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Looking for some converting Share Funnels you can download and use for FREE on your ClickFunnels 2.0 account?

I got you covered on this.

Summary of ClickFunnels 2.0 Share Funnels

Template TypeFunnel link
Real estate template:
Gym/Cross fit:
Supplement Funnel:
Affiliate Template:
Digital Agency:
Membership Funnel:
Fitness Funnel:

I delved more into each of these share funnels below and also list the rest.

As we all know in the world of online business, conversion is king.

And when it comes to converting website visitors into paying customers, ClickFunnels is one of the most powerful tools in the game. But what if you could take the power of ClickFunnels one step further, by sharing your most effective funnels with others?

That’s where ClickFunnels Share Funnels come in.

As a marketer, I follow the advice of top professionals: don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, I replicate and learn from what’s worked for successful businesses. By tapping into the collective wisdom of the industry, I can improve my marketing game and achieve my goals.

copy what works meme

After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Right?

With the share funnel feature, you can easily share your winning funnels with friends, colleagues, and even strangers, allowing you to tap into the collective wisdom of the ClickFunnels community and take your conversions to new heights.

Personally, for me, this ClickFunnels share funnel feature has been a great timesaver and lifesaver.

And I guess it’s been the same for all funnel hackers in the world.

So if you’re looking to take your online business to the next level, read on to learn more about ClickFunnels Share Funnels and how they can help you achieve your goals.


Most of the templates I will share with you aren’t mine. Just a few are. Most of them were built by talented funnel experts in the ClickFunnels community; the rest were from the Funnel Fridays show.

List of ClickFunnels Share Funnels’ Templates

First, make sure you are already signed up as a ClickFunnels user before downloading these funnels into your account.

Share Funnel #1: Realtor Funnel Template (Real Estate)

Real estate funnel template

This is a ClickFunnels share template for real estate business owners, where visitors can buy or sell their homes. From the homepage of this realtor share funnel template, you will see that everything has been properly designed and built to convert.

All you have to do is to customize and edit copies to suit your branding.

When a visitor clicks on the “BUY A HOME” or “SELL A HOME” button, they will be taken to a home buyer quiz or home seller quiz, then after that an opt-in form to get the results/guide.

If you’re a real estate agent and want to generate leads, then this realtor ClickFunnels share funnel template is the perfect choice for you.

Real estate share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #2: Gym/Cross fit ClickFunnels Funnel Template

Gym cross fit clickfunnels template

This is a simple lead generation funnel template for gym owners where visitors would be directed to a squeeze page to gain access to a free 7-day free access pass with a demo video, then after clicking on the link… a popup would appear to get the visitors name, email, and phone number for follow up.

They would be taken to the thank you page to book a call + a sense of urgency.

You don’t need to copy everything word-for-word in this share funnel, just make sure you add your own flavor and branding images, and MOST importantly craft a compelling copy using Funnel Scripts copywriting tool.

Gym/Cross fit share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #3: ClickFunnels Affiliate Funnel Template

Maybe you desire to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate marketer, then you are in good hands!

This ClickFunnels share funnel template I’m about to share with you was created by George Wickens and shared in Spencer Mecham’s group (ClickFunnels #1 affiliate).

Get paid with George Wickens funnel

It is responsible for helping some ClickFunnels affiliate marketers make good commissions.

All you have to do is download this affiliate share funnel, change up your links, and follow the instructions. Nothing more. Nothing less!

ClickFunnels affiliate share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #4: Physical Product Funnel

Physical product funnel

This physical product funnel was created by Josh Rhodes (a 2comma club awardee and a dream car winner).

This pre-built Click Funnels template is especially for those who need inspiration in building their own physical product pages and funnels with a free plus shipping offer.

It has an initial sales page, an order form, One time Offer, and an order confirmation page.

If you are in need of more funnel recipes, then check out the funnel cookbook where you can get amazing insights for your product funnels.

Physical product share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #5: ClickFunnels Supplement Funnel

This is a supplement landing page with an order page, followed by a double OTO page, then finally a thank you page that wraps up the supplement order.

You will have to edit this funnel and add your own personal copy, videos, images, and colors.

Supplement share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #6: ClickFunnels Digital Agency Funnel Template

ClickFunnels digital agency template

Are you an agency owner or digital marketing specialist of any kind? Like a web designer, SEO, Funnel builder, Social media, Pay Per Click expert, etc.

Then this is the best agency website funnel you ever need to expose your brand, gain customers, display testimonials, and build trust with potential clients.

When you scroll through this digital agency template page in your ClickFunnels editor, you will see that all the sections have been appropriately arranged. Just edit add your own swag in each of the pages/navigation menus and start driving traffic.

Digital agency share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #7: Simple Membership Funnel Template

membership funnel

Do you need to create a paid or free membership site so you can host your digital assets and let people access them? PERFECT!

You can have this awesome membership site share funnel template by Rachel S Lee. It is an affiliate marketing beginner course membership. You can also give it out as an incentive. Just make sure you change up your links.

Just model it as an inspiration and create your own membership site from it.

Membership share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #8: Fitness Share Funnel

Fitness funnel template

This is a fitness share funnel for fitness coaches and entrepreneurs that runs a fitness/gym membership site or program.

When visitors enter this funnel, they will be required to click “JOIN THE MOVEMENT”, then a survey will pop up for lead capture.

The next step of the funnel is a giveaway/order page, followed by an OTO (One-Time-Offer), a confirmation order, and then access to a special membership site.

Also, change your branding and use Funnel Scripts to generate converting sales copy.

ClickFunnels Fitness share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #9: Dentist Funnel Template

Dentist Funnel template

This is a ClickFunnels dentist share funnel created by a dream car winner Doug Boughton.

It has all the elements of a typical dental website. It also has an opt-in page for new patients and another page where visitors can apply for teeth whitening.

Dentist website share funnel template download link:

Share Funnel #10: Live Webinar Funnel Template

Webinar Funnel Template - Reg page

Not long ago I published a detailed guide on how to ClickFunnels webinars work.

Plus, integrations, tips, and much more stuff about hosting a webinar on ClickFunnels. If you have seen it then I guess have downloaded this webinar funnel I shared in there.

It’s actually a live webinar share funnel link if you want that of an auto funnel or evergreen webinar template – then let me know so I can send it across.

Here is the webinar share funnel link once again:

Share Funnel #11: Tripwire Funnel Template

green juice supplement funnel

This Tripwire template is part of the 10 Tripwire funnel templates shared during one of the episodes of Funnel Fridays.

These types of funnels aim to help you sell a lower-priced product to acquire your customer into the door and cover ad spend.

If you’re in the supplement niche this green juice funnel template will come in handy.

Just customize it to fit what you’re selling.

Tripwire template for green juice/supplement product:

Share Funnel #12: Invisible Funnel Template

Invisible share funnel

Another funnel from the Funnel Fridays weekly show. Invisible Funnel.

Invisible Funnels work by giving away a lot of value for free upfront and only charging if the customer likes and got value from the product.

Russell Brunson uses this type of funnel a lot in selling some of his digital products.

This invisible funnel is a dating/relationship funnel that sells a product to those having troubles with their dating life.

Invisible funnel download link:

Share Funnel #13: Survey Funnel Template

survey funnel template

The ultimate goal of a survey funnel is to engage your visitors or target audience within your sales funnel so they answer questions related to their worries.

So you can find out more about their needs and show offer the best solution.

This share funnel is a personal development survey funnel.

Survey funnel download link:

Share Funnel #14: Product Launch Funnel Template

If you are looking to launch a new product or service and want to build up excitement for the launch, then the PLF is the ideal funnel template to grab.

This is a PLF funnel in the finance niche. Download below.

PLF funnel download link:

Share Funnel #15: Affiliate Funnel Template (OFA)

This is one of the high-converting affiliate funnels created in the last Funnel Friday episode of 2020.

To help affiliates sell affiliate offers. Of any kind!

The below funnel is a template designed to help you market and sell the OFA challenge.

OFA promotion funnel template:

Share Funnel #16: Best-selling Book Funnel Template

book funnel template

Examples of best-selling book funnels are Dotcom Secrets, Experts Secrets, etc.

If you looking for a perfect ClickFunnels example to model and sell your free-plus-shipping book or products – then grab this funnel.

Bok funnel download link:

Share Funnel #17: Squeeze Page Funnel Template

The squeeze funnel is the ideal funnel type for generating leads and building a list of potential clients and buyers.

Squeeze page funnel link:

Share Funnel #18: Auto-Webinar/Evergreen Funnel Template

evergreen webinar template

With the help of an evergreen webinar funnel, you’d be able to drive leads to your webinar funnel, present your webinar and make sales on autopilot.

More like – shooting/presenting it once and letting the sales flow on automation.

Evergreen webinar template for travel niche:

Share Funnel #19: Application Funnel Template

An application funnel allows you to generate pre-qualified leads through an application form.

It’s another form of lead generation where you get the name, phone number, and more detailed information about your leads. Unlike the squeeze funnel template – it weeds out people that are not fit.

This is best for you if you offer high-ticket coaching or sell an expensive program.

Application funnel template link:

Now that these share funnels have been added to your account, you can view them by clicking on View Funnel or the name of the funnel from your dashboard.

Then you can click on the Edit Page button to start customizing your funnel.

How To Share and Clone a Funnel In ClickFunnels 2.0

After downloading the above funnels into your ClickFunnels account you can share any of them with another person so they can add it to their ClickFunnels account, you can even use this method to duplicate that same funnel in your account.

Did you know that cloning a funnel is just another way of sharing it? That’s right, by simply copying the share funnel URL and pasting it into your browser’s search bar, you can quickly and easily clone any funnel you want!

  • Step #1: Generate your funnel share link from inside your funnel. Locate the funnel you want to share, then click the name of your funnel.
Generate your funnel share link
  • Step #2: Click the three-dotted menu at the top-right corner of the page, then select Share Funnel from the drop-down menu.
Select Share Funnel ClickFunnels
  • Step #3: Click the Generate a Funnel Share Link button in the pop-up.
generate funnel link
  • Step #4: Choose the category of your funnel according to your preference.
choose funnel category
  • Step #5: The pop-up displays a green banner explaining that the share funnel link is being generated.
banner share link
  • Step #6: A new tab will appear, providing your Share Link.
final ClickFunnels 2.0 share funnel

Please note that funnels from ClickFunnels Classic cannot be shared into ClickFunnels 2.0 accounts.


How do I clone a funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0?

To clone a funnel in ClickFunnels, go to the funnel settings and click on the “Clone Funnel” button. This will create a duplicate of the funnel that you can edit and customize as needed.

Where Can I Find ClickFunnels 2.0 Share Funnels?

ClickFunnels 2.0 share funnels can be found in a variety of places, including the ClickFunnels Marketplace, Facebook groups, and other online communities. You can also download some of the funnels on this page.

How do you paste a funnel in ClickFunnels?

To paste a funnel in ClickFunnels, simply copy the funnel URL and paste it into the browser’s search bar. This will load the funnel in your ClickFunnels account, where you can edit and customize it as needed.

Does ClickFunnels Share Funnel Give Commissions To Affiliates?

Yes, you only get a commission if the person getting the funnels isn’t yet a subscribed user of ClickFunnels. Else, the funnel shared gets downloaded into their ClickFunnels account.

How Do I Share My ClickFunnels 2.0 Funnel?

To share your ClickFunnels 2.0 funnel, go to the funnel settings and click on the “Share Funnel” tab. From there, you can generate a share funnel URL that you can give to others.

How many funnels can I create and share in ClickFunnels 2.0?

The number of funnels you can create in ClickFunnels depends on your subscription plan. If you’re on the Basic plan, you can create up to 20 funnels. However, if you need more funnels, you can upgrade to the Pro plan, which allows you to create up to 100 funnels. And if you’re a power user with a lot of funnels to manage, the Funnel Hacker plan gives you unlimited funnels to work with.

Affiliate Disclosure: I hope you enjoyed my ClickFunnels Share Funnel Post, also know that I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.


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