Funnel Builder Secrets review

Can newbies become experts in building sales funnels that are simply the best? Can business owners become better at funnel building?

These are questions many business owners and marketers ask. ClickFunnels provided an answer and in this post, I will be reviewing this solution. 

Businesses look for ways to improve their sales rapidly without spending too much on these efforts. The Funnel Builder Secrets is a package by ClickFunnels that has since garnered a lot of support and patronage. 

It comes with numerous features that marketers can benefit from to improve sales, learn from the best, and build sales funnels that are effective. 

Let’s take a look at what Funnel Builder Secrets is and a review of its results so far.

What is Funnel Builder Secrets?

Funnel Builder Secrets is a popular ClickFunnel program that aims to help beginners and experts in the business to create funnels that not only align with their sales goals but helps them meet and beat them. 

This equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your dreams of owning a thriving business. 

Guess what? It is also an opportunity for you to get Rusell Brunson’s personal secrets to business success.

If you are a business enthusiast or owner then you must have heard about ClickFunnels or Funnel Builder. It is one of the most popular names on the lips of marketers today because of its effectiveness and contribution to the well-being of businesses.

Sales funnels are a means to optimize sales efforts and lead to the maximization of returns for every sales effort. It’s more like not wanting to waste any resource dedicated to your sales goals and a monitor to evaluate how far you have come and what works.

But to have an effective sales funnel, you not only need to use one of the best sales funnel software, but you also need to know HOW to build one. 

This brings us to the main topic — Funnel Builder Secrets. 

The Funnel Builder Secret is an offer that gives you access to the ClickFunnels 2.0 classic accounts for 12 months, unlimited access to Funnel Scripts, and many other training programs. 

If you have the recipe, you are very close to making the meal which is why you need to be taught the juicy secrets of how to excel in business. 

It is the most thorough ClickFunnels training program and will expose you to expert concepts in funnel psychology, funnel sales traffic, etc. 

Note: The Funnel Builder Secrets package is one of the two packages in Funnel Builder. The second one is the Funnel Builder Certification package.

What is Funnel Builder Certification?

Funnel Builder Certification is quite similar to the Funnel Builder Secrets in features. However, it carves its unique path by offering you the chance to be a certified partner. It helps you build and even sell funnels. 

This program is a smart way to get certified as an expert funnel builder as you would be awarded a badge to indicate your expertise.

Who is the Funnel Builder Secrets for? 

Having used the Funnel Builder Secrets package previously, I have experienced it, firsthand. 

Funnel Builder Secrets is for online entrepreneurs and digital marketers who want to generate more sales through attractive sales funnels. The package is primarily for ClickFunnels users as its features include all the training from Russell Brunson, himself, and other experts. 

They share their secrets and bonuses to help subscribers be confident in building their sales funnel. 

Funnel Builder Secrets is super easy to understand and advanced enough to teach the best minds in the business. Therefore, if you are a beginner, hanging on the fence, or a business tycoon, whatever your creed in business, you stand to gain a lot from the program. 

There’s no one too ignorant or smart to not benefit from this training. This program is among the most talked about ClickFunnels training so far having more instructors and an even deeper course outline. In general, it is a program for all. Just be in love with the business.

What Does The Funnel Builder Secrets Include?

The Funnel Builder Secrets promises to be bigger, better, and more impactful than any other training program. 

To achieve these, there are tons of features in it that are worth looking at such as the funnel hacks masterclass, Clickfunnels classic, Clickfunnels 2.0 hacker plan, funnel scripts software, and the training/course.

Let’s quickly go through these terms and how they can help you experience a mind-blowing turnaround in your business.

Funnel Hacks Masterclass 

In recent years, we have come to associate hacks with some positive methods and genius ideas, unlike previous times when hacking was generally a bad name. If you follow up on life hacks and others you would learn a lot of tricks that could make things easier for you. 

In the same way, funnel hacking is a term used to describe a thorough examination of your competition to understand what makes them excel and how you can use some of those methods to grow as well.

The main idea is to use this information to create better funnels. 

I feel this is an excellent feature because how can you beat your competitors if you don’t know what they are doing? I have to give it to Russell Brunson on this one. It is a genius feature. 

The essence of this feature is not for you to blindly copy your competitors but to learn what they are doing and make yours better.

The Funnel Hacks Masterclass lasts for six weeks and this training is not only intensive but highly educational. 

It is Russell Brunson’s secret strategy for funnel builders that would help change the face of your business and increase your sales in no time. 

Among the numerous packages it possesses are training sessions on lead funnel strategies, book, and cart funnels, etc. Whatever core funnel interests you, be sure to find something exact or similar in there. The training teaches skills in funnel hacking and traffic generation.

On its own, Funnel Hacks Masterclass is a private webinar series and is only available for paid Funnel Hack members. Fortunately, you can access it in the Funnel Builder Secrets package. 

ClickFunnels 2.0 Hacker Plan 

This feature will benefit big businesses and corporations more. The ClickFunnels 2.0 Hacker Plan has numerous amazing features. Its scope fits perfectly well with mega online businesses.

I love this feature, especially since the ClickFunnels 2.0 version was just launched and most people are still getting used to it. 

The ClickFunnels 2.0 Hacker Plan offers its subscribers amazing and jaw-dropping features. Its drag-and-drop features make it easier for you to build your funnel. All you have to do is drag the features of your choice and drop them on the site or landing page. 

It’s user-friendly and has a beginner-friendly interface and tools. 

Also, it has an unlimited sales funnel creation opportunity allowing you to create as much as you want. This is a good feature for those interested in making funnels for sales or others. 

The ClickFunnel 2.0 Hacker Annual Plan comes with 3 ClickFunnel workspaces. It’s an added advantage.

ClickFunnels Classic 

Another feature is the ClickFunnels classic account. The ClickFunnel classic is notable for being the secret behind a lot of successful online businesses. 

It gives you access to all the tools that can guarantee your success because they have worked for others. Accessing it will cost you a twelve-month subscription.

Personally, I think including the ClickFunnels Classic in this package is unnecessary. ClickFunnels 2.0 has everything the Classic accounts offer, and even more. There was absolutely no point in including a Classic account. 

But it may not be completely useless for beginners trying out ClickFunnels for the first time. 

Funnel Builder Secrets Course

This course contains updated training materials that cover more secrets and vital topics about sales funnels. In the training, there are up to 10 modules of valuable topics.

They include:

  • Module 1 – Funnel Overview
  • Module 2 – Creating Your Offer 
  • Module 3 – Picking Your Funnel Strategy
  • Module 4 – Copywriting 
  • Module 5 – Power Editor Basics
  • Module 6 – Funnel Design
  • Module 7 – Mobile Friendly Funnels
  • Module 8 – Integrations
  • Module 9 – Launching Your Funnel
  • Module 10 – Intro to Traffic Secrets

Funnel Scripts Software

Like I said earlier, the Funnel Builder Secrets package is intended to help you create the best sales funnels you can imagine. And you cannot create an incredible sales funnel without creating an incredible copy. 

To help you write an attention-grabbing sales copy, the package includes Funnel Scripts Software.  

Funnel Scripts Software is copywriting software that helps creatives and marketers pen down a copy through automation. This copy can be as bulky and technical as a sales copy or as little as a funnel headline. It will increase your rate of efficiency and productivity.

Whatever it is, you don’t have to worry about what to include in your copy. The best part is that the Funnel Builder Secrets package offers Lifetime Access to the plan. 

Live Training/Course With Two Comma Club

This training is quite remarkable. No funnel secret is left hidden in this course. Funnel builders can jump on this course to gain access to other programs through this one.

The training is the best part I always look forward to because I get to learn from Russell Brunson and other successful marketers. When they share their secrets, you know they are sharing their real-life experiences and lessons. 

How To Get The Funnel Builder Secrets?

1. Visit The Website

Funnel Builder Secrets is one of two packages you can get from Funnel Builder, which is under Your First Funnel Challenge

2. Choose the ‘Do It Yourself’ Funnel Builder Secrets Option 

When you click on this link to get to the Funnel Builder page, you get to choose between Funnel Builder Secrets and Funnel Builder Certification. 

Both options packages are different. The Funnel Builder Secrets package is to show you how to build your winning sales funnel by yourself, while the Funnel Builder Certification package is to become a certified funnel builder. 

3. Put In Your Details

After you click on “Yes, I want Funnel Builder Secrets”, you type in your details — Personal information and Shipping details. 

Then you put in your card details to purchase the package. Now, you have the Funnel Builder Secrets package.

Note: The specific accepted cards for payment are Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover Network. 

How Much Does The Funnel Builder Secrets Package Cost? 

The Funnel Builders Secrets package goes for $1,997. In comparison with the other ClickFunnels packages, this price is quite remarkable and the packages in it make it a worthy buy.

However, if you don’t feel positive about the package, even after using it, you can get your money back. ClickFunnels offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

This is one of the features that make ClickFunnels stand out from other sales funnels for me. The creators are always ready to offer you your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Pros and Cons of Funnel Builder Secrets


  • Lifetime access to a Geru Pro Account with digital marketing visualization tools.
  • Access to the 10x secrets masterclass giving top secrets of Russell Brunson like how to increase your business 10X of what level you are operating at and how to make compelling offers etc.
  • The 2-Comma Club live events give you a forum to meet Clickfunnels members who have succeeded and made over $1,000,000.
  • You can have a money-back guarantee in 30 days.


  • Its enrollment spaces are limited.
  • The course content may seem very similar to previous ones. This is especially for those who have joined any of its previous packages.

Final Thoughts On Funnel Builder Secrets 

Regardless of a few cons that exist with the Funnels Builder Secrets, it is a worthy buy. The price is affordable, especially when you compare the price of each feature individually. 

This package/course is an opportunity for businesses to tap into a laid path pattern for success. There are step-by-step guides, free webinars, and updated training materials provided by successful online business owners. 

In general, the Funnel Builders Secrets is worth the investment of your time, effort, and resources.

The major disadvantage I noticed is that it has limited space. If you are not quick enough to take up the offer, you will have to go with the Funnel Builder Certification package, which costs more. 

Also, I wasn’t feeling the ClickFunnels Classic account. It’s great to have the 12 months free subscription but it’s not necessary, especially if you already have the ClickFunnels 2.0.

Asides from these slight drawbacks, I will recommend the Funnel Builder Secrets package. The value it offers is well worth every cent you spent. 

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