Copywriting for Real Estate

This is a real estate copywriting guide.

It covers the basics of real estate copywriting and then goes into detail about how to write effective real estate copy that will sell properties.

If you are in real estate, then you know how important it is to have an eye-catching listing.

If your real estate copywriting skills aren’t up to par, then this article will help you improve your real estate marketing strategy.

We go over the importance of real estate copywriting and give tips on what makes a good realtor’s listing stand out from the rest.

Let’s get started.

What is Real Estate Copywriting?

Real estate copywriting is a type of promotional writing designed to persuade people about the benefits of owning or renting real estate.

copywriting practice

It’s often used in marketing materials like flyers, brochures, and websites.

In it, the writer’s goal is to convince the reader that now is the perfect time to buy or rent a property because they’ll get a deal for their investment.

It all starts with understanding where they want to go (such as “down pricing” or “saving money”), what their needs are, and who else might be involved in their decision process (family, coworkers).

Real estate copywriting is the craft of writing content for digital or print material that persuades others to go and buy a home.

Properties are often marketed with words like “AFFORDABLE” and “COMMUTER FRIENDLY.”

Most ad campaigns still have traditional tactics, such as brochures, flyers, TV ads, or radio spots.

But many brokers also post property listings online, where they can be found more easily by images than type-heavy text.

In these country’s most competitive markets – places like Los Angeles and New York City – apartment-hunters spend an average of eight hours looking for a place before they make an offer on one.

Copywriting – as a marketing skill and tactic – isn’t an easy practice.

Why Does Copywriting Matter for Realtors?

Why write copy?

Copywriting is a powerful tool that will set your website apart from your competition.

real estate properties

A quality-written site will engage and intrigue your target audience, establishing better browsing habits, higher conversion rates, and in turn greater ROI.

Getting these features for free is difficult, not to mention expensive as hiring writers can end up costing much more than it originally seems.

Thing is:

Copywriting ties into how you’re viewed as a real estate agent.

Doing marketing yourself or hiring a consultant to do it for your needs copywriting expertise.

Yes, it takes time and money but if you’re going to sell houses, this is something you need to understand.

Copywriting is a real estate agent’s best friend and most powerful tool.

The benefits of professional copywriting for your real estate business are endless.

A well-written listing will attract buyers to your property, which boosts the odds of you making a sale. Written content sets up expectations for what people can expect when they visit or buy from you.

When it comes down to brass tacks, realtors who invest in their writing skills are likely to make more sales than those agents whose marketing copy reads like self-promotion rather than helpful information that leads an audience somewhere valuable.

Let’s get into the copywriting tips for writing your real estate copy.

5+1 Real Estate Copywriting Tips

Here are 6 real estate copywriting tips for creating your irresistible copy:

1). Write in a simple, straightforward style

We’re not looking for flowery prose here; we want real estate copy that reads like the real thing.

Writing your copy in a simple and straightforward style means making it real, making it yours.

Keep in mind that you want to pique the reader’s interest and get them excited about your listings before they even click on a link or dial a phone number.

The trick is not to overwhelm the user with text; instead, use concise language and clear descriptions so as not to confuse readers.

If there are any points of confusion, go back over your copy until it makes sense for everyone involved – including non-native English speakers who may be reading this blog post.

Nail these basics first:

Write plainly without being boring (or forgettable), keep sentences short but interesting enough to capture attention quickly, and make sure all information is easy to find by breaking up long blocks of text into more manageable paragraphs.

2). Use powerful words to evoke emotion from potential buyers or sellers

Power words are words that resonate with readers on a deeper level.

These words can evoke emotion and bring out real-life scenarios in the reader’s mind that make them want to take action or help someone else who has been hurt, lost something very special, etc.

For example – “remarkable” is better than “nice.”

Don’t use these power words frivolously; they should be limited to only when you really need them to get your point across.

Also, use strong verbs like “capture” as opposed to “catch,” for instance – which would happen if we were talking about fish!

Capture is more forceful and it speaks volumes of what might lie behind those walls you’re selling/buying.

3). Communicate Benefits and NOT Features

What a real estate agent needs to do is communicate the benefits of living in that new home, or environment, or the benefits of having a ‘this or that’ in a property.

This could be done by showing how easy it will be to get around and that there are plenty of schools nearby for children, or maybe even by including information on what amenities (pool/gym) exist on site.

Features like “granite countertops” might not only confuse people into thinking this sounds too good to be true, but also make them feel as though they’re being sold something – which is exactly what you don’t want.

Instead focus your attention on the benefit these features provide:

Quality housing at an affordable price with a prime location near all major highways.

Most importantly, remember one thing about the real-estate copy:

As a real estate copywriter and marketer – clients don’t care what features your properties bring to the table – but the benefits are attached.

Benefits compel action more than features.

You can easily use Jasper.AI (an AI copywriting assistant) to convert your property features to benefits.

In one simple click.

Open up the Jasper Feature to Benefit template:

Jarvis feature to benefit

And write your property description.

Here’s the description I came up:

5 Bedroom Detached House With BQ in Seagate Estate in Miami, Florida. It has a children’s playground, fitted kitchen, dedicated transformer, management office, good drainage, and electric fence

As you see, the above description is all filled with features.

Now, lets hit the “Generate AI content” button:

Jarvis feature to benefit output realtor

Here are the 3 benefit outputs:

Benefit output #1:

Standard benefits:

  • You’ll have your own space to live in with a large kitchen, children’s playground, and electric fence.

Emotional benefits:

  • Your family will be safe in this beautiful home that has good drainage.
  • This house is perfect for you if you want to live close to the beach

Benefit output #2:

Standard benefits:

  • You’ll have a place to call your own.
  • You’ll be close to shopping, schools, and transportation.

Emotional benefits:

  • Your kids will have their own space. – Never worry about the house getting too hot or cold again.

Benefit #3:

Standard benefits:

  • It’s in a nice neighborhood.
  • You’ll have plenty of space to live and grow.

Emotional benefits:

  • Your kids will love the playground nearby.
  • Be able to spread out with your family.

The above is just an example to show you how to quickly turn your property features into benefits.

You can play around Jasper for free here to create yours right away.

4) Sell yourself as an expert

Selling yourself as an expert within your real estate sales funnel and landing page copy is key to real estate copywriting.

People want an expert who knows what they’re talking about, so make sure you deliver your expertise in a way that’s easy for the reader to understand and buy into.

Refer back to point one: Sell yourself as someone with authority on real-estate topics – this builds trust!

Sell yourself as an expert by proving what makes you qualified through bullet points at the end of each paragraph or section, which will also help you keep your reader’s attention.

It is important to state what makes you qualified and why people should buy from or listen to you, as this builds trust with the customer.

Lastly, get creative with your marketing strategies by adding quotes from respected figures in real estate or making infographics showcasing how much money people can save when buying a property through you instead of another agent.

5). Showcase properties with beautiful photography, regardless of location

Showcasing the real estate properties for sale with beautiful photography with enticing captions is one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies.

This strategy works because it showcases that you care about how your listings look and feel, as well as making them more appealing to potential buyers who are looking for their new homes.

Buying a camera or investing in a professional photographer could be helpful if realty photographs are not within your budget yet.

Also, doing it yourself with an iPhone camera should do the magic.

iPhone camera

After all, “a picture says a thousand words.” right?

Some buyers might never visit the property but they can still fall in love with it through pictures alone.

Let them see what’s on offer without actually stepping foot outside their door.

Again, use catchy photo captions/copy to sell and spice up your marketing.

6). Writing a compelling real estate agent bio

This real estate agent bio is all about the realtor and how they will help you find your dream home.

The realty company should be mentioned in this section but it shouldn’t take up a large part of the real estate agent’s bio page copy.

It can just be at the bottom or on another webpage that sells houses, not just realtors.

This way, buyers know what to expect when contacting them instead of getting spammed with emails by different brokers/realtors – as much as we hate spamming too.

How do you write a compelling realtor bio?

To write your realtor bio, you have to make sure you’re using the below real estate copywriting tips for bios:

  • A realtor bio should be succinct and concise
  • Include your top three realtor skills and identify one that’s the most notable
  • Be clear about which realtor services you offer, including any specialties you may have (for example, home staging)
  • Tell potential clients what they can expect from working with you in terms of benefits or results they will get by doing so
  • Be clear with your online real estate profile about what you offer. You want to show the benefits of working with you, not just listing out features that may or may not apply to everyone
  • Include links back to your blog posts on real estate topics people might find interesting

It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have as a realtor if it isn’t communicated well through your realtor bio.

Be clear with your online real estate profile about what you offer.

You want to show the benefits of working with you, not just listing out features that may or may not apply to everyone.

Keep these points in mind when writing yours and see an instant uptick in leads coming your way every day.

You can easily create your personal or company bio for your real estate business using Jasper.AI:

real estate bio

I opened the Personal Bio templates to write a bio like this.

Jarvis bio template

On the personal information, you write a little about yourself, and choose your tone of voice (optional).

Then fill in the Point of view (First Person or Third Person) – also optional.

Here’s the sample text used in the Personal Information:

Sam Smith is a realtor, the founder of SamSmith real estate properties with 5 years of experience and awarded the realtor of the year 2021

I left the other two blank. Then I generated the bio.

Looking this way:

realtor bio outputs

Here are the 3 short real estate bios generated:

Personal Bio #1:

Sam Smith is a realtor with 5 years of experience. He has an award for being the best realtor in the year 2021 and was also awarded as one of the top 10 influencers worldwide. SamSmith Real Estate Properties are founded by him, he’s doing his best to make sure that all properties have been properly inspected before they’re put up on sale so customers will be satisfied with their purchase.

Personal Bio #2:

I am Sam Smith, and I am the founder of SamSmith real estate properties. With 5 years of experience, I have been awarded the Realtor of the year 2021.

My passion is for all things real estate related: buying a property, selling a property or simply exploring what your options are in this market! My knowledge includes commercial and residential properties with an emphasis on luxury homes. I want to help you find your perfect home that suits your needs today!

Personal Bio #3:

I am a realtor with 5 years of experience and I love what I do. It’s not just about finding people their perfect home, it’s about making them feel at home in the community they live in!

Creating Copy and Contents for Real Estate as a Copywriter

Besides the real estate copywriting tips above – there are various copy types for realtors.

Check them out below and see how to create them:

How to Write Your Real Estate Ads

In creating and writing ad copy for your real estate, realtor, or realty advertising campaign, there are some things you should do and some to avoid.

First, make sure that your ad copy is targeting the right audience for what you have available.

This includes not just where they live but also their salary range so that it can be appropriately marketed to them.

Second, always include a location in your ads when possible with accurate photos of other properties like yours nearby.

It will give people an idea of what the neighborhood looks like if they’re looking for a certain type of property – this makes it more likely that someone will want to contact you about buying or selling real estate because they know realistically how close by competitors might be located on either side, too.

Thirdly, you can also include some information about the neighborhood, like if it’s particular to walkability or is close by schools in your ads as well.

The more specific your ads and overall copy are, the more likely they’ll be to succeed.

And lastly, you can include a real estate agent’s name in your ads as well if there are multiple realtors working on it together.

This helps people know that you’re not just selling real estate but also able to help them find their dream home or investment property.

Another cool thing to know is that Jasper.AI also helps you to automatically write your real estate ads without much hassle.

Be it Facebook ads or Google ads:

Jarvis ads template

With Jasper, you can quickly write your:

  • Facebook ad headlines
  • Facebook ad primary text
  • Google ads headline
  • Google ads descriptions

Tips on How to Write your Real Estate Headlines

The real estate industry has never been more competitive.

When you list your house for sale, you need to make sure that potential buyers see it first and foremost in a sea of other listings.

This is where real estate headlines come into play.

Here are my favorite tips for writing real estate headlines:

1). Present the most appealing features/benefits of your property in a short, succinct sentence

Avoid listing too many features and items that will only distract potential buyers from what you really want to sell them on.

Remember: real estate headlines are meant for rapid scanning by human eyes looking for just one compelling reason to click on them.

2). Keep it short and sweet

Those real estate headlines with the most words are not necessarily going to catch more attention than those that have fewer for a couple of reasons:

  • a). There is less room on the real estate website’s page to show your property in detail, so you want them to click through quickly.
  • b). If there is an opportunity for buyers to scroll down by following links or button prompts, then real estate headlines can be longer because people will see them at different points throughout their time browsing your listing.

Keep it concise and tight! People don’t enjoy reading long posts either 🙂

3). Bullet points are also an option

Space out your words – people read real estate headlines more often on mobile screens, so make sure to use short and concise sentences.

Bullet points are also a good option for real estate headlines – they’re concise and get the point across quickly.

If you have an opportunity to use bullet points, keep in mind that readers will be reading your bulleted list at different times throughout their browsing session so keep it short.

With the Jasper Persuasive bullet points – you’d be able to generate persuasive bullet points to insert into headlines, landing pages, emails, and more.

Jarvis bullet point

All you need to do is input your Company/Product Name and Product description. Then hit the generate button.

How to Write Powerful Real Estate Listings

A real estate listing can be the single most important marketing tool for a realtor.

Listings are what get people to view your listings in addition to getting potential buyers into those homes.

The best way to ensure success when writing copy for your real estate listings is by including keywords and phrases prominently, being concise with descriptions, and ensuring that each sentence contributes something of value or interest.

You want every word included in this document to matter as much as possible.

For example:

If you’re writing a real estate listing for an open-concept kitchen, then it’s worth including words like “modern,” and “granite countertops.”

Think about the keywords or phrases that people are likely to search in order to find your real estate listings.

If most of your readers are women who want more space than their current home offers, they might search for properties with three bedrooms.

The description should mention specific features such as large closets and family rooms so prospective buyers know what sets this property apart from other listings on the market.

This is how you write a powerful real estate listing.

Again, to get the job done faster – use the smart Real Estate Listing template on Jasper.AI:

Jarvis real estate listing template

Just like other copywriting templates, you enter the information about the home to include in the listing.

Creating Real Estate Blog Content

Blogging for your real estate business is a good way to keep your business fresh and up-to-date with information.

It is important for you to blog about topics that are both relatable, helpful, and relevant in order to attract readers who will eventually be clients.

Blogging is another form of copywriting and content creation.

And it shouldn’t be neglected. Even if you have other forms of marketing dialed in place.

The tone of the post should include a friendly warmth as opposed to being too formal or informal while still providing pertinent information without sounding like an advertisement

Start by deciding what type of blog content would work best for your audience (i.e.: personal stories vs tips/advice).

Then deciding on a niche topic within real estate such as foreclosures, the property is an excellent way to build and maintain credibility.

You can build your fan base, acquire free leads, and land clients by writing interesting blog posts that position you as a subject authority.

You can get started blogging cheaply on Bluehost here (they give you a free domain) for as little as $3 per month. Awesome!

How to Become a Real Estate Copywriter

Becoming a real estate copywriter is a little bit different than becoming a copywriter in other industries.

copywriter writing

In order to become successful at this, you need to be knowledgeable about the real estate industry and have experience writing ads that are compelling enough for people looking to buy or sell properties.

There is no formal education requirement as long as you have an understanding of marketing and can write well-formatted copy with attention-grabbing headlines.

Some prefer those who already work in the field while others want entry-level candidates without any previous experience if they’re willing to train them themselves.

The requirements will vary depending on which company you apply for so it’s important that you know what skillset they require before sending your resume off.

What I’d recommend if you want to become a real estate copywriter or any type of copywriter at all is making sure you’re constantly in the practice. Daily.

Taking courses in marketing and copywriting alone won’t cut.

  • You need to study copywriting works of the greatest copywriters
  • Make it a goal to write new copy daily
  • Read copy books and blogs

All these courses will help you become a better writer while also providing you with the basics of how to become an effective marketer for any type of business.

There’s no need to overcomplicate it – just take some time out each week or day (depending on your schedule) to learn it.

Should you hire a copywriter or do it yourself?

Should you hire a copywriter or do it yourself? Most people think that they can write their own marketing materials.

They might be able to, but most likely not as well and with the same results as someone who specializes in writing those types of content pieces.

Copywriters know what is effective for drawing attention from prospects, converting them into leads, and then turning these leads into customers.

However, if you wish to do it yourself, you can use Jasper copywriting software.

Jarvis on Desk

This software will save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in copywriting expenses and also takes away all of the burdens of having to brainstorm entire marketing copy.

This is the software I’ve been using for each of my copywriting needs. 5 months in a roll now.

Why do I recommend Jasper.AI for your Real Estate Copy?

Jasper.AI is an AI-powered copywriting solution that helps businesses and marketers instantly generate powerful marketing copy with just one click.

Jasper is a tool that is designed to help you write copy (in seconds not hours) that converts.

As you can see above this guide, Jasper provides all of the real estate copywriting templates you’ll ever need!

The crazy thing about this machine is:

That they come with over 30 copy templates you can use in creating all of your real estate content:

  • Residential real estate listing template
  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) Framework
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework
  • Product descriptions for websites, emails, and social media channels
  • Company & personal bio template
  • Facebook ad headline template
  • Facebook ad primary text template
  • Google ads headline template
  • Google ads description template
  • Content improver to rewrite content
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post introduction
  • Sentence expander
  • Amazon product description (bullets & paragraphs)
  • General headlines
  • Sub headlines (H2 Tags) for websites
  • General bullet points
  • Video topic ideas
  • Video scripts outline
  • Video titles
  • Video introduction
  • YouTube video description
  • Response to reviews
  • Email subject lines
  • Blog post titles
  • Blog post meta description
  • Website homepage title
  • Website homepage meta description
  • Product page title
  • Product page meta description
  • Services page title
  • Services page meta description
  • Features & benefits
  • Unique value propositions

=> Grab all copywriting templates here

Conclusion on Copywriting for Realtors

Your real estate copy should be engaging, persuasive, and compelling.

It is a key to success for the seller of any property.

The best way to achieve these qualities in writing is through product knowledge, listening skills, and great communication abilities with your buyers.

Follow the tips above when crafting your real estate copy.

As you know, committing to a good copywriter is the only way to go when it comes to selling your property.

I’d recommend you grab your free 10,000 copy credits + 5-day free trial and let Jasper create your real estate for free.

The free copy credit is for a limited time.

Let me if you got any questions about creating marketing copies for realtors. Drop them in the comments.

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