ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

In this today’s post, we’re going to take look at everything you need to know about the ClickFunnels affiliate program and its structure.

And it won’t end there.

I will share my own personal experience with it, how I got back some lost commissions.

We shall also go over some disturbing questions regarding the ClickFunnels affiliate program, all the products in its ecosystem with their payout, and the best course to fast-track your promotion success.

Plus, a lot more.

Let’s get started!

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

Actually, ClickFunnels used to pay all affiliates 40% commission for each referred customer to the platform. But that changed around August 2019.

Some of the changes aren’t targeted to old affiliates – but for affiliates who are new to promoting ClickFunnels.

Although as a new affiliate you can still earn 40% on all front-end sales of other non-recurring products.

Like the books:

You earn $1 per book commission PLUS additional commissions on multiple backend offers which I will show you in a bit.

According to ClickFunnels:

New ClickFunnels’ affiliates will also earn 20% commission on purchases of ClickFunnels subscriptions that your front end buyers sign up for.

The best part is this is a monthly recurring commission. Meaning as long as they continue paying for their ClickFunnels account you receive a commission.

Once you have earned $1,000 in commissions in a month you can apply to become an approved affiliate earning 30% monthly recurring commissions.

Once you have at least 40 active ClickFunnels’ members paying for their membership through your affiliate id for at least 30 days, you can qualify to have your commission increased to 40% monthly recurring commissions.

Know that the above statement which can also be found on applies to only new affiliates.

For old affiliates, you still earn a continuous 40% on ClickFunnels subscriptions.

Products to Promote and Commissions You Earn

Now take a look at all the backend commissions on the books and other products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem.

Product #1: One Funnel Away Challenge


This is one of the juicy and high-paying products of ClickFunnels you can promote. You earn 100% commission when you sell the OFA challenge. The coaching program sells for $100. So, you earn a $100 commission when each person joins.

Don’t just promote that way.

I will also advise you to enroll and go through the OFA yourself before promoting it. People will buy more from your link when you share how it helped you and the impact it made in your business.

Hint: You can also promote the free summit, and get $100 commission for each person that upgrades and joins the OFA.

Product #2: Dotcom Secrets

You earn $1 when you sell the free-plus-shipping book plus an additional $966 in commissions on multiple backends offers when users buy.

Product #3: Expert Secrets

You also earn $1 on the front-end sale and an additional $926 in commissions on multiple backend offers.

Product #4: Network Marketing Secrets

You make $1 on the front end and about $174 on the back end offers.

Product #5: Traffic Secrets

$1 commission on the plus an additional $291 in commissions on multiple backend offers.

Product #6: Copywriting Secrets (by Jim Edwards)

You earn $1 on the free book and about $329 on the back end offers.

Product #7: Funnel Scripts (Jim Edwards)

When you sell a copy of Funnel Scripts software which is an onetime payment you earn $318.80.

Another juicy deal about the ClickFunnels affiliate program is that when you have 100 subscribed members to the software, they’ll cover the lease of your dream car ($500/month).

For 200 active members: $1,000 / month. And there is an award for that.

My Little Experience Promoting ClickFunnels plus How I Got Back a Lost Commission

I started promoting ClickFunnels back in 2018. I think last quarter of that year or so if I can remember.

That was when I wrote my first ClickFunnels review article and started interacting in groups to build relationships get familiar with the whole ClickFunnels world.

2018 ended and made just $1 from a book sale.

the breakthrough started in January 2019 where I made about $500 in a week from the affiliate program. Ever since it’s been a crazy journey.

Loads of challenges, winnings, and same time losses.

Did I ever have problems promoting ClickFunnels?

From my experience so far, I haven’t really had any problem with the ClickFunnels affiliate program. Even though I had problems, in the beginning, receiving payments because of my location.

Nothing too serious. If I’m to say.

Except for the fact that their own affiliate management system called Backpack can be sometimes buggy.

Yeah, in a few cases I’ve had wrong affiliate reporting of my earnings which wasn’t important.

However, the scary one which was rectified with the help of a tool (more on this later) was an erroneous refund.

You know the cooling-off period for every transaction is 45 days. This means customers can choose to refund or cancel their purchases during this period.

Due to my means of promotion and driving traffic, I don’t get much refund. Just in rare cases.

Then one day I got a huge refund on the Funnel Builder Secrets package, normally sold at $1997 with a commission of $798.8.

I shared this on my Facebook wall just to show that there are risks involved in running ab affiliate business. I had comments from friends.

my ClickFunnels affiliate refund

One of the comments was from a Dream car winner and a friend James Hurst who brought to my notice that it could be an erroneous refund.

I was like:

“Erroneous refund?”

To cut the story short, James hooked me up with an amazing software he had developed that checks if the refund was accurate or not.

Unfortunately for me, that was an accurate refund.

Going forward, I have had a few other refunds and James’ tool helps me to check them.

So far the tool has detected about two erroneous refunds on my ClickFunnels affiliate account.

I didn’t believe it at first.

What actually happened was that a refund took place where the deducted user transaction never happened from my account.

Sounds crazy, right?

In fact, the last one was a refund of $118.8. That’s a platinum plan minus from my affiliate earnings. Fortunately for James’ cool tool, I was able to get it back my $120 back 😊.

After running my affiliate report with the tool, here is the email that was sent from the tool:

There was also an email template provided which I can use in reporting the error to ClickFunnels support, which I used. I used the template he provided and sent the email to ClickFunnels’ support.

They got back to me and requested I forward my email address. I responded to confirm my details.

I got my money back within a few hours!

The name of this tool is CF Affiliate Auditor.

This is the same tool that has saved lots of other affiliates (Dream car winners and super affiliates) from losing commissions.

Sometimes I wonder how many erroneous refunds are being left unattended. I’m sure hundreds of ClickFunnels affiliates are losing commissions due to this glitch.

Frequently Asked Questions About ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Do You Need a ClickFunnels Account to Be an Affiliate?

No, you don’t need to have an active ClickFunnels account to be an affiliate. All you need to do is signup at to become an affiliate, get approved, then get your affiliate links.

It’s not a pay to play platform.

Actually, applying to become an affiliate isn’t a big deal. What matters is how you drive traffic and promote your links to make commissions.

But I’d also have to recommend you to first of getting yourself a free 14days to get familiar with the software before promoting. It doesn’t make sense to promote what you don’t know and haven’t used.

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free?

Unlike some affiliate programs out there requiring you to become a user or pay some fees before they accept you to promote their products – ClickFunnels is not that way.

Their affiliate program is free.

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Legit?

First of all, ClickFunnels is NOT an MLM scheme. The affiliate program is a pure one. If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, then you should know how it works.

Basically, promoting other people’s products and services to earn a commission.

How Does ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work?

ClickFunnels’ affiliate program works in a straightforward process. You apply to be an affiliate, get your affiliate links and start driving traffic to it, make sales, see the commissions reflect on your dashboard, then you get paid after the 45 days cooling-off period.

Also, note that the “Ready for Payout Today” commission summary line must be $100.00 or more at the time of the commission report.

This means you must have earned $100 or more before being paid.

How Do You Get Paid on ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

ClickFunnels’ payout is being processed by Tipalti. So, all affiliates must fill out their Tipalti form which enables them to get paid as an affiliate.

Within and during your Tipalti registration, you’ll upload your Tax form, fill your personal information, and select your preferred payment mode. PayPal, Check, Local transfer, or ECH.

My chosen method was local bank transfer due to the fact that PayPal was kind of limited in my region.

How Do I Get My Tilpalti Login Information from ClickFunnels?

Great question!

If you need a newly generated Tipalti link to get your affiliate payments, you will have to reach out to to get you your unique registration link.

The link is time-sensitive meaning, it will expire after a period of time so you will want to keep an eye out for it after reaching to support.

How Do I Login to My ClickFunnels Affiliate Dashboard?

There a few options to get into your affiliate dashboard.

You log in from the Whatsyourdreamcar site.

If you have a ClickFunnels account you can log into your CF account, on the lower right corner you’ll see “My Affiliate Earnings” then click on “More Tools” to be taken your affiliate dashboard.

Who Is the ClickFunnels Affiliate Manager?

Myles Clifford and Turner Leslie are currently in charge of the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

How Do Contact ClickFunnels Affiliate Support?

If you aren’t part of the ClickFunnels Avengers group for ClickFunnels affiliates, then you can join here. That’s one of my favorite groups for affiliate marketing.

Lots of support there.

Another way to get support as an affiliate of ClickFunnels is through email. You can always email to get your issues resolved.

What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is ClickFunnels’ own affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to make money promoting ClickFunnels and any other affiliate products.

And retire in 100 days.

You’ll be learning from super affiliates and great marketers using different strategies. To enroll go to

What Is the Best Method and Strategy to Promote ClickFunnels?

To be sincere, if you ask me my best strategy – I would openly tell you it’s blogging.

But hey, if it works me for does that mean the same for you too? This depends on lots of factors.

While there over a dozen proved methods to make money promoting ClickFunnels, what I’ve seen holding people back is the MINDSET.

Most people take affiliate business to be a quick money thing. A HUGE affiliate marketing mistake. You put in the work, keep working, have patience, learn from an expert, then buy a course, or get a mentor.

If you can blog get a free domain from and pay hosting fee (pretty cheap), If you’re good on videos, then start a YouTube channel.

It’s all about capitalizing on your strengths. NOT bothering about your weaknesses.

By the way:

I already covered some easy to implement tactics on how to promote ClickFunnels here in this post, but you can still choose to get your hands on the best ClickFunnels affiliate course below.

Who Has the Best Course on How to Promote ClickFunnels?

Having been an active user of ClickFunnels for over a year and an affiliate for a quite long time – taken some courses, interacted with marketers, connected with affiliates.

I do know what I’m talking about when I tell you that the number one ClickFunnels affiliate marketer of all time Spencer Mecham course called Affiliate Secrets is the best course to help you become successful as ClickFunnels affiliate.

You can watch his free Masterclass here or enroll in his course which has produced lots of super affiliates and dream car winners.

Or just go the sales page to order here.

Before heading over to Spencer’s free training. I also need to tell you that as of when writing this, blogging and website building is a lacking ingredient.

If that’s your plan – then I wouldn’t advise you to enroll.

Else, here is a cool training on how to build profitable authority sites that stands the test of time.

How Much Can I Make as An Affiliate of ClickFunnels?

It depends on your marketing skill, experience as an affiliate, learning level, and implementation speed.

To back up on a bit on me recommending Affiliate Secrets as the best course… No matter how serious you are learning all the great stuff Spencer teaches inside his course – without execution, you’re headed nowhere.

That’s it!

You can be a brilliant learner but weak or sluggish execution will give you zero results.

While on the other hand, you can be a sluggish learner and a brilliant executioner – with amazing results.

Now answering your question on how much you can make. You can make 100’s, 1000’s or hundreds of thousands monthly.

You won’t get there within a day.

It takes time. Affiliate business is just like a compound effect. Along your journey, you’ll notice that no effort was wasted at all.

Got the idea?

Khris, do you have a share funnel I can use to promote ClickFunnels?

I don’t really use share funnels to promote ClickFunnels as you might have guessed. But I got my hands on a nice share funnel by George Wickens (another top CF affiliate).

You can get the affiliate share funnel at

What is Click Is ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie?

Here is what ClickFunnels says about its affiliate sticky cookie:

The sticky cookie allows our affiliates to get a ‘passive’ affiliate commission whenever we send an offer to our community, and you have the active sticky cookie on file for whoever makes a purchase…

  • Affiliate Cookie Rules: You must use your affiliate link to have your cookies applied and also to be eligible for commissions.
  • Your prospect must click on and use your affiliate link for your cookie to be applied.
  • The last affiliate link click by the prospect that directly leads to purchase will be used to assign credit for that sell.
  • Affiliate Cookies will expire 30 days after being set for commissions to be recorded.

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