words and observation just fixed the anchor. More than glad to be of help 🙂

  2. Mahmudul Rubel

    Awesome guide Chris… I promise I take action now. so much value here

    1. Khris Steven

      Thank you Mahmudul. Implementation matters my friend. Can’t wait to see you crush it!

  3. Lennor Gitad

    Wonderful Info! I have tried Udimi to gather internet traffic and I am getting good results.

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