Russell Brunson. One of the world’s greatest marketers of the century.

A man who climbed his way up from nothing to greatness and has impacted over a million lives and doing incredible things.

He is the man behind ClickFunnels.

In this post, we are going to be discussing everything about Russell Brunson. His life history, achievements, records, love life, webinars, books, products, net worth, coaching, ClickFunnels story, and many more…

Not forgetting the mastermind course he did with Dean Graziosi and Tony.

I want you to sit somewhere calm, get a bottle of coke and popcorn because I’m about talking about someone who has impacted my life and the lives of others alike. I’m pretty sure he might have impacted you in some way.

You bet!

Let’s get started!

Alright, before we continue, here are the things we would discuss Russell Brunson, just feel free to navigate:

Part #1: Who Is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a digital marketing entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker, father and husband who has made a fortune from his various establishments in the online marketing space over the years and has impacted millions in the process.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson was born in 1980 in Provo, Utah, United States, where he grew up to develop an interest in business and other hobbies.

He long started developing his marketing skill when he was much younger as he would collect junk mails, used radio and television ads, seizing every business opportunity just to get as far as possible knowledge and understanding from the marketing world.

Outside marketing and business in general, Russell loved wrestling while growing up which soon turned a hobby for him.

In high school, for example, Russell was a state champion wrestler, becoming an all-American in his senior year, taking second place in the country at the high school nationals. This he continued into his college, learning valuable lessons about competition, hard work and the art of winning. He became one of the top ten wrestlers in the country at graduation.

Fast forward to this day, Russell Brunson has founded, and has also co-founded several successful companies, popularized some of the most effective sales techniques used in the world of marketing today, and had also published several successful books in the marketing category.

However, Brunson’s marketing adventure began while still in college. He developed a great interest in marketing while still in school, which saw him raked in his first million after graduation.

At the moment, Russell Brunson is known all over the world as a leading Internet marketing guru.

After a few years of marketing, sales, and devising new means of earning money online, Russell has had success in such areas as:

And as you already know – ClickFunnels which he Co-founded with Todd Dickerson, having close 100,000 as well as raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. That’s how far Mr. Russell has gone through the years.

With ClickFunnels being the most successful business Russell Brunson has had to build, let’s quickly look at the story behind ClickFunnels.

How and Why…

Part #2: The ClickFunnels Story

With ClickFunnels being an all-in-one software, it’s easy to create a marketing and sales funnel from the ground up, because it incorporates all the essentials needed for a functional and efficient sales funnel.

Traditional online channelization means that you have to manage the hosting of websites, landing pages, Autoresponders, SMTPs, Webinars, Affiliate platforms, Memberships, Shopping carts, etc., and make them work in unison…


Because traditional sales funnels take a lot of time and money, according to multiple sales funnel stats.

That is where the ClickFunnels software comes in handy. ClickFunnels incorporates all of these, and more, into a complete, unified package, so that you do not have to deal with them one by one.


As long as you have a business, ClickFunnels has this special funnel that suits you perfectly.  But how was it started anyways?

The ClickFunnels Buildup

Back then in 2014 with Russell Brunson becoming a name in the marketing sphere, he soon found himself facing technical challenges in configuring its sales funnels and marketing campaigns to acquiring new customers, as the price he would spend to get a trail customer wasn’t justifiable in returns.

This led him to engage the likes of developers at the time to find a solution to this seeming problem.

After battling with this seeming unending hurdle, Russell Brunson met Todd Dickerson whom he later partnered with to establish ClickFunnels software founded under Etison LLC to tackle these challenges for marketers.

At first, everything went well as Russell utilized his current followers and lists which he had been building all his time as a marketer to push the software to the awareness of like-minded folks…

However, he still had a problem trying to reach a new audience and prospect. Hence, he started spending about $120 on Facebook ads to acquire a free trial customer of ClickFunnels that isn’t guaranteed to convert into paid.

This proven to be a non-profitable and risky investment, Russell resorted to using the break-even method to acquire new prospect; rather than spending money on free trial customers, he would go on to make even profit upon capturing his lead.

Owing to his versatility in marketing, Russell switched to running ads to have his book which cost roughly $12, be shown to a new prospect who upon purchasing the book would have ended up spending $32 on average after going through his sales funnels.

Rather than promoting ClickFunnels and ending on the losing end, Russell together with his co-founder soon found another way of promoting the software which in turn yielded profits.

This made ClickFunnels to be quickly accepted amongst marketers.

Meaning anyone who needs to implement everything taught inside his free plus shipping Dotcom Secrets book, would need a sales funnel building software like ClickFunnels.

Two-step free-plus shipping funnel

Fast forward to this day, with ClickFunnels utilizing its huge follower base as well as being the first software tool to have launched an affiliate program that rewards its top affiliate with cars, masterminds, and cash.

It has since grown to become the fastest-growing venture-free software company in the world to date.

Some ClickFunnels Stats & Updates

The first year of launching the software, it pulled in around 10,000 paying customers that’s to be doubled in the following year.

Three years later, in 2018 precisely, ClickFunnels pulled in over 50,000 paying customers that in turn brought the company $100 million in revenue earnings.

ClickFunnels stats

At the time of writing this (last quarter 2019), which happens to be ClickFunnels’ 5th birthday – Russell made a huge announcement on changes happening with the ClickFunnels platform where he shared the current customer base of ClickFunnels.

Over 95,000 active users!

Click Funnels has also gone to award numerous cars to its affiliates marketers who have successfully brought in over 100 ClickFunnels users. And even awarded multiple car awards and recognition to affiliates like Spencer Mecham and a few others.

Not forgetting the popular 2comma award to entrepreneurs who used ClickFunnels to generate over $1,000,000 in revenue.

Part #3: Russell Brunson Products

Russell Brunson Books

As at the time of writing this post, Russell Brunson has published a total number of three (3) great books which has been sold millions of copies. Each of these three books has its own purpose and marketing strategies discussed in each.

There are other books that can’t really be called a complete book. But they are great sales funnel resources for marketers. Funnel Cookbook, 101 Split Test Winners and Lead Funnels.

Book #1: Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom secrets book

The Dotcom Secrets book which was launched back then in 2015, explains that it’s not just about driving more traffic to your website or increasing the number of conversions.

However, the secrets revealed in this book will do just that and more. Dotcom Secrets is a shortcut. It’s an amazing book that tackles the underlying symptoms of low traffic and conversions to exponentially grow your business online.

This book which is recommended for anyone that wants to make or increase sales, as well as conversions, has sold over 200,000+ copies at the time of writing this post.

This is a free plus shipping book, where you only have to cover the shipping cost only.

Book #2: Expert Secrets Book

expert secrets

This book is a must-read for every entrepreneur. Because of the fact that the impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time of their life is immeasurable, this book aimed at helping everyone shape their talents and idea to making them a profitable niche.

There is a knowledge you have that can help save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health, grow a business, etc…

But only if you know how to put it in the hands of the people you’ve been asked to serve and change. Expert Secrets book details how one could achieve this and is also available as a free-plus-shipping offer.

It is the follow up to Russell Brunson Dotcom Secrets book, especially for those that want to build a mass following of engaged fans and monetize their information products. More about Expert Secrets here.

Book #3: Network Marketing Secrets Book

This book covers the hidden strategy to develop your network marketing team so you only have to talk to people who are so super interested in what you are selling. They really raise their hands and ask you to register them.

Network Marketing Secrets book is also free and all you have to pay is the shipping cost.

Book #4: FunnelHacker CookBook

This is also called funnel recipe book for marketers which contains all the resource guide for every beginner as well as advanced funnel designers who want to understand the elements and components of a funnel and how to choose the right funnel for the product or service they wish to sell.

The book also comes with easy-to-understand diagrams and explanations to help everyone marketer to get his or her funnel in hours instead of weeks.

Book #5: 108 Proven Split Tests Winners

This contains 108 winning split tests done by Russell Brunson and he complied them so you can copy all and make yours a success.

Note: There are audio versions of the first three books, but it comes as an upsell after ordering the physical copies.

Book #6: Lead Funnels

Lead Funnels is the only eBook Russell Brunson currently sells. Lead Funnels is a downloadable swipe file of 106 lead generation funnel template designs for almost every industry. It cost $7 and you can get more info about it here.

Russell Brunson Software’s

At the moment there are only two software’s in the name of Russell Brunson:

#1: ClickFunnels

Drag and drop all in one sales funnel builder which is used by marketers for the purpose of increasing sales and capturing more leads.

ClickFunnels contains other inbuilt software’s created by Russell Brunson like the Backpack and Follow up funnels.

#2: Funnel Scripts

This was developed by Jim Edwards (Copy wizard) in 2017, as an online application or software that uses a number of user inputs to create a sales copy of your product and usage benefits.

This is the best copywriting software on the planet that has helped thousands of online entrepreneurs ease the pain of hiring expensive copywriters. It takes care of copy things like headlines, webinar scripts, VSLs, sales letters, emails, Ad copies, and many more. He is also the authored Copywriting secrets book.

Russell Brunson Courses

Below are some courses which are currently tied to Russell Brunson’s name:

Course #1: 10X Secrets Masterclass

This course was released by Russell Brunson after making over $3million in Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference within 90 minutes on stage.

In this course, Russell Brunson teaches the step-by-step process on how you can do the same. He shares the exact strategies and scripts you can use to sell about anything online and most importantly on any stage.

Course #2: Funnel Builder Secrets

This doesn’t come only as a course but an all-in-one package by Russell Brunson that provides you with tons of training on funnels, traffic, offers, software and 6-12 months of free ClickFunnels subscription.

ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets

The Funnel Builder Secrets package is one of the highest ticket offers sold by Russell and it’s highly valuable.

Although, you can get only the course videos as part of the free training inside of FunnelFlix – free for every ClickFunnels user.

Course #3: One Funnel Away Challenge

You might be familiar with the popular and life-changing One Funnel Away Challenge 30 days coaching and training course. If not then you must have been missing a lot!


This is the best and cheapest online marketing training course + coaching I’ve ever taken and it is responsible for most of the successes as an online entrepreneur.

You will directly from Russell and two of his coaches on how properly build converting funnels, structure your offers and market them to the right audience.

Here is a detailed review of the OFA Challenge and how it changed my business.

Course #4: Affiliate Bootcamp

Yeah! This is an affiliate marketing course in the form a summit where Russell asked 15 super affiliates on how they’d go from a newbie affiliate marketer to a super affiliate within 100 days…

Affiliate Bootcamp logo

And they all discussed and shared the exact tactics in this course using various online marketing tactics and traffic acquisition secrets.

Affiliate Bootcamp is all about affiliate marketing and nothing more.

Course #5: The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

KBB isn’t a course created by Russell Brunson, but he is involved. It’s a course by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins on how to create Mastermind, membership, and professional workshops.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online course that shows you how to build your own knowledge-based business to help you create high-performance, cost-effective masterminds.

Course #6: Perfect Webinar Secrets Training

The Perfect Webinar Secrets is Training is a special training on how to craft and do a converting webinar slide for any of your products and services. But this offer can’t be found anywhere as a standalone product.

This course comes as an upsell inside the perfect webinar scripts funnel. The perfect webinar script is a script by Russell Brunson on how to structure your webinar.

Russell Brunson Coaching and Mentoring

  • 2 Comma Club Platinum Coaching
  • Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle

Russell Brunson Events

Outside launching his software’s to help every marketer make maximum sales and increase conversion rate, and the launching of numerous free books, Russell Brunson also hosts live events every year where every one marketer comes under one bet to learn how they can scale their businesses.

Funnel Hacking Live

Funnel Hacking Live, which was launched shortly after ClickFunnels was founded. It is an annual event hosted by the same group of marketers. It’s an event with a duration of 4 days.

funnel hacking live

The annual event hosts about 4,500 participants and includes 20+ speakers which also include Russell Brunson on how to start and scale an online business.

10X Growth Conference

This isn’t a ClickFunnels event but it happens to be an event where Russell and the entire ClickFunnels team involves in.

The 10X Growth Conference is a yearly sales and marketing event hosted and organized by Grant Cardone. He invites Russell to speak and educate entrepreneurs on stage about marketing sales and funnels.

Russell Brunson

Back in 2018 when Russell in 10X stage, he pitched the audience from the stage and made more than $3million in a short 90minute. Where Russell broke the record of being the world’s highest-paid speaker.

After that, he created 10X secrets course revealing the tactics involved in that record-breaking milestone.

Part #4: Russell Brunson Net Worth

With the software company, bestselling books, events, coaching, and info products that Russell has launched so far, one might want to know this guru’s net worth, which is the reason for this section.

Every now and then he has been compared to some of the great marketing influencers of our time like Gary Vaynerchuk with few others.

Mr. Russell Brunson is a serial entrepreneur, who before the launch of his ClickFunnels company, had even made millions from other marketing ventures.

For example, before launching his ClickFunnels company, he had won a Ferrari for a marketing company by ranking up the worth of a sale of over 1.5 million dollars in revenue.

Running ClickFunnels now for the past five years as his most successful company yet, and generating annual revenue of about $20M – $40M in Net profit, and with his books recording sales of over $1,000,000 as well as his inner circle coaching program which has generated over $4M in Net profit over the last four years, it would be safe to mention Russell Brunson net worth to be over $50M.

Part #5: Russell Brunson Webinars

Maybe you are looking for some of the most successful webinars/training Russell Brunson has launched over years, so you can go through them yourself and use some of its elements for your own launches and online businesses.

I have tried to compile a few which I know converts pretty well. Here are they:

  • Sales Funnel Strategy Webinar

This is the webinar that is being used to sell the Funnel Builder Secrets ClickFunnels package and course, the webinar also contains valuable tricks taught by the man himself. You can see it here.

  • Funnel Scripts Webinar

This is a webinar and training done by the copywriting wizard – Jim Edwards and Funnel Master – Russell Brunson. As you may have guessed, it is the webinar used to pitch Funnel Scripts. See the webinar here.

  • Lady Boss Webinar

Another webby Russell used in selling his high-ticket package. This training teaches how a novice entrepreneur with ZERO technology experience and NO product, launched her first funnel which changed the lives of 1.3 million women within a space of three years.

Check out the webinar here…

  • 10X Secrets Webinar

As I have talked about this course in the last section, this is the webinar that is used to sell the 10X Secrets course.

A course that simplifies the use of his formula to create a sales pitch that you can use for everything; from the complete “perfect” webinar to 5-minute infomercials either on Facebook, YouTube, or any form of business presentation.

It’s very simple but worth every effort. All you need to do is simply follow Russell’s model to make sure you include all the elements that motivate people to buy from you.

  • The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Webby

This is another evergreen webinar done by the three gurus – Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson. This is the presentation training that sells the main KBB course itself.

Part #6: Russell Brunson On Social Media

So far, we’ve been able to cover almost everything there is to know about Russell. So, in this section, we are going to take a look at the numbers of his social media life and follower counts.

Russell Brunson Facebook Groups

So far there are only two awesome groups created by Russell Brunson. the first one is the official ClickFunnels group which contains close to 300k online entrepreneurs and funnel hackers.

While the second one is the ClickFunnels Avengers groups for affiliate marketing. Being one of the best affiliate marketing groups in the world.

Russell Brunson Facebook

Russell has been able to amass a handful of good followers on his ClickFunnels Facebook page with close to 400k followers and growing.

Russell Brunson Instagram

This is where he shares lots of visual content in the form of marketing quotes and motivational stuff on this photo-sharing platform.

Russell has equally been able to utilize the power of Instagram well also. Pulling in over 577,000+ followers on his page on Instagram when this was written.

=>> Follow Russell on Insta

Russell Brunson Pinterest

On his Pinterest account, Russell Brunson has been able to also pull in about 13k+ followers at the time of writing this.

Russell Brunson LinkedIn

Russell has been engaging the power and influence of LinkedIn for his businesses for the past five years of marketing and as a result, has been able to pull in numerous connections.

Russell Brunson YouTube

Russell also commands a huge presence on YouTube as he has over 120,000+ followers on the platform streaming his marketing as well as educative videos.

=>> Check out Russell’s YouTube channel

Russell Brunson Twitter

On his Twitter handle, Russell has about 33,000+ followers as at the time of making this post.

In all of Russell Brunson Social media handles, he has been able to pull in over a million followers, gaining from his widespread knowledge.

Russell Brunson Blog

This is not a social media handle; however, this Russell Brunson review won’t be complete without talking about his own personal blog where he dishes out the good stuff for free.

The official Russell Brunson blog is

Russell Brunson Podcast

Marketing Secrets Podcast

This is the main Russell’s podcast where he shares weekly marketing strategies for free. You can subscribe and start listening to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, and Stitcher. You can also access and download his podcast episodes from his blog address above.

Frequently Asked Questions – Russell Brunson

How Old Is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson was born on March 08, 1980. And as of when writing this he is 40 years of age. For his net-worth breakdown – read it above.

Who is Russell Brunson’s Wife?

Russell Brunson is married, and the name of his wife is Collette Brunson. They have been together right from his college days and blessed with 5 children.

Where Does Russell Brunson Live?

Russel Brunson and his family live in Boise Idaho which also happens to be the location headquarters of ClickFunnels.

How Do I Contact Russell Brunson?

Being a very busy entrepreneur, I don’t think it would be easy to have direct access to Russell Brunson. But one of the sure ways I think you can connect with Russell is becoming a part of his inner circle or 2comma club coaching. I also want to say that, he is very interactive and engaging on all of his social media handles, especially Instagram and Twitter, but I doubt if he is the one handling those accounts. As with other business owners – he must be busy out of social media.

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