One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2020): Discounts, Price & BONUSES!

One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2020): Discounts, Price & BONUSES!

Wondering what the One Funnel Away Challenge is all about?

Let this review post be your holy book to understanding everything you desire to know about this popular ClickFunnels training and coaching.

You can also call the OFA challenge.

I will also reveal to you how you can get the One Funnel Away Challenge:

  • For a slightly cheaper rate
  • At a stupid-cheaper rate (HUGE DISCOUNT!)
  • And also for free

I just want your attention in this One Funnel Away Challenge review also known as 30-day challenge.


Before then…

It’s no doubt that the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge came with lots of hype and an intense vibe that took the whole online marketing business space by surprise.

A training which has claimed to have transformed lives and left thousands of business owners with shocking results.

I know…

That could be the reason you are right on this OFA review page right now.

Not to worry because you are only a few scrolls away to knowing and having a clear understanding of how the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge works + bonuses inside.

And what you shall really get from it, also you will find out if it’s worth the hype, price, testimonials and all.

Please also make sure you go through the FAQ section of this post to see how to get a sweet discount of this 30 days One Funnel Away Challenge.

It’s real!

But first of all, before I delve into the main review of One Funnel Away Challenge – I want to let you know that I’ve participated in the One Funnel Away Challenge twice and gain tons of knowledge about it…

Which has also helped in skyrocketing my business dramatically more than I’ve ever imagined!

So you won’t be reading a review of someone who hasn’t experienced the OFA challenge, like some other One Funnel Away Challenge reviews out there.

I used to be very broke and had always made nothing less than $500/mo in my online business. Until I went through this coaching session.

My OFA testimonial
>>> check out OFA challenge here <<<

It sounds unbelievable when I tell people how this training transformed my belief and business as a whole.

But HOLD ON a bit until you’ve read the complete review of this program.

Here is a table of contents of our One Funnel Away Review:

Part #1: What One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is a virtual coaching session held in 30days where Russell Brunson with two (2) of his top marketing coaches (Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian) will hold you by hand to launch your first (or next) million-dollar generating sales funnel, with tasks (challenges) to be completed each day.


It doesn’t just end there…

You will also learn how to create, structure, launch and market your products or services to thousands of prospects out there in the world willing to pay you.

The One Funnel Away Challenge will arm you to teeth every resource you ever need to perfect your sales funnel and offer so you can be able to serve your REAL audience the right way and make money of course.

Not just money…

But you’ll get to discover that the successes in life, marriage, and business have a lot to do with mindset. (More on that soon)

As a participant in this coaching session, you will have access to your own One Funnel Away Challenge membership area and there will also be a dedicated community where you get to directly interact with other people taking the challenge and get the motivation to complete each day’s lessons.

There are tons of bonus materials such as the recorded live interviews of 2 comma club winners actionable plans, OFA workbook PDF, Kits, One Funnel Away box, books and MP3 player which we shall talk about soon.


Part #2: One Funnel Away Challenge Price & Cost

The One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100 which covers all the coaching materials, challenge kits, workbooks, bonuses, and extra training during the whole 30 days and the kits would be shipped to your location where you pay $19.95 to cover shipping in the US and $29.95 outside the US.

one funnel away challenge price
>>> click here to enroll for the next OFA <<<

But you don’t have to worry if you don’t want to cover the One Funnel Away Challenge books, box, one funnel away challenge workbook PDFs and bonuses – you can decide to only pay $100 for the Digital Only version which doesn’t include the kits.

For me, the first time I enrolled, I ordered the kits and second time, I only ordered the Digital Only version.

Or maybe you’re for freebies? 🙂

Then read along to see how to get the One Funnel Away Challenge for free.

Yeah, that’s true!


If you’re like me – you might be wondering just the way I wondered initially…

  • What are the actual bonuses that come with the one funnel away challenge?
  • Is this training really worth it?
  • What if I don’t like what is being taught?
  • Must I be a ClickFunnels user to participate?
  • And by the way, I don’t like or use ClickFunnels!
  • Is the One Funnel Away only for affiliate marketing?
  • How do I know if my type of business really needs those training?

I understand your worries and my aim here in this one funnel away challenge review is to provide you an honest answer to those pressing questions. (Read on)

Which will determine if you should sign-up or not? I wouldn’t want you to spend your precious $100 on something you might later regret.


Part #3: Who are the Coaches in the ClickFunnels OFA Challenge?

In the One funnel Away Challenge, you’ll have access to three coaches who are super proficient at what they do and have been in this marketing and business development game for decades. Imagine having Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and ‘offer master’ Stephen Larsen hold you by hand.

And walk you through the step-by-step method on how to properly sell products or services online.

And don’t tell me you don’t know these gurus. Lets quickly review and talk about them for a bit.

#1 OFA Coach – Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson OFA

We all know Russell doesn’t need any introduction. The founder of ClickFunnels software, a multiple 8 figure marketer and an author of the best selling Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book.

He will, of course, teach you different tactics involved in marketing your offers the right way, which will make your competitors GO HOME.

All in video format.

In case you don’t know, Russell charges more than $25,000 just for his masterclass and well over $200,000 for a one-on-one.

#2 One Funnel Away Coach – Julie Stoian

Julie Stoain One funnel

Julie is 7 figure entrepreneur, 2comma award winner, and creator of several online courses, events, and masterminds.

She has built multiple million generating businesses over the years. She teaches and educates business owners on how to utilize digital marketing and sales funnels to explode in business and make an impact.

#3 Trainer/Coach – Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen OFA challenge

Of recent, Steve Larsen happens to be one of my favorite marketers and I always find myself consuming his contents almost on a daily basis.

He’s also a 2comma award winner for sure and one of the world’s most talented sales funnel experts and ‘offer’ guru. No doubt!

Being the founder of the popular sales funnels podcast called: Sales Funnel Radio, Steve is an expert you’ll never want to take his stuff for granted.

Steve Larsen is the one responsible for delivering most of the One Funnel Away live coaching calls with an extremely pumped-up and motivating charisma.

He guides you through all the daily videos and interactions.


Part #3: ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

I briefly talked about this earlier. After you enroll for the One Funnel Away Challenge coaching program, there are tons of bonuses that come along with it from me personally and also from the purchase itself.

Here are the bonuses + values you get from ClickFunnels:

one funnel away challenge offer bonus
>>> click here to get your OFA bonuses! <<<

30 Days of videos missions from Russell Brunson ($997 worth)

These are the coaching videos from the CEO of ClickFunnels. Imagine receiving an actionable coaching call from one of the world’s best online marketers.

30 Days Coaching from Steve Larsen and Julie Stoian ($997 worth)

As if that of Russell’s aren’t enough, you’ll also get intense coaching from Julie and Steve throughout the 30days.

  • Detoxification of the negative mindset
  • Offer hacking, creation, and sequencing
  • E-cover creation
  • Product Creation and testing
  • Epiphany Bridge
  • Crafting and testing your Hook Story Offers
  • Creation of lead magnets
  • ClickFunnels mastery
  • Generation and driving of traffic
  • It goes on and on…

These are the sneak peek of what shall be covered during the one funnel away challenge program.

One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit ($247 worth)

Bonus: Physical copy of the Challenge Workbook ($97 worth)

This is where you record your challenge progress during the 30 days.

Bonus: MP3 Player ($297 worth)

  • Which contains all audio recordings of Russell’s daily training (30 days)
  • Steve Larsen recordings from his previous coaching calls

Both contain over 50 recordings and almost 48hours of training (in the mp3 player) which you can listen to on the go and always set your mind on fine.

Bonus: 30Days Hardcover ($97 worth)

This is the book that contains all actions the 30experts will take from day1 through 30 to save themselves if they lost everything.

A lot was revealed in here

Bonus: Unlimited Access to 30 days Interviews ($197 worth)

Here are the recorded interviews of the 30 2comma award winners revealing their strategies.

Bonus: Behind the scenes – Two comma club interviews ($197 worth)

2comma club interviews
>>> click here to enroll for the next OFA <<<


Part #4: One Funnel Away Results and Stories

I do not need to go into detail what this coaching program has done to countless lives, because testimonials from this program already confirm that.

Below is a testimony from a very close friend of mine whom the OFA changed the game totally in his life:

I must say, the One Funnel Away challenge has been one of the best learning experiences ever!

Russell, Steve and Julie put everything into perspective for me. I’ve been jumping into different groups trying to learn but everything keeps getting highly confused and overwhelming at times.

Everything you need to know is taught step-by-step from scratch.

Really an awesome experience! And I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take action and make a difference in life and in business.” – Nasierodeen Wyngaard

Here’s another testimonial by another One Funnel Away participant:

I did the last challenge, so for starters, I joined the OFA Challenge for 3 reasons. 😃

First, I never actually never had a funnel ever built before… I had done webinars but those are super simple because it doesn’t require much copy, structure, etc. so I wanted to really dig into this whole automation, funnel, upsell, downsell, stuff and needed clear direction.

Secondly, I had never written any copy for an entire funnel before or run so I wanted guidance on that.

Third, I had this email list of people that I had never ran an email campaign to and my emails of people were just sitting on all these contact forms across multiple websites so it helped me get organized with that then also formulate a strategy to run a full blown email sequence to my list.

That’s what I joined the OFA Challenge for and I definitely got all of that plus more by being in OFA and the community.

So let’s move onto the fun stuff, let’s talk about the results I got. I know there were tons of even better results but I think I did okay.

Total Profit Generated in less than 60 days of my OFA Membership Funnel going live = $26,149

When rebills hit this month it’ll bring me to over $34,000 profit in just 60 days of the funnel being live 😱 I also have $9,389 in rebills.

This funnel is forecasted to do over $120,000+ profit in just the first year. – Earnest Epps

Check the screenshot of the above testimonial below:

Earnest Epps OFA proof
>>> reserve your OFA seat here <<<

No matter the type of business or niche you’re into, you need not to have any experience in business or online marketing.

And if you’re already in business, be it:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Real Estate
  • Digital agency/freelancer
  • B2B
  • Info products
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging/Affiliates
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Local businesses
  • Name it…

You’re going to get mind-blowing ideas you never thought existed or works in any industry you think online marketing never works right.


Part #5: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the OFA challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge coaching costs $100. Or get it for a discount cost after buying the LeadFunnels swipe file. As an upsell. Not shown publicly.

Is the OFA Challenge worth it?

In all honesty, the one funnel away is worth more than $1,000, because I have gone through it and other super-expensive marketing courses in the past which doesn’t go half of what’s inside the One Funnel Away.

Do I need a special skill to join the OFA?

No, you don’t need a special skill to do the One Funnel Away Challenge. I first entered the OFA without knowing how to implement a lot of marketing strategies and left with lots of knowledge.

Who has the best OFA Bonuses?

Russell Brunson himself has the best One Funnel Away bonuses. He knows It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the challenge, so he and his coaches will be your guide and offer you the best support.

Is there a refund for the One Funnel Away?

Yes! Just like there is a money-back guarantee to AUTHENTIC courses and tools out there, the same goes for the One Funnel Away Challenge within 30 days. Once you aren’t satisfied with the contents, you’ll get a refund.

How Do promote the OFA as an affiliate?

To make $100 for every person that buys the One Funnel Away Challenge from your affiliate link, I will give you access to my One Funnel Away Challenge share funnel link which you can use in driving traffic to your OFA special link.

What if I don’t have any product yet?

You basically do not need to have your products before you make money online or start an online business. You can sell your knowledge with the help of the OFA or learn how to be an affiliate.

How often is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge used to take place every month, but now it starts every 2weeks for different batches.

Must I be a ClickFunnels user to participate in OFA?

No, you mustn’t be a subscriber of ClickFunnels to participate. Once you sign-up for the one funnel away challenge you’ll have to create a separate one funnel away challenge login account with the very email you used to make a purchase.

Then you have access to the interviews and notes in your exclusive members’ area.

Is the One Funnel Away only for affiliate marketers?

Ah no, it’s not a friend! In fact, a complete beginner with no business in mind can join the OFA challenge. Because you’ll be spoiled with ingenious numerous ideas that will get your brain boiling hot for execution to start your next business.

Does the One Funnel Away Challenge have an affiliate program?

Yes the OFA challenge has an affiliate program and you can make a crazy amount of money from it during the challenge if you share your experience with others and follow my guidance.

It pays 100% commission.

It’s very easy to invite someone to this life-changing experience and make your spent $100 back, fast!

Is there a One Funnel Away Discount or Coupon?

Surprisingly, there is a One Funnel Away Challenge discount most people won’t disclose publicly.

Here is how to get it:

Click on this link to buy Lead Funnels swipe file, then after that, you will be offered an upsell to register of the OFA challenge. Reject the offer, then you will be given a downsell to get the digital version for $49.

Only a very few know about this – so, you can get One Funnel Away Challange for a stupid-cheaper price that way.

Just go to to proceed.

Can I get the One Funnel Away Challenge for free?

Yes, you can actually watch all the One Funnel Away Challenge coaching calls and contents for free.

I’m serious.


Let me explain: 

Not too long ago Russell Brunson introduced a program called Funnel Flix where he gave ClickFunnels users free access to paid courses of all kinds from various angles.

And One Funnel Away Challenge was among.

So, if you’re a Platinum user of ClickFunnels – you’ll have access to the OFA challenge for FREE.

But there’s an actual difference between this free OFA and the one you buy from this link.

The user can only view recordings of OFA in FunnelFlix, and cannot receive any of the live coaching sessions if they haven’t purchased OFA.

Hope you get it?

Just get on the free trial of ClickFunnels at to get the free OFA.

What type of business must I have to participate in the OFA?

Like I said earlier no matter the type of business you operate:

  • You need to make irresistible hook story offers, people can’t resist.
  • Your competitions aren’t sleeping so you shouldn’t!
  • You definitely need the right systems that will make your customers keep spending even while you’re asleep.
  • You really have to automate several processes to live that sweet life.

These are what one funnel away challenge teaches and trains you how to do.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Final Thoughts

The One Funnel Away Challenge is NOT for the faint-hearted, lazy or those who want everything “done for them”, but the training and the support from the Amazing Mentors and community alone are TRULY second to none.

Insane value-bombs from marketers with track records!

You’re going to spend quite a bit of time watching and taking notes during the coaching calls and videos, and putting what you learn into ACTION – but the results are worth the effort!

No doubt..

OFA is a kind comprehensive, well-executed, easy-to-follow, implementable program that really aims to make anyone successful at starting an online business.

And get good at funnel building.

If you’re a driven and motivated soul like me, One Funnel Away Challenge can help you launch a successful business.

Just click the button below to get on board.


==> Click here to enroll now! (open in a private window)

5/5 (2 Reviews)

Khris Steven

My mission is to equip and arm you with the precise marketing tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you make IMPACT, SERVE more and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

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  1. Sudhir Gupta

    Hey. Your articles made things clear. I have multiple questions before I do purchase from your link. And this questions are haunting me bcz this is the last savings in my account.

    1. I had ordered an expert secret and it took 1mnth to deliver at my location. So if I order the ofa challenge kit, will challenge starts when the kit gets delivered?
    2. Or else it has a specified date fixed when the challenge starts?
    3. Or is it that I can choose the starting date of ofa challenge?
    4. ls videos we gonna receive in our account, are they pre-recorded or it is a live video? If live video what if I am not available at that time?
    5. If I miss the video of a particular day, will I get access to it or I won’t get to see the videos again of that day

    Do reply soon, I am stuck with this question before buying ofa challenge

    1. Khris Steven

      Hey Sudhir thanks for reading – and i’m glad my post helped.

      First of all, I would highly advise you NOT to take the OFA challenge if it’s your last $100 in your account if you have no source of making money right now. Even if the One Funnel Away Challenge is a great course/program that’ll help in giving you clarity and launching your sales funnel and other stuff – I think you should also have at least a few funds set aside for implementation.

      Unless you already have?

      As this is not a get-rich-quick program where you’ll make money the next day. It requires work on your own part.

      Now to your questions:

      You do not really need the kits during the challenge. You can do the challenge and follow along without the kits, but they will delivered to you within the same time frame it took for your books to arrive.
      The next OFA starts in the next 12 days. If you register now – then you’ll join the next round that will be starting in the next 12 days.
      It used to be a live video – but now they are pre-recorded. But I will advise you follow the challenge along as the days goes by to complete the tasks.
      You can still access the videos during the 30 days OFA coaching program.

      Hope this response helps?
      Let me know if there’s any other way I can help.

  2. Sudhir Gupta

    Thank you for your reply..
    I never thought that I will get rich the next day through ofa

    Just the thing is I have started working with clients for digital marketing.

    And I do get paid 200dollars a month from a single client.
    PS- I am working with single client right now and will be pitching more and get more

    I never thought of getting rich through clickfunnels.
    I am interested in it bcz I want to make sales funnels for clients..

    Just is k I can manage taking the challenges
    But will there be any money needed to be invested after that?
    If this is the case I will definitely go for it now

    Do give me your comment on this. Will be much helpful

    Thanks You

    1. Khris Steven

      Oh that’s awesome then.

      If that’s the case, I think the OFA will help immensely in crafting your hook, offers and using stories in your digital marketing business via funnels.

      Love that fact that you are already into marketing and aware it’s not a get rich stuff.

      Since you already get clients, there isn’t much to be invested. Most of your investment would involve things that will help you make more in your business like mockups etc.

      Will also make sure I guide you throughout the challenge incase you get stuck on the way.

      And if you’re not yet user of CF, I’d advise you wait until it gets to the stage you’ll be needing it during the OFA challenge.

      I wouldn’t want you to waste your first 2-weeks without getting anything done.

  3. Sudhir Gupta

    Thanks Allot. Your information was really helpful .
    Would definitely buy it from the link that you have provided.
    Last question will I also get the affiliate things if I purchase through your link?

    Again Thanks Allot😃

    1. Khris Steven

      What do you mean by affiliate things?

      Will give you a one-on-one support and be your guide during the challenge.
      You’ll also have access to my complete CF course on mastering the platform.
      Plus other things like Group Convert software, Email swipes, affiliate program list etc.

      If you later become a CF subscriber from my link then I’ll further give you access to host the CF course on your account and give people access to it.

      If you’re set to buy the OFA, make sure you open the link in an incognito mode so I get the credit.

  4. Russ Hunter

    Hey Khris! I just purchased the OFA challenge for $47 using the Swipe File method. Thanks for that hack! Will I still be able to get access to the bonuses you offer?

    1. Khris Steven

      It’s okay man, will send the bonuses your way now. I appreciate you buying through my link. Let me know if you need anything. Happy to help. Or preferably connect with me on FB.

  5. Bill Rodd

    During the 30 days what other costs are there? Are we paying for click funnels (after the 14 day trial) – I also assume we’re spending money on ads. What about auto responder? Do we use the AR in CF ($297/mo) to have the whole system?

    This isn’t a complaint or excuse – just want to be informed on what my expenses will be for the next 30 days..


    1. Khris Steven

      Hey Bill,
      Yes you’re to pay for ClickFunnels after the free 14 days trial. You can use other sales funnel builders if you don’t want to keep your CF account. But it’s worth it if you already have a business and would desire to exploit funnels in your biz.
      Not necessary you have to spend money on ads man. Depends on how your current business and traffic acquisition strategy. But everything will be laid out and simplified during the challenge.
      You don’t get the follow-up funnels on the $97 plan (available only on the Platinum plan), you can integrate your third-party email service for replacement. That’s what I do.

      Hope I addressed your question?

  6. Liam

    Hi Khris – any idea what the upsell/offer from Clickfunnels is once the OFA challenge finishes? Thanks 🙂

    1. Khris Steven

      No upsell Liam. To be honest one of the goals of the One Funnel Away Challenge is to help people launch their funnels and make them stick with or use ClickFunnels in their business.

  7. Ale

    Hi Khris, I wanted to buy the OFAW with the 49 Discount with your link but I didn’t see the offer. There is the yellow box for me to put my name, credit card, address and then there is this offer:

    ONE TIME OFFER – ONLY $37: Get Russell’s special ‘behind the curtain’ LIVE recorded training, where he breaks down EACH of the 106 lead funnels. Easily model and create your own lead funnel in record time. PLUS, you’ll also get 30 pre-designed “Share Funnel” templates. Simply insert your own branding and messaging, and you’re good to go. You’ll receive a link to the templates so you can instantly add them to your ClickFunnels account. Check YES above to add this special ONE TIME ONLY offer to your order for ONLY $37. (a $257 value)

    How can I do it? Thanks

    1. Khris Steven

      Hey Ale,

      That’s just a bump offer. I would say you should ignore it. Just check out the $7 leadfunnels offer, then take up on the OFA challenge upsell following my tip from the post

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