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I know what brought you here, yes I do! It’s either you’re an already a ClickFunnels subscriber considering upgrading to the Funnel Builder Secrets package…

…Or you’re planning to sign-up to ClickFunnels on the Funnel Builder secrets plan. It’s all good

Maybe someone might have told you about this package or you saw a discussion about the Funnel Builder Secrets plan, so you want explore and make an extensive investigation on what this ClickFunnels Blockbuster package is all about.

Of course that’s what everybody does before throwing some cash into a service they never knew if it’s worth it.


This piece of article will disassemble and reassemble everything good and bad you need to know about Funnel Builder Secrets.

All want you to do is stay relaxed as I uncover what you never knew about this ClickFunnels plan.

Here are what we shall be covering in this ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets Review:

What is Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets is a an all-in-one ClickFunnels training program that helps anyone who signs up to it dominate in their business and get all the essential tools and resources required to excel in funnel building, copywriting, driving traffic, attracting customers, converting leads and the most important generating millions of dollars.

That sounds impossible right?

Don’t believe your instincts soo fast!

Wait and find out…

As most of you already know, Funnel Builder Secrets is the successor or Funnel Hacks which used to be the only Mega ClickFunnels software package with 6months subscription plus other bonuses.

But no more…

Now, Funnels builder secrets has become the highest ClickFunnels subscription plan that doesn’t just include Funnel hacks masterclass training and up-to 12months Subscription to the main software itself but coupled with tons of breathtaking bonuses.

I first heard about this ClickFunnels Funnels Builder Secrets plan when I watched the replay of Russell Brunson’s 2018 keynote presentation at Grant Cardone’s 10X Conference.

Where he made over $3 Million on that stage in 90 minutes… 😱

Honestly I was awed! That ingenious presentation was a perfect example of how to utilize the power of stage presentation to sell any kind of product. We call it 10X Secrets

10X secrets

          >>You can watch the replay right here<<<<

Now lets quickly take a look at the price of Funnel Builder secrets before we dive into the question: “what’s in for me in this ClickFunnels package”

Funnel Builder Secrets Price

The first plan goes for $1,997 and access to 6months ClickFunnels Enterprise plan plus bonuses, the second plan goes for $2,997 and access to 12 months of Enterprise plan plus bonuses, the last plan costs $5,997 with 12 months ClickFunnels Enterprise suite plan plus +8 ClickStart coaching calls plus bonuses.

Funnel Builder Secrets Pricing

If you’re like me you should be asking:

  • “What exactly are in these bonuses?”
  • “Why is there only $1,000 difference in 6month between the first and second plan?”
  • “Why so much difference between the second plan and the third plan”
  • “And what’s the +8 Clickstart coaching calls all about?”
  • “Are the prices really worth it?”

Okay I understand clarity is needed here. These are the questions we shall be addressing soon.

Let’s start with the bonuses…

Funnel Builder Secrets Bonuses

For the first plan, below are what you get when subscribe to the $1,997 lite plan:

  • You get 6 months full ClickFunnels Enterprise plan which is worth $1,782
  • Funnel hacks masterclass, worth $1,997
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training, worth $997
  • Traffic Secrets complete membership, worth $1,997
  • 12 months of funnel scripts, worth $497
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 day money back guarantee

For the second Funnel Builder Secrets plan which costs $2,997, below is what you get:

  • 12months of ClickFunnels Enterprise plan, worth $3,564
  • You as well get Funnel hacks masterclass, worth $1,997
  • Plus Funnel Builder Secrets training, worth $997
  • Traffic Secrets complete membership, worth $1,997
  • Also, 12 months of FS, worth $497
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Finally for the Mega Funnel Builder Secrets Plan of $5,997, you get:

  • +8 ClickStart Coaching calls, worth $9,997. Wot?!! Yes believe it.
  • 12 months Enterprice account to ClickFunnels
  • Funnel hacks masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets membership
  • 12 months full access to Copywriting tool (FS)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 day MBG
  • Much more…

So, as you can see this offer wouldn’t just give you access to ClickFunnels software so you can become confused and lost on what to do within those 6-12months.

But rather it comes with lots of stuffs that will guarantee your building of that ‘dream’ Million Dollar Funnel and get yourself into the 2comma club plus your GOLDEN plated shiny award!

Which is everybody’s earnest desire… Including me!

The second plan happens to be a plan with the BEST VALUE for money if you ask me, because you get an extra 6months worth $1,782 for $1,000.

And also same goodies you can get in the third plan ($5,997) except for the 8 ClickStart coaching call which is a no-brainer offer if you feel you need one on one training and coaching sessions from Russell and his highly skilled world-class coaches.

Funnel Builder Secrets Review – Inside Look

In case you’re wondering what all these bonuses and training’s are about… We shall take an INSIDE LOOK at what you have to benefit and how they can help you attain the 2comma milestone of $1million sales using a single funnel.

Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar

This Webinar will teach you a lot of things you need to know about running a successful business from Startup Level To The 2comma Level. You can skip the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar if you don’t want go through it before you make your decision of buying the any of the FBS plan.  You can register here for the Webinar.

Here are some of the things covered:

–You’ll know if a funnel will work for your business or not

–How to spy on your competitors’ funnels so you can do yours better and outwit them.

–How to know the best type of sales funnel to use for your business

–How to make your competitors’ customers to start coming to you.

–You to instantly outspend your rivals and ethically steal all potential customers in your market

–How to get the best the best sales person that will help you close sales for any kind of product you sell 24/7.

>>>Watch the webinar here for FREE<<<

Funnel Hacks Masterclass

This is one of the amazing training you receive when you get on any of the Funnel Builder Secrets packages.

Funnel Hacks Masterclass training

This programme will show you how & and where to enter inside of peoples funnel and hack it.

Also you’ll get to know which type of funnels converts best and much more…

In this Funnel Builder Secrets bonus you also get:

  • Op-tin, sales, webinar and membership funnels
  • Converting email sequences
  • Offer creation
  • Many more…

Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass

The second training bonus on the FBS is the Funnel Builder Secrets Training which gives you all the technical training and literally everything you’ll ever need to build out a super winning funnel for your business. Here are some the things you get to know about:

  • Webinar funnels
  • Auto webinar funnels
  • Product launch funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • Plus a more technical side of funnel building

Traffic Secrets Membership

This is absolutely one of the best offer (If not the best) in the Funnel Builder Secrets package. This training will teach you the hidden techniques involved in generating traffic (Free and Paid) to any kind of website or Sales funnels generally.

Traffic Secrets

I bet you haven’t seen most of the tactics in this membership training elsewhere.

As we all know that traffic is the Holy Trinity in any online business today, so that’s what Traffic Secrets Masterclass is all about.

There are about 24 modules and 284 lessons on how to drive traffic to your funnels in here.

Funnel Scripts

cost of Funnel scripts

Funnel Scripts is the Engine room of copywriting. With this software you don’t the services of a copywriter because it takes care of your:

  • Ads copies
  • Email sequences
  • Webinar slides
  • Sales letter
  • Headlines
  • Many more…

Copywriting is one of the most essential skills every marketer should possess.

Having a tool like Funnel Scripts in your possession, you’re an already made a copywriting master.

+8 ClickStart Coaching Calls Program

This is an onboarding program where you’ll work one-on-one with a special ClickFunnels coach being assigned to you for complete 8 weeks, who will ensure that you know how to use every important features in ClickFunnels and build a mind blowing sales funnel.

This program is a private session for users who are subscribed to the $5,997 plan.

Even if you have never built a successful funnel this proven step by step system will get your funnel done right the first time!

Below are what you will get in the private ClickStart coaching calls of funnel builders secrets:

Welcome session: Your private coach will gather all information about your business goals ideas and all other needed details.

Session 1: creating your value ladder and funnel blueprints.

Session 2: Your coach builds your funnel and guides you in the process of creating copies and scripts.

Session 3: Helps you in mastering the page editor and ClickFunnels software.

Session 4: Get your order pages, OTO, products and integrations up running with the help of your coach.

Session 5: Setup your membership sites, affiliate program (Backpack) and test your funnel.

Session 6: Laying out the blueprints for your “follow up funnel” inside Actionetics.

Session 7: Setting up your list inside Actionetics, and how to deliver values to subscribers via broadcasts and sequences.

Session 8: Funnel testing, Publishing and Optimization.

This is one-of-a-kind program for those without clarity on where to begin in building out their funnels and also needs a coach to help them build out a million-dollar converting funnel.

You’ll get to learn how 6-8figure business owners build out funnels that hugely generates thousands in a short while.

The sweetest part about the +8 ClickStart coaching program is that the whole sessions will be recorded and you will be able to access the recordings, so you can revisit them anytime.

Pros and Cons of Funnel Builder Secrets


  • You’ll have unlimited life time access to all the training, bonuses and resources
  • Funnel Builder Secrets gives you everything you need to succeed in business for at least 6months
  • Everything about funnel building and driving converting traffic is in here. You can teach your team members as well.
  • This is the only possible package where you can take advantage of ClickFunnels to the fullest.
  • You wouldn’t be spending on any other tools or resources.
  • If you don’t like what you get, it’s a risk free package with 30days money back guarantee.


  • It’s expensive! (that’s the honest truth). But truly worth every penny
  • Pro funnel builders might find few of the lessons boring (but definitely not the Funnel scripts or Traffic secrets)
  • You might get overwhelmed if you decide to focus on multiple things at once. Take them by pi

How much do you save?

On the Funnel Builder Secrets lite plan you pay $1,997

You’re given 6months of ClickFunnels ($1,782)

1 year of Funnel Scripts ($497)

At this point your payment has already been covered beyond. Total = $2,279

So, what of the training and bonuses?

Funnel hacks masterclass ($1,997)

Funnel Builder Secrets ($997)

Traffic Secrets Membership ($1,997)

Total = $4,991

Valued total $2,279 + $4, 991 = $7,270

Now when you subtract the amount which you’re to pay from the valued total: You save $5, 275!

On the second plan you pay $2,997

12months of ClickFunnels = $3, 564

Already more than the amount (you keep the change)

The training and bonuses ($4,991) + Funnel Scripts ($497) + $3,564 = $9,052

Then when you subtract $2997…

…You have $6,055 saved!

On the third plan you pay $5,997

Includes everthing in the second plan

$9,052 (worth of value) + $9,997 (+8 ClickStart calls) = $19, 049

$19,049 – $5,997 = $13,052 saved


Who is Funnel Builder Secrets for and not for?

Who is it for?

  • This Plan is suitable for you if you’re selling a product or service (Every business needs sales funnels remember?)
  • This is for you if you desire to learn how to build high converting funnels for any type of business.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets is for those who wants to start benefiting the impact sales funnels brings to businesses
  • If you want a 1-on-1 call coaching from a sales funnel expert and get experience how the BIG guys maps out and build million dollar funnels
  • This package is for you if you’re willing to make great impact to the world and get a huge pay for your services in return.
  • Do you want the fastest route to learning funnel building? This is for you!

Who is it not for?

  • It’s not for you if you’re after a ‘get rich quick’ scheme or not ready to put in time and money to achieve success.
  • It is absolutely not for you if you if you have no clear idea about what you’re going to sell. So it’s advisable as an affiliate.
  • It’s not for a total newbie who has no product and offers to deliver.
  • This is not for lazy folks and excuse-makers.
  • This is not for you if you’re the scammy type of person who do not care about others.


My guess is that you’ve gotten all the necessary details you need to make a decision if Funnel Builder secrets is for you or not…

The bonuses in this pack alone are totally worth the investment. You’ll continue having access to them forever without spending any further bucks on funnel building training, lessons or courses.

Most of the 2comma club winners went through Russell’s training before they ever got to that level.

Russell Brunson wants everybody to succeed with ClickFunnels by building the right type of sales funnels for their business…

…And also wants us to know how he creates those powerful funnels that makes him millions of dollars weekly.

That’s the main reasons why he introduced Funnel Builder Secrets to us all.

In order to make that a reality

Sign-up to Funnel Builder Secrets Now and let him show you the step by step tricks in becoming a PRO.

>>>Watch the webinar here for FREE<<<

5/5 (1 Review)

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