ClickFunnels For Agencies

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to use ClickFunnels as a marketing agency owner to land more clients and grow your business.

As an agency owner, you know how challenging and emotionally taxing it can be to start up and maintain a successful business. You strive to deliver outstanding services to your clients, forming strong relationships to ensure the best results in meeting their goals.

There are so many tools out there that promise improved workflows and enhanced services, but it becomes difficult to figure out which one is best for your clients’ needs.

That’s where ClickFunnels shines! I’ve been with ClickFunnels for years and I can confidently tell you that it changed my businesses and life!

So, if you’re interested in growing your agency with sales funnels, in need of pre-built templates, and or eager to learn from experts on how to build amazing funnels, then you should click the image above.

Let’s get started.

What Is Sales Funnel for Agencies & How Does It Work?

The agency sales funnel is a step-by-step visual representation and process that your agency clients take from the awareness stage to a stage where they finally become loyal customers.

You can simply call it the steps people take to become customers.

sales funnel explained

With this marketing concept, you take your marketing agency, and clients, one step closer to your offer through a series of marketing actions.

As an agency owner, there are lots of challenges involved in growing, running, maintaining, and improving your service-based business.

Mostly when it comes to marketing, sales, and managing clients.

When you grasp the concept of sales funnels as a digital agency owner – you’ll find out how fulfilling it is to visualize and monitor your client journey from the initial awareness all the way to the thorough conversion.

Sales funnel for marketing or digital agencies provides a helpful framework through which you can analyze your agency and identify the core areas that need improvement.

Building a profitable and converting sales funnel can be awkward and overwhelming if you’re entirely new to it.

Most of the time frustrating.

The good news? Setting it all up on ClickFunnels makes it effortless for anyone looking to gain leads, convert, and retain them.

All within the platform – ClickFunnels.

You basically need a system to take your prospects by hand and walk them through each step of the sales process.

Just as if you were next to them in person.

That’s why we had to come up with this “ClickFunnels for agency” piece on how ClickFunnels works for agencies.

ClickFunnels, a powerful sales, and marketing tool with an intuitive interface – allows you to help your clients increase conversions, develop their brand, and help them reach new heights with their business endeavors.

ClickFunnels lets you provide the highest quality of service possible to your clients and make sure they get the most out of your working relationship.

How Well Does ClickFunnels Work for Marketing Agencies?

How about being able to have a complete marketing tool suite that gives you the desired leverage and tools to build your agency website without mastering a line of code?

No design skill whatsoever.

At the same time helps with marketing, automation, and follow-ups, and maximizes conversions without hiring a third-party expert to link it all up.

How better would your life be?

If you could constantly get notified of new leads coming into your digital agency sales pipeline on autopilot while having a pleasant time with your partner and kids.

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? It is, definitely if you ask me.

But, right now, here you are. Without any of that.

You’re hungry to get HOT leads and convert them into long-term clients for your agency. It looks way hard than you can imagine.

Obviously, one of the major reasons people struggle to sell their agency services is that they don’t know how to generate enough business leads.

Qualified ones.

With the help of a platform and community like ClickFunnels (with of course your hard work and marketing prowess) – it’s possible to break free from struggling to a thriving state in your agency business.

ClickFunnels 2.0 Website

As a digital marketing agency, ClickFunnels is the perfect tool to help you create and manage successful campaigns for your clients.

With it, you can quickly create engaging and modern landing pages to capture new customers, launch effective email campaigns and generate other promotional materials.

For instance, if a client wants to bring attention to a new product, ClickFunnels can be used to design an attractive page that has been built with customer conversion in mind.

It also allows for timely follow-up emails to individuals that have expressed some level of interest but have not yet taken the plunge.

Equally as impressive is ClickFunnels’ ability to put together webinar events for clients who want to promote services or products more publicly. You can whip up registration pages, program schedules, and watch pages in no time at all; you can even set up automated emails to remind people when the event is about to begin.

The platform provides everything you need – like having a big toolbox filled with hammers, nails, saws, and drills – but is specifically tailored for marketing agencies so you don’t waste any time gathering the right tools.

This helps free up your bandwidth so you can give your clients exactly what they’re looking for: an unforgettable service experience.

How ClickFunnels Help You Grow Your Digital Agency?

Using funnels to grow your service business is more than a dream come true. This is what everyone out there wishes.

Remember sales funnel is just a representation of the journey taken by your prospect. Planning, mapping, and executing that journey to come to fruition is a herculean task.

Just as we all know:

The old way of marketing, agency owners can easily spend $5,000 or more on a fancy looking agency website, not to mention incur recurring freelance site membership fees, and even pay an extra $500-$1000 monthly fee on a virtual assistant to help you generate proposals for potential clients.

Or anything similar that looks like this:

ClickFunnels agency old way

Since you can’t control where the prospect goes or clicks, they can easily shop around and get distracted due to leaks all over the place.

You’d be losing leads and indirectly burning money this way.

But there’s a new and fabulous way:

Let’s take for example, you market your digital agency business the new way, you can invest $500 in advertising, and lead people through a simple application sales funnel. Once you collect their email, you can lead them to a page that shares a short video about your services and how you can help them.

Or maybe a short video on how they can quickly grow their business using a DFY funnel you’ve built specifically for them.

Whichever way.

Using a process like this:

ClickFunnels Agency freelancer new way

With that $500, you can generate upwards of 20-30 new leads to speak with over the phone, and you can close the sale of at least half – gaining 5-10 new clients!

Building Your Agency Sales Funnel on ClickFunnels

Now in building your agency sales funnel on ClickFunnels.

It starts with:

#1. Choosing Your Sales Funnel

While it is crucial to first map your agency sales funnel using a visualization tool like – the main building process starts within ClickFunnels.

You begin by picking the sales funnel type.

ClickFunnels Build 1

Here you’d choose if you want a host a webby, collect email, or sell your products.

#2. Picking Your Clients’ Page Design

There are tons of pre-built and easily customizable page templates within ClickFunnels. This stage is where you select the style and design you love best.

ClickFunnels templates

#3. Page Customization

The ClickFunnels-friendly Etison editor happens to be one of the easiest. It’s comforting to use. As you can quickly delete, add, and position elements the way you want.

Clickfunnels Editor

#4. Integrate Your Favorite Platform

If you need to integrate your email autoresponder into your sales funnel, you do that from the integration menu.

Or maybe you’d like to set up payment gateways to collect payments from your digital agency clients. It takes no time to connect.

Also, don’t forget to set up your automation for automatic lead follow-ups at the backend of your funnel.

Called Follow up funnels.

The Follow-up funnel within ClickFunnels can be used to send follow-up sequences to your agency leads with the aim of converting them to clients.

In the form of emails, texts, and messenger follow-ups. ClickFunnels allows a ton of integration that makes it seamless to connect other tools.

Clickfunnels for Digital Agency Success Stories

The co-founder of ClickFunnels – Russell Brunson – the man who popularized the concept of sales funnels had to help about 99% of ClickFunnels users who haven’t made up to a million dollars with a single sales funnel (yet) with the three (3) secrets the 1% of users employed in their funnels.

  • A typical real-life example of a true agency success story is Julie Stoian who owned a digital marketing agency using ClickFunnels:

There’s nothing too special from her story and case study of how ClickFunnels transformed her life, family, and business.

All Julie did was use a simple funnel to generate consistent leads for her agency business.

The last time I checked, as a matter of fact, Julie has transformed her business from an agency business to a coaching, consulting, and information business model.

All through ClickFunnels.

This means, she now helps others on a higher level/scale. In fact, I’ve bought a few of her products which are all amazing.

  • Another great example is Cathy Olson:

Cathy and Julie are partners (as of when writing this). Cathy used to ClickFunnels to generate leads for her web design agency on autopilot.

Joe Burnich owns an SEO + marketing agency. With the use of ClickFunnels to close clients consistently who pay him $2k-$3k per month.

There are thousands of agency owners who had used and still use ClickFunnels in running their businesses.

On autopilot.

It doesn’t matter the type of agency you operate:

  • Social media agency
  • Brand agency
  • SEO agency
  • PPC agency
  • Chatbot design agency
  • Graphic design agency
  • Content marketing agency
  • Website design/management agency (grab free funnel template here)
  • Copywriting agency
  • Email marketing and automation agency
  • Media agency

What Type of Funnel Should I Build for My Agency?

Great question!

There are basically different types of funnels for various purposes.

We have:

  • The lead magnet funnel: For acquiring contact information
  • The survey funnel: interactive funnels that segment leads for more future relevant offers
  • The product sales funnel: Majorly for sales
  • Application funnel: To book an application or schedule calls/meeting
  • Webinar funnel: Taking prospects through a presentation to get high-ticket sales

Depending on how your agency services are priced and rendered, the lead magnet, survey, and application funnel should work for any type of digital agency.

Above the 3 options, I’ve seen the application sales funnel work best.

In every scenario. Especially high-ticket services/offers.

How does the Application Funnel work for Agencies?

The goal of the application funnel is to get target customers to apply to schedule a call, demo, or in-person meeting with your agency.

Of course, to discuss your offering and how you can help them attain their marketing goal.

This is how your agency sales funnel should look like:

Application Funnel

A squeeze page, preferably with a video and CTA apply —> Application page with pre-qualifying questions —> Calendar to pick a call/meeting day —> Confirmation

The main reason you should use this type of funnel is for you to see if they’d be a good fit for your services.

Nothing more.

This gives you an opportunity to filter the right clients to work with you.

Since agency services fall in the high-ticket category – businesses want to get in touch with experts before investing.

Nobody wants to pay over $2k to someone they’ve never spoken or interacted with.

You can close them during the call session.

Refining this strategy step further, you can combine the application funnel with both the lead magnet and survey funnels.

This enables you to turn a complete stranger/cold lead into a warm prospect, then am an extremely hot buyer.

ClickFunnels For Digital Agency & Clients – Wrap up!

All in all, ClickFunnels is the perfect tool for marketing agencies looking to provide their clients with exceptional services. It makes it easy for agencies to create and manage marketing and sales campaigns, helping them save time and get the most out of their efforts on behalf of their clients.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, ClickFunnels is the ideal solution for agencies that are looking to give their clients the best possible results.

Hope this guide armed you with teeth on how to execute ClickFunnels in your agency. CF is just a tool. Know that. You just need to know how to utilize it to work for you.

But one thing real quick before I round up:

Remember a successful sales funnel starts from, knowing what your audience truly need, mapping/visualization, coming up with a killer offer, crafting great copy and using social proof and urgency.

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