In this post, I’m going to show you how to use ClickFunnels as an insurance agent to literally explode your business!

Of course, ClickFunnels WORKS! Keep reading to see how.

And I will also give you some amazing funnel templates and examples to download now and start using in your insurance business.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re in need of:

  • ClickFunnels for life insurance sales funnel
  • ClickFunnels for health insurance sales funnel
  • ClickFunnels for car/auto Insurance sales funnel
  • ClickFunnels for business insurance sales funnel
  • ClickFunnels for home insurance sales funnel

Because what I’m about to share with you works for any type of insurance agency business.

My goal is for you to be able to see how to use and implement ClickFunnels (or maybe any funnel builder) into your business.

And build fast sales funnel without tech headaches.

In this post you see how:

  • ClickFunnels works for Insurance agents (from the real world)
  • Insurance agents like yourself implement ClickFunnels in their businesses
  • To get ClickFunnels discount for 6MONTHS for almost half the price (w/hidden bonuses)

Let’s get started!

What Is Insurance Sales Funnel & How Does It Work?

Have you wished that your insurance business runs on autopilot, having an online system in place that guides your prospects step-by-step, does the selling and collect the payments right into your bank account?

Without your presence or you ever lifting a finger?

A dream come through, right?

How about a system that helps in putting everything in place and the same time acts as a salesman – without you having the knowledge on building a website?

As an insurance agent or broker – you need sales funnel in your business, so you can land clients who need your services of identifying sales opportunities for insurance plans and overseeing their portfolios.

Or maybe between the lines of identifying risk management strategies, handling policies and selling solicits, and negotiating insurance compensations.

Well, putting all of the services you render as an insurance broker and offer them to your clients at each stage of their needs is a great problem to deal with.

You need an automated and streamlined online sales process that helps you with all of that.

You need a sales funnel to take each and every one of your clients from the awareness stage to the conversion/purchase stage where they would bring out their wallet and pay you.

sales funnel explained

Without thinking twice.

Plus, set up a system that continuously brings them back into your world.

How awesome?

But, it’s so unfortunate that right now, you are here without any of that.

It’s very easy to get, serve, and maintain your clients using an online sales funnel.

What could be the problem?

I tell you, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of home, life, business, car/auto, commercial and health insurance agents out there exploiting and exploding their business using a sales funnel.

Believe it or not, there is a way you too can start getting massive clients to your doorstep and making more money through your services – utilizing funnels.

The good thing about it all is that it’s not too hard to do yourself.

All of the solutions you need are right here in this article. Templates, funnels, copy, tools, strategies and the rest of it.

Just keep reading.

Does ClickFunnels Work for Insurance Agents?

ClickFunnels is known as an all-in-one software that is primarily designed to help business owners build their entire business online from one single end.

ClickFunnels funnel creator and designer

Bye-bye to duct-taping. 😊

ClickFunnels provides and hosts all the tools needed to market, sell, promote, follow-up, and nurture customers without you bothering much about the technicalities involved in your insurance business.

For you as an insurance broker who desires to blow online, needs more clients, more money, and more time with loved ones…

…while having your business run on autopilot – you definitely need a sales funnel (like CF) for all this to work.

Fortunately, a tool like ClickFunnels was created so that insurance brokers (and entrepreneurs) like you, who don’t know how to code, design and build marketing pages and processes that converts do that fast.

Do you know why ClickFunnels is called an all-in-one?

I’ll tell ya.

This is a platform that comes with a range of tools, resources, and strategies that makes it super-easy to put all the pieces together in no time.

ClickFunnels provides you with:

  • Page builder and editor

For easy page building and customization of your branding elements.

  • Shopping Cart

This is a special feature for selling your services and collection of payments with ease.

  • One-click upsells/downsells and bumps

For increasing cart values by adding more products or services for customers.

  • Membership site tool

Another inbuilt tool that hosts your course or online training.

  • Affiliate center

For recruiting, assigning, managing, and paying affiliates bringing in sales for you.

  • Email and automation tool

An inbuilt function for sending marketing broadcasts, sequences, and connecting with clients.

  • Follow-up funnels

It allows you to speak directly to your customers based on their journey and information. All on automation.

  • Webinar Funnels

You can host your online live or automated event, then convert prospects from there.

No, it doesn’t end there!

Ever since I’ve been a user of ClickFunnels myself (1 year+), I haven’t built up to 3 sales funnels from scratch. Kind of weird.

You know why?


ClickFunnels provides me with unlimited sales funnel types, templates, and examples for me to quickly and easily customize to use in my various businesses.

So, on most occasions, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel – I just use the pre-built funnel templates.

ClickFunnels templates

Already designed/built to convert.

All of which would all work for your insurance agency business. 100% no doubt.

There are templates I will also share with (down this article) for you to download into your ClickFunnels account or use as an inspiration to craft your own insurance marketing funnel.

Free of charge.

However, the bottom line is:

ClickFunnels works marvelously for insurance agents/brokers. It helps you to properly structure your pages, offers and acts as a virtual salesman that sells your insurance services on automation.

To back this claim up – click on the image below to see for yourself and learn from local businesses who have been dominating their industry through funnels:

How to Use ClickFunnels For Insurance Agents

Now you’re aware that ClickFunnels is capable of helping you get clients and increase sales in your insurance business.

Then what?

Sadly, it’s always challenging most of the time for most business owners (insurance agents inclusive) figuring how NOT just how to use ClickFunnels BUT how to:

  • Structure their messages
  • Craft their offers
  • What to add as upsells, downsells and order bumps
  • Write their marketing copies
  • Weave stories and incite actions
  • And most importantly drive traffic to their funnels

These are things that keep lots of insurance brokers from using funnels. I’ve been in this situation myself when I was getting started with funnels.

But with time I got to master how it works. You know, constant practical action breeds perfection. Always!

Especially after going through the One Funnel Away Challenge, funnels brought massive positive changes to my business as a whole.

30 days funnel coaching by Russell Brunson himself at

I know you’ll agree with me that ClickFunnels is just a software that gives you the leverage you need to build and launch your business online to get the eyes of millions of people to see your business…

…But you also need the right marketing skills and strategies to make this tool work for you.


Even though training like the OFA teaches you this concept. You still need a thorough practical application.

Let’s go over some smart ways to implement sales funnel using ClickFunnels in your insurance business.

Strategies on using ClickFunnels in Insurance

#1: Using a lead magnet funnel

Here what you have to do is build a simple lead magnet funnel with a simple 2-step squeeze page form (there are lots of templates inside ClickFunnels).

Or just download tons of them from

You lead magnet should be like a free quote, checklist, training, free consultation, etc. that provides value related to whichever part of insurance you’re working with and collect the leads for follow up (via calls or series of email sequences) then closing of the deal.

One kind of freebie that converts the most for insurance brokers are free consultation with a download of a financial planning report. Or either of both.

Also bear in mind that:

You must be able to clearly identify your customer avatar so you can clearly know their pains and what type of offer aligns with them.

#2: Using Application Funnel

The application funnel is a type of sales funnel that works particularly when you’re looking for clients or customers to book an application, call or meeting with you after they might have indicated an interest in your services.

There are different ways you can structure or map out the funnel.

For example – you can do it like this:

The above illustration is just a stupid-simple application funnel. Our example below is a bit complicated compared to it.

Check it out:

Step #1: After a lead fills out their information on the first page.

Step #2: Leads drops automatically into your CRM or email marketing software (like ConvertKit) (or inside your ClickFunnels inbuilt automation tool).
Step #3: Follow-up the lead immediately with a call, texts, and email to let them know you got their application and work on it. If possible, close them once and for all.
Step #4: If you can’t get hold of the client immediately, they’ll still get follow-up sequences you configured.

Step #5: When you close the client, they get would be automatically added to another list (client list). You can upsell them from here to other of your offers via email or webinar invitation.

Step #6: If the lead didn’t convert after series of follow-ups and touches, you drop them into another list where they receive another set of emails for a period of time before finally deleting them from your list.

Using an application funnel is one of the best ways for you as an insurance agent to close hot-qualified leads.

Yeah, it’s even better than the lead magnet method.

Unless you take them straight to your application form immediately after getting their emails.

During the cause of carrying some research for this post, I contacted a few insurance broker agents to know the strategies they use in their business…

…fortunately, some of them use a system similar to this. The application funnel.

#3: Using Webinars

Another great way you can get insurance clients to the door is through online events.

Make a webinar presentation that points out all the benefits of having life insurance and the negatives of not having it.

Making use of the Perfect webinar scripts for this would show you how to structure everything.

Generate traffic (we shall get to that) to your free webinar presentation or training that already runs on autopilot, then pitch your insurance services or products at the end of the free training.

The webinar strategy is mostly used for high-ticket offers of about $997+. But very effective if you follow the proven perfect webinar strategy.

Get your WebinarJam trail here to build your first webinar. WebinarJam is the best webinar platform for small business owners right now.

Insurance Sales Funnel Templates – Built with ClickFunnels

Here are your free insurance sales funnel you can download straight to your ClickFunnels account now:

Auto Insurance Sales Funnel Templates

This is an auto insurance marketing funnel that starts with a free quote application:

Auto Insurance funnel template

Then followed with a thank you page:

Download here:

Home Insurance Sales Funnel Templates

The home insurance funnel starts with a free policy review (as the lead magnet), then on the next page, the clients need to enter his location details + full address.

Followed by the final thank you page.

home insurance sales funnel

Download here:

How To Get ClickFunnels Discount For Your Insurance Business? (paying less)

This part is only to Insurance Agents, business owners, or marketers who are yet to get started with ClickFunnels.

Or maybe you’re already a user and would like to get a huge secret discount to ClickFunnels. It’s fine. I. GOT. YOU.

ClickFunnels offers two(2) pricing tiers. The $97/mo and $297/mo. Correct?

However, for the $297/mo plan. Called the Platinum plan. You can really pay almost half the price of what you’re meant to pay for a 6months Platinum package.


***shhh silent please!***


This ClickFunnels secret money-saving discount gives you some INSANE bonuses and access to courses, training, and guidance that would help you immensely in your Insurance business. Or as a marketer.

See below:

I just got on this plan myself. Much favorable. Though it looks pricey at first BUT was worth in the long-term.

Guess how much I saved? A whopping $785!!!

Not bad if you ask me (As I had to invest that money into other marketing tools). I used a little for content as well.

Normally the Platinum plan would cost me $1782 for 6 months. Now I got it for a way cheaper price. Kind of a no-brainer. Tbh.

Click here to save costs on your ClickFunnels account! And enjoy the unlimited funnels features, courses, and training (like I currently do).

Or you can just watch the free Secret MasterClass training first.

Final Thoughts on ClickFunnels For Insurance Agents

We all know that ClickFunnels is only a marketing tool. Great software at that. No doubt.

Yeah, as an insurance agent, a tool like ClickFunnels is extremely valuable and it certainly would help you accomplish lots of stuff in your business.

But it doesn’t end there quite alright.

A software when used right can dramatically turn your business around overnight.

Like the quote that says:

A tool is only as good as the person using it

To me, it’s not just the person using it but the experience of the person and the strategy used.

The whole point is for you to:

Point #1: Master how sales funnel works and craft your offers for conversions (learn that from Good news?

You get the OFA for free on the Secret MasterClass package. 🙂

Point #2: Learn how to write converting copies (emails, sales letter, follow-ups, and scripts) that engage and motivate prospects to buy from you (thanks to Funnel Scripts).

Point #3: Master and learn how to drive traffic to your insurance business (Grab your free copy of Traffic Secrets book)

Do you have any specific questions on using ClickFunnels for insurance agents? Drop them in the comments below.


  1. Hey Kris great article. Thank you. I am in in insurance directly Health, Life and Financial services. I would love to elevate my game. Due to Coronavirus we are doing live webinars. Never used clickfunnels but since being home more I have done some research and to say the least very impressed. I am a solopreneur and this would take me to new heights. Is their any training specific to building funnels and lead generation specific to my industry? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hey Mario thanks for the comment. I really do not have a special training for your industry on generating leads. But definitely do have a private sales funnel training on how to get your way around ClickFunnels. It’s free but I don’t display it publicly, plus i can also help you get more clarity on building your Insurance business with funnels. Also, like I pointed out in the post – The OFA is coaching I highly recommend. It would help a ton too!

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