Welcome to my ConvertBox review guide 2024.

Let’s face it. The internet is a scary place for online marketers.

The number of different tools available to help with lead capture, quizzes, and website personalization can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are some great products on the market that make it easy for even the newest marketers without coding (and design) knowledge to get started in creating a conversion-optimized site.

Enter ConvertBox:

A powerful tool that helps you convert more visitors into leads by automatically capturing leads from your website.

See, grabbing the ConvertBox lifetime deal was so far the best investment I made in my business back in 2020.

So, in this ConvertBox review & pricing – I’m going to show:

  • 5 ways to use ConvertBox in your business today
  • My favorite ConvertBox features (and why)
  • How I use ConvertBox in my online business (and how much it has made me)
  • A step-by-step ConvertBox tutorial

Plus, other things you should know about this website pop-up and personalization tool.

Even though I’m yet to exploit all of ConvertBox’s features.

I was very, very pleased with the outcome. Compared to my old lead capture software – ThriveLeads.

Hence, I had to write this ConvertBox review to share all of them with you.

And how you can leverage this software to grow your revenue and explode your online income.

Here’s what I will cover in my ConvertBox review:

Let’s get into it.

ConvertBox Review: What Is It?

ConvertBox logo
Click the image to watch the demo

ConvertBox is a fully hosted software platform that lets online marketers create and manage opt-in forms, pop-ups, quizzes, and more – to show personalized offers to website visitors at the right time.

Created by Dean Saunders – the founder and CEO of ConvertBox – which was renamed and improved from ConvertBar in 2018.

ConvertBox was built from the ground up to make lead generation and behavioral-based marketing easy to implement for website owners without any tech drawbacks.

Like I said earlier, I’m yet to go halfway on exploiting this tool to my advantage.

However, one of my favorite features about ConvertBox so far is the easy creation of full-screen exit intent pop-ups to maximize my affiliate conversions.

Like this:

The ability to also split tests variations of these offers is super-cool.

Besides that, Convertbox offers a tremendous amount of larger features to help you gain leads and earn more from your existing traffic.

Before we dig into these features – let’s get into the creative ways on how to implement and use ConvertBox on your sites and sales funnel pages.

5 Creative Ways To Implement ConvertBox in your Business

I’m going to show the complete ConvertBox interface, how to create your first ConvertBoxes and other things you need to know.

But first, I want to single out some use cases where I think ConvertBox excels (better) in comparison to other lead capture platforms.

#1. More Creativity With Opt-in Forms

There are different ways to collect emails using some of the lead generation platforms out there.

Well, for ConvertBox, there are tons of ways to collect emails. Better. Conveniently.

As an online business owner – to grow email lists and own the type of traffic you control – you definitely need a tool that gives you all the flexibility you desire to develop a conversion-optimized strategy.

With ease.

Well, this is where ConvertBox shines exceedingly at…

You have the power to create different types of opt-in forms and place them at strategic places all over your site.

You can create:

  • Sticky bar opt-in
stickybar optin
  • Slide-in/Callout modal opt-in
callout modal optin
  • Full-page overlay opt-in
Full-page overlay optin
  • Center modal opt-in
Center modal optin

Whichever of the opt-in form type you choose to deploy on your site – it comes with various display options settings, to trigger how, and where you want it shown to your visitors. 

We shall dive deep into these settings on our ConvertBox tutorial soon.

#2. Create CTA Boxes

Let’s say you’re not interested in collecting emails and build your email list. Just the way I don’t on most of my review posts.

And you just want to drive your visitors to click through to a certain page or an affiliate offer.

Then you’ll find this one very useful.

All you have to do is create a ConvertBox with text and a CTA button. You can also add images (preferably) to the fullscreen overlay.

Just as the opt-in options, you can have these boxes come as a sticky bar, slide-in page, overlay, etc.

A typical example of this is being used on this page, I’m using the exit intent trigger option. Just attempt to exit this page – you’ll see it pop up.

For example:

Here is an example of a CTA box I’m using on my Thrivecart review post:

#3. Create Dynamic Quizzes

This is a feature that I haven’t used yet.

But I see a huge potential in this.

With ConvertBox you can create unlimited interactive quizzes within your content marketing funnels, websites, blogs, and online stores.

There are ways to deploy your quizzes using ConvertBox templates (segmentation).

You can set it as a full-page overlay quiz, embedded into content, slide-ins (on the bottom left or right screen).

The coolest part is you can connect your quiz forms to your favorite autoresponders and apply tags based on the quiz results.

If you want you can just redirect your audience to different offers based on the quiz result without collecting emails.

Your call.

For example:

One place I would love to implement this is my best sales funnel post. How I will deploy this is by having a slide-in/call-out modal at the bottom right-hand corner.

I will simply ask visitors if they use funnels in their business – having “Yes” and “ No” as the option. 

For “ Yes”, it will take them to “What best feature are you looking for”, then they have to select from the criteria that make a funnel builder… 

Till they hit a point where they have to enter their email to get their results with the best recommendation that suits their needs.

For “ No” selection, I will take them through the quiz to get them into using the best sales funnel builder for a beginner.

I can’t wait to implement this! (if I haven’t yet implemented it when you’ll be reading this).

Hope you got the idea?

#4. Create Countdown Timers

You can take advantage of timely offers and promotions using ConvertBox countdown timers on your websites.

As someone involved in periodic marketing launches, discounted offers, and promotions – to me this is a priceless feature I have been using on content associated with limited-time offers.

For example:

Here’s one of the countdown promotion timers I used during the Black Friday Season to promote Bluehost:

I set it to show on exit.

Here’s another (as a sticky bar) to I use to promote a once-in-a-year launch of Dean and Tony Own Your Future Challenge:

#5. Welcome or Announcement Video Messages

The slide-in/call-out modal templates work greatly for welcoming first-time visitors via a short video.

Letting them know more about you and what you can help them with.

Another nice use-case is giving special or latest announcements about your products, services, or a promotion you’re running.

There are quite a few other applications of ConvertBox on your pages and websites like deploying the announcements and welcome messages based on your visitors’ location, page landed, etc…

Or showing overlays on pages that aren’t yours. Triggering ConvertBoxes based on image or link clicks. The possibilities are endless!

Now that you’ve seen the different ways on how to use ConvertBox on your pages…

Below are my favorite features:

My Favorite Features of ConvertBox

If you happened to have visited ConvertBox’s official website or read other ConvertBox reviews out there – then you must have read on the range of functionality provided by Dean Saunders and his team.

As mentioned, I’m yet to explore them all.

Below are a few of my favorite features I’ve enjoyed and am pretty much excited about so far.

Favorite Feature #1. No Plugin Needed to Launch ConvertBox

Well, this feature may not excite you enough.

But for me – I’m happy I don’t have to add an extra load (plugin) to my WordPress site.

Too many plugins slow down a site.

ConvertBox is NOT your average lead generation and conversion tool for WordPress sites.

Although they provide a plugin. But this is just more than a plugin and doesn’t need an installation before using it on your site.

What you need is just add a script to your site header tag:

This is a PLUS for me!

Because many software within its category requires an installation to work. ThriveLeads, Sumo, etc.

Moreso, you can use ConvertBox on any page on the web. Not limited to only WordPress. How nice! 🙂

Favorite Feature #2. Painless A/B Split Testing

A/B testing has been a powerful and essential marketing approach for decades now.

For any marketer, blogger, and online business owner – split testing campaigns are tactics that help generate better conversion rates and revenue.

You can literally test anything and EVERYTHING on ConvertBox with ease.

As I’m writing this, I’m running two variations of an exit-intent full-page overlay CTA box on a few pages on this site.

ConvertBox A B split test

For about 8 days now.

And as you can see above I’m heading somewhere. Clearly, variation B is winning.

The reporting is simple.

The implementation is simpler: Within your ConvertBox editor just click on the “+Create A/B test” and “Create new variation”.

This clones your Variation A. Then you edit and customize your Variation B. You can do the same for as many variations as you want.

Favorite Feature #3. Sweet Looking Templates

Looking at the pre-designed ConvertBox templates, it’s cool to say that anyone without any form of coding and design skill would have the ability to launch awesome opt-in designs.

Basically, there are two (2) modes of ConvertBoxes:

  • The overlay that shows over your page (usually a popup)
Overlay CB
  • The embed that shows within your content
Embed CB

Under each of the ConvertBox modes is where you have the types of ConvertBoxes.

For the overlay you have the:

  • Sticky bar
  • Callout modal or Slide-in
  • Center modal
  • Full-page or screen type

Then for the Embed, you have the large embed and the small embed.

Favorite Feature #4. Advanced Visitor Targeting & Behavioral Rules

Exploring the ConvertBox targeting and behavioral rule aspect is where things get really surgical.

It is how you control who gets to see your forms, when, where, and how.

ConvertBox allows you to easily target all visitors or specific visitors on your site using its powerful conditional targeting engine.

From the editor select the “Targeting” tab you either choose “Show to all visitors” or “Target specific visitors”.

ConvertBox targeting

The “Show to all visitors” is the default. While the “Target specific visitors” is where to go advanced with your targeting and rules.

You can set a conditional rule to target based on:

  • User’s location
  • Number of page views
  • Session count
  • Based on the URL parameter
  • Device type
  • Seen a particular ConvertBox 
  • Your favorite autoresponder activity

And so much more…

The interesting thing is how you can mix and match these rules using AND if / OR if logic.

So you can use multiple targeting rules on a single campaign.

What I Don’t Currently Like About ConvertBox (and wish it has)

I really wish I could see the performance and individual stats for the pages I have my ConvertBox enabled on.

So sad it only shows me the total statistics for each ConvertBox. 

No page-by-page reporting. Hence no way to see which of my pages are converting the most.

For instance, I have a specific ConvertBox I set to show on about a dozen related posts. So far the interaction rate/clicks are 8.43%.

CB reporting

That’s all?!

There’s no way ConvertBox could feed me with the exact pages bringing in the most clicks. Unfortunately.

This should have enabled me to optimize my campaign to improve and get more clicks and conversions.

How To Use ConvertBox (step-by-step tutorial)

This is an inside look at how to create your first ConvertBox and launch it.

Getting started with ConvertBox

In creating your first ConvertBox you’ll have to click on “+ New ConvertBox“.

create new ConvertBox

Which opens up the window where you give your ConvertBox a name. Add a new group or select from the existing group.

Name ConvertBox

A ConvertBox group is just like a folder for your ConvertBoxes. Gives you flexibility and helps to keep things organized.

For me, I keep my exit-intent popups in one group. Optin boxes in one group etc…

The next step takes you to select your ConvertBox type. Followed by templates.

For the sake of this demo, we’ll be going with the “Center model” ConvertBox type.

Depending on our goal (collect leads, drive clicks, limited offer, quiz, video messages, announcements, etc) – we choose from one of the nice-looking templates:

ConvertBox templates center

Alternatively, if you prefer you can start from scratch and build from a blank template. You bet, someone like me will never, ever try building from scratch eh.

For this review, I’m going with the “Lead gen” template.

Another refreshing attribute about ConvertBox templates is the delightful colors, buttons, and how easy it is to replace elements within the editor.

Inside the ConvertBox Editor

Customizing your ConvertBox goes almost the same way as you would usually use some page builder editors. Drag and drop.

You can change anything. Add anything. The way you want.

ConvertBox editor

Just as with every editor – the customization elements are always found on the left or right sidebar.

Add Texts. Buttons. Video. Image. Progress bar. etc to your form builder.

CB customizer

As you can see, when I toggled the “user profile” (1) on the sidebar – it shows my avatar above the form (2).

Within the customizer, you can change your ConvertBox type (3). Instead of trying to go back changing it. Which requires saving the current work and starting all over again.

You can switch to mobile view to edit how you want your form to feel on mobile (4).

Finally, you can create multiple form variations for split testing your opt-in form (5).

Clicking on any of the form elements (texts, buttons, and text fields) shows its correlating settings. Like this:

CB form
  • Form actions: Where you indicate what should happen when someone submits the form. This is where you integrate your autoresponder
  • Form field: You create, add, or edit the form field
  • Form size
  • Change button font style
  • Button color
  • Button text color

Out of the editor…

ConvertBox Display Targeting

ConvertBox display rule

Starting with Triggers.

This allows you to set when a ConvertBox shows on your page.

My favorite is page abandonment. Also called exit-intent. It Shows when a visitor attempts to leave the page.

CB img

You can check more than one basically.

Next is Frequency. How you want your ConvertBox to show visitors.

CB frequency display

You can choose to show your ConvertBox every time the visitor views your page. OR…

Set how many times each visitor will see your ConvertBox and also the maximum times they will see it per day.

Finally, for the Display rule, we have Location.

This is where you set pages on your site to display and not display your ConvertBox.

CB loc

Next is ConvertBox Targeting…

You can choose to show your ConvertBox to all visitors or go down the rabbit hole of targeting specific visitors using the conditional rules.

Let’s leave it at “Show to all visitors”.

Finish and Launch!

CB 02

The final step/stage. This is where you activate your ConvertBox to take effect on your site.

You can even schedule your form to begin and end at a specific day and time.


What Tools Does ConvertBox Integrate With?

ConvertBox smoothly connects with quite a ton of marketing platforms to make life easier. Email marketing, shopping cart, eCommerce, and Webinar platforms.

And they keep adding more.

Here are the marketing solutions you can integrate with ConvertBox (as at when this was written):

  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • OntraPort
  • ClickFunnels
  • LeadPages
  • Shopify
  • ThriveCart
  • Squarespace
  • MailChimp
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailerLite
  • HubSpot
  • MooSend
  • Sendinblue
  • Klaviyo
  • Aweber
  • Drip
  • Platform.ly
  • Demio
  • Google Analytics
  • HTML forms

And yes, ConvertBox also integrates with Zapier

If you’re looking to connect your ConvertBox to a platform or service not supported natively – Zapier is the ideal route to go!

Using CB webhooks to create a Zapier integration allows you to easily connect ConvertBox to hundreds of platforms and services.

ConvertBox Pricing

Currently, ConvertBox is offering a lifetime license for a one-time fee of $495. With a 30days money-back guarantee. The price keeps increasing and could turn into a monthly plan soon.

I took advantage of the opportunity while I could. Since I’ve missed opportunities like this in the past.

Cuz I know for sure this is for a limited lifetime deal.

ONLY the early adopters get the lifetime deal.

According to Dean:

When we launch to the public our pricing will increase and change to a monthly/yearly fee

So, I’ll highly recommend you lock in the lifetime deal.

There’s also an option for the ConvertBox PRO upgrade (a bump order) which gives you:

  • 500k page views/month instead of 250k
  • Use on 50 sites instead of 10 sites
  • Manage logins 5 sub-users
  • Use ConvertBox for clients
  • Priority support

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is the ConvertBox support?

From my experience so far, ConvertBox’s support has been a helpful one.

For example, this was when I first activated ConvertBox on my site and it refused to show:

It was a bit frustrating. Being a non-techy dude.

Although no live/chat support available. Still, I was impressed with my ticket response time. 6 hours isn’t bad as a response time if you ask me.

There’s a ConvertBox Facebook group. I’m a part, but not an active participant.

From the updates and posts I glanced through – it looks like a place to get help and call home.

Not too long I also discovered that they have a pretty handy knowledge base/Help Desk center:

ConvertBox Help Desk Support

Is ConvertBox a WordPress plugin?

No ConvertBox is not a WordPress plugin.

It is a fully hosted software platform where you can create and manage ConvertBoxes for all your sites. However, there is a plugin available. But not mandatory.

I don’t have the plugin installed on my WordPress sites.

Who are the ConvertBox alternatives?

I’ve previously used ThriveLeads and Sumo on my sites for lead generation.

ConvertBox vs Thrive Leads vs Sumo

While both ThriveLeads and Sumo WordPress lead generation and capture plugins are good in their own way. In my opinion, ConvertBox beats both hands down in terms of flexibility on external sites, ease of use, sophistication, and price.

Another ConvertBox alternative worth mentioning is OptinMonster. Heard OptinMonster cool. Never used it.

But from my research below’s what I found:

ConvertBox vs OptinMonster

Starting with the price of both: To get similar ConvertBox lead gen features on OptinMonster – you’ll have to be on the $49 per month OptinMonster plan. ConvertBox wins OptinMonster here already.

And you’ll have to pay a year upfront to access OptinMonter. This costs $588 when deducted from your card every year!

While ConvertBox costs a lifetime fee of $495.

Kinda pay once. Enjoy forever. Clearly, ConvertBox wins! Click here!

Secondly, I learned that OptinMonster takes time to learn and master and a bit difficult to get forms created.

As for ConvertBox… you should know the rest.

Thirdly, You can’t create quizzes on OptinMonster, ThriveLeads, and Sumo unlike ConvertBox, which lets you build high-converting quizzes to foster site engagements and increase conversions.

CB still wins!

ConvertBox Review: Final Thoughts

If you want to grow your email list and collect more leads, you need a tool that can help you implement conversion-optimized strategies.

ConvertBox happens to be a simple, flexible and yet multiplex platform to help bloggers, online businesses, e-commerce owners, etc to grow their list, increase conversions…

And launch personalized offers to the right visitors at the right time.

Like breeze. With no crazy tech nor design prowess. It’s literally meant for lazy marketers like myself. **covers face**

Take on the lifetime deal. Give it a whirl. Request a refund if you don’t like it. Or keep on enjoying it if you love it. For life.

ConvertBox Pros

  • Lifetime deal. Cheapest in its world
  • No need for plugin installation
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Sweet-looking templates
  • Okay support
  • Facebook group available
  • Cool templates

ConvertBox Cons

  • Reporting limited only to ConvertBoxes. No page stats

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