Are you looking for some inspiration when it comes to building funnels in ClickFunnels? If so, you’re in luck.

In this blog post, I’ll share some of the best ClickFunnels examples I’ve seen over the past 4 years I’ve been with ClickFunnels. I’ll also provide tips on how you can create your own successful funnels.

And of course – these are funnels built and backed by successful entrepreneurs and well-known internet marketers. Some of which I’m sure you’re very much familiar with.

Examples range from:

  • ClickFunnels Landing Page Examples
  • ClickFunnels Ecommerce Examples
  • ClickFunnels Website Examples
  • ClickFunnels Sales Page Examples
  • ClickFunnels Membership Site Examples

And a whole lot more…

So read on for some great insights and inspiration.

29 ClickFunnels Website Examples & Funnels

I took a couple of days researching some of the best funnels built on ClickFunnels by experts I know, and trust, and have been following their work over the past few years and months. And NOT just a random funnel out there. Just so you know you’re in safe hands.

Here are they:

Example #1. Peng Joon – All Funnels

Peng Joon is known to be a popular internet marketing expert with hundreds of thousands of social followers. Lots of programs and courses were built and marketed with the ClickFunnels software.

All of Peng Joon’s funnels are practical examples of sales, squeeze, and webinar funnels built with ClickFunnels.

  • He was a speaker on Funnel Hacking Live Stage in 2018
  • He has won several ClickFunnels awards
  • His funnels have made over 10 million dollars

Starting with his Content Multiplier Formula funnel.

Here is what the front end looks like:

Peng Joon clickfunnel example

Tons of testimonials, social proof, and crazy copies to boot. It starts with a free plus shipping offer – followed by other upsells.

The CMF is all about learning the formula to get millions of followers, engagement, and sales following his proven process.

Another of his funnel is the – Internet Income Intensive.

I first discovered this ClickFunnels squeeze page funnel example as part of Russell’s tested LeadFunnels library.

Inside this video course – Internet Income Intensive – you can discover how Peng Joon started from scratch and built an 8-figure income online.

It starts with:

HOOK: “Must-Watch Training Videos” (illustrated with an image of a video that can’t be played).

STORY: Learn how Peng Joon “built a personal brand online, how he monetized his life’s experience, and what you can do starting right now.”

OFFER: Enter your name and email address to receive the free digital video course: “Internet Income Intensive.”

Lastly, a Thank You Page with access to the training.

Other of Peng Joon’s Clickfunnels examples are:

  • Million Dollar Ads
  • Video Challenge
  • Platform Closing

Example #2. Kevin David – All Funnels

Stumbling upon one of Kevin David’s videos on YouTube back in 2017 was one of the ways I got really interested in ClickFunnels. All of Kevin David’s funnels (that I know of) were built on ClickFunnels. He has also made over 10 million with his funnels.

He is one marketer I see that almost all of his course funnels follow the same pattern.

Simple Squeeze/opt-in page => Webinar page => Sales

With, of course, some sick backend automation and retargeting.

I would say Kevin’s funnels are perfect ClickFunnels webinar funnel examples.

Let’s take a look at his Facebook ninja course funnel:

Here is the squeeze page ( to collect email webby registration):

Kevin david ClickFunnels examples

After selecting your webinar date – you’ll be taken to a page to grab your webinar registration link.

Other of his funnel examples are:

  • Shopify Ninja
  • Amazon FBA Ninja
  • Digital Course secrets

Example #3. Ryan Levesque (The Ask Method)

This is another funnel example I got from Russell 106 LeadFunnels swipe file library file.

With Ryan Levesque’s “List Building Blueprint,” you’ll receive a step-by-step mindmap into Ryan’s lead generation strategies that helped him reach $100 million in sales.

As method ClickFunnels example

HOOK: “Free Download: How to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers (And Beyond).”

STORY: “Your free blueprint for rapidly growing your list – even if you’ve struggled to get opt-ins in the past!”

OFFER: Answer one question and enter your email address to receive the free digital guide: “List Building Blueprint.”

Finally, Thank You, Page, to check your email for a link to download the guide.

Example #4. Kaelin Tuell Poulin (Lady Boss)

Out of the marketing world for a bit.

And stepping into the fitness and wellness world. An award-winning brand with sales pages built on ClickFunnels of course – Lady Boss.

From its about page:

LadyBoss is a women’s weight loss movement.

The mission of LadyBoss is to help women lose weight while loving themselves again. LadyBoss is a complete global weight loss system and support community specifically for women.

You can check out this link to a presentation on how Poulin built her business using the ClickFunnels platform.

Here’s one of their funnels:

LadyBoss ClickFunnels example

Weight Loss Kickstart guide.

Inside this guide from LadyBoss, you can discover how to lose weight in three easy steps by kickstarting your metabolism, mind, and motivation.

HOOK: “Claim Your Free Weight Loss Kickstart.”

STORY: “Do you feel like you’re in a rut or you’ve hit a plateau and you just can’t seem to get back on the bandwagon? We’re going to solve your problem together in a healthy way that works for you.”

OFFER: enter your email address to receive the free 3-step digital guide: “Weight Loss Kickstart.”

Finally, the Thank You Page to check your email for your guide.

Example #5. Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a complete step-by-step program that walks people through every part of starting, growing, running and scaling a business leveraging the power of Amazon FBA.

From my research, I discovered they’ve done tens of millions over the years – I also found out that the ASM course funnel is built on ClickFunnels.

They have an automated webinar presentation funnel, sales, survey, FAQ pages, and other pages that contribute to their yearly launch successes.

Here’s the main sales page for ASM:

ASM Clickfunnel example

Here’s of the evergreen webinar funnels for ASM (link):

Example #6. Spencer Mecham (Affiliate Secrets)

Spencer Mecham is one of the very, very few ClickFunnels affiliates that has made over 1 million dollars (if not $2 million) promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

His affiliate marketing course – Affiliate Secrets is known to have been of great help to lots of ClickFunnels affiliates. The entire course funnel pages (squeeze, sales, and evergreen webinar pages) were all built on ClickFunnels.

You can look them up here:

Spencer webinar funnel example
  • Course sales page (link)

ClickFunnels Example #7. Funnel Scripts

Well, since you’re here looking for funnel examples of ClickFunnels designs then you should have a little (or a lot of) idea of what Funnel Scripts is all about. A copy-generating machine for marketers and businesses.

Funnel Scripts’ entire sales pipeline is one I’d recommend to anyone who’s interested in SaaS to check out.

If possible, go through the entire funnel.

The webinar funnel alone (presented by Jim and Russell) is a killer one in my opinion. You can view it here.

Another funnel strategy employed by Jim to sell the Funnel Scripts software is offering a free headline generator without any opt-in friction.

funnel scripts headline generator

It generates tons of cool headlines for your funnels for free – but you ONLY get to access a few of the headlines.

To get the rest, you input your email address (of course). As you would have guessed – an offer to signup for Funnel Scripts is expected down the line.

The idea here is pretty simple:

Offer a free (useful) version of your software. Get their email. Then sell them via follow-ups. Automated.

Example #8. Dean Graziosi (

Dean Graziosi teamed up with Tony Robbins to build the Project Next course. Previously the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

Especially for those who desire to launch and make money from masterminds or create a movement that aims at touching lives and at the same time you’re being paid for it.

First, the Project Next evergreen webinar page looks simple with powerful social proofs. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn from Tony Robbins of all people?

Plus, the number count of lives impacted, countries, and niches covered:

KBB registration funnel

Including the time frame. 10 short months!

There are quite a few other pages like the checkout page. FAQ page. Etc. Which all have one or two strong elements of a converting funnel.

Urgency. Scarcity. Social proof. Compelling CTAs.

Example #9. Bryan Dulaney (Perfect Funnel System)

Bryan Dulaney has been in the marketing game since 2006 and is the CEO and Founder of the Perfect Funnel System, which is responsible for generating over $60 Million in online revenue for his clients, partners, and his own products and services.

The exact funnel example by Bryan (I’ve been through it myself) is the Free Golden Ticket funnel.

It starts with a front-end USB drive that’s loaded with 7-figure and 8-figure funnels, emails, and scripts.

A free-plus-shipping offer.

Followed by lots of upsells to other Bryan’s products and services. To be honest, it’s one of those funnels out there with MASSIVE upsell and downsell offers.

Example #10. Todd Brown (The Big Idea Swipe File)

I had never ever heard about Todd Brown. Not until a few weeks back when going through the LeadFunnels swipe file.

I dug in a bit a found Todd to be a funnel expert other experts go to when they need help with their own funnels and marketing campaigns. I got to discover his Big Idea Swipe File funnel from LeadFunnels.

Here’s how it’s structured:

HOOK: “Free (Limited Time): The Big Idea Swipe File” (illustrated by blurred-out images).

STORY: “Multi-million-dollar marketing ideas at your fingertips so you never struggle again to come up with a wildly profitable idea for your next marketing funnel!”

OFFER: Enter your email address to receive the free digital file: “The Big Idea Swipe File.”

With the final Thank You Page to access your file.

Why Do You Need a ClickFunnels Example?

Well, I can list out scores of reasons why top marketers and influencers wholly choose and use ClickFunnels out of the pool of so many shiny tools out there to power and run their entire online businesses.

But the short version of it all is that:

ClickFunnels is the most powerful sales funnel platform in the market right now with tons of educational content available for free to help both you and I sell our products and services with ease.

Effectively. Powerful. Flexible. Educating. Rewarding.

A ClickFunnels example is a great way to learn from the best.

It helps you see what they do and how it works so that you can implement their strategies into your own business or onto your website with ease.

The more examples you look at, the better chance there is of finding something that suits your needs exactly.

You might also discover new opportunities for growth as well!

Sometimes it is best to reverse engineer someone else’s success so that you can see all the different parts of a system and how they work together.

It also helps to see why one funnel is better than another for certain types of businesses or business people.

Some funnels are just nice to look at, while others have lots going on inside them, with various pages to land on and lots of text that explains the features.

ClickFunnels Examples You Can Download Right Now!

You’ll agree with me that it looks way easier viewing all the above funnel examples THAN building, designing, and implementing whichever caught your attention in your business.

The best you can do to hack these funnels is to buy all of the products within each funnel. Studying the pattern, structure, copy, etc.

Unfortunately, that will cost you some serious money. Hence, nearly impossible.

Sure, it’s not really a bad idea to go through a specific funnel example you vibe with. But how about getting an entire funnel template right into your CF account?

You view all the steps. The structure. Backend upsells etc.

Obviously, the share funnel features on ClickFunnels are awesome. Which even makes this funnel share concept sweet.

Here are some funnel templates to download right into your ClickFunnels account (get 14day free trial here):

  • 11. Free plus shipping ClickFunnels example

Download link:

  • 12. Supplement ClickFunnels landing page example

Download link:

  • 13. One Funnel Away Share Funnel

Download link:

  • 14. Automobile insurance funnel

Download link:

  • 15. Home insurance funnel

Download link:

  • 16. Evergreen/Auto webinar funnel

Download link:

  • 17. Live webinar ClickFunnels Example

Download link:

  • 18. Application funnel

Download link:

  • 19. Squeeze page funnel

Download link:

  • 20. Membership funnel

Download link:

  • 21. Fitness funnel website example

Download link:

  • 22. ClickFunnels eCommerce example

Download link:

How to get the best from ClickFunnels Examples

Enrolling in the Your First Funnel Challenge offers you a great opportunity to take advantage of numerous converting ClickFunnels Examples for 30-day free trial. This is an incredible chance to get the best from ClickFunnels with tons of examples to learn from.

You will be able to explore different aspects of this marketing tool and use it to create powerful marketing campaigns that will drive conversions and sales.

Your First Funnel Challenge also provides you with access to a community of other marketers who are using ClickFunnels, which is a great resource for learning more about this tool.

In addition, you will have access to the support team at ClickFunnels should you need any assistance.

Taking advantage of the Your First Funnel Challenge and using ClickFunnel for your business is a smart move that will help you experience the full power of this marketing tool.

How do I get the best Clickfunnels landing page examples?

A great landing page is essential for any website that wants to generate leads and drive conversions. However, designing an effective landing page can be a challenge. If you’re not sure where to start, one of the best ways to find inspiration is to look at examples of successful landing pages during the challenge or from the examples shared above.

A ClickFunnels landing page example has:

  • A large headline that explains what the product is
  • A brief description of what the product does
  • Images of the product or people using it
  • Testimonials
  • A call to action

Once you’ve found a few examples that you like, take some time to analyze why they’re effective.

What do they have in common?

How could you adapt their approach to fit your own business?

By taking the time to find and study great examples of landing pages, you’ll be well on your way to creating one that works for your business.

Final Thoughts – ClickFunnels Examples

Clickfunnels is an amazing tool that can help businesses of all types increase their online visibility and sales.

My list of ClickFunnels examples above should give you a good idea of just how versatile this tool is. If you’re thinking about using ClickFunnels for your business, be sure to check out all the different options and bonuses they offer before making your decision. You won’t be disappointed.

Any question? Drop in the comments below!

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