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In this post, I’ll show you my top 9+ best tools that can boldly replace SimilarWeb Pro in your digital marketing and SEO arsenal.

In fact 10 awesome SEO tools you can start using today in analyzing and improving your overall SEO marketing campaigns.

Quickly if you’re in a hurry, then read my summary below:

Best Similarweb alternative summary: If you’re in a hurry to know the best Similarweb competitor – we recommend SEMRush above all the other competitors on this. As it comes with the best SEO competitor analysis and intelligence kit.

Let’s get into meats right now…

9+ Best SimilarWeb Alternatives & Competitors For 2023

Now let’s discuss each and every of these SimilarWeb alternatives and what they can help you accomplish for your SEO campaign.

Let’s go!

#1: SEMrush – Overall Best SimilarWeb alternative

My Best Pick
SEMRush is Awesome!

From content planning to link building strategies, site audits, rank monitoring, getting insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic, and paid search - SEMRush fast track your SEO success.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

SEMrush is the first and best Similarweb alternative on our list.

This is a leading and popular keyword research and SEO tool that is designed to help you research keywords, analyze domains, track backlinks, and provide keyword recommendations.

Want to know your niche leaders’ rankings, social media metrics, advertising techniques?

SEMrush will reveal this information to you in a clear and consumable manner.

The tool offers different apps that are embedded in various toolkits like SEO toolkit, advertising toolkit, content marketing toolkit, social media toolkit, competitive research toolkit.

I’ve been using this tool myself for over 2years now.

Features of SEMRush

  • Organic Research

This toolkit lets you discover new organic competitors and view your competitors’ best keywords.

  • Advertising Research

SEMRush allows you to analyze your сompetitor keywords ad budgets, ad copy, landing pages, and keywords with this toolkit.

  • Display Advertising Tool

With this toolkit, you’ll be able to analyze and get an overview of your competitors’ display ads strategies.

  • Backlinks

The SEMrush backlink toolkit allows you to do a robust link analysis, discover backlinks, and view referring domains’ authority.

  • Keyword Research

You’ll be able to find the right keywords for your  SEO and PPC campaigns and also get long-tail keywords and related keywords with this toolkit.

The keyword magic tool is a feature every top marketer has attested to.

  • Product Listing Ads

You can get more insights into your product listing ad competitors and see the best-performing ones with this toolkit.

  • Semrush Traffic Analytics

This toolkit will reveal any company’s website traffic and online performance to you so you can monitor your competitors’ activities and marketing strategies.

You can call this a clone of Google Analytics and SimilarWeb combined.

  • Market Explorer

This SEMRush SEO toolkit helps you analyze new markets and niches, and gain in-market audience insights.

However, this impressive tool doesn’t come cheaply. Its pricing starts from $99.95/month.

SEMRush has three pricing plans called Pro, Guru, and Business and they come at $99.95/month, $199.95/month, and $399.95/month respectively.

They also offer you a 30-days free trial which you can use to decide if the tool is worth the spend or not.

Click here to learn more about SEMrush

#2: UberSuggest – Best SimilarWeb alternative FREE


UberSuggest is our second Similarweb competitor and alternative.

This is a keyword research tool that was originally called It was acquired by Neil Patel and is used for getting lots of keyword suggestions.

This is a free alternative to SimilarWeb.

The tool gives you  Keyword suggestions and you can search for Keyword suggestions based on your target market like Web, news, shopping.

Ubersuggest has many features like helping you find keyword ideas and analyzing the competition and traffic analysis.

It’s a priceless alternative to Similarweb and one to have in your arsenal.

It gives digital marketers an edge over competitors, allows you to dig deeper into their marketing strategy, and discover what content is popular in your industry.

And it comes with some cheap pricing options and completely FREE plans for life.

#3: SEO Power Suite

SEO powersuite

SEO PowerSuite is a set of 4 SEO tools that helps you with every step of an SEO campaign. Another cool and recommendable Similarweb alternative for webmasters.

These four tools are:

With the tool, you can research keywords, track web rankings, and analyze competitors.

The tool allows you to crawl and optimize site structure, improve on-page optimization.

It helps you discover and analyze your site’s backlinks.

With the tool, you can run link building and outreach campaigns.

SEO PowerSuite is available on any OS today whether Mac, Windows, or Linux and has an intuitive UI making it beginner-friendly.

It allows you to optimize websites, improve the content, run backlink campaigns, and track your progress with the tool.

And no this SimilarWeb alternative isn’t free.

There are three plans available with SEO PowerSuite:

It has a free version which is very limited, while the Professional and Enterprise lifetime plans come at a one-time payment of $299 and $699. The premium plans let you receive all future updates and feature-additions for the rest of your life.

Plus you can try the pro and enterprise plans free for a 14-days FREE trial!

#4: SerpStat


Serpstat is one of the best and less expensive Similarweb alternatives. Pretty affordable.

The tool comes with a ton of features, designed to help you with competitor analysis research, keyword research, and other search marketing necessities.

SerpStat Features

  • Keyword Research

With Serpstat, you can discover proven, profitable, and top-performing keywords for your website’s content and ads and expand your online presence

  • Search Analytics

This tool will help you identify competitors, discover which keywords place them in leading search results, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and how your business can improve upon the competition.

  • Advertising Analysis

You’ll be able to research your competitors’ advertising campaigns and get the highest possible ROI from your PPC activities with Serpstat.

  • Content Marketing Ideation

Serpstat helps you discover and create unique content ideas and content gaps that work well in your niche.

  • Competitor Analysis & Research

You’ll be able to gather competitive intelligence for making decisions strategically and also tailor your products and services to position your business against the competition.

  • Rank Tracking

With the Serpstat SimilarWeb alternative, you can monitor your overall web ranking(s) and also that of your competitors on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Market Intelligence tool

This tool helps you identify leaders in your niche, country, or around the globe, track their success, and learn from them.

  • On-page Audit

You can use Serpstat to do a complete on-site audit and perform an instant in-depth analysis of web pages by addressing multiple ranking factors.

  • Reports and Infographics

Get all the essential information on your projects, marketing campaigns, and query history in a single dashboard.

  • Backlink Analysis

Serpstat privies digital marketing experts with a detailed backlink analysis report and you can monitor the backlinks of your website and your competitors’ websites.

Serpstat has a FREE plan and the premium plan comes at $69/month for the Lite plan, $149/month for the Standard plan, $299/month for the Advanced plan, and $499/month for the Enterprise plan.

#5: AWR Cloud

AWR Cloud

Advanced Web Ranking Cloud is a web-based “Cloud” SEO tool that gives you a series of web rank tracking solutions for individuals and agency owners.

It is an alternative for the rank tracking feature in SimilarWeb.

The tool has been in existence for over 15+ years and they boast of over 20,000+ happy customers worldwide.

Here are some of the core features of AWR Cloud:

  • Keyword Ranking

The AWR Cloud tool gives you comprehensive data by tracking ranking positions for your keywords

  • Provides Localized Searches 

You’ll easily get accurate reports on local searches based on your preferred locations.

  • Supports Multi-Language Queries 

One feature which distinguishes AWR Cloud from Similarweb and other SEO tools is its support for multi-language queries.

  • Track Social Media Engagements

The tools allow you to integrate your social media and also monitor engagements on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

AWR Cloud SimilarWeb alternative has a 30-day FREE trial to test the tool out along with three premium plans.

AWR Cloud pricing starts at $49/month for starters,  $99/month for PRO and $199/month for Agency, and $499/month for Enterprise. The tool supports both desktop and mobile devices.

#6: Raven Tools

Raven tools

Raven Tools is a set of SEO tools designed to help you manage search engine optimization, online advertising campaigns, and social media conversations efficiently.

With SimilarWeb alternative like Raven, you can achieve the following:

  • Conduct business research and analysis
  • Track search engine trends
  • Manage link building activities
  • Manage Ad campaign
  • Monitor social media mentions and conversations
  • Create great campaign reports
  • Work with other team members

Raven Tools Cost offers a 14-day free trial and four pricing plans:

They have Start at $109/month, Grow at $199/month, Thrive at $299/month, and Lead at $479/month.

#7: Moz Pro


Moz Pro is a leading SEO tool that helps you improve your search engine optimization with basic and advanced research tools.

The tool is an alternative to Similarweb comes with a keyword research tool, SEO keyword generator, and link analysis tool that gives comprehensive data on your links and link quality.

Moz Pro Tools:

  • Research Relevant Keywords

With Moz, you can research relevant target keywords and also import, export, and build keyword lists with the tool.

  • Site Audit & Crawl

You’re able to audit your site and monitor your site SEO issues to ensure your site’s SEO performance and strategies to be more effective.

  • Link Building 

Moz gives you tools for link analysis and provides data for link building and competitor research.

  • Rank Tracking

You can measure site rankings and monitor your keyword’s ranking performance over a specific period of time, a week, or a month. Also, you can do the same for your competitors.

  • Site Metrics 

Moz has an SEO toolbar that lets you see the link metrics, Domain, and Page Authority of SERP or page instantly.

This SimilarWeb alternative has a free trial and offers four pricing plans for users to choose from.

You can choose from the following plans:

  • Standard Plan at $99/month
  • Medium Plan at $149/month
  • Large Plan at $249/month and
  • Premium Plan at $599/month

Get started with Moz Pro free trial here.

#8: Ahrefs


Ahrefs is an awesome choice and SimilarWeb alternative if you are looking for a robust backlink tool.

Ahrefs is loved by many marketers. And without a popular and renowned platform.

It offers you the world’s largest index of live backlinks along with a reliable backlink checker tool that gives you details on the backlink profile for any URL or website.

The SEO tool allows you to analyze the link profile of your competitors and determine which links are more powerful and impactful.

Ahrefs comes with various tools such as:

  • Site Explorer

With the site explorer, Ahrefs allows you to view the metrics of your site such as Ahrefs rank, organic traffic, URL ratings, domain ratings, organic keywords, and more.

  • Content Explorer

With this Ahrefs feature, you can know the top shared content in any specific niche and find content that viral, and getting authority links.

  • Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs lets you do keyword research easily and more quickly. And it also gives you metrics like monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, return rate, traffic potential, parent topic (beta), search suggestions, and related keywords.

  • Alerts

With Ahrefs, you can get useful alerts to your inbox anytime you rank for new keywords or get a new backlink to your site.

  • Rank Tracker

Ahrefs allows you to track your site rankings for keywords in all geographic locations and languages and also notified about keyword positions daily.

  • Domain Comparison

The SEO tool lets you compare up to 5 domains against many factors in terms of their traffic, DR, UR, social shares, and backlinks. With this feature, you can know areas where you’ll need to improve on and surpass your competitors.

  • Batch Analysis

This tool lets you save time by entering multiple backlinks in one click, from your competitor’s site that you wish to compare and analyze.

  • Link Intersect

Ahrefs can also show you backlinks that you do not have but your competitors have in common. You can discover NEW backlinks opportunities with this feature.

Ahrefs isn’t cheap as its Lite plan comes at $99/month.

You can also opt for the Standard plan at $179/month, Advanced at $399/month, and Agency at $999/month.

You can pay $7 to try the tool for FREE trial for 7 days.

#9: Alexa


Alexa is an analysis tool that gives you information about any website, analyzes them, and helps you discover insights and opportunities on how to improve your SEO and website performance.

This is more of a web analytics solution.

With the tool, you’ll get access to valuable data such as traffic sources, monthly searches, keyword and key phrase usage, traffic analytics, statistics, and website comparisons to a few.

Alexa uses all this information and to help you boost your website visibility and rank high on the search engine results page.

Some marketers have considered Alexa as an intelligence tool to help understand how authoritative, reliable, and influential your website is.

  • Keyword Research

Alexa provides you with a tool to create a comprehensive keyword research strategy and drive more website traffic from search.

You’re able to discover your competitors’ top keywords, identify keywords gaps, and find high-value buyer keywords.

  • Competitive Website Analytics

You’ll get to find gaps in your marketing strategy, and identify competitor strengths and weaknesses and discover how you can outperform the competition in traffic, keywords, backlinks, and more with Alexa.

  • SEO Analysis

With a comprehensive SEO analysis, Alexa helps you optimize your organic traffic, tracks your site’s SEO health, compare your traffic and keywords to competitors, and find opportunities to reach more of your audience.

  • Check Backlinks

With a complete backlink analysis, Alexa would help you build authority and improve your search rankings by showing you valuable link building opportunities for your site.

  • Target Audience Analysis

With a target audience analysis, Alexa can help you reach and convert more of your target audience by showing you what topics they care about, which sites they visit most, and the top keywords they search for.

This SimilarWeb alternative has a 14-day FREE trial period with premium plans of $99/month for Essentials plan, $149/month for Advanced plan, and $799/month for Advanced High Traffic plan.

Some marketers have considered Alexa as an intelligence tool to help understand how authoritative, reliable, and influential your website is.

#10: Mangools Suite of tools

Mangools SEO

Mangools is a bundle of 5 simple but powerful SEO software and tools made for an effective SEO workflow and processes.

It’s trusted by thousands of webmasters, Agency owners, and digital marketing experts worldwide.

This is actually one of the first SEO tools I used when I got started online.

Let’s check out the tools under Mangools:

  • KWFinder

KWFinder is a keyword research tool that helps you find long-tail keywords. It is in charge of everything keyword research within Mangools.

  • SERPChecker

SERPChecker is the special software used for competitor analysis and research.

With this tool, you’ll be able to spot the weaknesses of your competitors and leverage that to improve your search rankings.

  • SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher is used for tracking your keyword rankings to measure your performance.

  • LinkMiner

Want to analyze your site backlink profile or that of your rivals. Just as the name sounds, LinkMiner takes care of that.

  • SiteProfiler

A special site authority checker.

SiteProfiler is an SEO analysis tool with all the essential SEO traffic metrics & insights under one roof.

Now the pricing structure of Mangools…

All Mangools tools aren’t priced separately. They’re all under one roof.

With of course different pricing plans with limited access to what you get on each of the plans.

The subscription starts from $49 per month for the basic plan, up to the Agency plan of $129 per month. You save 40% when you go with the annual package.

Click here to learn more about Mangools pricing

Before we round up this post with our final thoughts, let’s talk a bit about SimilarWeb itself.

Shall we?

What Is SimilarWeb?


A solution like SimilarWeb helps you find and analyze traffic insights (aka Traffic Analytics) to boost your site’s reach, engagement rate, and credibility.

It allows you to see your competitors’ top traffic sources which makes it a cool feature if you want to dominate your niche.

You’ll get to see insights into what your competition is doing to rank and gain authority. But it’s not so robust.

Features of SimilarWeb

Although SimilarWeb isn’t 100% accurate, the tool still offers you some good features and it has a FREE plan.

  • Traffic

SimilarWeb lets you see website traffic data for any website you’re visiting in just one click which is super helpful if you’re doing competitive analysis.

You’ll get access to total visits and engagement metrics like average visit duration, page views, and bounce rate.

  • Traffic Sources

You can also get a breakdown of what percentage of a site’s traffic comes from each of these channels: Direct, Search, Social, Email, Display Advertising, and Referral traffic.

  • Top Destination Sites

This tool can also reveal how people leave the site you’re analyzing.

  • Search, Social, and Display

The “Search,” “Social,” and “Display” sections take a closer look at some of the biggest traffic sources most websites get.

  • Audience Interests

SimilarWeb would also give you data on what the site’s visitors do outside of that site itself. You’ll see their interests and other websites they visit.

  • Competitors & Similar Sites

Finally, you get a way to figure out who your competitors are for websites that are similar to yours. However, SimilarWeb isn’t the only tool that offers these features and it isn’t that ACCURATE and PERFECT.

Final Thoughts On Best SimilarWeb Alternatives

So there you have it!

Some of the best SimilarWeb alternatives you can find on the internet right now. If I’m to pick for you, honestly I’ll advise you to go for SEMRush. Above all the options above.


It has all the features in SimilarWeb that you need and a lot more.

SEMRush is a robust tool that helps you get the best out of your online digital marketing campaigns.

With SEMRush, you are able to:

  • Discover new organic competitors and view your competitors’ best keywords
  • Analyze your сompetitor keywords ad budgets, ad copy, landing pages, and keywords
  • Analyze and get an overview of your competitors’ display ads strategies
  • Do a robust link analysis, discover backlinks, and view referring domains’ authority
  • Find the right keywords for your  SEO and PPC campaigns, get long-tail keywords and related keywords
  • Get more insights into your product listing ad competitors and see the best-performing ones
  • Complete content management

The list goes and on and on…

My Best Pick
SEMRush is Awesome!

From content planning to link building strategies, site audits, rank monitoring, getting insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic, and paid search - SEMRush fast track your SEO success.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

It has a 30-days free trial (no CC required). Do give it whirl and see for yourself.

There is no harm in testing or trial, right?

Let me know which tool you think is the BEST replacement for SimilarWeb.

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