7 Best SamCart Alternatives and Competitors For 2021 (Reviewed)

7 Best SamCart Alternatives and Competitors For 2021 (Reviewed)

In this guide, I will cover the best Samcart alternatives to try this year.

Alternatives that are way cheaper, more flexible, easy to use, and reasonably better.

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best SamCart alternative is ThriveCart.

As you already know:

Samcart is a funnel builder and a full-fledged shopping cart software that helps create customized checkout pages that help you market and sell digital and physical products online.

However, Samcart has some limitations that might be a hindrance to flexibility and ease of use.


  • Lack of Inbuilt digital sales tax calculation
  • No funnel/cart share feature
  • Limited payment gateways/processors
  • Difficulty to A/B test

And the not too good part? Samcart gets more expensive if you need great services like the affiliate management center and subscription saver/dunning management.

That’s not to say Samcart isn’t a nice platform. Sure it is.

It comes with some commendable functions of course, but just like every other creature out there – there must be an ugly side to beautiful things.

Either of the Samcart competitors and alternatives on this list will serve as the perfect replacement to sell your products and services online.

Let’s begin!

7 Best SamCart Alternatives & Competitors For 2021

Here is a curated list of top tools that are capable of replacing Samcart.

Now, lets get into their details with their features, pricing plans, pros, cons, and how they compare with Samcart.

#1: ThriveCart

The first on our list of SamCart competitors is the ThriveCart shopping cart tool. It is the best on this list.

Our Pick

Investing in Thrivecart lifetime deal has been the best decision I've ever made in my business over the past year. They offer one of the cleanest, flexible, bug-free and yet POWERFUL shopping cart experience out there compared to numerous platforms.

ThriveCart offers a lot the same features as SamCart and this happens to be the closest alternative to SamCart.

ThriveCart (review link) offers you a wide array of features. From A/B split testing, one-click upsells, Bump offers, affiliate center, prebuilt checkout page templates, and lots of third-party integrations supported.

In fact, SamCart and ThriveCart are both built on a similar premise to help online entrepreneurs better manage their sales, increase conversions, follow up, and get deep insights for better optimization.

There is no doubt that SamCart is a great shopping cart with pretty amazing features. But ThriveCart is a lot more affordable than SamCart.

ThriveCart tool
click logo for demo

Plus, the Thrivecart share funnel feature lacking on Samcart. It’s worth dying for in my opinion.

This ThriveCart’s unique feature set includes the ability for you to share and import checkout and funnel designs from other vendors using the platform. Awesome!

With SamCart you would need to pay $199 per month to get access to some cool features ThriveCart offers. And not still even close.

While on ThriveCart you can only get started for just one time payment of $495 standard or $690 for PRO. And you’ll get lifetime access and all future updates without ever paying for a shopping cart again.

I should also add that Thrivecart supports more payment processors. And includes Apple Pay. Not found elsewhere.

The Thrivecart Apple Pay enables your customers from compatible devices can simply use their thumbprint to pay for your product, instead of having to complete all their billing details.


ThriveCart Pricing one-time
click image to view demo

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of ThriveCart:

Thrivecart Pros

  • Currently a lifetime deal
  • Automatic digital sales calculation
  • one click upsell, order bumps and offers
  • You can offer coupons, discount codes, and trial periods to customers
  • Cart pages are mobile-friendly and optimized for conversions
  • Huge integrations
  • Built-in dunning system
  • Inbuilt affiliate management solution
  • Easily set up A/B split testing to determine winners
  • Helpful knowledgebase, support, and engaging support
  • You can import and export cart sales pages
  • Supports different payment methods (recurring, trial, split, etc)
  • Embeddable on any website
  • No transaction fees

Thrivecart Cons

  • Not many checkout templates available
  • No emergency support, such as LiveChat or phone support
  • No Trial period at the moment (just 30day money-back guarantee)

You can read my Thrivecart review to see my personal experience with it.

Grab Thrivecart Lifetime Deal Here!

#2: PayKickStart

PayKickStart is the second alternative to SamCart and the second-best SamCart competitor you can find around, and I can say that PayKickStart isn’t bad to be called a good checkout software.

It also has some pretty dope features.

PayKickstart software

PayKickStart comes with one of the best nicest affiliate management centers, but not as sleek as specialized affiliate program management tools.

It also has the most payment gateway integration options among all the checkout services on this list and also comes with one-click upsell PayPal integration.

There are a ton of professionally designed, customizable templates on this tool as well. But there is NO inbuilt A/B split testing.

But when it comes to the Integration of third-party solutions, PKS is not that bad too.

How good is it compared to SamCart?

I would say SamCart is pretty much better than PayKickStart in general comparison BUT few aspects I’d put PayKickStart HIGHER in the ranking is that:

  • SamCart gets very expensive if you need an affiliate center
  • Lacks support for many payment processors (only PayPal and Stripe)
  • Limited design options for checkout pages

PayKicktStart is a beast when it comes to payment gateways.

PayKickStart is a cheap Samcart alternative to start with even though you have to keep paying a monthly recurring fee to get what it offers (which is normal).

It starts at $29/mo, offers a 14day trial period and 30days money-back guarantee.

PayKickStart  Pros

  • Integrates with all major payment gateways
  • You can add coupon codes and discounts
  • Built-in affiliate program center (on the $99 plan)
  • Supports live chat and active Facebook community
  • Bump offers and 1-click upsells available
  • Integrates nicely with email marketing tools, memberships, etc
  • No transaction fees

PayKickStart Cons

  • No A/B split testing
  • Most advanced features are not available on the $29/mo plan
  • Not so friendly (but manageable) user interface

Try PayKickStart 14days free trial.

#3: SendOwl

SendOwl is another shopping cart software that’s kind of popular and used by many online business owners which supports the sale of physical products and services.

SendOwl checkout tool

This SamCart alternative isn’t as feature-packed as the two other alternatives we’ve discussed earlier.

When it comes to payments – there are only three options at the moment. Bitpay, PayPal, and Stripe.

And that’s not all…

SamCart competitor, SendOwl, has limited checkout page templates and design customization, but it’s all great when you choose to build yours. Just like PayKickStart, you won’t see anything like A/B split testing here.

A vital KEY to conversion rate optimization.

What’s then so good about SendOwl?

Good question!

This checkout solution supports discounts, coupons, bump offers, 1-click upsells, and integrates with all the major email marketing services.

I didn’t forget about the affiliate referral system built into it as well, but there is a drastic limitation to what you can do on SendOwl’s affiliate center.

Comparing SendOwl to SamCart:

Obviously, SendOwl is much cheaper than SamCart, but as you may guess SamCart is far more sophisticated when it comes to integration, A/B split testing, and affiliate management.

SendOwl starts with $15 per month for the Standard plan up to $99 per month for the Subscription plan.

If the above features are things you wish not put a focus on then it’s okay to go with. Else keep reading to see the best SamCart alternative that gives you all those features at a much reasonable and cheaper price.

SendOwl Pros

  • Supports discounts and coupons
  • Also offers flexible payment models (subscriptions, plans, and trials)
  • Supports bump offers and one-click upsells
  • Basic but good affiliate portal
  • Supports over 2 dozen currencies worldwide

SendOwl Cons

  • Limited checkout page customization and design
  • No A/B split testing feature
  • No Facebook community and live chat support team

Try SendOwl free trial 30days.

#4: GumRoad

GumRoad, another SamCart competition that caters to online business owners. An online platform that allows you to sell your products directly to your customers online, without the hassles. With less sophisticated features.

This is the only free alternative to SamCart on this list.

GumRoad shopping cart

GumRoad comes clean with basic checkout pages with the ability to theme and customize your product pages the way you want. Also, there are lots of limitations that come with GumRoad like, lack of A/B split testing, no option to offer trails, and a few more.

One thing I (and most people) really like about this SamCart alternative – GumRoad, is its SIMPLICITY. It has the most beginner-friendly user interface.

The bad part!?!

It does not come with most of the needed features of a checkout tool. Like the order bump and 1-click upsells. But you can manage your army of affiliate marketers.

Just like SendOwl, it lacks a lot of native and direct integrations with other marketing tools, but thank goodness for Zapier, right?

Comparing GumRoad to SamCart:

Is there really a competition between these two?

Maybe not…

SamCart is way better than GumRoad. Obviously! Frankly speaking from a general angle.

But when you’re just starting out and can’t afford to pay that huge sum – GumRoad could be the best alternative for you to launch your products fast.

It is convenient for beginners, low cost, great for bloggers and all, and small-scale online business owners.

If you use the Free version of Gumroad, their fee (including credit card processing) is just 8.5% + 30 cents per transaction.

Then if you make up your mind to upgrade to $10/mo, they charge over 3%-8% of each sale you make. So, it’s all up to you.

If this is something you cannot deal with then keep reading further to see which I think will help you achieve your goal without taking part in sharing your revenue.

Before that lets take a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

GumRoad Pros

  • Supports subscription and payment plans
  • Beginner-friendly service
  • You can create coupons and discounts
  • Have a membership site, video hosting, and gated content feature
  • Affordable cost and free plan also available

GumRoad Cons

  • No A/B split test functionality
  • Charges transaction fees
  • Lack of order bumps and 1-click upsells
  • No live chat and supportive Facebook community
  • Not suitable for large online businesses
  • Lacks many cool features

 Try Gumroad here.

Indirect Alternatives to SamCart

All the above SamCart competitors we talked about are all straight and direct alternative.

And their aim is to help online businesses convert more customers into a sale by offering them an awesome (yet converting) checkout experience.

It doesn’t end there.

There are quite some other platforms that do this too. However, they are not known to be a dedicated shopping cart solution. But definitely not a bad option either.

They were also built to ultimately help boost revenue and grow your business online. All of the time they are called an all-in-one solution. Like, these tools go beyond being a checkout tool and an affiliate marketing management solution.

#5: ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a complete marketing tool-suite with a powerful page editor.

ClickFunnels funnel creator and designer

ClickFunnels poses a complete marketing tool-suite that helps you to build and launch your business from scratch, in minutes, under a single platform.

Why is a tool like ClickFunnels called an all-in-one solution?

Because it houses all the functionalities needed to generate leads, warm leads, convert sales, automate sales, manage affiliates, and of course, helps you put up a great checkout page.

When it comes to checkout page creation and design, ClickFunnels can’t be called a genius in that area. But the in-built checkout feature does the basic things you’d expect in a shopping cart software.

When it’s time to compare ClickFunnels and SamCart, the difference is clear.

First, one gives you everything you need under one roof (like the master of all) while the other competitor is a master at one PIECE. You get the point, right?

When it comes to comparing this SamCart alternative in terms of price:

SamCart begins cheaper with insane limitations, and even while on the intermediary plan you won’t get the affiliate center and subscription saver. Not good.

On ClickFunnels starter plan of $97, you get all the basic checkout features, membership site plus everything you need to build your marketing funnels. Except…

The Affiliate management tool and its inbuilt autoresponder (Follow-up sales funnels) which you can substitute for your favorite email marketing software.

ClickFunnels Pros

  • All-in-one funnel sales funnel builder
  • Powerful Etison page editor
  • Powerful email marketing and automation platform
  • Supports 1-click upsells, downsells, and order bumps
  • Hundreds of pre-built templates
  • Great and supportive community
  • Tons of free marketing courses
  • Easy to use drag and drop page builder
  • Inbuilt membership software
  • Everything unlimited on the Platinum plan ($297)
  • Share funnel feature
  • Inbuilt affiliate center

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Expensive for beginners
  • Limitation on the startup plan

Try ClickFunnels for free 14days here.

#6: Kartra

Kartra is another SamCart alternative that serves as an all in one solution for online entrepreneurs. And the closest alternative to ClickFunnels.

Yes, they are kind of similar.

Kartra tool

But overall – Kartra is way better than ClickFunnels!

When it comes to sales funnels design and building.

Kartra (review link) has a fine checkout experience compared to that of ClickFunnels but not as a special shopping cart software. But it can serve greatly as one.

If you need an all-in-one that accompanies a page builder, video hosting, HelpDesk solution, and other marketing utilities – then Kartra might be the perfect solution.

Comparing Kartra as a SamCart alternative isn’t something you should spend your time on much, frankly speaking.

This is obviously not an apple-to-apple evaluation.

I’d say if you want a world-class shopping cart that focuses on just being the #1 shopping cart and not a “jack of all trades” then I suggest you go with my most recommended best SamCart alternative below.

If you’re up to something more versatile (encompassing all tools) – then consider Kartra.

Kartra Pros

  • A complete all-in-one
  • Hundreds of free templates
  • One-click upsells, downsells and bump orders
  • Inbuilt-video hosting
  • Inbuilt calendar/appointment booking app
  • Inbuilt Helpdesk/customer management tool
  • Affiliate center built-in
  • Course hosting and membership platform
  • DFY Kartra and funnels and campaigns

Kartra Cons

  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive for beginners

Try Kartra for 14days $1.

#7. Podia

Podia is just a Samcart alternative especially for those selling online digital products only.


Podia claims to be your all-in-one digital storefront to sell your online courses, memberships, and digital download without any tech skill required.

Although can’t really serve as a complete replacement for Samcart. As there are limitations.

Which is why you should go with our recommended Samcart replacement.

Podia ONLY shines in helping you host your course content, deliver it in a professional manner, build a storefront to sell your courses as well as accept payments on your website.

Nothing more or less.

While the majority of Samcart alternatives on this list come with an inbuilt (awesome) checkout and a few other tools – Podia focuses primarily on helping course creators deliver great memberships.

The Podia pricing plan starts with the mover plan at $39 per month.

Pros of Podia

  • Best for course creators
  • Handles EU Digital Goods VAT tax
  • Offers free migration from another platform
  • Friendly customer support
  • Easy to use and set-up

Cons of Podia

  • Not a dedicated funnel/shopping cart builder or designer
  • Serves ONLY as a course/membership solution

Try Podia here.

Which Is the Best SamCart Alternative?

I know it’s tough to decide what checkout software to use when the features seem so similar but if you look closely at each and every one of these SamCart alternatives, the only solution that matches up is ThriveCart.

This is the best and also my favorite among all.

If you go back to compare all the features of each, cost, support, integrations, affiliate center, dunning management, general settings, GDPR functionalities, and lots more…

Oh, and not forgetting the Apple Pay payment option.

You will see for yourself that ThriveCart is the best route to go in this scenario. It has everything you need and comes off as a one-time payment. A no-brainer one-time deal

There is a lack of native digital sales tax calculation – which you will have to integrate SamCart with another service like Taxamo. This might cost you about $99/mo or thereabout.

This feature alone already gives Thrivecart an edge.

Buy ThriveCart
Click button for live demo

This is another reason why ThriveCart is the best alternative here, and you should get on the lifetime deal before they switch to monthly plans.

For the second-best alternative, PayKickStart haves it.

Above all, what matters is going for that which wouldn’t hurt you, your business, or give your customers sleepless nights. Whichever you settle for depends on YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samcart?

Samcart is a web-based checkout and eCommerce platform founded in 2013 by Brian Moran and Scott Moran. Which is aimed at helping entrepreneurs sell information products, digital products, or physical products.

Online software that allows users to create a beautiful checkout page.

How much does SamCart cost?

Samcart comes in three pricing tiers. The Launch plan at $49 per month. The Growth plan at $99 per month. And Finally the Scale plan at $199 per month.

To get access to all of the advanced features you have to subscribe to the highest plan. Which kinda looks expensive. That’s why you should grab our recommended alternative to save more and still get all juicy benefits.

What are the pros and cons of Samcart?

Well, the biggest positives are how customizable and easy to use it is to use Samcart. Plus, the robust reporting dashboard. The biggest negative are the price, limitation, lack of automatic sales tax calculation, and Apple Pay option which are all available on our preferred option.

What are the best Samcart alternatives?

From my testing, trials. errors and experience, Thrivecart is the best alternative to Samcart. Cheaper, better features, and much more sophisticated overall.

Is Samcart safe to use?

Very much. Samcart is a secure checkout software that uses a secure connection, encrypts personal and payment information.

Checklist For Improving Your Shopping Cart/ Checkout Conversion Rates

All the tools and software that we have shared in this article work well, irrespective of how you plan to use it. Results will definitely vary from person to person depending on the experience and strategies employed.

As they say, a tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.

However, there are few things you can do on your part to make sure that your marketing sales funnels and checkout pages convert to bring you the type of result desired.

Here a few checklists to help you:

#1 Tip: Provide multiple shipping and payment options

#2: Tip: Add checkout buttons to the top and bottom of the page

#3 Tip: Add trust marks like credit card logos and security seals

#4 Tip: Leverages customer testimonials (video, audio, and texts) on your checkout page.

#5 Tip: Integrate social proof software to show real-time customer ratings and engagements

#6 Tip: Add ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ elements to your shopping cart page. Timer, Scarcity, etc.

#7 Tip: Create email automation to follow-up with those who left without buying.

#8 Tip: Don’t forget to include links to your privacy policy, shipping details, FAQs.

#9 Tip: Make sure your money-back guarantee policy is visible on your checkout page

#10 Tip: Also have a product summary

#11 Tip: Put the latest promo codes – if you have one available

#12 Tip: Don’t forget bump offers and upsells works miraculously

#13 Tip: Reduce friction for customers by limiting the form fields from your checkout page.

#14 Tip: Optimize your checkout and landing pages for speed.

#15 Tip: Display a progress bar/indicator.

#16 Tip: Test, Test, Test. To get the winners. Then scale

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of options out there on the market for you as an online business owner.

Each different option has its own benefits and disadvantages, and it’s hard to claim that anyone’s platform is objectively the best.

Like I said earlier Samcart is one of the best here and AWESOME – but doesn’t come without glitches. In fact, it’s backed by lots of marketers. But sometimes we just have to look at things from both the dark and bright side of things. Which is what I’ve done (on your behalf) in this Samcart alternative guide.

And Thrivecart comes out as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) shopping cart platform after using tons of options. You can my in-depth review of it here.

Or just save the reading time and Grab The Lifetime Deal Here while it lasts. (You can always ask for a refund within 30days).

Our Pick

Investing in Thrivecart lifetime deal has been the best decision I've ever made in my business over the past year. They offer one of the cleanest, flexible, bug-free and yet POWERFUL shopping cart experience out there compared to numerous platforms.

No Future payments whatsoever!

Picking what’s best for your situation is only a matter of knowing what you need and knowing what’s out there. Let me know if you found this post helpful.

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