How to use ClickFunnels for real estate agents realtors

Are you into real estate and want to use ClickFunnels (or a sales funnel software) in your business?

You know the real estate industry can be a very competitive market.

More than 87% of realtors fail within the first three years of business.

Well, you’re in the right place.

Key Takeaways:

  • ClickFunnels simplifies real estate agents’ marketing and selling process by providing pre-built funnels, eliminating the need for technical expertise or additional staff.
  • The benefits of using ClickFunnels for real estate include creating professional landing pages, automating real estate leads, A/B testing, and so much more.
  • Real estate agents can use ClickFunnels to offer free home valuations or other incentives to attract potential clients and capture their information for follow-up offers and appointments.

With ClickFunnels, you’ll have everything you need to create real estate-specific funnels that capture leads and convert them into customers.

You can quickly set up a landing page highlighting your property listings or use our easy drag-and-drop builder to design a stunning website showcasing your services.

What is a Real Estate Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel process and stages

Imagine a scenario: You’re a real estate agent looking to generate more leads, and you’ve heard about this mysterious thing called a “Funnel.”

But what exactly is it?

Well – let me break it down for you.

A sales funnel is essentially an online process that helps you capture leads through various stages of sales.

It starts with a carefully crafted landing page that entices visitors and captures their contact information. Then, it continues through emails that nurture the lead until they reach a purchase decision.

Then, lets integrate this approach into the real estate industry.

A real estate sales funnel is a systematic approach designed to attract prospective home buyers and sellers and guide them through a process that ultimately leads to a transaction.

Here’s how a typical real estate funnel works and how it benefits your business:


At the top of the funnel, you aim to increase brand awareness and draw in potential leads.

This is achieved through various marketing strategies such as SEO, social media advertising, including Facebook and Google Ads, and other channels to drive traffic to your online presence.

  • Interest: 

Once you’ve captured their attention, it’s about sparking interest. You’ll present yourself as a knowledgeable resource in the real estate market, using platforms like ClickFunnels to create landing pages highlighting your expertise and services.

  • Decision: 

As prospects move down the funnel, high-converting content encourages them to consider your offerings more seriously. You show them the benefits of choosing you as their real estate agent.

  • Action: 

The final stage is where interested prospects are converted into clients.

Your ClickFunnels account can be potent here, offering customizable templates and features designed to prompt decisive action, such as scheduling a viewing or requesting a valuation.

By adopting sales funnels and integrating tools like ClickFunnels into your strategy, you gain several benefits:

  • Streamlined Lead Generation: Automate your lead capture and nurture leads effectively.
  • Optimized Conversion: Tailor your offers, CTAs, and follow-ups to enhance conversion rates.
  • Efficient Tracking: Monitor the journey of your prospects to understand better and serve their needs.

More on these benefits later.

A real estate funnel is a system that helps guide customers to become leads by nurturing them with valuable content, making them prospects and, eventually, clients.

As I mentioned earlier, real estate marketing is very competitive.

For you to survive and stand out in your market, you’ve got to build a well-oiled funnel that smoothly transitions your potential customers from leads to prospects and eventually makes them your clients.

Benefits of ClickFunnels for Realtors and Real Estate Agents

1. Lead Generation

ClickFunnels is designed to help real estate agents generate leads efficiently.

Agents can capture the contact information of potential buyers or sellers by creating targeted landing pages and sales funnels.

For instance, a landing page could offer a free market analysis or a list of homes for sale in exchange for a visitor’s email address. This process helps to build a database of leads that can be nurtured over time.

ClickFunnels landing page feature

2. Lead Nurturing

Once leads are captured, ClickFunnels allows for automated follow-up processes through email drip campaigns.

This means that real estate agents can consistently contact potential clients, providing valuable information and updates that could lead to a sale.

For example, sending out regular newsletters with new listings or market trends keeps the agent in mind for when the lead is ready to engage in a transaction.

3. Professionally Designed Templates

ClickFunnels offers various professionally designed templates specifically tailored for different sales process stages.

For real estate agents, this means access to high-quality designs for landing pages, lead capture forms, and email campaigns without needing extensive design skills.

These templates are often optimized for conversion and can be customized to fit the realtor’s branding and specific offerings.

real estate funnel template

For example, a real estate agent can select a landing page template highlighting a new property listing with a virtual tour.

The professional design can enhance the property’s perceived value and encourage potential buyers to schedule an in-person visit.

4. Marketing Automation

With ClickFunnels, much of the marketing process can be automated, saving time and ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.

Automated responses and follow-ups ensure that every lead receives immediate attention, which can be crucial in real estate, where timing can be everything.

5. Sales Funnel Optimization

Real estate agents can use ClickFunnels to create sales funnels specifically designed for their business goals. These funnels guide potential clients through steps designed to convert them into customers.

For example, a funnel might start with a free home valuation, followed by emails with home improvement tips, and finally, a consultation offer.

6. Enhanced Communication with Clients

Effective communication is key in real estate transactions.

And ClickFunnels helps agents personalize their communication with clients.

This could include personalized email sequences that address specific client needs or interests, making them feel valued and understood.

Creating Your Real Estate Funnel With ClickFunnels

Setting up a ClickFunnels Account

Before you begin, sign up for a ClickFunnels account. Then, navigate to the ClickFunnels website and choose a subscription plan that meets your needs.

Opening a ClickFunnels 2.0 account 2

Once your account is active, familiarize yourself with the dashboard to manage your real estate funnel effectively.

Designing High-Converting Landing Pages

Your landing page is the first impression you make on potential clients. To design a high-converting landing page:

  • Use clear and concise headlines to capture interest immediately.
  • Include high-quality images of properties that represent your brand.
  • Implement call-to-action (CTA) buttons strategically to guide visitors through your funnel.

Remember, the goal is to encourage visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for valuable real estate resources or listings.

Crafting Effective Marketing Messages

In marketing your funnel, specificity is key. Develop marketing messages that speak directly to your target audience’s needs.

  • Clearly articulate the benefits of your real estate services.
  • Use social proof like testimonials to build credibility.
  • Optimize your ads for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which are prominent channels for real estate advertising.

A/B tests different versions of your landing pages to determine which approach captures more leads and leads to more sales in less time

Leveraging Real Estate Templates

ClickFunnels provides a variety of page templates specifically designed for real estate agents. These templates can be the cornerstone of your squeeze page funnel or your broader real estate agent funnel.

  • Select templates that fit your brand and lead generation strategy.
  • Customize the templates, such as adding your listings, to reflect your unique offers.
  • Use templates with proven track records of effectiveness to save time and increase leads.

Realtors/ real estate agents have and still use Click Funnels to capture business leads.

Realtors offer free home valuations or anything else their potential customers want to encourage them to sign up from the landing page.

After signing up, the customers are redirected to the offer, or they are allowed to schedule an appointment, book a call, or do whatever you want them to do.

It’s a pretty straightforward process.

ClickFunnels Real Estate Templates & Examples

Realtor funnel template 1:

Real estate funnel template

This is a 5-step funnel, you can use this to capture leads and segment them into categories. The funnel leads your customers to sign up and schedule a private tour with you to see the property.

Real estate ClickFunnels landing page template 2:

real estate funnel template

This is a simple 2 step funnel to capture local leads. Your customers will give you their information and request a Free home valuation.

ClickFunnels real estate funnel example 3:

real estate sales funnel example

This is a 2-step funnel. This funnel enables you to showcase a snippet of your portfolio and give interested buyers a full gallery when they sign up. This funnel has also been successful in booking a private appointments.

Real estate sales funnel example 4:

Real estate funnel template

This is a real estate buyer and seller sales funnel example. This is a bit complicated BUT advanced for a real estate agent.

Furthermore, you can create webpages, launch products or services online, generate leads, run e-mail campaigns, and do so much more. This is all done on one single platform.

Lead Generation Tips Real Estate Agents

1. Create an attention-grabbing landing page

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a landing page that grabs your potential client’s attention. This should include compelling copy, visuals, and call-to-actions that entice them to enter their contact information.

You can also use this page to collect more detailed information such as their budget, the type of property they’re interested in, and other pertinent data.

2. Create an automated follow-up process

Once you have your client’s contact information, you can set up an automated follow-up process to nurture the lead until they make a purchase decision.

This could include emails, text messages, phone calls, or other forms of communication.

You can also use ClickFunnels to create automated sequences that deliver customized content based on the type of property they’re interested in. This will help you streamline your sales process and provide a better customer experience.

For example, if your client is looking for a single-family home, you can set up an automated sequence that delivers content specifically tailored to their needs without having to manually send each message.

3. Use remarketing and retargeting campaigns

Once you’ve collected the information from your potential clients, you can use ClickFunnels to create remarketing and retargeting campaigns that target those leads.

You can also use this tool to track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed. This will help you maximize your ROI and ensure that you get the best possible results from your efforts.

There are different ways to remarket and retarget your leads, including display ads, search engine marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and more.

With ClickFunnels, you can easily create these campaigns without any extra effort or hassle. All you have to do is get the tracking pixels from the ad networks and enter them into the software.

4. Create an automated webinar

Finally, you can also use ClickFunnels to create and launch automated webinars for your potential clients.

This will help you reach a larger audience and build trust with your leads. You can also use the software to track registrations and attendance rates so that you can measure the success of your efforts.

For realtors using webinars could look like this:

You create a webinar on a topic related to the real estate industry and invite your leads to attend.

During the webinar, you can provide an overview of the services you offer and answer any questions they may have about the process.

Another angle could be to invite industry experts such as home inspectors and lenders to participate in the webinar. This could help build trust with your leads, show that you have a network of knowledgeable professionals, and demonstrate your commitment to providing them with quality service.

Traffic Generation: ClickFunnels for Real Estate Agents

Let’s take a look at some of the smart ways to attract more real estate traffic:

#1: Using Facebook

Ways to Attract More Real Estate Leads with Facebook

1: Once you sign up to ClickFunnels and have created your funnel, you should make your Facebook page a funnel for people who you want to attract.

For example:

You must have a professional picture, and a banner that relates to the field of work with CTA. In your intro clearly state what you do and provide a link to your service (real estate funnel).

This will work as an organic promotion to get FREE leads for you.

Also, when you post a new listing, you can write something like “For more info click here: Your Link”. Or anything evoking curiosity.

2: Use 360 video and photo ads

Facebook ads using 360 videos and photos allow users to explore the property virtually increasing their desire to purchase the property.

You can do a Facebook ad that links to the funnel created in ClickFunnels for real estate.

3: Connect with Facebook Live

Facebook lives are a trend. Lives have been shown to sell more because it provides a clear and unedited picture of what the property looks like.

Lives have allowed realtors to get personal with the buyers on their profile, have a real-time conversation, answer questions that customers may have, and encourage a sale.

Some ideas of the types of content you can share include on your Facebook lives:

  • Upcoming open house sneak peek
  • A question and answer about mortgages, interest rates, how to list a home, or anything relevant to your audience
  • Home-sharing tips on how to prepare to list or run an open house
  • A walk around a neighborhood pointing out key features and amenities
  • Highlights about your experience while at an industry event
  • A reminder to people about an upcoming event and its highlights
  • An interview with a recent client who’s closed on a home

4: Show more with Carousel ads

You can use Carousel ads to show more than one house in a specific neighborhood.

Chances are that if you do a carousel ad people will see something they like and then go ahead to the next step of your funnel. You can learn how to be a Facebook ads expert from Kevin David.

#2: Using Google and SEO

This involves optimizing your real estate business for organic search traffic from Google. The first thing is optimizing for local SEO. By claiming your Google My Business (GMB) page.

Secondly, make sure your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) are consistently added across your sales funnel and websites.

To generate leads properly through SEO for your real estate business involves the creation of a content-rich site complemented with the above tactics which attract visitors to your site, then to your sales funnel built on ClickFunnels.

To create a site just a domain (if you have none) and sign up for a hosting account on the rest of the process becomes easier.

Final Thoughts

Starting to use ClickFunnels can really give your real estate business a boost. You don’t have to worry about it being too complicated when you’re setting up your first sales funnel.

It’s pretty straightforward.

Here’s what you need to nail down:

  • A solid offer
  • Great writing
  • A story that connects with people
  • A catchy hook

Get these things right, and you’re on track to make a funnel that could bring in a ton of money. These are super important. And if it all seems a bit much, think about trying out the Your First Funnel Challenge to help you figure it out.

Can you use ClickFunnels for real estate?

Yes, ClickFunnels can be used for real estate. It helps agents create marketing funnels to capture leads, nurture them, and ultimately guide them through the sales process.

What is a funnel in real estate?

A funnel in real estate is a step-by-step process designed to attract potential clients and guide them towards making a purchase or selling a property. It starts with awareness and ends with a transaction, with various stages of engagement in between.

How much does ClickFunnels cost per month?

ClickFunnels offers several pricing plans. The cost per month can vary depending on the features included. Typically, plans start from around $147 per month, with more advanced plans offering additional features at a higher cost.

How do estate agents generate leads?

Estate agents generate leads through a variety of methods, including online advertising, hosting open houses, networking, referrals, social media marketing, and using real estate websites and sales funnels to attract and capture potential clients’ information.

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