ThriveCart Review, Integrations and Lifetime Deal: Is it Really Worth Using? (2020)

ThriveCart Review, Integrations and Lifetime Deal: Is it Really Worth Using? (2020)

In this Thrivecart review, we are both going to take a look at this shopping cart and checkout software.

If it’s really worth using plus everything you desire to know.

Before you decide if ThriveCart is worth using in your business.

Maybe you’ve been looking around for the best way to sell your products online? Talk about digital, physical, or serviced based products…

But you sometimes feel stuck because you seem not to understand how the whole setup is being done.

From the building of a landing page, lead capturing, writing of copies, email automation, payment processing, and the rest of it.

It always gets BETTER or WORSE, right?

I guess you are aware that there are hundreds of options in the land and always confusing when it comes to making a positive choice for the best of THE BEST of software to use in your online business.


Really difficult to tell which is which. 🙁

Your initial front-end sales process could be killer and your automation system might seem SOLID.

How about that phase where your hot leads finally decide to bring out their cards and wallets?

The Checkout phase.

This stage happens to be the most important pointer on and of your sales funnel.

Yeah, that is correct!

Designing, creating and building your own checkout page and linking it to a payment processor isn’t an effortless task. And getting an expert to do the whole work will cost you painfully.

That’s why a tool like Thrivecart was specially created to ease things for you, your business and for your customers.

ThriveCart checkout tool
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Here in this review, below are what we shall be covering:

Lets get started!

What Is Thrivecart?

ThriveCart is a cart software that was designed to help online entrepreneurs sell their products and services with ease. This platform offers a flexible checkout experience with lots of features – focusing primarily on more sales and conversions.

A solution-driven tool founded by Josh Bartlett back in 2016. And ever since –  numerous updates (over 200) have taken place.

These changes over the years made Thrivecart #1 solution for easily setting up cart pages.

With ThriveCart you can put up a high-converting beautifully designed checkout page for your online business.

This is an easy to use tool which integrates with other marketing tools like email marketing services, payment processors, membership tool, webinar software, product fulfillment tools, etc.

Thrivecart as a digital marketing tool gives you an all-in-one tool to manage everything in your checkout process.

It basically shores up lots of gaps where your potential customers leave and never come back.

To SHOCK you further:

Did you know that 70% of the visitors who land on your checkout page will leave and not buy anything?

These are the prospects you’ll be to follow up with using ThriveCart. The button below takes you to a page to see more of ThriveCart.


Part #1: My Favorite ThriveCart Features

Below are a few out of the many ThriveCart features I really fell in love with:

#1: A/B Split Testing

Without split testing your checkout pages, it would be difficult to figure how best to improve your pages to maximize conversions.

Marketers that test wins!

thrivecart split testing

A/B testing with ThriveCart is so easy to perform and helps you avoid the risks of losing an already acquired customer who has made up their minds to buy, but due to one reason or the other, they couldn’t complete their transaction.

ThriveCart gives you the option to split test variations of your pages which will allow you to make more money and reduce cart abandonment.

#2: Awesome Checkout Templates (but limited)

There are numbers of checkout templates available in Thrivecart which are simple, well designed, easy to customize, and mobile-friendly (most important).

And not just that – Thrivecart checkout pages are designed in such a way that they convert so well.

There basically four types:

  • One-step checkout
  • Two-step checkout
  • Embeddable checkout
  • Popup checkout

While the template and customization options in Thrivecart are limited (even though its direct alternative – Samcart doesn’t allow much customization), ThriveCart’s checkout pages are proven to convert greatly).

#3: One-Click Upsell

This is one of the awesome features that make Thrive Cart stand out from its competitors!

This option in Thrivecart lets your customers add more products or services (always complimentary) to their orders without having to add their card details all over again.

Thrivecart one click upsell

This is indeed a lovely option that makes it easy for someone who has shown interest in your offers to be able to buy more items from you.

Without entering their email address or payment info all over again.

Apart from this – you can also add a downsell option on Thrive– where you can offer a slash off or a discount (of an upsell offer) when your customers show no interest. This way, you’re trying to eliminate every sort of objection which gives them a second chance to consider the offer.

You also get an option to use ThriveCart’s own default cart upsell page or get your own custom pages designed.

#4: Bump Offers/Orders

Bump offers or orders is additional products or services added right before a customer completes an order.

With ThriveCart you can easily add this profit-maximizer called bump offer feature to your check out cart. Always make sure bump orders are cheaper and also compliments your core offer.

thrivecart bump order
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One thing I’ve noticed about order bumps is that – they are so enticing which makes it a no-brainer offer. Bump offers aren’t common, your customers only see and buy them during the checkout process.

#5: Embeddable Cart Pages and Popup

Maybe you prefer using your Thrivecart checkout cart on your WordPress website without using its own hosting solution…

Then you can embed your checkout pages easily by pasting the code on your page.

There is also another similar function which is called the embeddable popup checkout cart – This will let your potential customers click on a button (on your website) and the cart will instantly pop up.

This is the type of feature mostly used by business owners who employ content marketing in selling their products online.

#6: Affiliate management platform

Thrivecart has one of the most professional looking affiliate centers out here where you can assign affiliates, generate links, pay affiliates, view their progress, and manage their activities.

thrivecart affiliates

The inbuilt affiliate management software inside of ThriveCart has some pretty good features like – reporting, affiliate ID tracking, and many more.

With this, you would be able to recruit your own army of affiliate marketers to push your products to thousands and millions of your prospective customers out there.

ThriveCart also has a customer center which lets your customers update their information (address, card details, etc.)

There is another feature that gives you the ability to use coupon codes to offer discounts.

#7: The Only Platform Supporting Apple Pay

This is one strong aspect of ThriveCart I discovered that is lacking on all the shopping cart services in the digital marketing space. Apple Pay allows your customers to make their payment right from their mobile devices without having to enter card details or authenticate their PayPal.

Which in return helps you to exponentially increase sales dramatically!

Mobile is ruling the world as you know – so this is really an awesome payment processing functionality you should add as a payment option.

#8: Top Notch Support

I’m part of ThriveCart’s highly engaged Facebook group where you get a swift response to your questions at any time of the day whenever you encounter one problem or the other in launching your funnel.

In fact, they also have a support helpdesk/knowledge base where I found almost all answers to my questions while.

ThriveCart Helpdesk and Support Help
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Or maybe you need to read ThriveCart’s blog or contact a one the support persons via raising a ticket – they’re quite responsive though. Just that you will have to wait for about 24 hours.

ThriveCart Blog & Extra Support

There is an official ThriveCart blog containing helpful articles related to Thrivecart and how to get the best from this software.

You view the latest blog posts on

Being the easiest, most powerful, high converting shopping cart and affiliate management platform for entrepreneurs – they make it easy getting in touch with their help & technical support team at

If there is a feature NOT found, you’d like to request – you can also submit a feature request to the Thrivecart team.

Part #2: Who Needs ThriveCart?

I don’t know the type of product or services you sell online via a funnel or a checkout tool like ThriveCart – but I have to make it clear that this software is not for everyone.


You know every tool out there was created for a particular audience in mind.

If you’re in the below industry/business – Thrivecart is for you:

#1: Online Course Creator & Digital Products

Are you an online course creator or planning to build one?

You need a checkout tool for your online course.

When it comes to shopping carts, thrive cart works seamlessly with a course or membership platform.

You get a built-in affiliate center to manage your promoters. Not forgetting the bump offers, upsell offers and variations payment means to collect cash.

Do you also sell other digital products like e-book online?

TC got you.

Although the problem is that you can’t actually host things like video courses and PDF’s. You have to give your customers access to these via email addresses or a membership place.

And Thrive cart integrates well with most of them.

#2: Subscription/Recurring Based Products

“Can Thrivecart work for recurring services”

That’s one of the few questions I’ve seen being asked in the various groups.

The short answer is YES.

Not only does this tool handles recurring or subscription-based products or services – it supports one-time payments, pays what you want and free trials.

ThriveCart Recurring Subscription

One GOOD side about the recurring subscription payment option in Thrive cart is the ‘dunning’ functionality and rules:

  • The Dunning functionality helps you increase and retain more of your recurring revenue without external services.
  • It also helps manage and get insights into your subscriptions and recurring revenue quickly and easily.

#3: Coaches and Consultants

I would have to say that there is literally no limit to how you can use ThriveCart in your business. This is a solution-oriented business application that is made in a way to fit into your existing tech stack.

And YES!

Coaches and Consultants use it.

Easy to collect payments, recruit affiliates, and work for payment models.

#4: Physical Products

This is a confusing one.

But in all, Thrivecart can work for you if you sell physical products. But really depends.

Let me explain.

It’s true that ThriveCart has almost all the options needed to collect shipping information, names, and even phone numbers for the various physical products you sell.

By setting them up in ThriveCart with their own dedicated checkout links.

However, you’ll also need to account for product options, like sizes and colors, which ThriveCart currently doesn’t support.

Can you see where the problem is now?

That’s why I won’t encourage anyone to take ThriveCart as a Shopify or WooCommerce alternative. But you can use them to showcase your products at the frontend and use ThriveCart checkout system to process the backend.

Which now sounds reasonable.

Doesn’t it?

If you like you can also integrate with Shopify. That works marvelously well!

Where Else Can ThriveCart Work?

You can use ThriveCart with so many other businesses including:

  • Software business
  • Local businesses
  • eCommerce
  • Digital agencies
  • In-person and virtual events


Part #3: ThriveCart Integrations

Since Thrivecart integrates with diverse tools in different areas, we shall cover each of them in sections:

#1: Thrivecart Email Integration

ThriveCart integrates with a wide range of autoresponders software’s and they are still adding more. Below are the currently supported email solutions ThriveCart supports:

  • AWeber
  • Active Campaign
  • CovertKit
  • Drip
  • Ontraport
  • MailChimp
  • Infusionsoft
  • GetResponse
  • HubSpot
  • MailerLite

You can receive tags directly from Thrive Cart upon specific actions that can run automation inside any of these autoresponders – based on the behavior of the customer.

If the autoresponder you use isn’t supported yet, you don’t need to worry because ThriveCart also supports HTML embed codes – so you can easily copy/paste your forms embed code to be processed based on the customer’s action.

#2: ThriveCart Payment Gateways/Processor

Here are the payment processors currently supported in Thrivecart:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Authorize .net

#3: ThriveCart Membership Integrations

ThriveCart Integrates with a range of membership applications that are as follows:

  • Wishlist Member
  • Digital Access Pass
  • MemberMouse
  • Teachable
  • MemberPress
  • OptimizeMember

#4: Integration via API

  • Membersonic
  • EverLesson
  • ProductDyno
  • WPEP Content Sales Engine
  • LearnDash
  • MasterClassPlugin

#5: Some Zapier to Integrations

  • Kajabi
  • Thinkific
  • Podia
  • Paid Memberships Pro
  • Plus
  • Plus a few others

#6: ThriveCart Payment Fulfillment Integrations

  • Lulu
  • Kunaki

Other ThriveCart integrations consist of Webinar platforms (Demio and WebinarNinja), Notification platforms (Slack and Google sheets), and Zapier.

Part #4: ThriveCart Pricing

ThriveCart currently offers a onetime payment deal at a discounted price of $495 for the standard– which means you’ll have access to all features and future updates of ThriveCart. All you have to do is pay a one-time fee and it’s all yours!

You can also choose the PRO option (for extra $195) during checkout to add more features like the Intelligent Saver Functionality, JV contracts, Advanced User Management, etc..

ThriveCart lifetime
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I haven’t really seen a shopping cart software tool being this cheap.

At the moment, ThriveCart is on its pilot program – so you can buy your own lifetime access to the software now at this one-time fee before it goes up in a few weeks’ time as this opportunity is limited and only available during this pilot program.

When it finally launches to the general public – it will switch to a monthly plan of about $97

Be reminded that when you take on the lifetime discount of ThriveCart and you don’t like this checkout software – you can ask for a refund within 30 days and it shall be granted. When you compare Thrivecart Pricing to its competitors you’ll see that this is a kind of a no-brainer offer at the moment.

Lets compare…

Part #5: ThriveCart Alternatives

There are other numerous options out there when you are out looking for a great solution to build and design your checkout pages – although ThriveCart has proven to be one of the best in the market with good authority and tons of positive customer reviews.

Let’s compare ThriveCart with its alternatives:

#1: ThriveCart vs SamCart

It’s no new thing that SamCart is ThriveCart’s closest competitor and vice versa because they both have similar features that are amazing – but what actually differentiates them?

i. Price

Samcart Pro costs $99/mo while ThriveCart offers only a one-time payment of $495, meaning that you pay for it once and never to pay again! No recurring fee involved using ThriveCart.

Here’s another thing; You get access to everything inside of ThriveCart at that same lifetime deal – so, by comparison, you get equivalent of what you get on the $199 plan of Samcart.

Sounds super cool right?

ii. Limited customization

ThriveCart’s checkout pages are limited and support page designs and customization while on Samcart there are more options for checkout page templates and with limited customization.

Another differentiation is the Apple pay gateway and digital sales tax option. You don’t get that on SamCart.

See more about ThriveCart here.

#2: ThriveCart vs Paykickstart

PaykickStart is another shopping cart software that starts from $29/mo with lesser capability, offers a 14 days free trial period and 30 days money-back guarantee.

But I have to say that this shopping cart solution has few downsides like lack of Apple Pay and recurring monthly price.

Even though PayKicstart has a kind of a poor user Interface – they still offer excellent customer support and an active Facebook community for users and prospects just like ThriveCart.

#3: Thrivecart vs ClickFunnels

This isn’t an apple to apple comparison unlike the two shopping carts above.

But there are few things I’d like to clarify to some of you who need to see how ClickFunnels and ThriveCart stack against each other.

ClickFunnels is a funnel building software and marketing suite while ThriveCart only functions as one of the tools used during the sales funnel processes. So ClickFunnels – out of many functionalities – has a cart solution built into it.

ClickFunnels costs $99 for the basic and $297 for the Etison plan.

So, one cool advantage of ThriveCart over ClickFunnels is that you won’t be paying the recurring monthly fee plus you get access to ClickFunnels affiliate platform on the expensive plan of $297/mo…

While on ThriveCart you get all for a one-time fee of $495.

#4: ThriveCart vs SendOwl

SendOwl is yet another ThriveCart competitor which poses as a shopping cart and product delivery tool which supports up to 29 different currencies and offers quite some amazing features compared to Gumroad.

It has a 30 days trial period and starts at $9/mo.

It also lacks split testing capability which happens to be one of the most important criteria when choosing the best shopping cart software.

#5: ThriveCart vs Gumroad

Gumroad comes both as a shopping cart tool and marketplace for creators to host and sell their products and services.

Being an alternative to ThriveCart, it has lots of loopholes such as:

  • Poor User Interface and Experience
  • Limited payment models or gateways
  • No A/B testing functionality
  • Not so many integrations
  • No upsells and bump order
  • Poor support and no Facebook community

When it comes to pricing Gumroad offers a 14-day trial period and the paid subscription starts at $10/m while there’s no money-back guarantee.

#6: ThriveCart vs WooCommerce

Both of these platforms differ in so many ways – one is a specialized shopping cart solution and the other is known as an E-commerce platform. There is no way I’d replace a dedicated shopping cart solution like ThriveCart for an e-commerce platform like Woocommerce.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is special shopping cart tool which with lots of great options that make it easy for you to sell your products and services online with the help of its amazing cool checkout features.

Is ThriveCart Worth it?

The short answer is YES! Thrivecart is well worth it for the kind of features and what you will be accomplishing with it. The current price is definitely a onetime no-brainier offer which might disappear soon.

How much is ThriveCart?

You pay once and use ThriveCart forever. To own a lifetime license to ThriveCart costs $495. Then for optional advanced features, you also have the chance to have it at $195. You also get some awesome bonuses worth $10k+ from me after your purchase.

Does Thrivecart Work with Woocommerce?

Yes, you can Thrivecart and Woocommerce hand in hand with each other. WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. While Thrivecart can be used on any platform of your choice.

Can Thrivecart Work on my WordPress Site?

Yes! You can integrate ThriveCart software into your WordPress pages by copying your Thrivecart’s page HTML code and using it on any of your websites.

Is ThriveCart Part Of ThriveThemes?

ThriveCart is NOT part of ThriveThemes in any way. Thrivecart was founded by Josh Barlett while ThriveThemes was founded by Shane Melaugh.

Is there Any Coupon or Discount Available for ThriveCart

So far, there are NO coupon or discount that I know that is available for Thrivecart. The best way to take advantage of the cheapest deal on Thrivecart is to own the lifetime license to the software. Because when it ends, people that didn’t get the onetime deal would have to pay the recurring monthly fee.

What is Thrivecart Dunning?

ThriveCart’s built-in dunning functionality allows you to automatically notify your customers ahead of time before their payments are due to be processed, or if their payments are overdue, all without the need of expensive 3rd-party services.

How do I know Thrivecart Integrates With My Solution?

Thrivecart integrates with all the top autoresponders (GetResponse, Active Campaign, etc.), membership platforms, and software in your marketing stack.

It also integrates with Zapier, which allows you to connect with hundreds of additional services. You can check out the landing page to view most of the tools.

How Long Would This Onetime offer Last?

NOT VERY LONG because ThriveCart will soon be a monthly fee for usage, with a slight discount if you pay yearly.

Only right now can you purchase a lifetime license which means you pay once and NEVER have to pay us again. Other carts charge percentages of everything you make, or hundreds of dollars every month!

Can I Sell My Physical Products with Thrivecart?

Oh Yes! You can choose shipping price, shipping weight, product dimensions, quantities and more on your checkout pages. It also seamlessly integrates with Kunaki,, Shippo, and Printful, with more fulfillment companies being added constantly.

ThriveCart Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, I found ThriveCart to be the ideal solution for any serious business owner to start selling any digital or physical services swiftly without friction much-learning processes.

Maybe you desire to:

  • Sell your courses
  • Sell eBooks
  • E-commerce
  • Membership products
  • Physical products
  • Consultants
  • Many more…

ThriveCart is very easy to master, use, and set your online business up and running as quickly as possible – without the pain of paying a recurring fee (limited offer) on a monthly basis…

And also, the ability to maximize profits by creating upsells, downsells and bump orders all inside the same funnel.

I recommend ThriveCart for building your checkout pages and I think it’s really worth giving it a try. After all, you have 30 days to request your money back if you find it not meeting up to your standard.

Quickly take advantage of this software as still in its pilot mode – before they switch to the monthly subscription plan of $97/mo. Click here to take advantage of this opportunity.

Buy ThriveCart
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ThriveCart Bonuses

Did my ThriveCart post get you interested in taking the lifetime offer of this software?

Why not get some extra help to start your Thrivecart journey with these cool Thrivecart bonuses for life.


Here is what you’ll get:

  • Bonus #1: Comment Funnels automation tool – This is the best software for automating your Facebook organic marketing efforts. You gain leads and make money on autopilot.
  • Bonus #2: CF Expert Course – My comprehensive membership course on mastering ClickFunnels funnel building platform (over 40 video lessons)
  • Bonus #3: Lifetime access to lead generation tool for Facebook groups. Group Convert
  • Bonus #4: DFY Social Profile Funnel. You get a chance for clicks and sales on your links
  • Extra Bonus: DFY Email Marketing swipes + White Label Rights – Pre-written email swipes you can use (and as inspiration for emails) to promote any MLM and affiliate offers and own lifetime access
  • Extra Bonus: Definitive List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights – List of over 130+ affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions
  • Extra Bonus: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + White Label Rights – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now

For more details on each of these bonus offers, take a look at my ThriveCart bonus page and how to get your hands on them.

How do I get my bonuses?

After you purchase (sales page link) just send send me an email subject line “Thrive Bonusfrom my contact form. After confirmation you will get access to your bonuses in less than 24 hours. You still keep them even after you request a refund.

Pros and Cons of ThriveCart


  • Here are the good, ugly and bad sides about ThriveCart:
  • Pros
  • Currently a onetime subscription
  • Embeddable to any site
  • Clean and easy to use interface for beginner and expert
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • Automatic sales tax calculation
  • Supports Apple pay for mobile users
  • Integrates with various platforms
  • Friendly affiliate center
  • Enough options for different payment methods
  • Let’s you implement bump offers and 1-click upsells
  • Helpful documentation, support, and engaging Facebook group


  • Limited checkout templates
  • Onetime payment could be an expensive deal for beginners
  • No live chat support
  • No Bitcoin payment option
  • Does not host files

Khris Steven

My mission is to equip and arm you with the precise marketing tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you make IMPACT, SERVE more and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. MC Carter

    Hi Khris. Amazing, in-depth review! Thank you! Question for you… we are currently using Infusionsoft order forms and we like seeing the subscriptions and orders (one-off purchases) under the contact record in Infusionsoft for later management (e.g. for cancelling subscriptions, noting the reason etc.) as well as seeing the client’s lifetime spend with us to date and overall sales reports. One other piece of context for you… we use eWAY as the payment processor, connected to our Infusionsoft. My question is… if we started using ThriveCart, would we no longer have that per-contact order and subscription data, as well as the overall reports we can generate in Infusionsoft re sales to date for month, year etc.? I don’t see eWAY listed under your “#2: ThriveCart Payment Gateways/Processors” heading, so I’m wondering whether we’d have to stop using eWAY, in order to use ThriveCart? Any light you could shed on this for me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Khris Steven

      Hey MC Carter, thanks for the compliments.

      ThriveCart currently integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and for payment processing. To process payments with THriveCart, you’d need to connect one or more of these platforms to your account. From the look of things and personal contact with ThriveCart support – I’d have to say that they have plans to offer further payment processors in the future, but no specific confirmations on which ones or ETAs at this time.

      Their integration with Infusionsoft is quite deep in that they pass through customer information including name, email, and address data. And further create the order for your product and have Infusionsoft create an invoice and mark it as paid (providing you leave order tracking enabled). They can also add/remove tags to contacts based on a wide number of behavioural triggers based on the customer’s behaviour like purchasing, refunding, cancelling, making or missing payments, etc.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about ThriveCart platform.

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