ClickFunnels Certification Program

ClickFunnels is first a funnel builder before being a certification program. It is designed to increase traffic, leading to a higher sales turnover. 

You know, it may seem like rocket science to understand how to use ClickFunnels for yourself and your customers. This is why the ClickFunnels Certification Program is the best option for simplifying the process.

ClickFunnels Certification Program is accessible anywhere in the world. All you need is the passion to be an expert at funnel creation and usage and a desire to invest resources in actualizing this dream. 

I’m very sure you have a lot of questions about what this program is and what it entails. I’ve created this article learning to answer these questions.

At the end of this post, you’ll become more knowledgeable about the program and if it’s something you should do.

What Is The ClickFunnels Certification Program?

ClickFunnels certification

The ClickFunnels Certification Program is an in-depth and intensive 12-week training that will teach you to become a funnel developer, constructor, and marketer. 

To ease the learning process and help you get along with the training, each week has a module. So at the end of the training, you will have gone through 12 modules.

This program is one which starts from the basics like finding clients and pricing, and down to the expert teachings on funnel projects, etc. You also get live training sessions with real clients. The catch is that you are getting first-hand experience as you go.

ClickFunnels Certification training costs $9,997. While Funnel Builder Secrets (a lower version of ClickFunnels University) costs $1997.

You may be wondering if you should make the investment. This program is quite expensive as it is rewarding. Taking the bold step to invest such an amount might as well be the turning point for starters and unproductive funnel users. 

When you get certified, your demand goes up and is accompanied by a deep well of knowledge and skills that will place you at the top of the market. 

Who Is The ClickFunnels Certification Program For?

You are the perfect fit for the ClickFunnels Certification Program if you desire to improve brand visibility and efficiency using the funnel software. 

Knowing exactly how it works or having prior experience is not the criteria. The program is a one-size-fits-all that introduces newbies to the reality of funnel-making and optimization and increases the results of those who are trained and certified. 

You will become a funnel consultant, marketer, or supporter of your desired brand.

With ClickFunnels, your goals are closer than ever.

The ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program: 12-week Program

Week 1: Funnel Strategy

The funnel strategy training goes first and is all about equipping you with the right knowledge and understanding of funnel making. This module teaches you how to quickly develop a funnel that sells a business. 

The right funnel strategy is the bedrock of your other successes.

Week 2: Funnel Architecture

ClickFunnels is all about design and simplicity. The Week 2 module focuses on designing a funnel that will be of interest to the users. 

Some of the ways to achieve this are a simple user interface, straightforward, attractive features, etc. Building it well guarantees a high conversion rate and brand loyalty.

Week 3: Account Setup and Integration

Account setup and integration as the name implies will put funnel trainees on the right way to set up an account and not just an account to sit on the shelf or bear a title. It is one that will satisfy customer needs. 

If your account has to stand out from the others and be raking in the right amount of interactions and productivity, you are in for a treat as this class exposes the details you may otherwise miss.

Week 4: The Ten Core FUNNELS

Just like any other thing in life, if you have the core components, you’re closer to your goals. The ten core funnels are the foundation of the funnel. These ten are pillars for other funnels and you can build a really successful funnel from them. This is surely a class you don’t want to miss.

Week 5: Actionetics — Action Funnels And Sequences

Autoresponders are on the increase and it is no news why. With teeming online users and a team that cannot equate the size of customers, you need smarter customer service measures. 

Actionetics is an autoresponder targeted at making customer management easy while reducing the workload on the funnel owner.

Week 6: Backpack — Affiliate Programs

The Backpack module serves as a connection to the customers by putting up their goods or services and giving them the opportunity to access and review vital growth statistics. Affiliate marketing is on the rise and ClickFunnels is not left out.

Week 7: Sales Copy and Funnels Scripts

In the funnels script software, module 7 is on creativity and copy selling. Customers seek the right product but how will they patronize you if they don’t know if they can trust you? 

The best way to sell to them is to tell them why they need your product and why yours is better. This module puts you in touch with seasoned copy and ad writers that will skyrocket your Sales.

Week 8: Advanced Design and Video Scripts 

Text ads are not enough to attract customers. This is because many may not read as much. But more people will settle on an engaging video which is what the advanced design and video scripts module are all about.

These videos will not only draw but retain customers.

Week 9: Testing and Publishing

As you progress in your ClickFunnels Certification Program, the ninth module is funnel testing. Each trainee will test the funnel to know how effective it is or if there are loopholes to fill. 

This ensures a hitch-free launch as you have gone through the funnel making informed decisions from what you have observed.

Week 10: Funnel Optimization

Optimization is to increase. You need your funnel to be at the top and this requires you to optimize your videos, ads, copy, and more. Everything on the funnel should be optimal and actively increase your conversion rate.

Week 11: Client Intake and High Ticket Sales

This is the crux of business and the certification, satisfying your customers so they buy and buy some more. The funnels should be made to bag big-time customers and increase the patronage of the already existing customers. No matter what you sell, people will buy if you make them want it.

Week 12: Successful Project Delivery

Rounding up the training, you will have to showcase the sheer masterpiece you have created. The last module is a project delivery to clients and customers.

ClickFunnels Certification Program Cost

The Clickfunnels Certification Program costs $9,997. It is designed to funnel consultants out of its trainees which goes a long way in explaining its cost.

Pros and Cons of The ClickFunnels Certification Program

My review will not be complete if I don’t share the pros and cons of this training. 


  • Allowing Real-time practice during live sessions equips trainees with confidence and experience to thrive on their own.
  • Every certified member gets access to a 12 months free Edison suite package
  • The certification instantly puts you in business as clients will be drawn to this qualification.
  • You get access to the partner page where you can easily get deals and collaborations
  • As a certified member, ClickFunnels will keep on brushing up your skills in line with industry trends so you can be relevant and represent them well.
  • The consultant dashboard is another benefit of the ClickFunnels Certification Program. Each graduate will have a dashboard to meet and manage clients and their funnels with ease.
  • The certification walks you all the way with access to ClickFunnels support that addresses complaints and questions you may have.
  • This program is in-depth and thorough. 


  • The price is expensive, especially for newbies.
  • The waitlist to join the certification program can be quite long and discouraging.
  • The time allocated to learning is considerably long.

Should You Attend The ClickFunnels Certification Program?

Attending the ClickFunnels Certification Program is optional and a matter of choice. But it is advisable to know what it entails and if you are ready to make the investment. 

Again, here are some of the things you get:

  • Funnel Builder Secrets ($4,997 value)
  • Funnel Builder Certification ($14,997 value)
  • Geru Agency Account ($1,997 value)
  • ​ClickFunnels Agency Account ($12,997 value)
  • ​Funnel Script Agency Account ($2,997 value)
  • ​Funnel Builders Marketplace Premium Listings 

Funnel consultants are in high demand and payment for their services starts from $3,000 minimum which means you shouldn’t be afraid of parting with your registration fee. 

However, asides from the fee are the time it takes to get certified. You may be wondering if there is a better option. Well, there is the ClickFunnels Your First Funnel Challenge.

ClickFunnels Certification Program Alternative: The OFA Platinum Challenge

Your First Funnel Challenge is another great alternative to learning how to create better sales funnels. Its learning materials are up to date and it promises to make consultants out of each trainee with mouth-watering bonuses to benefit from.

The Challenge also allows its trainees to benefit from shorter but equally in-depth training, lasting 30 days only.

Benefits/Features Comparison

1. Competitive Price

YFFC program comes with an unbeatable price. This is a source of attraction to individuals who have the flair to know more about funnels without paying a heavy price.

2. Learning Duration

With YFFC, the learning calendar is shortened from 12 weeks to 30 days without compromising on the quality of instructions.

3. Interactivity

Students of the YFFC program are opportune to learn from live videos by Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels. What’s a better way to learn than from the boss himself?

4. Freebies

This program gives a free ebook, 30 days of access, or interview opportunities. As you enroll, you can rest assured that you are leaving as a consultant and well-kitted with one of these freebies.

Final Thoughts On The ClickFunnels Certification Program

Final Thoughts On The ClickFunnels Certification Program

The ClickFunnels Certification Program has been a great way for business owners to learn directly from Russell Brunson – a marketing legend who has sold billions of dollars online –

And also increase their online presence and drive more sales.

It offers a wide array of tools and resources (not just ClickFunnels) that can be used to create compelling landing pages, create automated sales funnels, set up split tests, and much more.

With the help of Russell and his certified coaches, entrepreneurs like you are able to leverage their knowledge and expertise in order to make their online businesses even more successful.

The ClickFunnels University and Certification Program is a shortcut way for entrepreneurs to quickly get up-to-date on best practices in the fields of lead generation, customer segmentation, direct response, and marketing automation.

Overall, the ClickFunnels Certification Program is a worthwhile opportunity for entrepreneurs to increase their digital marketing skills and ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.

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